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  • GeneralNothing101 !!

    omg the guy that said triple ball out is WILSON... I KNOW HIM LMAO HE WAS MY WOODWARD COACH

  • KillAll Evil
    KillAll Evil 21 day ago

    Blond kid sexy af

  • Hayden D.
    Hayden D. Month ago

    How do you get there? Like where do you signup?

  • Avocado Akira
    Avocado Akira Month ago

    When Heath jumped into that foam pit I just imagined the whole ocean exploding lmao

  • Brittany Roy
    Brittany Roy 2 months ago

    I could have watched an hour of this

  • I really love youtube Lol

    You know i didnt know heath was in TFIL 💀💀💀💀

  • kst_owl
    kst_owl 3 months ago

    0:06 is a butt cam

  • Hyper Demi!
    Hyper Demi! 3 months ago

    U r nearly at 2m subs congratulations

  • carla mojica
    carla mojica 5 months ago

    Love Eltons Laugh!!

  • t_ninjaz
    t_ninjaz 6 months ago

    I ah getta do a flip Jay is so funyy

  • Jennifer Joe
    Jennifer Joe 6 months ago

    That dab tho

  • Bella R
    Bella R 6 months ago

    God I wish I could still do these things 😥

  • White Person
    White Person 6 months ago

    You should do a couples vs couples challenge with Scotty&Kristen, Heath&Mariah, Sam&Kat, and Corey&Devyn like so elton can see

    MOCHA DEERGON 7 months ago

    A Elton please keep uploading your videos never stop so everyone can enjoy your videos for the rest of their life I know I will

  • Erica Ebeling
    Erica Ebeling 7 months ago


  • Dakota McCollum
    Dakota McCollum 7 months ago

    Crap nvm. TheXvid glitched and his new video became this.

  • Dakota McCollum
    Dakota McCollum 7 months ago

    He's posted this video before. I've seen it before.

  • Ethan Taylor
    Ethan Taylor 7 months ago

    Do 24 hours at Woodward

  • Connor Nowak
    Connor Nowak 7 months ago

    I’ve been there I have been snowboarding just outside of that Woodward it is boreal. I live in Sacramento it is not a far drive.

  • Garrett TV
    Garrett TV 7 months ago

    Squid woord

  • TTV Ludo_Fortnite
    TTV Ludo_Fortnite 7 months ago

    Woodward is awesome I’ve been there sooooo many times and it never gets boring definitely suggest it.

  • William Oglesby
    William Oglesby 7 months ago

    Who do y’all think is better Corbin Reinhard or the guy from 6:58

  • The Sensitive Libra
    The Sensitive Libra 8 months ago

    I'm watching all the old videos since TFIL is ending. Just remembering old amazing memories.😢😌

    VDAM TV 8 months ago

    I live I. Tahoe I wish I was there while you were there

  • t tison
    t tison 8 months ago +1

    you should’ve brought corbin

    • t tison
      t tison 7 months ago

      William Oglesby they should bring him everywhere msndmsk

    • William Oglesby
      William Oglesby 7 months ago +1

      g l o b e b a b e bro fr

  • TravisTrumpetSoccer3
    TravisTrumpetSoccer3 8 months ago

    Way better than Corbin

    • William Oglesby
      William Oglesby 7 months ago

      Kudu_Trouble I don’t think he is it’s just Corbin is only in like 6 vids and doesn’t actually do his best also he try’s to help everyone else out

  • Makayla Buchanan
    Makayla Buchanan 9 months ago

    I miss colby and Sam

  • Gabriel Rodriguez
    Gabriel Rodriguez 9 months ago

    hes better than corbin

  • The fortnite Legend
    The fortnite Legend 9 months ago

    Are you gay?

  • Hudson Navarro
    Hudson Navarro 10 months ago +1


  • SpiceToTheMax
    SpiceToTheMax 10 months ago

    NO WAY! I know this video came out a couple months ago, but some of my family and I went to Woodward for my cousin's birthday. One of my family members and I LOVE watching TFIL, and we recognized the name Woodward. At first, we couldn't remember where it was from. Then we saw the trampoline place and remembered the video! I was rewatching it, and it's SO COOL to recognize areas that I actually stepped foot. I mean just being at a place where Elton and friends have walked is so exciting!!!

  • SithGaming Robloxian Measure Man

    Elton is 38

  • Agent Mael
    Agent Mael 10 months ago


  • Starlet Prince Caydency
    Starlet Prince Caydency 10 months ago

    Am I the only one who thought the blonde-haired guy teaching them trampoline tricks was super cute?

  • Lemuel Callender
    Lemuel Callender 11 months ago

    Dude the moment Elton said it reminds him of ssx tricky I immediately subscribed 😂

  • Triniti Beeson
    Triniti Beeson 11 months ago

    I just noticed that the trainer had a man bun

  • katie Rafter
    katie Rafter 11 months ago

    I go to Woodward every summer and it the actual best

  • Chase Sawyer
    Chase Sawyer 11 months ago

    I've been wondering where has Corey been

  • Elanor Wilson
    Elanor Wilson 11 months ago

    Dude-*pole dance's with no pole Heath-*can't escape foam pit

  • K Channels
    K Channels 11 months ago

    I go to Boreal Resort all the time, and the fact that you guys were there makes me sad that I wasn't there that day. LOVE YOUU!

  • Rebecca
    Rebecca 11 months ago

    just saying that blond boy was cute > _ <
    Love you vids elton and heath maybe you should do an overnight here (get permission) but you could do all dat stuff and get EVEN Better (you are already great at this stuff and this is just an idea)

  • The Dream Catcher
    The Dream Catcher 11 months ago

    Also can you guys try to do an overnight video at this place? (Bring Colby, Sam, Heath, Jay, Corey, and Amanda please ;) )

  • The Dream Catcher
    The Dream Catcher 11 months ago

    You guys are lucky that Corban wasn't here... He would've showed you guys up 😂

  • Celestial Dbais
    Celestial Dbais 11 months ago

    who the hell was the over guy is that a older cory im so confused hah

  • Paradox Gaming
    Paradox Gaming 11 months ago

    Omg overnight at Woodward

  • Giavanna Manchisi
    Giavanna Manchisi 11 months ago

    I went their for camp in 2014

  • Taylor Woodward Vlogs
    Taylor Woodward Vlogs 11 months ago

    That is my last name

  • ExoticMind
    ExoticMind 11 months ago

    you should go to adventureland in iowa

  • Jordyn Woodard
    Jordyn Woodard 11 months ago

    I thought it was my last name but it was Woodward and not my last name, Woodard.

  • bellz
    bellz 11 months ago

    I swear when Elton is 50 or 60 he will still be doing the most amazing things ever.! love ya!!!!!!

  • Kyle s
    Kyle s Year ago

    Its like i get so happy when I land a back flip or frontie... tis is insane tho

  • MySnigga1738
    MySnigga1738 Year ago

    Woodward is the name of a church where I live

  • Moe Carry
    Moe Carry Year ago

    Excuse me what's wrong with cheer

  • Erika May
    Erika May Year ago

    why was that dude wearing wrestling shoes hahaha

  • abc 123
    abc 123 Year ago

    Team TFIL: Having to stay in prison for a night. Ask cops if you can sleep in a cell and have to do all of a normal prisoner does. Shows everyone not to get into trouble, makes a fantastic video, and you can all say you stayed in prison

  • Rap monster Namjoon

    8:09 me when I try to high five my tall teacher

  • andi
    andi Year ago

    I wish Mariah was there for this

  • RileyFuckingNicole Bitches

    I'm way to clumsy for that shit. I'd break something

  • Ams
    Ams Year ago

    I’m happy this was posted in my birthday ❤️😘

  • Dexter Gaming
    Dexter Gaming Year ago

    2:28 DOnt you just Hate it when You Fall into a botemless Pit?

  • Dexter Gaming
    Dexter Gaming Year ago

    0:56 "tahoe TA HOE" XD XD XD XD

  • Terabithia
    Terabithia Year ago

    Is it just me or does the dude that was teaching them the trampoline tricks remind me of Michael Jackson???😂😂😂

  • DJRaveBaby
    DJRaveBaby Year ago +1

    Whaley House

  • sara
    sara Year ago


  • ItzToxicGamer
    ItzToxicGamer Year ago

    Wher w cory

  • Dawn Black
    Dawn Black Year ago

    Am i the only one who's kinda bothered by the blinking camera? Like don't get me wrong i love these videos but AAGGGHHHH

  • Amy Orr
    Amy Orr Year ago

    ELTON IS 28 PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

  • kendall haynes
    kendall haynes Year ago


  • landynistrash !!!
    landynistrash !!! Year ago +2

    Do more exploring/ overnight videos with Sam and Colby

  • Charlie and Danni

    Great video I love the keep it up Elton

  • Social Experiment

    Hey guys, i want to do this experiment. I want to get 100k subscribers, before i post any video on this channel... If i am asking for too much I apologize n u can ignore it’s absolutely ok but if you do subscribe Thank you 🙏🏼😊

  • karley / mj fan
    karley / mj fan Year ago


  • iPRO Wafflez
    iPRO Wafflez Year ago

    that boi with the trampoline wall be flexin on yall

  • Allison C
    Allison C Year ago

    Can you do more overnight vids?

  • Mackenzie Salas-Begay


  • Gabby Prescott
    Gabby Prescott Year ago

    I’m crying watching this lmaoo😂😂😂

  • theunlikeyou
    theunlikeyou Year ago

    Before the guy said he takes inspiration from Cirque Du Soleil, I actually said "Why isn't this guy in Cirque Du Soleil."

  • Fin’s Life
    Fin’s Life Year ago

    You guys are so awesomeeeee !!!!! I love you guyssssss 😆😆😆♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Maxwell payton
    Maxwell payton Year ago

    Are they good at this because of crack

  • Awkward Trash Can

    I want to see them do some crazy gymnastics skills

  • Willow
    Willow Year ago

    this some air bender shit

  • Leo Is Rod
    Leo Is Rod Year ago

    Elton did they do something wrong? You gotta teach them the hardest moves!!

  • Linda Brotzman
    Linda Brotzman Year ago +1

    From the thumbnail I thought the blonde guy was Sam I feel bad

  • BrightProGamer
    BrightProGamer Year ago


  • Kristen McKay
    Kristen McKay Year ago

    cheerleadig is hard core at woodward dont get it twisted

  • Victoria
    Victoria Year ago

    This looks like exercise I'd actually enjoy 😄

  • Kaya Cerrillo
    Kaya Cerrillo Year ago

    The music playing during all the trampoline tricks sounds like the power rangers theme song

  • RT Gamexplorer
    RT Gamexplorer Year ago

    Does anybody think Elton's voice sounds like lui calibre? Edit: mostly his laugh actually

  • schalazeal07
    schalazeal07 Year ago

    When Heath was trying to high five Elton.. XD Hahahaha!!!

  • Lexi Cadzow
    Lexi Cadzow Year ago

    10:36- XD 😂

  • Lexi Cadzow
    Lexi Cadzow Year ago

    I had no idea what this place was until I seen this vid!😂😱

  • Lexi Cadzow
    Lexi Cadzow Year ago

    I had no idea what this place was until I seen this vid!😂😱

  • Lighting07 Rankosky

    Jay and heath and Elton are so funny

  • iceberg Gaming
    iceberg Gaming Year ago

    Amazing video

  • Isabel Heaney
    Isabel Heaney Year ago

    elton has da moves like jagger

  • baby poof
    baby poof Year ago

    Me watching these videos: gravity is weird

  • Dameon Vlogs
    Dameon Vlogs Year ago

    That flip you did was a back full

  • mixstamike
    mixstamike Year ago

    I'm honestly so happy that Heath is back, it's like they are the original and Only real TFIL members. And when they went and did their own thing's, it honestly wasn't the same. People will say Sam, Colby and Corey were TFIL but even Elton stated only him and Heath are. The other's would just come along with Elton as friend's. But hoenstly Heath adds this mellow and lazy factor, where Elton is more crazy and energetic. So they really balance each other out perfectly and one of the reasons I've been fallowing them since the beginning. Elton has accomplished so much on this channel that started out just as a bucket list and Show idea that has turned into what it is today. They're my faviort to watch on this category on TheXvid and can't wait for more an new content. Keep up the grind Uncle Elton and Heath.

  • Chelsea Rhue
    Chelsea Rhue Year ago

    Yoooo Scotty Cranmer goes here all the time

  • Galactic_Girl
    Galactic_Girl Year ago

    Of course I get the notification 2 days late