BEST TREE HOUSE WINS in Adopt Me Roblox Gaming w/ The Norris Nuts

  • Published on Nov 18, 2019
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  • Norris Nuts Gaming
    Norris Nuts Gaming  25 days ago +704

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    • Darren Kerr
      Darren Kerr Day ago

      @Lauren Karuzas h

    • Darren Kerr
      Darren Kerr Day ago


    • Darren Kerr
      Darren Kerr Day ago +1

      @true._.legend hi

    • 」「 rise n’ shine ッ
      」「 rise n’ shine ッ 3 days ago

      Sabre? If you notice this add me at roblox if you want a ride queen bee, user: MajabnLOl.

    • Kayla Schiele
      Kayla Schiele 5 days ago

      I found the perfect name for the baby,drum rool pls,sweety because you all like sweet food like donuts and those are sweet

  • Jack Freeman
    Jack Freeman 2 hours ago

    Nazy should WIN

  • Jamal Latif
    Jamal Latif 3 hours ago

    Let’s go #legends army we are so close to hitting 1 million before Christmas.Come on we can do it. #CatchMeKnuckles #Legends #1Million

  • Shelby Strong
    Shelby Strong 17 hours ago +1

    I'll trade a fly and ride potion and bee and a turkey for blue dog ???

  • Summer Hogg
    Summer Hogg 18 hours ago

    Abcdefghijklnopqustyv sorry I got wrong

  • Summer Hogg
    Summer Hogg 18 hours ago

    Slender mum needs to judge

    ALANYA LIVE 19 hours ago

    Ther mom iss soooo mad end slo ugly

  • Sarah Abdallrahman
    Sarah Abdallrahman 20 hours ago

    I think slender mum was right that video games rot your brain

  • Isla
    Isla 21 hour ago +1

    Love you Norris Nuts u are my favourite TheXvidrs by far ✊✋ catch me knuckles. 💙💚

  • Saanvi Maheshwari

    You always give Naz a 7

  • the weird gal
    the weird gal Day ago

    Sub to the norris nuts. They are AWESOME!

  • malik tasneem
    malik tasneem Day ago

    nn squad is failed attempt of what v qwaint and rebecca zamolo does you should delete it sooooooooooo fake

  • Alyssa Willstrop
    Alyssa Willstrop Day ago +1

    i am really a fan

  • Dumba Wortley
    Dumba Wortley Day ago

    Hey guys I am the biggest fan but where do u live my brother has seen u in NEWCASTLE maw maw

  • kath-leen Mallari

    I have a ful grown puppy his name is biggy😊

  • Darren Kerr
    Darren Kerr Day ago


  • Raven’s World
    Raven’s World Day ago

    I felt bad for Sockie in the Twin Telepathy of milkshakes because she always let naz get what she wanted.

  • Milica Pavlovic
    Milica Pavlovic Day ago

    Can you guys please play Meepcity! #Legend #CatchmeKnuckles

  • zorbyy
    zorbyy Day ago +1

    Sabre should have won, like if u agree.

  • Mikayla Nakoa
    Mikayla Nakoa 2 days ago

    Sabre and naz were trying to rip sockie off

  • Random Blink
    Random Blink 2 days ago

    262k people NEED to aubscribe!

  • Aryah Wesson
    Aryah Wesson 2 days ago

    Slendermum should judge

  • olivia garrett
    olivia garrett 2 days ago

    Hey Nazzy I know that snog I sing it all the time! "Cause your here your here! al of our problems diserper!

  • Dhini Dp
    Dhini Dp 2 days ago

    Sockie deserve to win!!

  • Sariah Mooring
    Sariah Mooring 2 days ago

    Judge slander mom

  • Amazing Maddie
    Amazing Maddie 2 days ago


  • Ailah Mansoor
    Ailah Mansoor 2 days ago +1

    The camping place is behind the school I think

  • Charlie’s World
    Charlie’s World 3 days ago

    Are the fires near u

  • Xxgacha koalaxX
    Xxgacha koalaxX 3 days ago

    Go mama

  • Porsche White
    Porsche White 3 days ago

    I’m starting to feel like papa choose sockie because the last time you guys blew up at him so I think he’s just choosing sockie all the time now because we got mad at him

  • graham hughes
    graham hughes 3 days ago

    Say to slender mum has a fan

  • Angel Osorio
    Angel Osorio 3 days ago +1

    I think you should name the baby mapple

  • Ruby Preece
    Ruby Preece 3 days ago

    Slender mum please judge and I think papa is not the best judge

  • Maya Wheatley
    Maya Wheatley 3 days ago

    Sabers face at 12:03

  • kassandra creane
    kassandra creane 3 days ago

    Who else seen biggys name is kayla thats my name

  • Nellsiz
    Nellsiz 4 days ago

    no one is ever happy for sockie ;-; especially biggy... while sockie is nice to everyone...

  • Gachabeach
    Gachabeach 4 days ago

    Slender mum is just jealous bc she didn’t have any games back then. But she loves you all soooooooooooooo much she doesn’t want you to get Coco gaming 😂

  • Mariale Vasquez
    Mariale Vasquez 4 days ago

    Plz Mum judge 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻!

  • garcia garcia
    garcia garcia 4 days ago

    they get 1000 dollars worth robux wow

  • DJ Gacha
    DJ Gacha 4 days ago +2

    To be real honest Nazzy’s was better than Sabre’s I think Slendermum should’ve judged

  • aliyah smith
    aliyah smith 5 days ago

    your the best TIKTOKERS ever

  • Chloe Harnett
    Chloe Harnett 5 days ago

    I subbed to help you to 1million! Hope you get there!

  • Kayla Schiele
    Kayla Schiele 5 days ago

    Plsssssssssssssss slender mom

  • Jenna Ortega
    Jenna Ortega 5 days ago

    your mum is really nice

  • Alea Kelmendi
    Alea Kelmendi 6 days ago

    Hey noris nuts i love your videos but i don't have eny legendery pets i only have three normal pets .Pleace hive me some pets

  • JlWills Vlogs
    JlWills Vlogs 6 days ago

    Mom please judge

  • Keira Faulkner
    Keira Faulkner 6 days ago

    Why don't they give a shout out to new zealand

  • Hannah Marshall
    Hannah Marshall 6 days ago

    i feel bad for nazzy she never wins and justin always gives her a seven

    • Maya Wheatley
      Maya Wheatley 3 days ago

      I know it's not fair sometimes her houses are amazing

  • •Clàss editz•
    •Clàss editz• 6 days ago +2


    • Matthew Rader
      Matthew Rader 4 days ago +1

      •Clàss editz• I’m sorry but no one is going to do that

  • Elizabeth Nation
    Elizabeth Nation 6 days ago

    Mum just just just judge pls

  • Sazzykins hiho kids fan

    I think slender mum should rate your tree house

  • ELLE and IZARA
    ELLE and IZARA 7 days ago

    I wish I could give you guys each a bee and pls add me my username is PANDAliannasockie

  • Halayna Zhang
    Halayna Zhang 7 days ago +1

    I know this has nothing to do with this but I am sorry BIGGY I have never had fruit loops inmy life. Someone HELP ME!!!

    Btw love your vids your all the best. I can’t believe that us legends (with your help by making good vids) have made over 800K subs.

    Pls pin dis.

  • Samantha Hudson
    Samantha Hudson 7 days ago

    I wish slendermum would judge

    AMY SATSKY 7 days ago +12

    Who was a true legend before 2019 if so leave a like ❤️⬇️

    AMY SATSKY 7 days ago +1

    Who was a true legend before 2019 if so leave a like ❤️⬇️

  • Scarlett Miles
    Scarlett Miles 7 days ago

    #chatchmenuckels #leagends #danceintheelervator

  • Scarlett Miles
    Scarlett Miles 7 days ago

    You should make a jump suit merch for the gaming channel

  • Krysta-Leigh Tatana
    Krysta-Leigh Tatana 8 days ago

    Can u pls friend me : kitkatybar

  • Melinda Dzelilovic
    Melinda Dzelilovic 8 days ago

    I think sockie wins two