Fortnite Item Shop *RARE* SKI SKINS ARE BACK! [December 4th, 2019] (Fortnite Battle Royale)

  • Published on Dec 5, 2019
  • Fortnite Item Shop right now on December 4th, 2019.
    Let's see what's in the Item Shop today! Featured Items we have the RARE Alpine Ace skins, the RARE Mogul Master skins, the Snowblades, the Snowfoot, the Snowstrike, and the Inverted Blade. Daily Items include the Bigfoot, the Ski Boot, the Infinite Dab, the Snorkel Ops, the Disc Spinner, and the My Idol! emote!
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  • I Talk Fortnite
    I Talk Fortnite  Month ago +414

    The Alpines/Moguls are back. I could honestly gush talking about these skins, maybe for tomorrow's video. Anyways, let's see when everything was last out!

    Alpine Aces: Last seen 288 DAYS AGO!
    Mogul Masters: Last seen 288 DAYS AGO!
    Snowfoot set (besides Snowstrike): Last seen 162 days ago
    Snowstrike: last seen 72 days ago
    My Idol!: last seen 46 days ago
    Snorkel Ops: last seen 79 days ago
    Bigfoot: last seen 104 days ago
    Infinite Dab: last seen 30 days ago
    Disc Spinner: last seen 22 days ago
    Ski Boot: last seen 288 DAYS AGO!

    What a shop. Hope you all have an amazing day or night, I'll talk to you all later!

    • DamagedFN
      DamagedFN Month ago

      This is basically a rare item shop

    • Speel
      Speel Month ago

      I'm honestly surprised that have not made the ski skins one skin with edit styles

    • Shadow XSiv
      Shadow XSiv Month ago

      I might get the mogul master Germany or france

    • ezzfkkfkf k
      ezzfkkfkf k Month ago

      I don't have v bucks please gift m snowfoot name:ezzseks

  • Moonie
    Moonie 12 days ago

    i really hope this skin comes back out. i really like the female version of it. especially the pickaxe. everytime that its came out, ive never had enough for it.

  • Not ZapdosV
    Not ZapdosV 23 days ago +1

    Fk I needed this today

  • CallumtheDream man056

    Snorkel ops should’ve just been a nog ops edit style.

  • Miiruld
    Miiruld Month ago +3

    Do you think they will come back this month because I missed it and now I’m 😞

    • Braron
      Braron Day ago

      NxS EzZ i really really hope it does

    • NxS EzZ
      NxS EzZ Day ago

      Braron I’m still waiting bcuz the skiing Olympic thing doesn’t end til March 4th so it should come out one more time

    • Braron
      Braron 20 days ago

      TheAustraliumScoot yeah i hope they come out again

    • TheAustraliumScoot
      TheAustraliumScoot 20 days ago

      same, im still praying they come back at least 1 more time

  • zipper typez
    zipper typez Month ago

    Buys all these skins

    Never were them

  • Trados1x
    Trados1x Month ago


  • Broken KO
    Broken KO Month ago +1


  • SomeSmiley Boi
    SomeSmiley Boi Month ago

    Of course they bring back the skin I first bought
    *it was my only rare skin*

    TAMARA GEUDENS Month ago +1

    Fuck jou

  • SpiralY
    SpiralY Month ago

    Great Britain if my favorite version

  • AzerSpams L2
    AzerSpams L2 Month ago

    Gift me the germany alpine ace plz its my bday my gamertag is : AzerSpamsL2/ epic is probably staticazur if not then my gt

  • The Gamer
    The Gamer Month ago

    Were does he put the codes?

  • julianistrash.1
    julianistrash.1 Month ago +1

    noOOo my rare skin

  • Kumo JR
    Kumo JR Month ago

    Nuuuu I have these already 😂

  • Animuras
    Animuras Month ago

    “Gray Briten”

  • Flamesvlogs33 Flamesvlogs33

    Why I hate this time rip ogs

    Oh OK BOOMER Month ago


  • Maybe Later
    Maybe Later Month ago

    Silently waiting for my sugarplum to come back 😖

  • Write your name across the sky

    Can you gift me my epic :jaystreetz

  • Spirit of Omega
    Spirit of Omega Month ago

    I bought Snowfoot when it came out. It’s my favorite set in Fortnite. I use the pickaxe almost mainly.

  • MystKT
    MystKT Month ago

    are we not gonna mention how he made it to trending for gaming

  • Jacquis Jackson
    Jacquis Jackson Month ago

    You should give out minty pickaxe codes every day since Christmas is coming up plzzz

  • Tony Castro 124
    Tony Castro 124 Month ago

    I thought when they came back they would make them all edit styles

  • Wizduhm
    Wizduhm Month ago

    I Talk Fortnite: ski boot has a really good sound to it

    Reaper: Am i a joke to you

  • cal
    cal Month ago

    i’m pissed that alpine is back cause it’s not rare now and it was one of my rarest

  • Next up Last one
    Next up Last one Month ago

    I was sad cuz I had the Korean one ;-;

  • Diego Pacheco
    Diego Pacheco Month ago

    He doesn’t even use his code and wastes 200 dollars lol

  • Unknown_GhosTz
    Unknown_GhosTz Month ago

    Pls watch my new montage

  • MrBeast
    MrBeast Month ago +1


  • danbennyy
    danbennyy Month ago

    Hi I can’t get them until Tommorow do you recon they will still be in the shop I hope so!!

  • Reach DomZz
    Reach DomZz Month ago

    Strucid is better that fortnite

  • Siniq
    Siniq Month ago +1

    Can I one on one build battle someone for the female ski skin? I have 1.2k vbucks and I can’t afford it 🤨

  • Anime Lord
    Anime Lord Month ago

    Unpopular comment:
    Fortnites dead

  • ruinzy
    ruinzy Month ago

    Candy axe with the German mogul is the best combo In the game

    TEGANSKITTLES12 1 Month ago

    I love how you said “Great Britin” 😂😂 I’m British

  • Xgamer21 Pro
    Xgamer21 Pro Month ago

    Come back skin

  • Xgamer21 Pro
    Xgamer21 Pro Month ago

    red noise raindear

  • ZomiTKV
    ZomiTKV Month ago

    if he gt ban like Jarvis with mostly all the skin and over $200 worth of vbucks rn in the game :(

  • Kero kerem
    Kero kerem Month ago +1

    İ thought the countries for the aphine ace were free edit styles and so İ just got ripped off 😑

  • Christophe Lacorne
    Christophe Lacorne Month ago


  • pranav dasondi
    pranav dasondi Month ago

    Nick eh 30 be like whatttttttt

    [REDACTED] Month ago

    Sad there is no Norwegian Apline Ace.

  • Bennie
    Bennie Month ago

    I'm waiting for sugarplum to come back I regret not buying her last year

  • Mr Gidlof
    Mr Gidlof Month ago

    I took Fortnut

  • Syoz
    Syoz Month ago

    i want to but the canada one but im waiting for candy axe

  • ximanuz
    ximanuz Month ago

    they aint rare

  • Vinnetube Gaming
    Vinnetube Gaming Month ago +1

    I love todays item shop!

  • TWRS_ TeomakYT
    TWRS_ TeomakYT Month ago +1

    These skins come and tommorow in item shop;;; plz tell me

  • KulieHunderscore
    KulieHunderscore Month ago

    I got the Canadian Mogul Master last year but the original one is really fire don’t know if I want 2 though 😭

  • yanir cohen
    yanir cohen Month ago

    Follow him on instegram.
    In 100 followers he gives codes

  • ezzfkkfkf k
    ezzfkkfkf k Month ago

    I don't have v bucks please gift m snowfoot name:ezzseks

  • Islap You
    Islap You Month ago

    I do giving away because i know some people dont have vbuck to buy things

  • tewch
    tewch Month ago

    I've been waiting for the Snow Clan skins to come back

  • Usodi
    Usodi Month ago

    My Trimester 1 grades came out today what a RIP I can’t get those damn skins 😑

  • DamagingDdl
    DamagingDdl Month ago

    I have been waiting months for good skins in item shop

  • Jake Lee
    Jake Lee Month ago

    I want zany.... I'll see your chanel everyday... Until there is a zany

  • aziz sliti
    aziz sliti Month ago +1

    Canada ,USA ,great Britain ,China ,korean.
    Korean=I guess somebody needs an education

  • Glazed Donut
    Glazed Donut Month ago

    On the day I’m on vacation 😡

  • Agentlane Gaming
    Agentlane Gaming Month ago

    I own germany alpine ace but what do i do is it worth buying a mogul master also