The Untold Truth Of Nipsey Hussle's Girlfriend

  • Published on Apr 12, 2019
  • Actress Lauren London was thrust into the spotlight when her partner, Grammy-nominated artist Nipsey Hussle, was murdered in March 2019. The very private mom of two has opened up a bit as she grieves, but there's a lot you may not know about the slain rapper's girlfriend.
    Since 2013, Lauren London has been known partially as Nipsey Hussle's TV star girlfriend, but he wasn't the first rapper that the actress called her beau. According to Bossip, there were rumors that London got engaged to Lil' Wayne in 2007, but she didn't confirm the fact until years later in an interview with Skin Deep author Kathleen Cross:
    "We tried more than once to revive it, and we were engaged briefly years ago, but we eventually parted ways."
    The actress reportedly first met Lil' Wayne when she was 15 years old, and contrary to popular belief, they didn't have a one-night stand. The pair did have a child, but worked hard to protect him from the public eye.
    Watch the video for more about the untold truth of Nipsey Hussle's girlfriend!
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    Formerly engaged to Lil' Wayne | 0:17
    Almost cast in 'Notorious' | 0:55
    She struggles with fame | 2:01
    Auditioning for ATL | 2:49
    Nipsey slid into her DMs | 3:27
    An enduring romance | 4:06
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    JAMES DAVIS 4 hours ago

    You only know Lauren because of ATL ....what other films that she played in were breakout films ? None!
    Watch her blow up now

  • Franchesca Zamora
    Franchesca Zamora 9 hours ago

    She was famous before him I hate white people sometimes y’all need to stay out of our culture

  • Franchesca Zamora
    Franchesca Zamora 9 hours ago

    I’m sorry she can’t act no way in hell she was playing faith

  • JRM Media
    JRM Media Day ago

    She sacrifice Nipsey basically.

  • Evelyn James
    Evelyn James Day ago

    To be honest I didn't know who Nipesy or Lauren London was until of his passing may he RIP

  • perry porter
    perry porter 3 days ago

    She's Lil Wayne's baby Mama

  • Crystal LovingGolden Dean

    She’s never struggled with fame

  • N IsReal Terese
    N IsReal Terese 8 days ago

    Good for her ....she still played a part in his death

  • Jay D
    Jay D 10 days ago

    I knew about Lauren London before I even heard of Nipsey RIP! Like the guy below says, you’re reaching lol what’s her ex Lil Wayne got to do with shit!

  • KillEm Kastilano
    KillEm Kastilano 11 days ago

    Her bow? 😂😂😂 man yall vultures stay tryn eat off the culture smh we gotta start boycottin these TheXvid channels

  • Curtistine Miller
    Curtistine Miller 11 days ago +1

    Lauren London had a career and was already known long before Nippsey,She's made her mark....

  • Real muscle cars
    Real muscle cars 12 days ago

    Nips was really ugly though 😂 didn't have the charm like 2pac did

  • Laaylay
    Laaylay 13 days ago

    So pretty yet so reserved lol

  • Min röst gäller
    Min röst gäller 13 days ago

    Hahahahahhaha 🤣🤣🤣 now shes single, nipsey left her heartbroken.

  • ChamyaEATS
    ChamyaEATS 14 days ago +1

    “Nipsey Hussle’s girlfriend”? STOP!! She a whole actress y’all just called it that for views smh

  • dees nuts
    dees nuts 14 days ago

    This Pakistan brother fooled everyone he definitely not dead. They wanted to see if they could call marital law if there be riots yeah people say he did gd things for the hood NO he said gd things to the hood on video telling poor folk in the hood to buy back there hood yeah sound gd but with what fucking money most people already with bad credit. This shit amaze me he rich as fuck buying a store in his hood that HE made money off. On top of that glorifying gang culture like yeah we from Cali bla bla bla etc. When young kids see that its like yeah need to get down need to be down cause shit look cool but the shit not cool. All im saying is these idols anit shit. Just think dude had like 14 million dollars with that being said how many homeless did he take off the street how many homes did he buy back in that community an give the titles to the tenant. Cause there is a vast difference in saying something gd then actually doing something gd. Cause you can speak gd words all u want but actions are louder that words.

  • Leticia Tejada-Espino
    Leticia Tejada-Espino 14 days ago +1

    *She Has A Name.*
    The Title Should’ve Been The Untold Truth Of *Lauren London*
    She Has A Name. Use It.

  • JeffDavis Ent
    JeffDavis Ent 15 days ago

    She a rapper groupie

  • TrillJay
    TrillJay 16 days ago

    I knew her from atl hoe change the title

  • Mahogany ii
    Mahogany ii 17 days ago

    She has a name

  • Ree G
    Ree G 17 days ago +1

    Always hate on the beautiful and successful black women

  • Hlomayi Sani
    Hlomayi Sani 17 days ago

    what ever the case nipsey is stil a hero

  • bthe investor
    bthe investor 17 days ago +5

    No disrespect to Nipsey but I only learned of him because I followed LAUREN LONDON 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • t a
    t a 18 days ago

    Had know idea who Nipsey was (RIP) before Lauren London. This shit is so off 😂

  • llauoyetahi1
    llauoyetahi1 19 days ago +1

    Didn't know anything about nipsey except that he passed and he was with Lauren londen. She has been around way long then he has.

  • i am woke
    i am woke 19 days ago

    We know wat n who Lauren is.. Talk bout why alot of these incidents aren't addin up 😒

  • Mamaa Queen
    Mamaa Queen 19 days ago +4

    I knew lauren before i knew she was with nipsey hustle

  • Business Manager
    Business Manager 20 days ago

    Nipsey said it best. SHE CAME CHECKING FOR HIM 1st. LIKE A GROUPIE

  • Robert Waltz Jr.
    Robert Waltz Jr. 20 days ago


  • Kyla kid
    Kyla kid 20 days ago

    Wtf does this have to do with anything????

  • Shawn Gill
    Shawn Gill 20 days ago +7

    How many people beside me just heard of this young man when he died? This was my first time

    • perry porter
      perry porter 3 days ago

      U been asleep then. Nip'been doing his thing. He didn't just get in the game. Like most rappers before they make it big, Bro has been grinding, like the song says. Sometimes you gotta do it in the streets before you can Hit the big stage. ☮️✌️

  • J Mars Beats
    J Mars Beats 21 day ago

    Check my channel out. Some dope remixes to Nips songs!

  • Børn Å Łegenđ
    Børn Å Łegenđ 21 day ago

    White people and their commentary 😑 stfu. Go do a story on Leonardo DiCaprio or something. Lauren London has been in the spotlight. She also was with Lil Wayne and had a baby way before Nipsey Hussle

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker 21 day ago

    Kodak black

  • Chaosity Irie
    Chaosity Irie 22 days ago

    LMAO 666

  • April Moore
    April Moore 24 days ago +2

    Ummm she was in
    This Christmas along side BREEZY, Regina King, Edris Elba, and others

  • Liam Spencer
    Liam Spencer 26 days ago +4

    *Rothschild ordered Nipsey killed* he wants AIDS to kill millions for DEPOPULATION AGENDA...
    Nipsey's documentary on Dr. Sebi would've brought light WORLDWIDE

  • pinche THOTIANA
    pinche THOTIANA 27 days ago

    Nipple hussle took London's life along with his ... No more success for her

  • Gloria Hankerson
    Gloria Hankerson Month ago

    Yall should not be messing with people lives becsuse you dont have permission so stop

  • Doctor Money
    Doctor Money Month ago +1

    So sad sorry Lyndon you lost your best friend he’s in heaven now with pac all the greats

  • Sablethegreatmakeup

    Shes so pretty

  • pamela williams
    pamela williams Month ago

    We love Lauren ❤ 🇫🇷.

    SPVCEMAN Month ago


  • Cinnamon Toastc
    Cinnamon Toastc Month ago +1


  • VapeKing
    VapeKing Month ago +2

    R.I.P Nip!

  • calvin belcher
    calvin belcher Month ago +1

    All these comments on here is by bird brains 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  • calvin belcher
    calvin belcher Month ago +1

    Oh yeah did you know that she helped sacrifice Nipsey hussle's just to get to the top?😒💩

    • Shay B
      Shay B Month ago

      Well she's still not on are you sure about that

  • Keaire Hamilton
    Keaire Hamilton Month ago

    Lovely couple continue🙏💯stay Strong Lauren London🙏💕

  • Big Gurl
    Big Gurl Month ago

    Duh...who didn't know that 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • ICY Waves
    ICY Waves Month ago

    Tf u mean she had a whole career before being nipsey girlfriend first She’s the baby moma on one of the best rappers in the 2000s generation one of the best record labels in 2010 man come on now u think we ain’t know bout this girl? Man fuck u on Nispey did not even give her clout Her acting and lil Wayne did hate to break it to you but lil Wayne was a better rapper then nipsey and wanna know how she was more noticed being with lil Wayne and having a kid with him then nispey

    STONEY BURK Month ago +1

    Nipsey sold his sold Lauren sold hers as well and the Devil had to have his due period point blank Lauren knows exactly whats going on.She better repent and pray til her heart contents.

    • Koeatha Drayton
      Koeatha Drayton Month ago

      @STONEY BURK Far from sleep dummy. If you really knew about all the rituals and sacrifices celebrities go thru on a weekly basis. Lauren is not even on the totem pole. Like i said if she was really in her networth would be more than 20 miliion dollars. Now if it gets to that then i would say oh yea she did sell her soul. She is doing a sitcom on BET. Thats not alot of status. Now someone like Meg the Stallion yes she sold her soul when she gave up her mom and her grandmother so that she can have 10 years of bliss.

      STONEY BURK Month ago +1

      @Koeatha Drayton No you don't know stay sleep tryna tongue box with somebody go sit down.

    • Koeatha Drayton
      Koeatha Drayton Month ago

      And how did he sell his soul? He wasnt signed to a label. Everything he did was independent. Lauren didnt sell her soul either. She doesnt have over 20 million dollars. She never throws up the signal for Lucy the Goat nor has she taken pictures covering her eye or a picture with a flower in her hair. Now if you dont know what im talking about that means you dont know what YOU are talking about.

  • ProAthlete Vlogs
    ProAthlete Vlogs Month ago +1

    Definitely illuminati member nipsey death was scarified

  • martin villegas
    martin villegas Month ago

    A video ho


    Stay out of black people's business

  • Rasta Queen
    Rasta Queen Month ago +2

    Still waiting for the untold truth 😒

  • Marquise Mason
    Marquise Mason Month ago


  • Marquise Mason
    Marquise Mason Month ago

    Nips Girl Friend

  • Wavvey
    Wavvey Month ago

    The audacity of the caucasity

  • Christopher M
    Christopher M Month ago +2

    Everybody Knows Thats (New New🥰) Cause She Always Rocks The New New Shit , Real Fans Know 💯 She Been Had Fame .

  • Jelly Fish Jelly
    Jelly Fish Jelly Month ago

    If anything thing I figured out who he was through her

  • Gee Smith
    Gee Smith Month ago

    Love you

  • Rachel Williams
    Rachel Williams Month ago +1

    Can who ever made this video get the fuck outta here please

  • lea lea
    lea lea Month ago +1

    They are all weird

  • Trina Jones
    Trina Jones Month ago +1

    She has a name idiot, not Nipsey Hussles girlfriend.

  • Yis's watches 2nd
    Yis's watches 2nd Month ago

    Oooo hussle you love here, oh, didn't last long init

  • Tara Wilson
    Tara Wilson Month ago

    What did she see in lil wayne??

  • Black and Blush With Mz.T

    Some people can be so rude, if you know nothing about black culture, DONT SPEAK ON IT. She was a household name on her own, before we even the world knew she was in a relationship.

  • Sensual Eats
    Sensual Eats Month ago +1

    I wish wealth, health, and success to everyone who reads this!!!!

  • Troublesome96
    Troublesome96 Month ago

    Shit they don't know, Lauren made me lesbian with that NEW NEW😂😂

  • tereca braz
    tereca braz Month ago

    She is so baelterfor blees you Londen