Gordon Ramsay Cooks Sea Bass On A Car Engine!

  • Published on Oct 28, 2018
  • Next time don't forget the charcoal.
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Comments • 5 558

  • Tilanka Jayasinghe
    Tilanka Jayasinghe 57 minutes ago

    What the hell was that voice damn

  • Blue-Citizen Gaming
    Blue-Citizen Gaming 10 hours ago

    Yup only white people

    HEATH TOMLINSON 16 hours ago

    Whoever the fuck is talking behind has the most annoying voice

  • boots10804
    boots10804 17 hours ago

    HE put in on the supercharger he should have put it on the block or the exhaust manifold.

  • Gaming Legend
    Gaming Legend 19 hours ago


  • Slayem Toady 6 Andersen STSN

    *5mins later*

  • YT_chum-chum ye
    YT_chum-chum ye Day ago +3

    🤣 i think She's been watching to much morgz?

  • Connor Gaming 0314

    Troom Troom much

  • Ryan Beals
    Ryan Beals Day ago

    I'm sorry, but that overly enthused high pitched voice that sounds like it's always asking a question that is narrating this video is unbearably annoying.....

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt Day ago

    Wow this lil girls voice cuts through me like shattered glass

  • Wave Moto
    Wave Moto 2 days ago

    there hands made of metal..4:33

  • Gabriel Anims
    Gabriel Anims 2 days ago

    The car cooks better than Kitchen Nightmares

  • FBI
    FBI 2 days ago +1


  • Jack GoldHang
    Jack GoldHang 2 days ago

    Am i the only one who thinks her cooking was cringey af?

  • Zy Dn
    Zy Dn 2 days ago

    Next video cooking steak using hair dryer

  • Bat Moose
    Bat Moose 2 days ago

    thats not bass

  • Khang Le
    Khang Le 3 days ago

    No one's going to question if cookimg fish on a car engine is safe? Like doesn't it absorb car engine gas.. stuff.. or something or am I just delusional?

  • TomThe Bomb
    TomThe Bomb 3 days ago

    Tilly destroyed my ears kinda annoying tbh

  • Syntax_505
    Syntax_505 3 days ago +1

    This should be turned into an ad for Range Rover.

  • BasicLove24
    BasicLove24 3 days ago

    For a moment there thought I was watching Peppa Pig

  • Shadow Self
    Shadow Self 3 days ago +1

    I love Gordon because he is a strong, positive male role-model, as is expressed in this video.

  • Ben lysikov
    Ben lysikov 3 days ago

    how old are your kids

  • ricerdude
    ricerdude 4 days ago

    Gordon lowkey knows it will work. Because he slapped the fish right on top of the turbos lol

  • Dominic Tyhonas
    Dominic Tyhonas 4 days ago

    tilly is hundred percentg dike

  • Evil-Disarray
    Evil-Disarray 4 days ago

    Talk about terrible acting

  • bob saggot
    bob saggot 5 days ago

    That girls voice is so over enthusiastic its cringworthy. Then again id be over the moon if my dad was a millionaire but still tone it down tills

  • Angelica Cushing
    Angelica Cushing 5 days ago

    Couldn't you drive to the store to get charcoal?

  • Tr4kn0 Th3 Fr34k
    Tr4kn0 Th3 Fr34k 5 days ago +8

    His daughter reminds me of Morgz and tracer from overwatch mixed.

  • Katnic 05
    Katnic 05 6 days ago +7

    Getting bad flashbacks from that guy on extreme cheapskates that cooked eggs on his car engine.

  • Diro
    Diro 6 days ago

    Family from Glasgow Scotland, Americanized badly.....Maildas fucking voice is a riot.

  • Bee Gamer
    Bee Gamer 7 days ago +1

    wat if Tillt put cheese in watermelon Pizza instead of Coconut XD

  • Orlando Francovich
    Orlando Francovich 7 days ago

    He’s actually a car enthusiast just like he is a food enthusiast. It’s cool to see him combining both his passions.

  • Alex Rivas
    Alex Rivas 7 days ago +2

    Gordon's family: can we leave now, its windy and I think I taste antifreeze.... in second thought, I need a hospital😂😂😂

  • Luis Incorvaya
    Luis Incorvaya 7 days ago

    Stale bread belongs in the bin

  • Moosaster
    Moosaster 7 days ago

    If Tilly wasn’t Ramsay’s daughter he’d probably say that salad is shit

  • Alex Phan
    Alex Phan 8 days ago

    Can't wait till she gets the "IT'S FUCKING RAW" when she grows up

  • Xie Priel
    Xie Priel 8 days ago

    don't forget the radiation to get that extra spice.

  • Hispanic at the Disco


  • John Macleod
    John Macleod 8 days ago

    Can that really be done,back in the 1970" s during very hot weather they used to say where i stayed that you could fry an egg on the pavement

  • The TadPole Named Matt

    I hope this show that his daughter narrates gets cancelled because God damn is that VO annoying as FUCK

  • DH N
    DH N 9 days ago +1

    Reminds me of the old Top Gear with Gordon Ramsey. Oh what times

  • stack 1284
    stack 1284 9 days ago

    Who the hell is talking??? 😫

  • Goemon Ishikawa
    Goemon Ishikawa 9 days ago

    How long is it gonna take for him to drove that car around to have a cooked fish? XD

  • Abdul 'The Doc' Chaudhry

    Her voice man... Jesus fuck stop talking you fucking donkey!

  • Struinzu Vaffencullo
    Struinzu Vaffencullo 10 days ago

    Ears bleeding

  • Mạnh Nguyễn
    Mạnh Nguyễn 10 days ago

    Fuck the voice over !

  • Spicy Cheetoes
    Spicy Cheetoes 10 days ago

    Instead of going for a 30 minutes drive to cook the bass, he could have just drove to the shops and bought some charcoal. Dumbass show

  • Spicy Cheetoes
    Spicy Cheetoes 10 days ago

    Who the actual fuck scrapes out the 'seeds' in a cucumber.

  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein 10 days ago

    Fuck that voice over man. So over the top Jesus Christ.

  • Myo Thiha Ko
    Myo Thiha Ko 10 days ago


  • internetboy official
    internetboy official 10 days ago +1

    Voice over by female morgz

  • Mark Mcool
    Mark Mcool 10 days ago

    Let the car do the work.

  • Sean Williams
    Sean Williams 10 days ago

    Her high pitched voice is giving me an earache.

  • Shkoder
    Shkoder 11 days ago +1

    This sounds fresh from cbeebies

  • Kekistan Dept. Of Foreign Affairs

    Vacations in the US
    Can literally buy charcoal at any Walmart or convenience store for less than 6 dollars.
    "We'll use the car!"

  • 50,000 subscriber with No videos

    Now try cooking a steak on a volcano

  • Dope Fresh Music
    Dope Fresh Music 11 days ago

    No wonder why she chubby

  • Mr mackerel Fishy
    Mr mackerel Fishy 11 days ago

    Book and I cannot even spread Nutella on a piece of bread or toast

  • Misaka Mikoto
    Misaka Mikoto 11 days ago

    *i love mozarella ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*

  • Trip Wallace Official
    Trip Wallace Official 12 days ago

    holy shit her voice is annoying

  • RE monstered
    RE monstered 12 days ago +1


  • Darth Vader56
    Darth Vader56 12 days ago

    Next he should try to cook on a ps4

  • Jacob Garcia
    Jacob Garcia 12 days ago

    No offense but I doubted the tomato salad and the watermelon pizza more than the bass.

  • King Linksy
    King Linksy 12 days ago


  • King Linksy
    King Linksy 12 days ago

    Who’s the annoying voice

  • barca love memes
    barca love memes 12 days ago

    most irritating voice ever lmao !

  • Richy551 45
    Richy551 45 12 days ago

    I honestly didn’t even now he was there and I live there fat oof

  • cmcdermott85
    cmcdermott85 12 days ago

    Yo Gordo gotta tell you right now bro..you gotta cancel your kids voice dude

  • Mark J
    Mark J 12 days ago

    She sounds like the kids from old school Sesame Street.

  • BoyofWar
    BoyofWar 12 days ago

    I've never seen Gordon so excited

  • Logan Dykes
    Logan Dykes 13 days ago

    Her commentating gets really annoying really quick

  • c stine
    c stine 13 days ago

    Oh my god I hate her voice please stop doing voice overs AAAAAAAAH

  • Sumta Sing
    Sumta Sing 13 days ago

    Omg i wanna drown the person whos doing that annoying ass voice over.

  • imagine wagons
    imagine wagons 13 days ago +1

    When Gordon ramsay watches diy on youtube

  • Neerav Reddy
    Neerav Reddy 14 days ago +1

    So about 2-3k rpm for 20 min?

  • Moisture
    Moisture 14 days ago

    Matilda shut the fuck up.

  • Niomi Rose
    Niomi Rose 14 days ago +6

    Is nobody just worried the caution of driving with cooking food and tinfoil in your hood 😂😂

  • DalanDamn
    DalanDamn 14 days ago

    It taste like care 🤣😂🤔

  • CringeySkits -_-
    CringeySkits -_- 14 days ago

    “It won’t be sushi!” HAHA 😂

  • Bobby Digital
    Bobby Digital 15 days ago

    Why is she talking like that in the video? It's so freaking annoying! Just be yourself! I bet if she changed her tone and didn't make every single sentence so dramatic, this video would have been a hundred times better!

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith 16 days ago

    Is this the most annoying programme everyones ever seen

  • Eric Fortune Jr.
    Eric Fortune Jr. 16 days ago

    Considering that your car's thermostat opens up around 195F +or- , the internal combustion temperatures can exceed 1,000F, the exhaust components can actually glow red hot and that supercharged engines like this Range Rover HSE tend to generate higher temperatures than naturally aspirated engines.. this is theoretically possible though the results may vary depending on what type car you use and the amount of airflow under the hood while driving.

  • PeterMb3 Ho
    PeterMb3 Ho 16 days ago


    Do you have a ......
    Matilda:*starts walking away*

  • iseeolly
    iseeolly 16 days ago

    The words Daddy or Mummy should never be said to anybody over the age of 3. However, wonderful cook and Sea Bass is the shit!

  • koo junhoe is best
    koo junhoe is best 16 days ago +1

    Omg her voice is so annoying say what you want to me gordon

  • Sang Puia
    Sang Puia 17 days ago +2

    It would be so fun to share the same passion with your father

    Go Ramsays

  • John Zakhour
    John Zakhour 17 days ago

    1:56 she said basil the british way 🎊🎊🎊

  • SH0EB 87
    SH0EB 87 17 days ago


  • David Beddis
    David Beddis 18 days ago

    Most annoying voice ever

  • Frag Asher
    Frag Asher 18 days ago

    Is this inspired from the Top Gear episode?

  • Billion Brush321
    Billion Brush321 18 days ago

    Forgetd charcoal. Brings a mini kitchem 😂

  • Mark the shark
    Mark the shark 18 days ago

    I ate sea bass yesterday and it’s such a fatty fish it cooks itself with its natural oils

  • K Gaming40
    K Gaming40 18 days ago

    She sounds fucking retarded my head exploded when she started talking she talks like she is fucking 5 years old

  • CaptainDylan
    CaptainDylan 18 days ago +5

    The things Matilda cooks would definetely get her humiliated if she wasn't Gordons daughter.

  • the bOoty m0nster
    the bOoty m0nster 18 days ago

    My ears have2 words

    Kill me.

    HONG SJ 19 days ago


  • Caleb Wulfekuhle
    Caleb Wulfekuhle 19 days ago

    Tilley is Peppa Pig’s voice actor

  • blels222
    blels222 19 days ago

    Most annoying video I’ve seen

  • Christopher Williams
    Christopher Williams 19 days ago

    This is adorable. She even does her tablespoons like her father