Wolves 2-1 Manchester United | Key Moments | Emirates FA Cup 18/19

  • Published on Mar 16, 2019
  • Two second half goals from was enough to send Manchester United out and propel Wolves into the Semi-Finals!
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  • Antonio Pereira
    Antonio Pereira Month ago

    Hey Pogba what happened? Not happy today? Caaaption this!!!

  • FluffiChu
    FluffiChu Month ago

    We have now drawed

  • Yasiiñ Mohammad
    Yasiiñ Mohammad Month ago +1

    Today we gon' smash u Wolves🔥..Mark the date.👇

  • robin griffin
    robin griffin Month ago

    Same again tonight boys!!!

  • PY
    PY Month ago

    Wolves top 6 for epl!

  • Radwaan Hasan
    Radwaan Hasan Month ago


  • Đông Nguyễn
    Đông Nguyễn Month ago

    Romero no de gea yeu

  • Froggy Noddy
    Froggy Noddy 3 months ago

    just shows how shambolic the united defence is. defenders getting outmuscled and thrown to the ground, set pieces not being defended properly... how did it get to this?

  • Samuel Jones
    Samuel Jones 3 months ago

    I cried at the end of the game

  • Wolves Chants and Songs
    Wolves Chants and Songs 4 months ago +2

    Raúl’s on Fire 🔥
    Your defence is terrified ...

  • Kevo Dan
    Kevo Dan 4 months ago +1

    Moutinho, Neves and Jota..... Portugal should be fire at the Nations League

  • Birol ünen
    Birol ünen 4 months ago

    Wish you a success in Wolverhampton from BlackSweetWolf. Nice game :)

    FUTURE CHAMP™ 5 months ago +1

    Romero is a beast!!!

  • Rizal Pahlevi
    Rizal Pahlevi 5 months ago

    When the match was over, I heard a famous song from 1980's in stadium. Is anyone here know that song?

  • karanlikda isik qasimova


  • karanlikda isik qasimova

    Mən helede şokdayam volver udur Yunaytedi ammmmmmmma barselona qolllu. Gücnən vurur

  • Sergio sanchez
    Sergio sanchez 6 months ago

    Lo vam a matar bs barcelona

    PETER LUCKY 6 months ago

    José mourinho won't loose twice against wolves in a season

  • Brian Whitehead
    Brian Whitehead 6 months ago

    The shackles are off ole lol

  • Gunawan Mahananto
    Gunawan Mahananto 6 months ago

    time proves that Mourinho is true and honest in words and actions 🙏👍

  • People Power UG
    People Power UG 6 months ago

    Get to watch Hornet Green UG on youtube and lough till death

  • byrijesh
    byrijesh 6 months ago +2

    Attack attack attack but who ? Where is pogba most overrated and overpaid midfielder??

  • justforlaughs
    justforlaughs 6 months ago

    Mexican Chili power!

  • Goolam Hoosain Peerbhay

    I hate you Man united

  • Goolam Hoosain Peerbhay

    Get out united

  • Hằng Hằng
    Hằng Hằng 6 months ago

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  • matheus resende
    matheus resende 6 months ago

    I love my

  • LAURA Jimenez
    LAURA Jimenez 6 months ago

    Eres el mejor Raúl jimenez

  • john davies
    john davies 6 months ago

    BARCA 4 UNITED 0 if were lucky

  • Gleisson Sousa
    Gleisson Sousa 6 months ago


  • Ronan Duff333
    Ronan Duff333 6 months ago

    Was this in th fa cup

  • tu nguyen
    tu nguyen 6 months ago

    Poor mu :))))

  • Ninga Op
    Ninga Op 6 months ago +1

    Where is de gea

  • GooNeR FoR EvER
    GooNeR FoR EvER 6 months ago

    diogo jota is legend

  • Leonel Almeida
    Leonel Almeida 6 months ago

    Wolves Portugal Club !

  • opete wa Liverpool
    opete wa Liverpool 6 months ago

    If it wasn't for de gea 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • sihle thango
    sihle thango 6 months ago

    Wolves is my team of the season.

  • Ronny Forever
    Ronny Forever 6 months ago

    Sergio Romero is 1000 times better than DDG. Like if you feel the same

  • Vincenzo Vieri
    Vincenzo Vieri 6 months ago

    Wow, wolves an amazing team to watch and Jimenez, a star coming out of no where...

  • Shweta Gurung
    Shweta Gurung 6 months ago

    & they'll face Barça in CL.. R.I.P Manu already 😂😂😂

  • Nigel ong
    Nigel ong 6 months ago

    De gea would have saved that

  • Wayan Supadma
    Wayan Supadma 6 months ago


  • 18700 ASMH
    18700 ASMH 6 months ago

    Très grand match pour la meute👍

  • wolver hampton
    wolver hampton 6 months ago


  • Raptorman0909
    Raptorman0909 6 months ago

    That break away goal was great!

  • Benício 10
    Benício 10 6 months ago

    Só tem eu de Br aqui?

  • uchiha rain
    uchiha rain 6 months ago

    United will qualify for europa league .....

    FOREVER YOUNG 6 months ago +1

    Y vos Romero ¿pedís ser el arquero de la selección?

  • Bazziwe Noah
    Bazziwe Noah 6 months ago

    Was this Barca against Man United or Wolves against Man disunited?

  • Bazziwe Noah
    Bazziwe Noah 6 months ago

    Im missing Traore in the first 11

  • less or more
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  • Mr maintain
    Mr maintain 6 months ago

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  • SG MeowCat2
    SG MeowCat2 6 months ago


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  • Victor Walter
    Victor Walter 6 months ago

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    ANDRES 6 months ago

    Vamos con todo Jiménez 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

  • Entertainment Online
    Entertainment Online 6 months ago


  • jack nike
    jack nike 6 months ago

    Jimenez turns fast in that shot nice goal

  • Jessica Razo
    Jessica Razo 6 months ago


  • fawaz olaogun
    fawaz olaogun 6 months ago

    Nest time you will