Gordon Ramsay Cooks Sea Bass On A Car Engine!

  • Published on Oct 28, 2018
  • Next time don't forget the charcoal.
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  • vMufasa
    vMufasa 17 hours ago

    omg... you know this guy has had a great life when he gets away with shenanigans like this and still makes a better lunch then I can...

  • vMufasa
    vMufasa 17 hours ago

    she does the crazy sign at him... and then he drives wrong way into a one way street... maybe she was onto something XD

  • Ryan _
    Ryan _ 17 hours ago

    Swiper no swiping!

  • Rod Lester Felipe Vlog & Plays

    your accent is like a cartoon character

  • freedomowns
    freedomowns Day ago

    Top gear did it and he hates it. If he does it, he likes it.

  • TheNonsenseGuy
    TheNonsenseGuy Day ago

    Can she please stop shouting?

  • Lorenzo Sucks
    Lorenzo Sucks 2 days ago

    Wtf is that narration, I lost brain cells just remembering it

  • jonathanV3
    jonathanV3 2 days ago


  • Scp 096 running when mom find poop sock

    Thats too much bread

  • Chan Shumate
    Chan Shumate 2 days ago

    Goes to store to get water... Why not go to the store and get charcoal?

  • 박해진
    박해진 2 days ago

    Someone call Hert to blow the hood off first

  • boris the wolf
    boris the wolf 2 days ago

    4:50 I died

  • Bob Stomachbaby
    Bob Stomachbaby 2 days ago

    Matilda isn't even good at cooking compared to her dad

  • SuperJahobo
    SuperJahobo 2 days ago +6

    Gordon Ramsey opens it: *IT'S BLOODY RAW!!*

  • Angad Bhatia
    Angad Bhatia 3 days ago +1

    When Tilly Grows Old And reacts to watch this video, She would die of cringe

  • Susan Aragon
    Susan Aragon 3 days ago

    I for ot gordon has two girls and wife

  • Buddy
    Buddy 3 days ago

    She should of put pineapple on the watermelon pizza for her dad

  • Jamora 710
    Jamora 710 3 days ago

    That salad looks FOCKIN DISGUSTING

  • Elijah Duran
    Elijah Duran 3 days ago

    I've been waiting for a video like this

  • Blynder
    Blynder 4 days ago

    I think it’s funny how he went off over someone making a chocolate pizza but he likes the watermelon pizza 😂

  • Zoya
    Zoya 4 days ago +1

    I think he just wanted to flex his car, so Gordon.. Weird flex, but okay 👀

  • Henry Roberts
    Henry Roberts 4 days ago

    What makes me laugh is that some people can’t even cook in a oven but here’s Gordon cooking on a car engine

  • Afnan Hasan
    Afnan Hasan 4 days ago

    that one small fish.. for like 4,5 people?!
    idk if its only on camera that they eat so less, or is it them in real life as well.. lol, i can finish 2 of those fish by myself and still have more room for dessert

  • Gabriel Aragon
    Gabriel Aragon 4 days ago

    Why is she fucking yelling

  • Spongebob Squarepants
    Spongebob Squarepants 4 days ago +2

    Next video: Gordon Ramsay cooks sea bass in the toilet

  • Paolo Malinay
    Paolo Malinay 5 days ago

    Where is peppa

  • CEADEUS 117
    CEADEUS 117 6 days ago +1

    Hold up did you just do a top gear move there sneaky bastard Gordon!

  • M Ean
    M Ean 6 days ago

    Only guy who can afford LR after its warranty

  • Clovur Kaya
    Clovur Kaya 6 days ago

    I wanna be his daughter xD

  • Titanickiller786
    Titanickiller786 6 days ago +2

    He got this idea from Jeremy clarkson on top gear lool

  • Nawsad Aryan
    Nawsad Aryan 6 days ago +1

    Nah he's just being nice about that fucking stupid pizza

  • Anthony Dailey
    Anthony Dailey 6 days ago

    I keep expecting her to yell
    “Swiper, No Swiping”
    And pull out a fucking map

  • Shaz Mohammed mohammed

    The different between gorden and his daughter is that the dad is pegi 18 and the daughter is 4year olds cartoon character dora the explora

  • Joshua Braswell
    Joshua Braswell 7 days ago

    She sounds so sarcastic

  • Daniel Moore
    Daniel Moore 7 days ago +1

    The daughters voice is so annoying

  • Nominal 1989
    Nominal 1989 7 days ago

    He is become total tv sellout. I wonder what Marco thinks on cooking with land rovers.

  • Michael james garrett

    This girl needs drowning 😂

  • No Life Soccer Fan
    No Life Soccer Fan 8 days ago

    Dora+Pepa Pig= Gordan Ramsay's daughter

  • electricmaster23
    electricmaster23 8 days ago +1

    Christ, Tilly, please speak with your natural voice from here on in. It's so condescending; this isn't a preschool show.

  • DimensionRMG
    DimensionRMG 8 days ago +2

    Is this gordon ramsay for kids or something lol

    • Ihdc1
      Ihdc1 5 days ago

      It's from his daughter's show, I believe.

  • Attempt-YT
    Attempt-YT 8 days ago +1

    The girls voice hurts me....
    She hurts my ears...far too cheery!

  • Bricks Lenard
    Bricks Lenard 9 days ago

    Gordon is such a very good but talkative CHEF..

  • Bricks Lenard
    Bricks Lenard 9 days ago


  • abdul fattah
    abdul fattah 9 days ago

    Yall didn't even try to look like yall eating that shit G

  • Ricky P. Martin
    Ricky P. Martin 9 days ago

    He could've bought charcoal at that store.

  • Jake Elliott
    Jake Elliott 10 days ago

    That girl was annoying

  • Llemar
    Llemar 10 days ago +1

    Sea Bass cooks Gordon Ramsey on a Car Engine!

  • Jacob Hope
    Jacob Hope 11 days ago

    He got the idea from top gear😂😂

  • Trust Me
    Trust Me 11 days ago

    Someone show her how to say T-MA-TO (tomato)

  • chanceler151
    chanceler151 11 days ago +1

    Shes a kid having fun with her family what the hell is wrong with all of you complaining about a childs voice?

  • Dankest memes Dank
    Dankest memes Dank 11 days ago

    Tilly’s voice is a cross between Dora and fucking Satan, I felt like ripping my ears off

  • Music Lover
    Music Lover 11 days ago

    She sounds like peppa pig lol

  • Bryan Garai
    Bryan Garai 12 days ago

    Awesome Family ❤

  • Incoming, Run
    Incoming, Run 12 days ago +8

    In remembrance of:


  • mattyy101
    mattyy101 13 days ago +1

    Well done by the girl narrator :) very professional!

  • Li Hong
    Li Hong 13 days ago

    Cringy daughter

  • Bug Livestreams
    Bug Livestreams 13 days ago +3

    Hello Tracer. Didn’t know your dad was Mr Ramsay.

  • Cat Boy
    Cat Boy 13 days ago

    The daughter is annoying

  • Shadow
    Shadow 14 days ago

    They sound to happy something’s fishy

  • lolv2019
    lolv2019 14 days ago

    All that money and they go round in a standard 2017 Range Rover.

    • Lol Lol
      Lol Lol 12 days ago

      Staying humble ig

  • Alexander Rijsman
    Alexander Rijsman 14 days ago +1

    'Dad is about to burst he is so excited'....

    • Vinicius Gonzalez Romero
      Vinicius Gonzalez Romero 11 days ago

      It's almost 4am in the morning now, and I'm glad I wasn't the only one to notice that comment.

  • SoyNutsAndKale
    SoyNutsAndKale 15 days ago

    Never seen Gordon with this much smiles. ._.

  • JT X
    JT X 15 days ago

    The voice over was incredibly annoying

  • Daksh Brar
    Daksh Brar 15 days ago

    ayyyy range rover gaaaaaaangg

  • Coolxv Douglass
    Coolxv Douglass 16 days ago +1

    I’m sorry Gordon but your “ daughter “ sounds squeeeeeeeky as

    • Ihdc1
      Ihdc1 5 days ago

      Why in air quotes?

  • A W
    A W 16 days ago

    EU acting

  • Alex Czyz
    Alex Czyz 17 days ago

    Didn't Rick stein do this like 10 or 15 years ago?

  • LesbianDinosaur ツ
    LesbianDinosaur ツ 17 days ago

    jojo siwa V2

  • Gaming Adaption
    Gaming Adaption 17 days ago

    Top Gear are the real chefs

  • Priiw
    Priiw 17 days ago

    Why does tilly speak like thats it’s genuinely cancerous

  • Raijin
    Raijin 17 days ago

    Can Matilda possibly sound more childish??

  • tubeyourself
    tubeyourself 17 days ago

    why do i bother lugging a grill in the back of my car?

  • Tobias Tourelous
    Tobias Tourelous 18 days ago

    Guys doesn’t the little girls voice sound like Tracer from Overwatch?

  • Mauverapier60 Gaming
    Mauverapier60 Gaming 18 days ago

    I swear to god his daughter is Tracer

  • Frosty Los
    Frosty Los 18 days ago

    Ok got it . Use $100 of gas to cook a tiny piece of fish

    • Ihdc1
      Ihdc1 5 days ago

      How bloody expensive is the gas where you live? My car's tank holds about $50.00 of gas. I'mn pretty sure it woudn't take the whole tank to cook a piece of fish.

  • Delta 9
    Delta 9 18 days ago

    Gordon took inspiration from the time top gear invited him and cook 3 meals in 3 cars and he thought it was bad

  • Acura TL GTLM
    Acura TL GTLM 19 days ago

    Tilly's cringeworthy acting is actually making my arthritis flare up.

  • Beau Evans
    Beau Evans 19 days ago

    Jeremy Clarkson taught him this

  • Sweet Jones III
    Sweet Jones III 19 days ago

    Couldnt believe the motor cooked the fish ? Have these people never seen Sienfield?

  • Galactic Gamer
    Galactic Gamer 20 days ago

    4:22 *new vegan pizza confirmed*

  • Miguel
    Miguel 20 days ago

    Did she just say nigger? 2:23

    • Ihdc1
      Ihdc1 5 days ago


  • Send Nudes
    Send Nudes 21 day ago

    So weird to see gordan like all giddy and childlike i love it

  • PotatoFox 11
    PotatoFox 11 22 days ago

    Gordon is such a genius daddy

  • kcomeskyy
    kcomeskyy 22 days ago

    someone mute the girl with the bitch voice

  • Patrick Vu
    Patrick Vu 22 days ago

    Watching this made feel like an anti-vax 4 year old

  • Tushar Sankla
    Tushar Sankla 23 days ago

    ITS DRYYYYY!!!!!

  • Uriel Santiago
    Uriel Santiago 23 days ago +1

    Everybody are saying annoying voice while I'm here like damn she's hot

  • Amyg665 Nurd
    Amyg665 Nurd 23 days ago

    Your dad is crazy XD srry gordan but it's awesome to see the fun side of you!

  • Krissy's Spice 4 life & M.O.L Skin Deco

    Dang you guys are mean to young girl. You all suck! She's as sweet as pie. Be nice

  • Artur Karpinski
    Artur Karpinski 23 days ago +1

    After hearing those annoying British accents I understand what pissed off Jack the Ripper!! Also, if anybody other than his precious little daughter made a watermelon pizza he'd be calling it fucking discounting and ripped their head off. These people are a bunch of assholes!!!

  • masterxDh20
    masterxDh20 23 days ago +1

    He's going back to his kitchen to cook it. Don't be fooled.

  • David Oh
    David Oh 23 days ago

    Sorry Gordon, but tillys voice overs are irritating and annoying as hell

  • Uddhav Nanda
    Uddhav Nanda 24 days ago +1

    Teach me that .
    Will it work in a truck

  • Kayla Williams
    Kayla Williams 24 days ago

    That salad look like the stuff in a garbage disposal

  • teardrop-YT-
    teardrop-YT- 24 days ago


  • Person Man
    Person Man 24 days ago

    Who else thinks he got the I idea from the top gear episode when they had him as a guest

  • Leaf
    Leaf 24 days ago +4

    Imagine dating one of his daughters, and you have to impress Gordon Ramsay with dinner 😓😓😓😓😓

  • Memestealer _24
    Memestealer _24 24 days ago

    Why couldn't they just make sandwiches

  • Maximiliano Carrasco
    Maximiliano Carrasco 24 days ago

    From where im from(chile), english teachers use voice recordings to do some activities on some homework and its usually britain english and tilly's voice is exactly the same as in our homeworkXD

  • T-Rex 36
    T-Rex 36 24 days ago

    Umm its toe-may-toe