FEEDING PIRANHAS... (frenzy?!)

  • Published on Nov 13, 2019
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Comments • 162

  • Jake Hay
    Jake Hay 14 days ago

    Go Portsmouth

  • Lorax Tribe
    Lorax Tribe 17 days ago

    If I went into that store, I would walk right up to the first salesperson and say, "I would like to buy some Arrowanna, please."

  • ZackPlays
    ZackPlays 22 days ago

    The eel is a fire eel in 2:30

  • Myke Eales
    Myke Eales 24 days ago

    So coming down to Portsmouth to visit us next then? ;)

  • Malcolm Bukenya-Lwesibawa

    I have a bird

  • Aubrey 1234
    Aubrey 1234 27 days ago

    Ok I died when Mysterious Ticking Noise started playing, cause I was thinking of the Wizard Swear one when you first mentioned doby lmfao

  • King Aquaruims
    King Aquaruims 28 days ago

    Great video George loved every minute of the video

  • Roman Felsted
    Roman Felsted 28 days ago

    Why are you so scared of chickens

  • Hi Bye
    Hi Bye 29 days ago

    What medication do you use for ICK
    My black skirt tetras have ICK

  • midnightmoon crazyness

    Your videos interests me

  • Hamarinara
    Hamarinara 29 days ago

    we goin on a touuuuuuuuuuuur yassssh

  • SxK-Filip
    SxK-Filip 29 days ago

    Why don't you take your coral in another tank an make the clownfish breed? @coralfish12g

  • Leigha Klopp
    Leigha Klopp 29 days ago

    All I can think about is how much fun you must have had editing this

  • Grammy V
    Grammy V Month ago

    Wow, what a lovely city Norwich appears to be.

  • Gia Tyrrell
    Gia Tyrrell Month ago

    I'm sorry?!? £89.99 for the mini complete fishtank.

  • Mike's Reef
    Mike's Reef Month ago +1

    My Channel: No water changes !! Less Maintenace !! Reefer 250.

  • Isaac Beesley Roach

    I live in London

  • johnny Wilkinson
    johnny Wilkinson Month ago

    Come to black pool

  • Thomas carter
    Thomas carter Month ago

    If you get a chance, South Yorkshire aquatics just south of Doncaster is well worth the visit

  • Inappropriate Reefer

    The Seneye office is beautiful with all those plants! And editing is on-point!! 👍

  • Nathan Barker
    Nathan Barker Month ago

    I'm from the uk were are you going next

  • George Allen
    George Allen Month ago

    hey i live in cambridge!!

  • Iconic Me
    Iconic Me Month ago

    Go back to area 51

  • Aiden Throndson
    Aiden Throndson Month ago +1

    Why Does everyone think piranhas are so aggressive lol my betta fish will jump out of the water to bite you and chases your finger outside the glass

    • matthew taylor
      matthew taylor Month ago

      its too bad he didn't spend a bit more time talking about that. I have the same ones and they are not aggressive at all! when I clean the tank and put my hand in it they are more scared of me. you should see them trying to jump out to get away! my Oscars and other cichlids on the other hand?! I have to wear a special glove when I clean the Oscar tank. ppl assume its for the piranhas. I even have other fish in with them. Keep them well fed and don't feed live and it can be done.

  • Amber Renee
    Amber Renee Month ago

    favorite channel, everrrrr! 😩❤️❤️

  • Dammitall
    Dammitall Month ago

    If you giving greencards at aquashella I already bought my tickets not compared to the 10,000 my lawyer is asking for what a deal.

  • Kyle Rookyard
    Kyle Rookyard Month ago

    Should of asked to see the massive Red Tail catfish and wells cat fish they have behind the fresh water tanks 🤪 trust me the thing is massive !

  • Hafizah Abd Wahab
    Hafizah Abd Wahab Month ago

    What’s your take about catfish on land in this video twitter.com/zinzaku/status/1194725128053112832?s=21 ? It is mind boggling!

  • Fire eel 1
    Fire eel 1 Month ago +1

    That black and orange eel is a fire eel its in the family of spiny eel but they are not real eel they are actually fish

  • Golden Lioness
    Golden Lioness Month ago +2

    The editing is everything 😂👏

  • Mr Nerraj
    Mr Nerraj Month ago

    Don’t forget also in Norwich there’s a stadium for there soccer team

  • D.S. Biswas
    D.S. Biswas Month ago

    That's a fire eel... A big one!!

  • Tuan Muda
    Tuan Muda Month ago

    Why dont you do reptile care ??

    • Tuan Muda
      Tuan Muda Month ago

      Or parrot speaking care 🤣

  • shean rodrigues
    shean rodrigues Month ago

    The biosphere is also called a terrarium.. Its getting quite famous out there. Also grorge you need to get your self a mini complete tank.. Those tanks are sick.. Wanna see what you can do with those!! Sheeeaaann.. out! 🤙

  • Hazza_OW
    Hazza_OW Month ago

    Look at the lichfield cathedral as well, the only three spired cathedral in the uk.

  • paul deacon
    paul deacon Month ago

    Great video George! U know u mentioned the mag float! would u say they were better than the flipper?? 😀👍

  • Ryan Clayton
    Ryan Clayton Month ago

    What was the app he was using to monitor the tanks

  • Sophie M
    Sophie M Month ago

    you should take a trip to San Francisco and go visit Aqua Forest. It’s a similar shop to the one you visited in this video. beautiful aquascaped tanks, supplies, and fish. they are the only ADA distributor in the United States. (different than being a retailer) It would be a great video!

  • Lemur124
    Lemur124 Month ago

    Please stop using so many gifs

  • Kevin Halvorson
    Kevin Halvorson Month ago

    why does George look like the CEO??? 😂 love your videos George!

  • Fiedely Halim
    Fiedely Halim Month ago +1

    Chocobo chicks!

  • Dharminder Singh
    Dharminder Singh Month ago

    You guys are doing wonderful job...u r so cool...u enjoy life with this hobby... it's give us motivation..I love your work...u always give surprise in vedio..keep it up bro

  • riot BirdandB
    riot BirdandB Month ago +1

    Less freshwater more saltwater

  • HeartofMusic96
    HeartofMusic96 Month ago

    The freshwater eel you saw is called a fire eel

  • The Very Fresh Orange

    I love the monky

  • George Parasidis
    George Parasidis Month ago

    can you do best invests for freshwater for begginers??

  • Rachel Shaw
    Rachel Shaw Month ago

    Come to my fish shop waterlife Heathrow London

  • Zach’s Aquatics
    Zach’s Aquatics Month ago

    That was a fire eel

  • DrDeGaming RD
    DrDeGaming RD Month ago

    Nice video but u edit ur vids too much (seriously why something it s akward...)

  • PWill's Reef
    PWill's Reef Month ago +1

    omg the chicken noise scared me fr... i jumped😂

  • PWill's Reef
    PWill's Reef Month ago +1


  • PWill's Reef
    PWill's Reef Month ago +1

    cool vid George!!

  • Jackson Esposito
    Jackson Esposito Month ago +1

    2:32 It’s a fire eel I think

    ENZO GONZALEZ Month ago

    Go back to saltwater 😭

  • Clutch it
    Clutch it Month ago

    Come to London

  • Lena Osborn
    Lena Osborn Month ago

    Positively perfect

  • MaddenMobile415
    MaddenMobile415 Month ago

    I always forget his name but your friend reminds me of the adoring fan from oblivion

  • Metalhead Fin
    Metalhead Fin Month ago +1


    • Metalhead Fin
      Metalhead Fin Month ago

      Freddnugget king still they came to Norwich how cool is that !?

    • Metalhead Fin
      Metalhead Fin Month ago

      Freddnugget king hmmmmm yes

    • Freddnugget king
      Freddnugget king Month ago

      Metalhead Fin grosvenors is my favourite in Norwich

  • Savannah Robinson
    Savannah Robinson Month ago +5

    George: are you sure it's not going to bite me? *pulls away*
    Shawn: *picks up a chicken*

  • Unknown Justin
    Unknown Justin Month ago +1

    Your graphics are annoying as all fuck bro