GET READY WITH ME + Laganja Estranja

  • Published on Jan 20, 2016
  • Had to invite my sister Laganja over for a kiki full of makeup, marijuana and laughter! Thanks so much for watching and for all the love! Enjoy beauty killers =)
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Comments • 9 751

  • Kellan Larson
    Kellan Larson 5 days ago

    "Alaskan Alien Anus"

  • Carrie Kernel
    Carrie Kernel 14 days ago

    Jeffree it doesnt matter who you are GRWM , You put them all to shame ! Master Blaster Make up Guru ! Go Girl !

  • Aiden Schmidt
    Aiden Schmidt 26 days ago +1

    My dream. To do make up with Jeffree Star!!!

  • Bee
    Bee Month ago

    Do you and laganja still hang out?

  • Imaan Yousaf
    Imaan Yousaf Month ago


  • Owl Nuggets
    Owl Nuggets Month ago +1

    "I didn't know at 12 I just wanted to pet a starfish" lol

  • Makenzye Myles
    Makenzye Myles Month ago

    You got me bare skinded up on this show- Laganja

  • Yuzuuzu
    Yuzuuzu Month ago

    11:25 *"I'm a virgin I don't know any of these stuff"* looooool the most iconic joke on this channel

  • Yuzuuzu
    Yuzuuzu Month ago

    Who's randomly here doing a Jeffree Marathon?

  • brunom72
    brunom72 Month ago

    it seems to me that no matter who, what, where, when, why...JS is always authentic, sincere and 100% himself....and i truly love and respect that. maybe that's why it annoys me (like on a deep therapy level) when others try to out-ham hyper-entertain or try to bring out their EXTRA-NESS in his presence. but here's the real tea: there's only 1 JS and those who try to mirror him just seem diminutive.

  • Landon Parker
    Landon Parker Month ago

    Your dog died because of 🚬

  • Megan Tron
    Megan Tron 2 months ago

    Ok cosmo and wanda i see you!

  • Ria
    Ria 2 months ago +5

    My favorite video 😂 whos here in 2019 wishing Ms. Laganga would make another appearance? "YAH?"

  • Ilove Corpseparty
    Ilove Corpseparty 2 months ago

    We need more Laganja on Jeffree’s channel!

  • Ilove Corpseparty
    Ilove Corpseparty 2 months ago

    Yassss mawmaw!!!

  • Tiana Barajas
    Tiana Barajas 2 months ago


  • BunnyStarship
    BunnyStarship 2 months ago +2

    Turns out that Cardi B didnt invent the okrrrrrr after all ...

  • Alana Hylton
    Alana Hylton 2 months ago +1

    My last two brain cells in class.

  • Awrell Nathaneong
    Awrell Nathaneong 2 months ago


  • Bethany Colors
    Bethany Colors 2 months ago

    It's been 3.5 years. I still want "TO THE GAAWWWDDDSS" to be a thing.

  • Ian Maomay
    Ian Maomay 2 months ago

    Laganja felt so attacked.

  • Lenny Beauty
    Lenny Beauty 3 months ago

    You both look snatched af before makeup!!! I am like shit... ya'll are beautiful men and beautiful women! I'm over here like....I look like. Potato even with makeup. Freaking love watching these old videos!!!

  • Ney Nay87
    Ney Nay87 3 months ago +4

    Plz collab again soon omg an update would be so iconic. I haven't watched this in forever. It's June 23rd 2019

  • Isa PuòBastare
    Isa PuòBastare 3 months ago

    LOVE Laganja

  • Junior Gray
    Junior Gray 3 months ago

    The head beanie = A condom for your head

  • Marsh Mellow
    Marsh Mellow 3 months ago

    13:51 Me when Jeffree destroys fake people

  • carl miller
    carl miller 3 months ago

    What I 💖 about Jeffree 🌟 is that Jeffree is not a follower, she makes her own path an hopes people follow but in a good way, Jeffree 🌟 does not want people to follow the past he/she had, but only in a good way what can I say Jeffree 🌟 loves his/her fans an people, thanks Jeffree 🌟 for being such a great person an someone to look up to you. same as you Laganga.

  • Alexis Vaca
    Alexis Vaca 3 months ago

    Ha any one else. Noticed how similar to Cardi B when she says okay and clicks her mouth @ 34 seconds..........

  • Annie McEnaney
    Annie McEnaney 3 months ago +3

    you know it's an old video when jeffree smokes on camera AND has eyebrows 😂

  • Ashley Kegley
    Ashley Kegley 3 months ago

    Wow. Remember when TheXvid didn't censor everything? Those were the days.

  • anna mauricio
    anna mauricio 3 months ago

    Wish y’all could smoke on here 😩

  • anna mauricio
    anna mauricio 3 months ago

    Bring her back !!!

  • anna mauricio
    anna mauricio 3 months ago

    3 years later and i still watch this video

  • y e x i d e x
    y e x i d e x 3 months ago

    Imma be that stupid… 2019 anyone? 🤣💦

  • Rendi
    Rendi 3 months ago +1

    Jefreeze Spam feat. Lasagna Elpasta

  • julie moffat
    julie moffat 3 months ago

    You need to do this with aquaris

  • 昭乔
    昭乔 3 months ago

    Laganja was so easy to get shocked ..too cute

  • BorissRaco
    BorissRaco 3 months ago

    *BAAAAM!* hahaha

  • Liam Gray
    Liam Gray 3 months ago

    Laganja’s fake personality is literally the discount version of Alyssa... no

  • Jennifer Robin
    Jennifer Robin 4 months ago +1

    Omg her hair is my fav color but I sure cant pull them lips off lol but loving the r color

  • Valerie Everett
    Valerie Everett 4 months ago

    You should try your hand at wigs for your collection.

  • TheRedArrow Pro
    TheRedArrow Pro 4 months ago


  • Veronica Maria
    Veronica Maria 4 months ago +1

    15:29 when ganja jumpscares HAHAHAHA

  • Jendeukiekuma
    Jendeukiekuma 4 months ago

    When Laganja took his makeup off I was like "I SWEAR TO GOD THAT'S NOT THE SAME PERSON"

  • KelseysWonderland11
    KelseysWonderland11 4 months ago

    Bring her back to do another get ready with me!

  • Ramidjewal
    Ramidjewal 4 months ago

    Mudd saha kallas means to gay in my language

  • Niamh Steeles
    Niamh Steeles 4 months ago

    laganja lowkey pisses me off but i love drag queens

  • Jo
    Jo 4 months ago

    Jeffree's pronunciation of Guerlain..

  • Leda131
    Leda131 5 months ago

    U both look so beautiful

  • Teketchup 6ix9ine Lopez

    0:44 Damn Jeffree why didn’t u inhale? Waste of weed lol.

  • Alexis Ochoa
    Alexis Ochoa 5 months ago

    watching this on 420 lmao! happy holidaze!!

  • Bobbie Stanley
    Bobbie Stanley 5 months ago

    What ever happened with this friendship?

  • BlueberryCupcake
    BlueberryCupcake 5 months ago

    Collab with Alaska!

  • Brittany Brookes
    Brittany Brookes 5 months ago

    I'm mad u can't💨💨💨💨ANYMoRe smh 😕

  • Liah Brownღ
    Liah Brownღ 5 months ago

    God I wish that content was still this good

  • Jacob Hock
    Jacob Hock 5 months ago

    It's 2019 and I'm still smoking right along with y'all. Wooo

  • Tamzin Lockyer
    Tamzin Lockyer 5 months ago

    Laganja is so fucking annoying

  • L.A. Hensley
    L.A. Hensley 5 months ago

    Ja Ja is my favorite co host u have. I looooooove his energy ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  • Bernice Anaya
    Bernice Anaya 6 months ago

    Brooooo😂😂😂when they started talking about sea world and laganja is like nuuu uhh hunny you got the wrong queen 😂😂 and jeffree just starts cracking up cause of black fish I died lmao friendship goals 💕

  • sandramorrison99
    sandramorrison99 6 months ago +16

    Walk in memory lane!! Smokin on CAMERA! Bring back the GREAT OLE DAYS!!