The Top 5 Perform ‘Queens Everywhere’ | RuPaul's Drag Race Season 11

  • Published on May 17, 2019
  • A’Keria Chanel Davenport, Brooke Lynn-Hytes, Silky Nutmeg Ganache, Vanessa Vanjie Mateo and Yvie Oddly perform RuPaul’s “Queens Everywhere” with choreography by Todrick Hall.
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    RuPaul's Drag Race and Untucked return with more sickening styles, fierce challenges and backstage drama. Michelle Visage, Carson Kressley, Ross Mathews and celeb guest judges join RuPaul as she sets out to crown America's Next Drag Superstar in this Emmy Award-winning show.
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    The Top 5 Perform ‘Queens Everywhere’ | RuPaul's Drag Race Season 11
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Comments • 7 001

  • proudcarat 17
    proudcarat 17 11 hours ago

    2:15 🔥🔥🔥🔥❤❤❤❤
    2:43 😂😂😂❤❤❤

  • Celina Varchausky
    Celina Varchausky 13 hours ago

    the real video starts at 2:24

  • Fredy Fizzy
    Fredy Fizzy 17 hours ago

    Is it just me, or did vanjie not even lips in her own words? 🤨

  • Julz XD
    Julz XD Day ago +1

    Yvie and Vanjie had the best lyrics and they all moved well aside from Silky i

  • Diego Serafim
    Diego Serafim 2 days ago +1

    Every season a Queen is cutted from the video but not this time huh mama Ru 😏

  • Diego Serafim
    Diego Serafim 3 days ago

    U're here after watching the finale 🙌🏻

  • The Meerkat
    The Meerkat 4 days ago

    Can we show some appreciation to the sexy male dancer in the red shirt? He's serving body, face, legs and booty 🍑

  • Thomas Spence
    Thomas Spence 6 days ago +1

    Miss Vanjie’s verse was iconic

  • Liam Beasley
    Liam Beasley 6 days ago

    Idc what anyone says silky was herself the entire season

  • AzzurroProductions
    AzzurroProductions 6 days ago +2

    1:41 what mess D: otherwise nice verse i guess.

  • Francisco Cardoso
    Francisco Cardoso 7 days ago +1

    Well...Brooke didn’t know the words(clearly hiding the face constantly tells That) and silky was just pure Mess...

  • Shot in the Heart
    Shot in the Heart 7 days ago +2

    Yvie's verse was just too short

  • edgy hoe
    edgy hoe 8 days ago +1

    can we just appreciate akeria's body like... that ass though

  • TheNraveles
    TheNraveles 9 days ago +1

    Still have no clue how Brooke was in the bottom

  • Ana LaChell
    Ana LaChell 9 days ago +1

    Top 5?

  • mapletree
    mapletree 9 days ago +1

    that's pretty gay not gonna lie :/

  • Lil Zoly
    Lil Zoly 9 days ago +1

    Can we talk about this backup dancer. Who is she???? Ripped Jean's and Orange shirt with some perfection

  • Chelsea Burgess
    Chelsea Burgess 11 days ago +1

    I wish vanjie got through and not Brooklyn , imagine

  • Shane Blanford
    Shane Blanford 12 days ago

    RIP Vanjies heel.

  • Kylie Jacqueline
    Kylie Jacqueline 12 days ago +1

    yvie's verse should've been longer ugh

  • Laura Kohlert
    Laura Kohlert 12 days ago +2

    can someone tell me the order

  • Pierre Tonto
    Pierre Tonto 14 days ago +1

    jesus wow, yvie never fails to deliver her brand of oddity. was completely mesmerized by her verse here
    edit: yvie's verse felt too short and it was! she had a whole 10 seconds leftover!

  • TransBeauty96
    TransBeauty96 15 days ago +3

    Bottom two should’ve had silky cuz that was a whole ass flop, I mean undergarments, messy hair, kinda felt sloppy. Now between silky and who idk but I definitely think silky was saved for nothing the last episode cuz Nina was just controversial and well again silky was sloppy in her LSFYL

  • Milly Taylor
    Milly Taylor 15 days ago +1

    Silky was a mess

  • paola martinez
    paola martinez 15 days ago +2

    silky and vanjie deserved to be in the bottom two but we all know damn well silky should’ve been eliminated

  • Askota Markat
    Askota Markat 16 days ago

    This feels so awfull, it's so fast and, lots of lights, too many dance moves and Ru's verse feels weird

    GEEKoTHEWEEK1 16 days ago +4

    I think this song might be my favourite from all the seasons, it’s just so pleasant on my ear holes.

  • hyubieuwu
    hyubieuwu 17 days ago +3

    I've watched this at least twice a day for a week 😭

  • Ana Peña
    Ana Peña 17 days ago +2

    It breaks my heart watching Vanjieeeeeeee. Her energy was off, but we all know what she can do, and she would have easily slayed over Silky's verse 💔

  • my monster high family

    If vangie's heel didn't break, she probably wouldn't have ended in the bottom tbh

  • Entity Nea. K
    Entity Nea. K 18 days ago +1

    Why silky wasn’t in the bottom over Brooke will always be a Mer-mystery.

  • Don Pipa
    Don Pipa 18 days ago +1

    Glad I haven't found a comment stating something like "so and so was robbed", since that tends to be the thing with u queens lol

    QUEEN MA!N B!TCH 18 days ago +2

    I loved akerias verse

  • unknown 3
    unknown 3 18 days ago +1

    Why Did Akerias wig change when they did the group dance.

  • KeyKaraoke
    KeyKaraoke 20 days ago +2

    What is the name of that move Silky does? Lol

  • be free
    be free 20 days ago

    Algum brasileiro aqui?

  • Kyle Mileham
    Kyle Mileham 22 days ago

    Hotel travago

  • Herno D
    Herno D 23 days ago

    I'm Yvie Oddly and Oddly enough...
    Condrugulations You re they winner of this weeks Challenge

  • Kari Andrews
    Kari Andrews 23 days ago +2

    Silky verses are whack just like her. lOl

  • Shikha Suresh
    Shikha Suresh 24 days ago +4

    I do not know how vanjie got eliminated over silky

  • EtherealMoon
    EtherealMoon 25 days ago +1

    The fact we let Yvie win with only 1 win is sad

  • ItsjustDragFool
    ItsjustDragFool 25 days ago +2

    Akeria: _“where is the body? Mrs akeria is the body!”_
    Brooklyn: _something something_ *Canada*
    silky: _something something_ *fish flop*
    Vanjee - “Vehh-Vehh-Veeh” *hair flip*
    Yvie: *WHOLE VERSE* _fierce_

    AsianMF RICE MUDAFAKA 25 days ago +1

    Im sad that Miss Vanjie didn’t win 😪

  • Alessandra Jean Agan Evigan

    Thank goodness Silky doesn’t have a long time in this video lol

  • Mia Jean
    Mia Jean 26 days ago

    shook that Silky didn't wash her hands

  • Juolo 26
    Juolo 26 27 days ago

    Yvie lo peta máximooooooo!! Y luego Akeria me encanta tb, lo hace super bien!! No me canso de verlo!

  • Luis DeLeon
    Luis DeLeon 27 days ago

    Yvie SLAYED !

  • Milo Bedford
    Milo Bedford 27 days ago

    I'm glad they helped silky up after she fell on accident. It would have ruined everything otherwise

  • Pineapple Does Artss
    Pineapple Does Artss 28 days ago

    A’keria’s voice is so nice to listen to. I could literally listen to her talk for hours

  • La Llunishiah
    La Llunishiah 28 days ago

    Am i the only one who loves A'Keria's smile?

  • dudeski7373
    dudeski7373 Month ago

    Read U, Wrote U
    Kitty Girl
    Category Is
    Queens Everywhere
    Super Queen

    best to worst group numbers 😌

  • Diego Velazquez
    Diego Velazquez Month ago

    Siliy looks gooood

  • crapolaist
    crapolaist Month ago +1

    Silky was the only one to not get a bridge...

  • Ricky Mendoza
    Ricky Mendoza Month ago

    i hate how the verses keep getting shorter, that's what made read u wrote u and category is so good, now its too much rupaul singing bits

  • Jonathan Moore
    Jonathan Moore Month ago

    Yaaaaasssss queens!!!

  • Alice Dickinson
    Alice Dickinson Month ago

    Why do all the big girls always mention them being big. Like no hate against them but Eureka did it when they were reading eachother and silky did it in her verse. Like come up with something new

  • Ann Mendoza
    Ann Mendoza Month ago

    they need to make an official mv.

  • Alan Versace
    Alan Versace Month ago +2

    Idgaf I live for silkys part

    • downhere 54
      downhere 54 Month ago +1

      The way she throws herself onto the floor but still manages to hit her next move is everything

  • TheArianator Life
    TheArianator Life Month ago +2

    Ranking of their verses
    1. Yvie
    2. Vanjie
    3. A'Keria
    4. Brooke
    5. Silky
    Performance Wise
    1. A'Keria
    2. Yvie
    3. Silky
    4. Brooke
    5. Vanjie