Everything Wrong With Avengers: Endgame In Time Travel Minutes Or Less

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    We have been asked by a few people to sin this little indie film from the summer called Avengers: Endgame. And we had nothing else going on today, so we decided to cave to fan request for once. This movie was a crowd pleaser and currently stands as the highest grossing movie of all time. But it has plenty of sins, so buckle up, kids, let's go for a ride.
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Comments • 80

  • Chris Marques
    Chris Marques 4 minutes ago

    Meh endgame was good but it wasn't as amazing as people think.

  • Isabella Plum
    Isabella Plum 18 minutes ago

    Is it bad that I think that this movie is kinda overrated? I mean yeah it's great for everyone who has been fully invested since the very beginning, but for anyone else it's just boring. Yes there are funny moments but other than those it's just a bunch of references from the past movies, it simply sucks as a stand alone movie.

  • Griffin Ching
    Griffin Ching 2 hours ago +1

    At the time 20:13 i think they couldn't of killed Thanos like that because his skin is so tough, what I imagine happening is the two bugs exploding not Thanos.

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 28 minutes ago

      Griffin Ching Correct. Otherwise Hulk, Thor, Superman, Dr Manhattan would all be killed by Antman. 😂

  • Janine Brish
    Janine Brish 9 hours ago +1

    stop being a karen and just watch the movie

  • LoganTman- Games
    LoganTman- Games 13 hours ago


    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 12 hours ago

      And? He claims Scott should know of 'more appropriate scientists'. Like whom?
      This comment is just as stupid as all the rest of the video.
      -> Scott is not a scientist. He is a thief. Hence he sees time travel as a 'time heist'.
      Other than Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne the only scientists he would know are Iron Man and Banner. And they don't just know science - they know the infinity stones, they know Thanos. And they are not just scientists, they are geniuses. The video's remarks are just dumb. *DING*
      Worst of all when CinemaSins is wrong their fanboys can never admit it. They just try to argue or make an even dumber excuse for why they were wrong, or change the subject to something else they are also wrong about. Why is CinemaSins so dumb?😂

  • Midnight Glisten
    Midnight Glisten 14 hours ago

    So, Nebula brought past Thanos to fight the avenger in the future and they defeat him. So past Thanos isn’t alive to do the snap at the end of Infinity war then right?

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 13 hours ago

      Nope. Time travel is multiverse time travel. To understand how it works, go here....

  • Sandra Aozora
    Sandra Aozora 17 hours ago

    That girl power thing near the end of the movie made me cringe. They could have handled that better, like more natural looking, and not just throwing every single woman in a box and throwing them at the audience. :(

    • Sandra Aozora
      Sandra Aozora 6 hours ago

      @Summer Tyme I apologize for being such a lowly person of understanding in your eyes for saying the scene made me cringe, but I don't invest all my time to understanding every single aspect of a cinematic universe of 22 films. I hope it isn't a sin for you to not understand everything?
      It is terribly presumptuous of you to think that every person who thinks a scene is stupid, is stupid themselves. The brilliance of the scene wasn't in dispute, the execution of said scene is what made me cringe. Understand how this was a whole planned and prepared scene, a great idea needs to be executed in a way that makes it seem realistic enough even in fictional settings. Thus the point still stands that in a war, every single female character or person wouldn't just flock together when they could have just used the ones near Peter. It would have still gotten the point across if the main characters used in the three different scenes as you explained were used as well as the few who were near to help him.
      I have to admit that it is impressive that they are all there and it adds a certain flair to it, but not so much when you think of it strategically in a battlefield.

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 8 hours ago

      Act 3: “Don’t Worry” - Wanda. *“She’s Got Help” - Okoye*
      CinemaSins gets this scene completely wrong because they decide that is all about Captain Marvel - because they are *shook* by Captain Marvel and have her on the brain. But.... she doesn’t even have any dialogue during that scene. It’s Wanda and Okoye who have the dialogue - because it calls back to - and resolves - the previous scenes.
      Black Widow has now died. She is the 1st of Marvel’s female heroes. Instead of funeral for her (which is itself boring/depressing/cliched), what occurs next is a *celebration if her legacy.* Her legacy is a dozen powerful and interesting female characters. As Okoye said: *She does have help.* Her death is so given meaning, and the cliche of the females forever being in rivalry is completely exploded as they now *all work together.* *THE END.*
      The scene was brilliant. CinemaSins does not understand any scene more complicated than John Wick avenging his dog. 😂

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 8 hours ago

      Act 2: Infinity War -> *She’s not alone* - Black Widow.
      Black Widow says this as Proxima Midnight is about to kill Wanda and proclaims ‘you’ll die alone’.
      Black Widow sees this and both she and *Okoye* come to Wanda’s aid. Note that we’ve now escalated the theme of the strong female from - two to five - but the key element is the heroines are defined not only in terms of individual strength - but also by working together. This differentiates them from the villain who incorrectly taunted Wanda about dying alone. Keep the implicit themes and characters in mind.
      Black Widow.
      Dying alone - vs - working together. As this leads to....

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 9 hours ago

      A 3 act screenplay has a beginning middle and end which typically introduces a conflict and carries it to a resolution.
      Act 1: Civil War -> *Move or be moved.* - Okoye
      Okoye says this to Black Widow. Black Widow refuses to move - T-Challa intervenes. This sets up the two characters as antagonists and it baits the audience into a certain reaction.
      1stly we think these two characters are headed for an eventual fight.
      2ndly - this scene plays with the expected cliche that strong female characters necessarily are rivals to one another and have to fight. *Woman can’t work together in a team. They can only rival each other.* This is stereotype - and often reinforced in film. This scene was [prematurely] criticized as sexist for this reason. But - the critics could not know that this was a setup.....

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 9 hours ago

      Sandra Aozora “I can’t make a guess what scene it calls back to.”
      ⬆️ Therein lies my problem with CinemaSins. It is a gathering of extremely weak film goers who don’t understand character, narrative or themes. But what’s worse is *they are too lazy to try.* Everything they don’t ‘understand - they *sin.* When you don’t understand you try 1st to understand, not just pronounce something as ‘stoopid’ or ‘cringe’.
      Cringe itself has become a copycat word on the internet and sure tell of a person who does not think for themselves.
      Having said that I’m going to relate how 3 scenes in 3 different films are telling a story....

  • darkk 64
    darkk 64 20 hours ago

    First movie to have less sins then minutes. It is pretty good

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 13 hours ago

      1st Video to have more sins than the film.

  • Summer Tyme
    Summer Tyme 21 hour ago

    CinemaSins subscrbers: "Why not go back to when Thanos had all the stones and take them from him"?
    Endgame:TONY STARK: Who told you that? [Surprised] I didn't fight him. No, he wiped my face with a planet while the Bleecker Street Magician gave away the store. That's what happened. There was no fight.
    TONY STARK: He's unbeatable.
    How film's work: Characters act based on what they know, which is based on who they are - and the events in the film.
    They don't do what the film VIEWER wants, based on what they think they know from watching the film.
    Finally the lazy film viewer even given more information has less knowledge because the information doesn't sink in.
    Meaning Iron Man is right - Thanos was unbeatable. And Dr. Strange was also right - the key to undoing his will, was allowing Thanos win, and then reversing his will after he won. Every other path was doomed.
    Yeah, we know you don't get it. That's the point.

  • Stag&Falcon257
    Stag&Falcon257 Day ago +1

    “This would be like Star Wars playing the opening fanfare during all your favorite parts in Return of the Jedi”
    Rise of Skywalker: “Hold my beer.”

  • Jude Luckett
    Jude Luckett Day ago +1

    20:10 The Film Theorists have a video on why this isn't possible.

  • Benjamin Elkanem
    Benjamin Elkanem Day ago +1

    Plot twist
    Nebula of 2014 used a cloth to cover her hand.

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 22 hours ago

      Yes. He missed that completely.

  • Jeff Randal
    Jeff Randal Day ago +1

    I hate 9:23, I'm a guy but that is very rude.

  • Dylan Foster
    Dylan Foster Day ago


  • uosdwiSrdewoH
    uosdwiSrdewoH Day ago +1

    There have been multiple points where the sin was created by the way you edit the clips. That is a serious lack of integrity. Maybe it's time to try something else.

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 22 hours ago

      Yup. There pathetic excuse is supposed to be that it's just for fun and funny. But it's not funny so not fun. And the stupidity being promoted is some serious 'stupid.'

  • Tezt_DIGAR 011
    Tezt_DIGAR 011 Day ago +1

    the reason that janet pym’s wife age 30 years was because she didn’t fall in a time vortex which scott fell in when he went in the quantum realm

  • Peter Papaioannou

    The Hulk goes from wearing glasses in some scenes to not wearing in other scenes. Movie doesn't explain it.
    ok, I will leave this to you guys!
    Great work!

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme Day ago

      Also... I'm wearing shirts now. Banner
      Why? Scott.
      Scott would be good at cinemasins. 🤣

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme Day ago

      So does anyone else who wears glasses. By the way the character in the comic books also wears glasses. What was your question again?

  • Aaron Bradley
    Aaron Bradley Day ago

    So boring

  • Summer Tyme
    Summer Tyme Day ago

    *Failures of logic in film criticism*
    “They should have turned back time 5 years”
    ⬆️ This action would effectively - dust - murder - annihilate everyone born in the last 5 years. It is itself an act of genocide that the person advocating for has a total *brain lock* about.
    When made to realize this - their second line of defense is to presume everyone who they just murdered will be ‘born again’ in the ensuing 5 years. There are two things wrong with this:
    #1 -> In cases where people are only born becasue their spouses remarried, those folks have zero chance of being born again if the spouses were never dusted in the 1st place.
    Nor would the same persons (1 in a million combo of sperm and egg) be reborn in any case.
    Which leads to...the final error in this spectacularly bad idea. If your only hope is that all the people born in the past 5 years will be born again and live their lives again...anyway, then *what is the point of reversing the 5 years to begin with?*
    *The Avengers don’t try to reverse the past 5 years - because it’s a dumb idea.*
    Endgame is a logical film being critiqued on CinemaSins by illogical and lazy film critics. 😂

    • Chinmay Talnikar
      Chinmay Talnikar 7 hours ago

      anyways have fun mate..I am not sure how long this lockdown is gonna be.

    • Chinmay Talnikar
      Chinmay Talnikar 7 hours ago

      @Summer Tyme umm you sure about being here after months? TheXvid said that comment reply was a week ago

    • Chinmay Talnikar
      Chinmay Talnikar 7 hours ago

      @Summer Tyme I am here for the first time and I saw how intelligent you are in a comment and then I thought it will be interesting to talk to a movie geek..I hope thats what you are

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 8 hours ago

      So....why are ‘you’ here?

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 8 hours ago

      Chinmay Talnikar I haven’t watched this video in months. 😂 I just use this site to talk about the film.

  • Summer Tyme
    Summer Tyme Day ago

    *He clearly stopped Iron Manning*
    ⬆️ Another failure from CinemaSins. You should go watch Casablanca with Humphrey Bogart. [again] He plays a cynical bar keep who supposedly believes in nothing - but we suspect all thru the film that he does care. Tony Stark is the same. He says he’s given up and moved on. But he builds a suit for Pepper which Morgan discovers. He develops a space time GPS for Banner, which he then arrogantly pronounces as - he just invented time travel. And we learn at the end of the film - that he and Rocket and Banner have developed their own version of Thanos Gauntlet - based on Stark tech.
    Stark is a cynical, self absorbed, narcissist, who is also a down-low humanitarian with a big heart - just like Bogart’s character Rick in Casablanca, who is part inspiration for Downey’s conception of the character.
    Learn how films work Cinemasins.

  • Summer Tyme
    Summer Tyme Day ago

    Fact is sometimes films are just smarter than the critic. That’s the case with Endgame vs. CinemaSins. More sins have been proven *against the video,* than by it. And the sins of the video have no rebuttal and *no* answer. *Endgame wins in a technical knockout.* Sorry.

  • Summer Tyme
    Summer Tyme Day ago +1

    7:05 Doc Brown’s time travel: “It didn’t require explanation because you trusted the amount of time that went into it”
    ⬆️ Only an absolute imbecile trusts a stupid explanation because they are told a person spent 30 years coming up with it.

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme Day ago

      But can’t stop shaking my head at the sheer stupidity of the video. -> An idea has no real explanation, (88 mph in a Dolorean is such a goof, that it might as well be -> SMOKE WEED, instead)
      But you *accept it* - because it took 30 years to come up with no explanation. 😂 No wonder no one ever tries to defend this stupid video.

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme Day ago

      Speaking of *time* that went into it.
      Hank Pym discovers sub atomic pym particles in the 1960’s.

      He spent years learning how to isolate and control them.
      This means there are *60 years of development* involved in time travel in the MCU, and unlike B2TF, the patent on the invention in the MCU is a mile long - Pym, Van Dyne, Lang, Stark, Banner and Nebula for starters.
      Janet Pym gets trapped in the sub atomic quantum Realm.
      Pym spent decades learning how to build the Quantum Tunnel - to rescue her. This is the beginning of the time machine.
      Janet discovers the time vortexes within the Quantum Realm.
      Scott comes up with the idea of using Pym’s Quantum tunnel as a time machine.
      Professor Hulk learns how to reverse time by sending time thru Scott and then returning him to his present.
      IronMan reverse engineers a space/time GPS - after himself being exposed to Guardians and Thanos tech - with which he and Nebula sent a sub-space signal from Titan to Earth - which itself requires
      both the space - GPS function and the ability to send energy over interstellar distances by warping space - sub space.
      Vastly more time, detail, effort, and intellect went into the development of MCU time travel than B2TF.
      *The real reason CinemaSins prefers B2TF time travel is clear.* ➡️ It’s so stupid that you are not being challenged to think about it. It’s Lazy Film Viewers time travel, and that’s all CinemaSins subscribers are. 😂

  • Aleks G
    Aleks G Day ago

    People on boats when they were snapped and snapped back in the middle of an ocean

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme Day ago

      So this *ding* is just another example of CinemaSins - film reviewing by dummies.

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme Day ago

      The snap is controlled by Professor Hulk who brings people back safely, because he’s a genius and not an idiot which is why he snaps in the 1st place.

  • Summer Tyme
    Summer Tyme Day ago

    When an idea is found to be dumb, just create a variation on the same dumb idea and keep the goofing going:
    “Antman shrinking inside of Thanos could work - if you just put him inside a super strong object - like a submarine.”
    This variation on stupidity doesn’t even bother to ask - > *“Why is AntMan even needed then? Is it to pilot the submarine up thanos rectum?”* 😂
    Antman is really irrelevant to this strategy - what you need is the Pym particles - which during the End Battle - *you don’t have.*
    The only Avenger to have potentially spare Pym particles is Hope Van Dyne - aka Wasp.
    But Thanos? He has tons of Pym particles as he replicated them and used them to bring his entire army into the future. Oops, you forgot about that. 😂

  • Summer Tyme
    Summer Tyme 2 days ago

    *Captain America vs Iron Man* = Civil Liberty vs. National Security.
    *Thanos vs. Dr. Manhattan* = Nihilism vs. Fatalism.
    *Russo Brothers vs. Angry Fanboys* = Stakes vs. Fan service.

  • Everything Youtube
    Everything Youtube 2 days ago

    Wait I just thought about this, I know it’s really really late but whatever. Anyway didn’t Doctor Strange say in only one timeline do they win. So why the would they need to worry about putting back the stones into the right timelines if their all gonna end up doomed anyway. And if they did take it wouldn’t that in advertently save the other timeline they took it from???

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 2 days ago

      Everything TheXvid : Your math is blowing my mind. 😂 Seriously though.... -> The Avengers don’t know anything about the meaning of Dr. Strange’s 1 in 14 million chances. For all they know - > Once Thanos snapped it meant they lost, so it might have been too late.
      Even at the end of the film - Tony doesn’t know, and Dr. Strange only knows that if he tries to explain to Iron Man - then that’s a guaranteed fail.
      As for the second question - they need to put back the stones because the stones control the universe in the realities they took them from.
      If you don’t return them, you have a Universe without time, without space, without reality itself..... you have doomed realities. And this matters to the Avengers because dooming one reality potentially dooms them all -> *when you mess with time, time messes back* -> IE Thanos crosses from one reality into another and attacks the Avengers - threatening the entire multiverse.

  • Kathleen Hand
    Kathleen Hand 2 days ago +1

    *stucky fans gets audibly upset*

    • Kathleen Hand
      Kathleen Hand 2 days ago +1

      @Summer Tyme lmfao

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 2 days ago +1

      Kathleen Hand They can go stuck themselves. 😂

  • kreepercraft
    kreepercraft 2 days ago +1

    Avengers... Assemble!

    "But they already are"

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 2 days ago +1

      One of the smartest scenes in the film. Cap's Avengers Assemble is immediately followed by Thor and T'Challa's battle cries because they are the kings of Wakanda and Asgardians who are *not* Avengers.
      It's a shared leadership moment and that's why Cap's a great leader.
      Fortunately the Avengers are all up to speed and get it. It's only CinemaSin's that's filled with idiots who would be standing around wondering what to do next. lol

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 2 days ago +1

      Just like they were when Stan Lee originally wrote it.
      Because it's not an instruction - its a rally cry and the video maker and his numb skull followers are too dumb to know the difference.

  • Michael H
    Michael H 2 days ago

    You missed okoye killing corvus glaive. Which was complete bullshit

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 22 hours ago

      @Michael H re: 'm discussing endgame not infinity war.
      ^ *More B$ from you.* Since the character Corvus Glave is *dead for all of Endgame* - accept the very end *because* he was stabbed to death in Infinity War. Thereby establishing the basis for the very scene in Endgame you supposedly critique.
      *Everything we know about him - is established in Infinity War.*
      Also the reason that Okoye stabs him is to *avenge* his murder of several of her compatriots in Infinity War.
      Without Infinity War, your comment is completely meaningless because the character would be just some guy who got stabbed for no reason. And when considering Infinity War - your *comment is hypocritical* because the film is consistent but your criticism is not.
      re: F off.
      ^ lol *Grow up.*
      Vulgarity is all you have left, because your post is a broken and hypocritical rant which makes no sense
      re: go troll elsewhere.
      Not a troll. You should *thank me* for at least correcting your ignorance...since *no one else* even bothered to respond.
      *You're welcome.*

    • Michael H
      Michael H Day ago

      @Summer Tyme I'm discussing endgame not infinity war. That's why I didn't mention black widow vs corvus, because its not relevant to endgame. Fuck off and troll someone else.

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme Day ago

      @Michael H I'm sorry but.... None of it is bullshit except your post.
      You didn't complain about the Black Widow vs Corvus scene because it doesn't bother you.
      You're only calling it bullshit now To hide your hypocrisy which we exposed.
      Now that's bullshit.🤣

    • Michael H
      Michael H Day ago

      @Summer Tyme that's also bullshit but like I said I'm discussing endgame not infinity war. The Russo brother really played down a lot of incredibly powerful characters. Vision, Wanda, hulk, captain marvel, corvus glaive, Dr strange, ebony maw, proxima midnight.

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme Day ago

      As predicted: You didn’t answer the question about why it’s ok for Black Widow to stab Corvus but not for Okoye to do the same. This is because your *post is bullshit* - and you know it. 😂

  • Ryan Firrow
    Ryan Firrow 2 days ago

    The Lord of the Rings ending comment killed me. "Hold my pym particle"

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 2 days ago +1

      Lord of the rings final battle was boring, and I don't think that film ever did end. Last I remember a bunch of grown men made up to look like hobbits were frolicking in bed for some odd reason.

  • Kayden H
    Kayden H 2 days ago +1

    It's blank

  • Summer Tyme
    Summer Tyme 2 days ago

    *It was always Thanos plan to die.*
    Thanos is a nihilist. And he is not a hypocrite. For Thanos life and death are out of balance and *only death* can restore the balance. His plan is to
    1 use the stones to restore the balance by eliminating 1/2 of life
    2 ‘destroy’ the stones - meaning render them useless so that his will cannot be undone and..
    3 die
    His death is also a desired outcome of his plan.
    [if that seems implausible then review the Christian Rapture or Islamic Jihad - as philosophically the film borrows from both]
    He knows that when he destroys the stones - the universe will come after him seeking both to undo his actions and avenge them.
    His death prevents that. Destroying the stones prevents that. He could have kiiled anyone who would threaten him before destroying the stones. He could have made himself immortal and all powerful and *then* destroyed the stones. But he didn’t. He destroyed the stones knowing that it would almost kill him [because he had time stone and knows all of HIS futures].
    He needed someone who could finish the job: *That’s Thor.* And he knew Thor would cut off his head... *because he told him to do so* in the previous film.
    I think CinemaSin’s is perhaps too slow to understand this even after I’ve baby walked you through it. Am I wrong? 😂

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 2 days ago

      It’s easy for any perceptive viewer to explain the film’s that have already happened. The really sharp viewers can predict based upon what is foreshadowed.
      Thanos destroyed the stones - but not ‘really’ - he atomized them, which means their function in the Universe still exists though they are effectively unusable.
      Thanos allowed himself to be killed. Prediction: *Not really.* More likely he merged his consciousness or spirit with the Universe. IE - he *is* the stones, or what remains of them.

  • Ivin
    Ivin 2 days ago

    [Unoriginal Joke]
    *Hawkeye's family disappears*
    Hawkeye: I'll never forgive the Japanese

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 2 days ago +1

      Thinks the Yakuza represent the Japanese. That’s racist... *DING.*

  • Golden Silva
    Golden Silva 2 days ago

    I'm upset he didnt mention that the first gay guy in the mcu was in this movie

  • Vortigon23
    Vortigon23 3 days ago

    Something I just thought of, they can teleport to any point in time with the pym particles. Why not teleport to aid someone in fighting thanks just before he gets a stone that allowed him to take out 50%? Like, everyone suit up to help Strange and crew fight Thanos on Titan.
    I know, I know. Only one timeline worked with them winning, but I still call bullshit that everything lined up perfectly anyway then.

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 2 days ago

      “Actual science says traveling backwards in time is literally impossible to begin with”
      ⬆️ Multiverse time travel is a theory in science that says that you can travel backwards in time if you do so in an alternate reality. So it is not literally impossible according to ‘actual science’. it’s a scientific theory in the 1st place and placed into the film by scientists who wrote the time travel rules. So this also proves that you don’t know science. But...you keep talking as if you do? Why?
      “Get out, do what you got to do, give the stones to whoever”
      ⬆️ Whoever, whatever. Right. You really need to be quiet now. 😂

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 2 days ago

      “He’s already extremely weakened...with the axe buried into him”
      ⬆️ Nope, this is another point you get wrong, but you are even less likely to understand why, because your posts are so unrelentlingly dumb.
      Thanos is not weakened or in any danger from the axe. Anything you do that could potentially harm Thanos would immediately be reversed in time - *because he has the time stone.* Which you are simply forgetting. Anything that would potentially harm him is immediately mooted by the *reality stone.* Which you are also forgetting.
      Thor’s Stormbreaker can no more kill Thanos with the full Infinity Gauntlet than Gamora’s GodSword could.
      She *cut his throat* earlier in the film, only to find that it was irrelevant - as “reality was whatever he wants it to be.”
      *We know this for a fact,* because Thanos uses the time stone to reverse the axe out of his chest, uses the space stone to teleport away, and consequently at the end of Infinity War - Thanos is *UNDAMAGED BY THE AXE.* His chest and his clothes are undamaged because the action is reversed in time. As for him being weak at the time *we already know this is false.* If he was weak - he would not have been able to snap. The very act of snapping requires near godlike strength of body, mind and soul to begin with, and he did that *with the axe in his chest.* Now please go back and watch the film again before making further stupid remarks about it. 😂
      Try to be quiet for one minute and listen.
      Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet is
      - all powerful (power stone)
      - all knowing (mind stone)
      - all seeing (space stone)
      He is moreover -> immortal via the soul stone, omni mystical (meaning controls all magic) with the reality stone and eternal via the time stone.
      You cannot defeat him by sneaking up on him from an alternate reality and hitting him in the head with an axe.
      He *already knows* you’re coming - time stone.
      He is already there - space stone.
      He won’t allow you to do anything that he doesn’t want to begin with - mind stone.
      Even the “you should have gone for the head” scene is said *by Thanos* because it’s something he wanted Thor to do. It is not, repeat, not... and advisement on how to defeat him.
      Your plan deserves a 1000 sins because it’s just dumb. CinemaSins has the lowest film IQ on the internet. 😂

    • Vortigon23
      Vortigon23 2 days ago

      @Summer Tyme, when Thor hits him with the Axe, there is a moment before he snaps. If right there Marvel moves in and grabs the hand, she has shown she is stronger than Thanos. She stops him from snapping, they move in to take the stones.
      Also saying I don't understand physics, when actual science to our current understanding says traveling backwards in time is literally impossible to begin with. There can be no technical rule on time travel since it can't happen to begin with (technically going forward in time isn't impossible, similar to H.G. Wells story of the Time Machine). You call me stupid for pointing out faults in a fictional story, while you fail to grasp real physics.

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 2 days ago

      “Hulk and Marvel force him to not be able to snap”
      ⬆️ He has already snapped. You can’t undo it. Gawd you are dumb. 😂

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 2 days ago

      “Show up right before Thor comes in infinity War to attack Thanos”
      ⬆️ You are in an alternate timeline. So whatever happens - will have no effect on the main timeline. You can’t change the past because it already happened. This is the rule of multiverse time travel, and this is a rule of physics. All of your jabber is 100% because you do not understand physics 101 to begin with. So there is no point to your argument other than how ignorant you are about basic science principles such as cause and effect.
      As for the alternate timeline - who ever shows up to fight Thanos in Wakanda will be immediately dismissed as he controls reality, time, space, and soul, which is why the Avengers couldn’t defeat him - and *not* because they don’t have enough bodies to throw at him, or enough dumbarsed ideas from internet fan-boys who can’t even follow the plot. 🙄

  • rainbow alex
    rainbow alex 3 days ago


    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 3 days ago

      rainbow alex Correct.
      The film was intelligent about this point but CinemaSins is in way over their heads and can’t understand anything that isn’t dumbed down.
      You have to speak to CinemaSins subscribers almost as if they are learning disabled or they won’t understand anything.
      In this case....
      Pym particles - > energy source that can allow you to enter another dimension - the Quantum Realm.
      Quantum Realm -> dimension containing time vortexes.
      The time machine [Quantum Tunnel] manipulates the vortexes so that someone in the Quantum Realm can traverse.
      Has nothing to do with 5 hours or 5 years. That is simply a specific example of what happened to Scott. Even Scott recognized this which is how he intuitively came up with the idea in the 1st place.

  • _N4TR3
    _N4TR3 3 days ago

    If you killed someone that would have kids, then you killed a whole family tree, so I disagree with Hulk and I agree with you. I

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 3 days ago

      “You can’t go back to the past and kill someone who already had kids, “
      ⬆️ Just like you can’t go back in time - and get the stones so Thanos doesn’t have them, or kill baby Thanos so he never exists. *This is the dialogue that hulk is responding too - per your link.*
      You guys can’t even understand *a single scene* in a movie. 😂

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 3 days ago

      “If you killed someone who had kids - you destroyed their whole family tree”
      You miss the whole point of what Hulk is saying. His dialogue come straight from *physicists* that marvel hired. You are disagreeing - because you either cannot listen, or are intellectually unable to grasp what the physicists had Hulk say.
      The simplest possible language I can dumb this down to *for your and Jeremy’s sake is* -> You can’t change the past, because it already happened.
      This is what most physicists think and they have a word for it: *Casualty.*
      You can’t go back to the past and kill someone who already had kids, and therefore prevent them from having kids, according to this film *and to according physics,* which makes sense. Of course. This is physics. *You don’t understand that you are arguing with physics with our only debate weapon being - complete ignorance of physics.* 😂
      You and CinemaSins video maker do not make sense, because neither of you have the foggiest clue to begin with. 😂 Certainly not about the physics of time.

  • Jack Daley
    Jack Daley 3 days ago

    I'm sorry but I have to do this
    You cant go back in time to get black widow back because she is stuck in the soul stone as was gamora. Gamora was released from the soul stone because of black widow so natasha no longer exists in any timeline until someone else goes into the soul stone.

  • Mark Sartori
    Mark Sartori 3 days ago +1

    All women come together*
    That’s how you know Disney owns marvel

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 3 days ago +2

      Mark Sartori : All men come together, that’s how you know you’re watching an Incel sex party. 😂

  • Clyde The Wonder Dog

    Imagine if Tony made Thanos' army, like, explode or somthing

  • Summer Tyme
    Summer Tyme 3 days ago

    The site should be called watching movies without a brain. 🤣

  • Dragon’s attack
    Dragon’s attack 3 days ago

    Atoms still count

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 3 days ago

      Dragon’s attack : Of course.
      But the idea is way too complex for CinemaSins-brain (a condition of considering everything stoopid - that they are too dumb to understand)
      Some of these idiots think atomizing the stones meant shrinking them. 😂 😂 😂 Because they don’t understand that matter is made up of trillions of atoms. There are more atoms in the human body than there are stars in the Milky Way galaxy.
      Atomizing the stones means shattering them into endless trillions of atoms - so that their function still exists, but they cannot be used as a weapon again. In fact he succeeded in his goal. [balance the universe thru death and then die]
      The future of the MCU will also likely reveal that there was more to this - than was understood at the time. [i’m saying Thanos will be back]

  • Sebastian Demerjian
    Sebastian Demerjian 3 days ago

    You should've sinned "You murdered trillions!" because he didn't. There are about 8 billion people in the world, so half is 4 billion. If he wants to be simple, he can say, "You murdered billions!" Same thing, but they had to be wrong. But I also love this movie, so I hate myself.

    • Sebastian Demerjian
      Sebastian Demerjian 3 days ago

      Oh and also, you obviously liked your own comment. My comment has no likes, so no one would see it in the time it took me to respond. Pathetic.

    • Sebastian Demerjian
      Sebastian Demerjian 3 days ago

      Yeah, I thought I'd get that. But I'm not an idiot because of that. Sorry I made a simple mistake. Do you want me to praise you?

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 3 days ago +1

      “What’s happening here is happening on thousands of worlds”. - Captain Marvel
      What’s billions times thousands? Heck what’s 2x2?
      This site is filled with idiots. 😂 😂

  • xDropDeadMaxx
    xDropDeadMaxx 3 days ago

    ok the “wasteland called new jersey” made me snort 🤣

    • xDropDeadMaxx
      xDropDeadMaxx 3 days ago

      Summer Tyme Snort my root beer, it hurt a lot. ;-;

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 3 days ago

      xDropDeadMaxx Snort what? Tell that to the judge.

  • Dolfocar Ali
    Dolfocar Ali 4 days ago

    Man your videos are hilarious 😂

  • Summer Tyme
    Summer Tyme 4 days ago

    *Professor Hulk's time travel class, in session*
    Geometrically multiverse timelines are a tree structure with a common root and many branches.
    Can you create a new branch in time? Yes that's a new future.
    Can you alter an existing branch? No because it has already been formed.
    How many trunks does a tree have? One, that's the common past from which our Universe was spawned.
    Can you travel back to the present? Of course - the rule *in the film* was specifically you can't change the past, not that you can't travel to the present. When you make up your own rules of course you confound yourself - stop doing that. :)
    How can you travel across multiple branches in time? Same way a squirrel traverses a tree - Branch to trunk, and then trunk to other branch.
    *The squirrel does not need to JUMP laterally from branch to branch.....hellooo?*

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 4 days ago

      Remember if you don't understand Professor Hulk's time travel - it must be because the film is stoopid. Otherwise, well...it can't be you now. Likewise - I must be stoopid too. Because I understand it. If you don't.... ask questions, that's what smart people do.

  • noah Dropp
    noah Dropp 4 days ago

    Did you mean Lizzie Borden?

  • Jack O' Neill
    Jack O' Neill 4 days ago

    Everything Wrong With Avengers: Endgame There Notting Wrong With It. All Sins Gone

  • broken vex
    broken vex 4 days ago +1

    only thanos's army disappear when tony snaps no other people so some how he has a army twice the size of the universe's population.

    • broken vex
      broken vex 2 days ago

      @Summer Tyme not really its just you've really got to think since its such a big action scene

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 4 days ago

      There is nothing about the act of snapping that is related to population size. When Thanos snaps the second time - he just atomizes the Infinity Stones - it has no effect on the size of population whatsoever. *CinemaSins has the LOWEST FILM IQ on the internet.*

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 4 days ago

      broken vex Your math is blowing my mind! 😂

  • Mr Bagel boi!
    Mr Bagel boi! 4 days ago

    I’m disappointed for not giving a sin for Fortnite

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 4 days ago

      Mr Bagel boi! Would be a hypocritical sin. Only people who care about Fortnite fake hatred of Fortnite to begin with. People who don’t play fortnite - > *don’t care.*

  • Owen Wigg
    Owen Wigg 4 days ago

    the I am iron man scene and cap picking up the hammer are at least worth 50 points each


    Just think about that!
    0:58 💖💚
    👇 👇 👇 👇🧡

  • Lee Gaul
    Lee Gaul 4 days ago +1

    How would the gauntlet allow such a complicated wish? The mind gem infinite augments mental prowess. The space and time gems allow one to see the entire the entire universe as it was, is, and will be. For a brief moment before the stones turned me into a toasted sock puppet, I would literally be the god of all time and space, and can see all eventualities, and could correct for them. Remember. With just the time stone, Dr Strange could see millions of timelines in mere seconds. What if he also had the space and mind gem? These comic book plots are about creativity and imagination.

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 4 days ago

      Lot's of goodness in this post. The Infinity Gauntlet story line was made to be the culmination of all of the MCU to this point because the story itself is one of the two best in the history of comic books. Watchmen is the other.

      Both of these masterpieces are brilliant because they are far more imaginative and subversive than typical examples of the genre.

      And some fans of the genre don't really like or understand either of them for that reason.

  • Summer Tyme
    Summer Tyme 4 days ago

    *Why so many CinemaSins subscribers ask [often dumb] questions, and pretend they’ve made a point.*
    It’s passive aggressive. You can’t argue with a question - you can only answer it. After which the tactic is to simply not acknowledge the answer. *Why is mirror?* *Where is Camera?* *Why is Thanos purple?* 😂

  • LordVader
    LordVader 4 days ago

    +5000 sins for the feminazi propaganda bullshit.

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 4 days ago

      ⬆️ Ah yes. Incels.... Involuntary Celibacy. Enjoy...your......self. 😂

    • LordVader
      LordVader 4 days ago

      @Summer Tyme well seeing as how I'm asexual that's cool. 😂👍 Single and happy. Relationships just cause problems.

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 4 days ago

      LordVader And you will *still* have zero girlfriend, so....

  • LordVader
    LordVader 4 days ago

    So much feminazi propaganda bs in this movie. 😒

  • Nicoden_and_Nivek _Fortnite_4_Lif3

    It’s Yakuza with a strong “a”...not “u”

  • Summer Tyme
    Summer Tyme 5 days ago

    *Do Black Holes form New Universes?*
    PBS discussion of Endgame’s multiverse concept. Good luck finding a discussion of Back to the Future - does 88MPH take you back in time? 😂

  • Lane Hatcher
    Lane Hatcher 5 days ago

    You missed one!!! After Ant man and Wasp pop up in the van during the battle it changes scenes to someone else fighting and in the background you see a giant ant man fighting... when he’s supposed to be in the van helping wasp get the quantum tunnel running

  • Jacques Junior Eugene


  • Jr Rooster
    Jr Rooster 5 days ago +1

    U said Lizzie thorden its actually Lizzie Borden who chopped up her ppl with the axe. 1 sin for you.

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 5 days ago +1

      Jr Rooster It’s supposed to be a bad pun - *Thor*den. But that’s what you get for bad puns on dim bulb websites I guess. 😂

  • Sonya A. Willis
    Sonya A. Willis 5 days ago

    The MCU ended with Infinity War for me.

    • Sonya A. Willis
      Sonya A. Willis 4 days ago

      @Summer Tyme I didn't see Spiderman. I saw Endgame once. Tried to watch it again and made it to them talking to Tony about going back. So for me it stops at Infinity War AND I don't care for Ragnorok either. Just Thor and Thor: The Dark World for me!

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 5 days ago

      Sonya A. Willis Bye. (Like you haven’t seen EndGame and SpiderMan.... liar.) 😂

  • Joseph gonzalez
    Joseph gonzalez 5 days ago +1

    son of Edith, daughter of Ivan. maybe the ''other '' parents dont matter because those are the parents... what if they are brothers !!!

    • Joseph gonzalez
      Joseph gonzalez 5 days ago +1

      Summer Tyme you blew my mind about the aiming for the head and that sealing his destiny.

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 5 days ago +2

      Joseph gonzalez : No. There is a reason related to Clint’s background that the father isn’t mentioned. But that’s a too-be-revealed in the future MCU thing. (Comics hold a hint - but that’s cheating)

  • Tom Shea
    Tom Shea 5 days ago

    Still don't understand why you bleep out your own profanity.

  • Magick
    Magick 5 days ago

    6:17 but technically he was working on the mark 85 suit as he already had it when they went back in time which means that he was working on the suit before, there is no way that even tony stark could have built HIS MOST PERFECTED suit in just 2 days
    Sry time is actually 6:05

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 5 days ago

      Of course. The entire scene between him and his daughter when she finds Pepper's Helmet Is about that. Cinema Sins is just wrong about a lot. And of course they never admit it and then their monkey see monkey do subscribers just copy their mistakes.

  • Jenn Lackey
    Jenn Lackey 5 days ago +1

    You decided to dump on the best selling movie in the box office.
    One of you are wrong and I think I know who it is

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 5 days ago

      And best reviewed critically 94% , and best loved by audiences with a very rare A+ CinemaScore.

  • 4gility
    4gility 5 days ago +1

    Hey I know that there were loops in the time sequence. There were always going to be. But you can't take away the excitement and goosebumps that were in it. It was truly an experience

    • 4gility
      4gility 4 days ago

      Summer Tyme are u nuts. That is what this entire video is about

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 5 days ago

      There are no loops in the time sequence of the film.

  • Summer Tyme
    Summer Tyme 5 days ago

    *CinemaSins subscribers are a never ending fount of Ignorance.*
    But one of the laughable aspects of this forum is the smug so called comic book ‘fans’ who think calling themselves fans is somehow proof of expertise or self entitlement. [in critical thinking this is known as an appeal to authority fallacy]
    For example: *They claim to know and love the comics - but they don’t understand how the enchantment on the hammer can allow Cap to ‘wield the lightening’*
    1) Invariably they don’t *know* the enchantment, and can’t quote it - which is like - fine - but then why are they shooing off fool mouths about how the enchantment should work...when they don’t even know what it is to begin with ? 😂
    (The reason is they are just repeating what they hear from others and not thinking for themselves - which is also one of the things they use this site for - to get bs arguments that make no sense and then monkey-see monkey-do repeat them like absolutely idiots. 😂)
    2) They don’t know that the Enchantment in the film is *verbatim* - from the original Thor #1 comic as written written by Stan Lee.
    3) But worst of all: They are unable to think or understand even how comic book writing works - so can never process the fact that the real reason that Stan Lee created the enchantment was to allow a *mortal* - Dr. Donald Blake specifically to *possess the power of Thor.*
    And this is because Stan Lee knew that character who is literally a God - is potentially *boring.* So Stan Lee needed Thor to be a man - who could - if worthy possess the power of a God.
    I doubt that many CinemaSins readers could pass English literature 101, because it’s like you’ve never actually read and understood *any book* before. That includes the *comic books* you FAKE expertise in. 😂

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 5 days ago

      Other things the fake self entitled fans get wrong:
      -> Professor Hulk - also a faithful recreation from Peter Davids best ever Hulk comic book run.
      -> Cap giving Sam the shield instead of Bucky - Cap gave Sam the shield instead of Bucky in the comic too.
      -> Cap *never* gave Bucky the shield. Bucky only ever got the shield in the run where Cap was assassinated and Nick Fury then gave Bucky the shield.
      Fake fans can STFU, lol, go find another idiot with a website and parrot his foolishness then.

  • Flaming Plaz
    Flaming Plaz 5 days ago +1

    There’s nothing wrong with endgame shame on u shame

  • Steel Phoenix Industries
    Steel Phoenix Industries 5 days ago +39

    "Is there a spare rat around, to fire that shit up?" comic gold, can't stop laughing....

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 5 days ago +1

      Steel Phoenix Industries Faking the funk. Boo,,,,,

  • jeebs621
    jeebs621 5 days ago

    I liked endgame a lot, but it just missed so many plot lines from Infinity War.

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 5 days ago

      Endgame is really one story broken into two parts by one group of filmmakers. It is not a sequel - meaning a second story added for the sake of making money.
      That’s why: *There are no missing plot lines.* Only viewers who don’t understand the plot in the 1st place.

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 5 days ago

      jeebs621 Like what?

  • Antoinette Serrano
    Antoinette Serrano 6 days ago

    Honestly, I was disappointed that Cap DIDN'T say "I can do this all day" when he got up & tightened the arm strap on his broken shield & faced Thanos ready to keep fighting.

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 6 days ago

      Antoinette Serrano : Nah, he’s dancing with the devil - not punking Hyrdra in an elevator. And remember 5 minutes later he’s gong to be cold cocked by Thanos and knocked out.

  • Teresa McConkey
    Teresa McConkey 6 days ago

    Who’s craig

  • Gaming With Noah
    Gaming With Noah 6 days ago +1

    Infinity War was better

    • Gaming With Noah
      Gaming With Noah 4 days ago

      @Summer Tyme They should've at least shown the sneaking up part so it doesn't look like they took him down easily.

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 5 days ago

      “They literally came out of nowhere”
      ⬆️ Dude. They are trying to sneak up on a God. Anything they do that is not spectacularly stealthy, super swift and devastating is pure idiocy. *So of course they came out of nowhere.* Think!

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 5 days ago

      Gaming With Noah I’m not any more offended than you are bored. Why do you need to lie to yourself about your motives or other’s state of mind?

    • Gaming With Noah
      Gaming With Noah 5 days ago

      @Summer Tyme Woah, don't get all offended. I don't like how the action played out. They literally just came out of nowhere and held Thanos for a few minutes until Hulkbuster fucks it up.

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 5 days ago

      Yeah you are bored. That’s why you are here, now. To discuss how bored you were. Ima have to call B$ on you. Try a less dishonest argument.

  • Frostfire
    Frostfire 6 days ago +1

    I feel like they've added in more language in this video than usual, and their legitimate gripes have decreased.

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 6 days ago

      Frostfire The two are related. As is the case with the discussants posts. The more the swearing the less intelligent the content.

  • Sawyer fan
    Sawyer fan 6 days ago



    • Sawyer fan
      Sawyer fan 4 days ago

      @Summer Tyme ?
      thats no answer
      i mean
      i didnt read the comics but the things i think i know are:Thor controls the thunder
      The Hammer is only to make him stronger and not neccesary for the thunder
      Cap is worthy to use the hammer
      but why can he use the thunder then?
      yes i am dumb but i still dont understand that part

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 5 days ago

      I thought so. Glad you managed to clear that up with the power of reading. Reading is fundamental.

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 5 days ago

      The question you ask implies you are cognitively impaired. I believe you’re not so I want you go back and re-read Odin’s enchantment on the hammer - then explain *what part of it you don’t understand.*
      it’s as if Odin said 2X2 = 4.
      And you answered by asking - So Odin is saying that 2X2 is 4? 😂

    • Sawyer fan
      Sawyer fan 5 days ago

      @Summer Tyme sry my caps is kinda broken
      writes big when i dont press it and opposite
      but thats still no answer for the thunderpower
      He is worthy to use the hammer so he get the power of Thor automatically?

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 6 days ago

      Sawyer fan How come you can’t use your caps lock correctly. Is that a learning disability?
      What are thunder powers - is that something you make up when you can’t even *read the comic books* but only look at the pictures?
      Intelligent viewers know that Captain America possesses the power of Thor because he is worthy and wields the hammer, per Odin.
      What was your question again? 😂

  • GachaLife Girl
    GachaLife Girl 6 days ago +1

    I hate to sound like a know-it-all, but in Infinity War we saw nanotechnology absorb his sunglasses. The tech absorbed the stones like the glasses and released them into the gauntlet. Yes, I looked this up and saw it an analysis of Endgame 😅

    • GachaLife Girl
      GachaLife Girl 6 days ago +1

      Summer Tyme thank you! I appreciate it 😊

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 6 days ago +1

      GachaLife Girl This is 100% correct. And you don’t sound like a know it all. You just sound smart! 😎

  • Cian Caldera
    Cian Caldera 6 days ago +1

    Cheez whiz was improv

  • Thomasina and Grant Madden

    Actually he wiped out 50% of living things includes plants. In other words how the crap did they know half of all plant life had disappeared? Also that 50% means at least some entire species were wiped while others lost not a single person

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 6 days ago

      Thomasina and Grant Madden No he didn’t.

  • Scooby Snack
    Scooby Snack 6 days ago +1

    Hulk is so Weak in Endgame it's just sad

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 6 days ago +1

      “Hulk is define by his anger” -> That is a *weakness.* Not a strength. It is defined as a weakness in *INFINITY WAR* - where he gets his @$$ beat. By the way - that’s how Jim Starlin - who created the original story described it - and it was one of his favorite scenes for _precisely_ the reasons that you hated it.
      If you can’t even see this - then you do not understand *Infinity War* - so how can you understand EndGame?? It doesn’t matter whether you love or hate them - you *don’t understand* either one.
      Jim Starlin, Stan Lee, Peter David (Hulk writer who created Professor Hulk), Kevin Feige, the Russo’s, screen writers Markus and McFeely .... are all super smart.
      They all create art for smart audiences. All I can do is try to explain it to you, and if I can’t do that, then I certainly can’t fault the artists for not dumbing their work down further, then can I?

    • Scooby Snack
      Scooby Snack 6 days ago

      @Summer Tyme Hulk is define by his anger, the more angry he gets the stronger the hulk becomes. Judging by the attitude of Dr Hulk he doesn't seems to show any strength, in fact it was said that Dr Hulk is way smaller than regular Hulk, he couldn't even heal himself after snapping the gauntlet and it's funny cause one of hulk's super powers is incredible healing factor.

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme 6 days ago +1

      Nope Hulk was *stronger* in Endgame than he’d ever been before. Only little kids think that smash hulk is stronger because they have a childish notion of what strength is.
      Thanos easily defeated Smash Hulk. But it’s Banner who wielded the Infinity Gauntlet and saved the Universe. Something Smash Hulk would never have been able to do. He can’t even use the elevator properly or take the stairs without making a mess of it. 😂