I Wore A Clear Plastic Outfit For A Day

  • Published on Sep 1, 2017
  • I thought the clear jeans would be the end - they were not. People keep trying to make clear plastic clothes happen so I dove back into the clear plastic trend and wore a head-to-toe plastic outfit for a day - what do you guys think of this ~futuristic fashion~?
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Year ago +15177

    HELLO BBs!! who else is confused by the new youtube layout?? also, what did you think of the plastic outfit??

    • Ella Icybuns
      Ella Icybuns 28 days ago

      Safiya Nygaard oof

    • Zylria Productions
      Zylria Productions 4 months ago

      I was so confused I was like is she naked when I saw the thumbnail lol

    • emily bula
      emily bula 10 months ago

      Safiya Nygaard I have one question are you at coco beach

    • Abiha Zaidi
      Abiha Zaidi 11 months ago

      Safiya Nygaard me girlfriend me

    • Panda Gymnast11
      Panda Gymnast11 11 months ago

      500th reply and I love your videos safiya!!

  • Alley Farley
    Alley Farley 6 hours ago

    I had that same choker and I think I know why it's so small...

    I had it when I was 9

  • Alley Farley
    Alley Farley 6 hours ago +1

    I am the queen of saran wrap
    ~Safiya Nygaard 2017

  • Gracia Domingo
    Gracia Domingo 18 hours ago

    Who else saw the lady in the background at 4:29?? And also 2019 anyone?🤣

  • Spicy Apple
    Spicy Apple Day ago

    Oh no

  • Karinapineda Vanessa

    Can i have the choker

  • Audge Podge TM
    Audge Podge TM 2 days ago


    *Im a bag lady!*

  • Jensine A
    Jensine A 3 days ago

    “What happened to them?”
    “It’s unclear.”
    Love that!!!

  • Dude 0853
    Dude 0853 3 days ago

    it.. is.. not.. futuristic.. It.. is.. old..
    The church would say it's futuristic and they would say that for centuries.
    I'm a hetero man and sometimes i'm wearing mesh sheer pants outside, much sexier then this.
    You women need to keep up.

  • ClassifiedlionPlays
    ClassifiedlionPlays 3 days ago

    Yep that first girl is a little annoying

  • Megan Mart-Kirven
    Megan Mart-Kirven 3 days ago

    Safiya thank you for being an amazing human and protecting our beautiful ocean from your bizarre yet cool plastic clothes

  • moon_june_ 75
    moon_june_ 75 5 days ago

    9:00 I got major Princess Diaries vibes from that moment.
    "Lana got coned!!" XD

  • Your Taemptaetion
    Your Taemptaetion 5 days ago

    Plastc clothes is the new lingerie

  • Leave the light on ALDC

    4:59 what’s for love 21?!

  • Daisy Chan
    Daisy Chan 8 days ago

    8:18 oh my fucking god. That's JYP.

  • Splendorman‘s proxie

    I laughed too much at "it's unclear"

  • FairClaw
    FairClaw 10 days ago

    Katy Perry is proud that they all finally understand how she feels.

  • Laurasaur XD
    Laurasaur XD 10 days ago +2

    I feel like I'd wear the skirt over a skirt on a really wet day. The perfect level of keeping dry but also showing off your clothes!

  • Ben Conners
    Ben Conners 10 days ago +1

    1:07, "It's unclear." Really, we're just going to let that gem slip by us?

  • My LifeIsFine
    My LifeIsFine 10 days ago

    One of those comments were minnnne! Thx

  • K-pop Lover
    K-pop Lover 11 days ago

    I knew a picture of JYP was going to make a comeback.
    "whispers" *JYP*

  • Theresa Etchen
    Theresa Etchen 13 days ago

    All hale the queen 👸 of Sranan wrap.

  • sehee ko
    sehee ko 13 days ago

    Tbh I would wear the jacket

  • Natalie Mann
    Natalie Mann 13 days ago

    I’m gonna fucking buy this whole outfit.

  • Rachel G
    Rachel G 13 days ago

    The jacket is so cute!

  • moped enthusiasm
    moped enthusiasm 13 days ago +1

    plastic clothes are popular in raves, not really like the thin clear stuff but it works really well since they happen in the dark with neon lights everywhere
    it creates a really cool effect, especially paired with glow in the dark or neon clothing (which are also rave clothing items)

  • Harper's life
    Harper's life 14 days ago

    -"What happened to them"
    -"I'm not clear" Lmao 😂😂

  • Nusrat Zahra
    Nusrat Zahra 14 days ago


  • Everything Cat
    Everything Cat 15 days ago

    I would definitely wear the skirt

  • ryan inslee
    ryan inslee 15 days ago

    I want the shoes

  • Jay Mercer
    Jay Mercer 17 days ago

    she said that she got kicked out of forever 21, did they actually kick her out?

  • Alyssa Melia Sullano
    Alyssa Melia Sullano 17 days ago

    She's showing a bit much...

  • Anujin1030
    Anujin1030 17 days ago

    santa barbara is triggered.

  • Dragon Catz
    Dragon Catz 18 days ago

    You sound like a fucking pool thing

  • a yellow paper crown
    a yellow paper crown 18 days ago

    You look like someone from the capitole pmg

  • Zoey Rae
    Zoey Rae 18 days ago

    Why are you always getting kicked out of places?😂

  • Jada Gill
    Jada Gill 18 days ago +1

    HHMMM how do i pay to destroy the earth???
    OOHHHH buy a plastic outfit

  • Meepeepeep
    Meepeepeep 18 days ago +1

    oMfG jYp wHaT aRe yOu dOiNg HeRe ¿ 8:19

  • Gabriella Chen
    Gabriella Chen 20 days ago

    If your giving it away after youve worn it

    I so want it

    That sounded creepily perverted...

  • Rosa Guti
    Rosa Guti 21 day ago

    My favorite part: Safiya I’m Trash

  • kaia bailey
    kaia bailey 22 days ago

    Use toothpaste to clean them. that's what I've always used to clean swimming goggles and it works well

  • Mischuu
    Mischuu 22 days ago

    that ladys expression at 8:36 tho😂

  • Alia Toepfer
    Alia Toepfer 22 days ago

    The poor turtles in the ocean.... 😂 😂 😂 😂

  • Aruna
    Aruna 22 days ago

    You remind me soo much of my aunty nir, she is of indian origin and really fair with dark straight hair just like you!!! I sorta like the jacket, thats the only thing I would wear, and I I liked it with silver clothes underneath

  • MariaakaAnnie - Cosplay
    MariaakaAnnie - Cosplay 22 days ago +1

    8:19 *whispers* J.Y.P.

  • Ash R
    Ash R 22 days ago

    Omg the noise!!!!

  • Gianella Malla
    Gianella Malla 23 days ago +1


  • DrawingWithZu
    DrawingWithZu 23 days ago

    Wipe the jeans down with a Lysol wipe :/

  • it me WY
    it me WY 25 days ago

    You look sad in the thumbnails and I don't think the plastic clothing is fun

  • juungkook jimin
    juungkook jimin 26 days ago +1

    All I was thinking here was poor crusty

  • mellophonesheikah
    mellophonesheikah 26 days ago +1

    I wanna know if they have ever run into subscribers while doing these videos

  • Adelaide Praise
    Adelaide Praise 26 days ago +1

    Jyp is also wearing it too?! EyE--

  • sasha khan
    sasha khan 28 days ago +4

    Saf " what happened to them?"
    Ty " It's unclear"
    I'm ded

  • Kim Barbeau
    Kim Barbeau 29 days ago

    Poor Crusty. Living with loonies. These are supposed to be your golden years. 😂

  • Stacey12 Stacey
    Stacey12 Stacey Month ago

    The lady at 9:45 hahahaha

  • Kittykatkhats Life
    Kittykatkhats Life Month ago

    My cat would try to eat that outfit

  • MinShooky
    MinShooky Month ago

    It’s like a poncho. I actually love that outfit. It looks really good on you. Edit was: fixing a spelling error

  • Aru neko
    Aru neko Month ago

    add a hoody and its a raincoat....which it should be

  • Alexander pogi
    Alexander pogi Month ago


  • samreen abbasi
    samreen abbasi Month ago

    I think plastic coveralls would be really useful. Easy to clean and waterproof so dry clothes too!

  • The Bean
    The Bean Month ago

    this is the future of the trash islands in the oceans

  • Christiana S
    Christiana S Month ago

    safiya in the water: i'm washing me AND my clothes

  • CariBeth Gulick
    CariBeth Gulick Month ago

    The clear plastic outfit needs to meet the ugliest swimsuit in the world.

  • Madelyn Swingle
    Madelyn Swingle Month ago

    Lol I was just in Santa Monica today and I just decide to watch a vid where u were where I was
    Wish I would’ve seen u😂

  • Smol bean Megan
    Smol bean Megan Month ago

    I just watched something sad now I’m watching this and I’m happy again!

  • love that
    love that Month ago

    2:50 I've seen this video so many times and always thought they were saying BAD lady, and i always wondered why Saf was so happy about it. Just realized its BAG lady. I'm now questioning everything i know.
    Or thought i knew?

  • Lucia Lanczová
    Lucia Lanczová Month ago

    Why People just can't wear sweatpants all the time ...

    MY AMAZING SHOW Month ago +2

    your outfit could be a raincoat

  • Hannah Houlden
    Hannah Houlden Month ago +3

    Do you think the choker was a bracelet

    Like if you do

  • C.o.R
    C.o.R Month ago

    It's like an orchestra of hatred

  • Diane Harrison
    Diane Harrison Month ago

    Ahh your cute cat i love him

  • Diane Harrison
    Diane Harrison Month ago

    Youre so funny x

  • רעות בן צור

    4th zenon movie. yay! :D

  • Goldie Mack
    Goldie Mack Month ago +3

    *haters will say she's a plastic*

  • mel c
    mel c Month ago

    I’d wear that coat out to like a bar/club with like just a black bando and some sort of colored pant like red. And either with those shoes or a heel! Looks dope

  • Shannon Rivera
    Shannon Rivera Month ago

    How brave and yet fun! I kinda dig it. I couldn't do the pants though.

  • maria heredia
    maria heredia Month ago +1

    *whisper* JYP

  • aNd sPrItE
    aNd sPrItE Month ago

    If you wear the items separately with other items of clothing, it wouldn’t look as disturbing as it does with the plastic items all together

  • can't relate
    can't relate Month ago +1

    8:19 is that jyp 😂??

  • aNd sPrItE
    aNd sPrItE Month ago +1

    8:19 never thought I’d see JYP in a Safiya video but here we are folks

    • MariaakaAnnie - Cosplay
      MariaakaAnnie - Cosplay 22 days ago +1

      Same, I was in shock, but as a JYPNation stan and a Safiya fan, I'm really happy about it xD

  • aNd sPrItE
    aNd sPrItE Month ago

    that choker was not it, I’m glad she took it off because I could see the red line on her neck as soon as she stepped outside of her bathroom

  • Tami Reeves
    Tami Reeves Month ago

    I really thought it was cute! ♥️

  • Ash MCcGill
    Ash MCcGill Month ago

    I was thinking about this: maybe your jeans went weird because the pool had chlorine in it?

  • baby tiger
    baby tiger Month ago +1


  • olivia westenskow
    olivia westenskow Month ago +6

    Christine from simply nailogical:

    • b
      b 11 days ago

      olivia westenskow Cristine with NO ‘H’

  • Sarah Smith
    Sarah Smith Month ago


  • Roman Galindo
    Roman Galindo Month ago

    So who did u give this outfit to......?

  • Dax Mayorga
    Dax Mayorga Month ago

    This is my kind of fun. Can't do it in the Philippines though

  • Luna M
    Luna M Month ago

    I’m addicted to Saf’s videos! Crap

  • Lillian Duncan
    Lillian Duncan Month ago

    I want it

  • Monique Rojkind
    Monique Rojkind Month ago

    You actually look good in that!

  • Fantasy Bee
    Fantasy Bee Month ago

    I’d wear a nude color dress xD then be like ayo wassup I’m not naked

  • Patricia Courtright

    Why did they kick you out of Forever 21?!

  • Noelia Arroyo
    Noelia Arroyo Month ago

    This video had more deaths than Avengers Infinity War

  • Michaela Skewis
    Michaela Skewis Month ago

    I'm having a hard time finding clear plastic clothing, where did you find your items? You're the best, thank you!!

  • Vienna Lung
    Vienna Lung Month ago

    a like for the sacrifice

  • soonhoon'z life
    soonhoon'z life Month ago

    8:19 Whispers...

    *JYP* im sooorryyyy still hung up about ioi😭😭

  • Inês Silva
    Inês Silva Month ago

    es uma merda

    • Inês Silva
      Inês Silva Month ago

      tu devias era experimentar suicidio nao é essa roupa de merda

  • Ranch Rabbit
    Ranch Rabbit Month ago +1

    Next Video: Reviewing Plastic Bag Clothing from Wish

  • Kierstin Barker
    Kierstin Barker Month ago

    What a great thing to watch on Earth Day 😂