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  • Published on Nov 4, 2017
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  • Thomas Nøhr
    Thomas Nøhr 7 days ago

    Peter Serafinowicz can be amazingly dead-pan intimidating.

  • le lo
    le lo 10 days ago

    But my mum was born in 82

  • Mod Grip
    Mod Grip 18 days ago

    Peter Serafinowicz fucking killed me. HAHAHAHAHAHHHAH!

  • Zoltan Fulop
    Zoltan Fulop 21 day ago

    Who's that american comedian @ 2:50?

  • Aroma Is My Wife
    Aroma Is My Wife 23 days ago


  • Emanuel Schwarz
    Emanuel Schwarz Month ago

    9:05 Susie digs it

  • Katie Summers
    Katie Summers Month ago

    5:25 Its funny, he does actually have a deformed right hand- the webbing between two of the fingers reaches up to his first knuckle.

  • Pablo Rages
    Pablo Rages Month ago

    Rachel is gorgeous !

  • Ambrose Girl
    Ambrose Girl Month ago

    LOL all the constant jokes about Rhod being from Wales, Sean being angry all the time and Jon's girlfriend xD

  • James Hampton
    James Hampton Month ago

    no lie my mum was born in 1981

  • Laurence Baker
    Laurence Baker 2 months ago

    08:28 What a brilliant reply

  • Nerd watch
    Nerd watch 2 months ago +1

    Jimmy says: "Sean has often been described as anger in human form... with the easy going charm of a wounded prisoner with a flick knife"
    I say: "That's fucking hilarious! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂"

  • 1rickopotamus
    1rickopotamus 2 months ago

    different dimension of savage

  • Dio Janeez
    Dio Janeez 2 months ago

    The UK has Dame Edna? You mean the Male Australian comic?

    • Andy Dunnock
      Andy Dunnock 2 months ago

      Yes, the other two were also males. It's almost as if he chose those three on purpose for comic effect...

  • Ray Sullivan
    Ray Sullivan 2 months ago +1

    "You're a bunch of arsehole" I can't wait to use that one at work

  • Terror
    Terror 2 months ago

    9:40 that's the most ingenious joke I've ever seen.

  • Adam Gill
    Adam Gill 2 months ago

    8:24 - the epitome of deadpan humour - Peter nailed it!

  • MARI
    MARI 2 months ago +4

    You guys think,jimmy writes his own jokes ??

  • Huw Thomas
    Huw Thomas 2 months ago

    How did I get rolled into this this is his ones hahahahaha buckled

    TETE IS SUPER MARTINS 3 months ago

    Well to be honest Jimmy, I don't think that's any of your business" I was in stitches.😂😂

  • Tiarni Perth
    Tiarni Perth 3 months ago

    The thing is my mum was born in 1981 soooooooooo

  • Rachael Rachael
    Rachael Rachael 3 months ago +1

    "fun fact: lee mack is french for coat"

  • LionCrash
    LionCrash 3 months ago

    "That's the best one you've ever done"
    *Crows laughs*
    "Thank you."
    *Crows laughs.*

    wow what a joke

  • Abbadon Hades
    Abbadon Hades 3 months ago +1

    "Sean has often been described as anger in human form. With the easygoing charm of a wounded prisoner with a flicknife." 😂😂😂

  • David J
    David J 3 months ago

    3:10 Mrs Brown's Irish

  • Jennifer Rasmussen
    Jennifer Rasmussen 3 months ago

    1:03 - 1:11 whats his name? i cant tell what jimmy is saying…

  • Some Bloke
    Some Bloke 3 months ago

    "To be honest Jimmy..." So dry.

  • Brian Orr
    Brian Orr 3 months ago +1

    These were pretty good :P

  • Sweaty Banana
    Sweaty Banana 3 months ago

    Most of us are "Asshole."

  • UncleGweilo
    UncleGweilo 4 months ago

    2:05 There’s no such thing as “haitch”.

  • Mats thesweboy
    Mats thesweboy 4 months ago

    "Be very careful, I know people".... Take a joke you fucking cunt!
    Or as Jimmy says it: "So if you are offended, for heaven sake, don't be a cunt about it".
    Thanks Lucifer for Jimmy Carr, he is what the world needs in this fucking PC-age-shit-douchebag-world....

  • raul castillo
    raul castillo 4 months ago

    "Be careful I know people" oh yeah right bitch who the fuck do you know😂🖕

  • JoZzZy
    JoZzZy 4 months ago

    Well to be honest Jimmy, i don't think thats any of your business
    A bit later
    Peter: abdicate
    Jimmy: and with Peter.. fast comeback Jimmy 😂 😂 😂

  • Geoff
    Geoff 4 months ago

    Just realised I must be an old man.... Thanks Jimmy 😠

  • kamilpol030689 p
    kamilpol030689 p 4 months ago

    Through you hahaa Jimmy Carr I can't wait till show in belgium . Destroy the public please :P I wil have much fun haha

  • RMoribayashi
    RMoribayashi 4 months ago

    Jimmy Carr should get a BAFTA for best joke reader. When he's not reading from cards you can even forget, if only for a few seconds, that he's using a teleprompter. What, that other video was his live act? Really live, no prompter? You're s#!tting me! I guess I got it backwards. Unfortunately for Jimmy they don't give out awards for making your live act look as if you're reading from a teleprompter.

  • Airehcaz
    Airehcaz 4 months ago +1

    I’m foreign and perhaps a bit dim, why was “abdicate” funny at the end? If I remember, Peter continued the gag throughout that episode as well. I was confused each time

  • cinnamonbuns
    cinnamonbuns 5 months ago

    "You don't know anyone?"

  • Christopher Travers
    Christopher Travers 5 months ago

    Funny video!! Great upload

  • ItsNotMeitsYouTu8e
    ItsNotMeitsYouTu8e 5 months ago

    How does he keep coming up with crackers! Some legit lols there...

  • I Was A Legend Than Got Old!.

    His delivery and the proper english in which it's presented is awesome!. Jimmy Carr is King!.

  • heestenhats
    heestenhats 5 months ago

    That Peter guy is a twat

  • Paul Goodier
    Paul Goodier 5 months ago

    what was he doing in her knickers?

  • Logan Parker
    Logan Parker 5 months ago

    2:54 that is one ugly bastard

  • Ritwiz Sharma
    Ritwiz Sharma 5 months ago

    This guy should be on comedy central roasts ffs

  • pantokrator1988
    pantokrator1988 5 months ago

    the last guy looks like roose bolton and even sounds like him

  • Michael Rawson
    Michael Rawson 5 months ago

    Oh geez...! Sharon Horgan is absolutely bloody delicious...!!!

  • Rocky Dans
    Rocky Dans 5 months ago

    Ironically this hilarious video has had 4.1 million views.....that’s about 4 million more than the actual show gets on ch4!

  • Dick Hurtz
    Dick Hurtz 5 months ago

    Sarah milligan please get HIV

    • Henry Dent
      Henry Dent 5 months ago

      You can cling on for years with HIV. What you want is an HGV, to run her over.

  • John Henderson
    John Henderson 5 months ago

    Thats what Jimmy does best.
    crossing the line.
    fucking amazing.

  • Warren NZ
    Warren NZ 5 months ago

    No one else gives a fuck about "strong language".

  • Leon Reader
    Leon Reader 5 months ago

    I laughed at the question mark part

  • Singula
    Singula 5 months ago

    Where are the insults?

  • Wayne Tait
    Wayne Tait 5 months ago +1

    Sean and Jon should remake Breaking Bad except Jon is constantly ruining the cook with his constant cleaning and Sean has no idea what he's doing.

  • Bradley Davies
    Bradley Davies 5 months ago

    This video was going so well until jimmy took the piss out of Swansea and it actually hurt me😂

  • Paul F
    Paul F 5 months ago

    How is "Lee Mack french for coat" insulting?

  • TheCausation
    TheCausation 5 months ago +1


  • Max Langworthy
    Max Langworthy 6 months ago

    Somebody explain the Peter Serafinowicz clips? Didn't get them at all

  • Mr2at
    Mr2at 6 months ago

    Out of them all, this one is the funniest.

  • Terncote
    Terncote 6 months ago +1

    Rhod stole Jon's H!

  • Haxwell Eddison
    Haxwell Eddison 6 months ago

    What I love about the end clip, is it looks like Jimmy's got more on the card for Peter but just moves on to Susie.

  • Anvilshock
    Anvilshock 6 months ago

    3:50 - It's true. I've lived and worked in NC/GH for a few years. But at least NC and GH complement each other nicely. NC is a cunt of a town, and GH is a town of cunts.

  • Plywoodcar Johnson
    Plywoodcar Johnson 6 months ago +3

    Serafinowicz should play James Bond!!!

  • Shapiro The Hero
    Shapiro The Hero 6 months ago

    Comment number 700 👌

  • kromus1
    kromus1 6 months ago

    Peter Serafinowicz owns with just a few words

  • Kingdom Wessex
    Kingdom Wessex 6 months ago +1

    Im pretty Sure Sean at 5:10 reenacts a Charles Manson thing

  • Amaury Denis
    Amaury Denis 6 months ago

    Orientation involve dismiss green corner basic giant ethics assistant stupid.

  • Ewan Gent
    Ewan Gent 6 months ago

    That joke about Nick Helm and his facial reaction lmao

  • Ryan Parker
    Ryan Parker 6 months ago +2

    "To be fair Jimmy, I don't think that's any of your business"...... That had me rolling.

  • Gaggelini
    Gaggelini 6 months ago

    I like some of Carrs stuff but what i take home is Seans stupid laughter at 6:19

  • noel smith
    noel smith 7 months ago

    More like Jimmy don't care.. So bored of his arrogance disguised as 'comedy'

  • Clyde Arias
    Clyde Arias 7 months ago

    Color sick situation stress troop symptom colleague earnings happy.

  • Victor Kempe
    Victor Kempe 7 months ago

    Rachel Riley 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Jack XY
    Jack XY 7 months ago

    didn't know Roger Federer has such a rude (and funny) humour.

  • Jałokim Kamieńczuk
    Jałokim Kamieńczuk 7 months ago

    I love how this bitch in red is laughing immensely when the joke is thrown at someone else, but when it's about her she acts like a five years old

  • scousefs
    scousefs 7 months ago

    Very funny but at the Welsh joke did he say 'Haitch' when spelling out 'Whales'?

    • scousefs
      scousefs 6 months ago

      It's not meant as an argument. 'Haitch' is the wrong way. It's up to you to continue saying it like that or not.

    • Bam Bam
      Bam Bam 6 months ago +1

      I’m not going to get in an argument with you. Personally, me and almost everyone I know pronounce it ‘haitch’ but it’s slightly more uncommon where I’m from to pronounce it ‘aitch’. Are you British?

    • scousefs
      scousefs 6 months ago

      Because it's wrong, Bammy. It's 'aitch' not 'haitch.'

    • Bam Bam
      Bam Bam 6 months ago

      Yes... why’s that strange?

  • mark gates
    mark gates 7 months ago

    Don't dig there its back there in your garden, grab the shovel, smash, the door awakens and casts a shadow over the rainy sun, caww, caww! A raven cries that'll be the last of him

  • Hannah Rose
    Hannah Rose 7 months ago

    Pot kettle black

  • Mr.Nobody Idgf
    Mr.Nobody Idgf 7 months ago

    Sean looks like a broke Austin power

  • HScarlet
    HScarlet 7 months ago

    Jimmy's best insult imo: thexvid.com/video/6dagrzvexpi/video.html&t=700s

  • Richard Donkin
    Richard Donkin 7 months ago

    Luv this show

  • angela knowles
    angela knowles 7 months ago +4

    corden is one fat bore.

  • Malek Clay
    Malek Clay 7 months ago +1

    That Question mark joke😹😹😹😹

  • sam urai
    sam urai 7 months ago

    8:27 snape does 8 out of ten cats

  • Steven Douglas
    Steven Douglas 7 months ago +1

    Surprised to see James Corden laughing at Peter's joke as I didn't think he knew what comedy was.

  • Liam Mellor
    Liam Mellor 7 months ago

    “He has all the easy going charm of a wounded prisoner with a flick knife” always creases me.

  • Core _ Ome
    Core _ Ome 7 months ago

    8:50 he's the actor in the tick (a show on Amazon prime)

  • Damian Howard
    Damian Howard 7 months ago

    2:42 That is legitimately true! Lol

  • Jisoo Speaku
    Jisoo Speaku 7 months ago +2

    the swagger he has

  • Sion Paddy
    Sion Paddy 8 months ago

    I'm from Swansea, fuck you Jimmy!

  • Stephan,R.
    Stephan,R. 8 months ago

    08:38 - Good Afternoon Mr.Wick.

  • The Rageaholic
    The Rageaholic 8 months ago

    8:18 literally nobody can hate James Corden.

  • Redoralive
    Redoralive 8 months ago

    "Mr Carr"
    "Do enjoy your party".

  • Michael Cider
    Michael Cider 8 months ago

    "been described as a sex symbol, and that symbol is a question mark" lmao

  • Nicholas Johnson
    Nicholas Johnson 8 months ago

    They should have warnings on things that DON'T contain strong language and adult humour, so that people can avoid wasting their time.

  • Handrias
    Handrias 8 months ago

    Rachel looks so good....every time.

  • MojoRider 80
    MojoRider 80 8 months ago

    peter was lucky. " abdicates" popped up several times.

  • Stuart K. Seels
    Stuart K. Seels 8 months ago +1

    Jimmy is KING of the put down!!!

  • John Mcdonald 123
    John Mcdonald 123 8 months ago +1

    There's a reason Bob mortimer doesn't get an an insult.. He's that funny.


    4:12 "oh no what did they come up with for me"
    4:16 "brilliant"