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  • paul williams
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  • Danielle Martinez
    Danielle Martinez 29 days ago

    If you keep a secret such as being gay and you are dating the opposite gender and cheating you are a useless pos. You don’t get a free pass because you are gay. You are leading people on and hurting them. I don’t feel sorry for the “I’m scared” speech because that shit doesn’t fly. You are hurting a human being not some swimsuit cover up because you’re embarrassed about what you would look like to others. If you actually do that to a person you are a piece of garbage

  • Angelique Hogan
    Angelique Hogan Month ago

    Cleo says I’m too blessed to be stressed! Fuck em’! 🤷🏽‍♀️

    MAMA.SPICE 3 months ago

    Mitchell needs to come out soon. This is not fair to Scott.

  • Fredeirick Obeng
    Fredeirick Obeng 3 months ago

    Anyone want 2 know who Mitchell's twin is...... It's new character Toby

  • Tia Rafferty
    Tia Rafferty 3 months ago

    When Mitchell said Anita it reminded me of hunter

  • big stream
    big stream 3 months ago +1

    "Anita, shes beautiful"
    Sorry, but i dont think either of them are attractive at all lol

  • Trace Faceta
    Trace Faceta 4 months ago

    Saw this since his first scene

  • Annabelle Winston
    Annabelle Winston 4 months ago +1

    Damn Scott looks rough

  • Anil Rodi
    Anil Rodi 4 months ago +2

    I didn't know this storyline! Does anyone know where to watch it?

  • Kadian Tracey
    Kadian Tracey 4 months ago

    This is why I stopped watching this show.yes you can be gay. But you can never be happy. We are going to torture you every chance we get. Ughhhhhhhh

  • Precious Odunayo
    Precious Odunayo 4 months ago +1

    I thought he was gay all this while

  • Jean Gordon
    Jean Gordon 4 months ago

    Mitchell and Scott are so insensitive!!!

  • Keiron O'Hara
    Keiron O'Hara 4 months ago +1

    I feel spool bad for cleo and I feel happy for skote and Michael pore cleo

  • Kalali J
    Kalali J 4 months ago +3

    It's funny, I never even liked Scott's character that much, mostly because I belived that it puts homosexuals into this cliché.
    But seeing him with Mitchell, how he not only accepted Scott for who he was but absolutely loved him for it (as he proves all over again in this scene) not only touched my heart deeply, it made me love him for it too.
    And as truly sorry as I am for Cleo that she's the one who has to bite the bullet (I really hope she doesn't go back to bulimia), I can't help but wishing that Scott finally gets his chance on a relationship full of mutual affection.

  • Imz M
    Imz M 4 months ago

    Gave up dat wet pussy 4 dat shitty bk door. dis Script is bonkers

  • Ennoea
    Ennoea 4 months ago +16

    Scott will do anything to act like he's in the right. What a cheat.

  • nichol c
    nichol c 4 months ago +3

    Sorry but it all isn't just about Scott he's betrayed cleo by sleeping with her boyfriend who she thought she was building a new life with and why couldn't of Mitchell just of been honest with Scott and cleo and just say that he was gay instead of hurting, lying and betraying her

  • Mat Jay
    Mat Jay 4 months ago +2

    Fair play to Mitchell like , but he's bang out of order with his Mrs stood there listening to that.

  • meg morningstar
    meg morningstar 4 months ago +1

    "its not like that, it's 2019" said straight woman...

  • Julie Blows
    Julie Blows 4 months ago +3

    I did feel sorry for Scott😢 He didn't want to fall in love with Mitchell.
    But, I do think Scott should of been helping Mitchell to except that he's gay! Instead of dressing up as Anita all the time for him.
    Also poor Cleo 😭

  • Quentin Saxton
    Quentin Saxton 4 months ago +2

    Love is love being gay isn't wrong. I'm happy Mitchell finally accepted himself but I feel bad for Cleo as she's going through all this. She deserves so much better

    • Danielle Martinez
      Danielle Martinez 29 days ago

      Quentin Saxton they are both scum bag men that lied. They don’t get a free pass because they are gay. What kind of backwards neck of the woods bullshit is that?

  • Julie Blows
    Julie Blows 4 months ago +1

    Poor Cleo 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • samanthapetrelli
    samanthapetrelli 4 months ago +2

    I wanna see how Scott and Mitchell will be from now on. I just feel bad for Cleo.
    The way Mitchell has problems accepting himself they probably could have made his history without the cheating.

  • Ejadexo Xox
    Ejadexo Xox 4 months ago +3

    Really feel bad for cleo

  • Taylor Moon
    Taylor Moon 4 months ago +1

    I’m still pissed they killed off Harry and ruined my Jarry but I love Scott and Mitchell they so cute

  • April Davidson
    April Davidson 4 months ago +30

    I feel so bad for cleo but I’m happy Mitchell has finally accepted himself.

    • April Davidson
      April Davidson 4 months ago +1

      Tabitha Rogers he finally admitted how he felt tho. Doesn’t matter if he would’ve said anything if she didn’t walk In, He’s still now only expressed how he feels.

    • Tabitha Rogers
      Tabitha Rogers 4 months ago +1

      But he hasn’t though, he’s still hiding. If Cleo hadn’t walked in, he wouldn’t have said anything.

  • Spencer A
    Spencer A 4 months ago +4

    I feel so bad for cleo 😭

  • The smith and carney family


  • L Soa
    L Soa 4 months ago +3

    This doesnt matter why are they making excuses. Cleo was always there for Scott. She never once abandoned him, gay or not that's not the problem. The problem is they went behind hard back. They didnt have to, if they were honest I'm sure she would have understood

  • ale
    ale 4 months ago +11

    people really mad at mitchell for loving who he wants to love 😳😳

    • Chirality Raven
      Chirality Raven Month ago

      A cheater is a cheater

    • Tammy
      Tammy 4 months ago

      kem is clapped ehhhh

    • ale
      ale 4 months ago

      Tammy cleos clapped tho lmao

    • Tammy
      Tammy 4 months ago +6

      kem is clapped they’re mad because he was cheating on her. They’re mad because Cleo does not deserve this. Mitchell can be whatever he wants but he didn’t treat Cleo right nor Scott

  • tyrion lannister
    tyrion lannister 4 months ago +13

    It’s gonna be a good episode when Mitchell’s grandpa finds out about him and Scott

    • Susan Jewitt
      Susan Jewitt 4 months ago +1

      Hoping Walter realises that it is his views that have made Mitchell scared to admit who he is.

  • Brandon Stilinski T
    Brandon Stilinski T 4 months ago +4

    Y'all think is just simple as that, leave Scott alone.

    • Susan Jewitt
      Susan Jewitt 4 months ago

      Yes I think Scott is the one who is going to allow Mitchell to be who he is. Dont think they will end up together, however. I want them to get Scott and Sami's brother together.

  • leah drinkwell
    leah drinkwell 4 months ago +1

    smh scott always playing the victim 🤦🏼‍♀️
    mitchell and scott dont even have chemistry.

  • l a w l e s s
    l a w l e s s 4 months ago +1

    What happened to Scott? I didn’t up.

  • Christopher Tucker
    Christopher Tucker 4 months ago +4

    Screw Mitchell and screw Scott they deserve each other. Cleo deserves so much better than this I hate that she always gets her heartbroken over and over again.

  • lukey boi batezy
    lukey boi batezy 4 months ago +5

    Love is love 💓 u can’t help who u fall for love has no GENDER! 😍🏳️‍🌈

    • big stream
      big stream 3 months ago

      Yes. thank you.

    • lukey boi batezy
      lukey boi batezy 4 months ago +1

      Don’t worry lol 😂 there together and had a baby in real life that’s why they showed them two together at the end! 👌👍

    • lukey boi batezy
      lukey boi batezy 4 months ago +1

      I know it’s horrible for cleo but it was Mitchell that fell for Scott and they had a close friendship that fell to stronger feelings towards each other and it’s hard for them to let go off each other I didn’t think they for ment to hurt 😔 cleo but I think cleo understood in the end that u can’t help for who u fall for 👌💓

    • lukey boi batezy
      lukey boi batezy 4 months ago +1

      I know it’s not a nice thing to do to your friend and Scott did keep telling Mitchell to tell cleo but when u have feelings for someone as Mitchell likes Scott it’s hard to let go off that! As I think Scott has actually found someone who truly loves him for him! And for Mitchell he wasn’t coming to terms to his true sexuality was! It’s difficult to let go of love 💓👌

  • emjay morris
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  • Krysis Mighty
    Krysis Mighty 4 months ago +4

    The fact that Scott was playing with Mitchell's feelings in drag and does not feel remorseful of what he has done is very upsetting.

  • nat anderson
    nat anderson 4 months ago


  • nat anderson
    nat anderson 4 months ago +2

    That’s NOT nice Cleo

    • Danielle Martinez
      Danielle Martinez 24 days ago

      nat anderson oh shut up! She doesn’t have to be nice that two people that were supposed to care for her lied to her. I would be pissed if a guy I was seeing realized he’s gay and was cheating. If someone can’t be 💯 with me then they are not worth my time

    • Brendan Joyce
      Brendan Joyce 4 months ago

      Leave Cleo alone!!!

    • EuGeniius
      EuGeniius 4 months ago

      Who's Cleo the black guy

    MMRR KTL 4 months ago +1


  • Lucky Summers
    Lucky Summers 4 months ago +1

    The only thing for me is the whole Anita thing is dumb.
    I have dated men like Mitchell before I transitioned and I have friends who have and are.
    As a drag queen, your life is not 24/7 in drag.
    Mitchell blurs the line of Anita/Scott which imo is not healthy.

    • Lucky Summers
      Lucky Summers 4 months ago

      @Ben Mitchell sure, Jan.

    • Ben Mitchell
      Ben Mitchell 4 months ago

      Lucky Summers Did you actually watch the video? He erased the line in the end. He realised that he loves Scott for who he is, not for his act, Anita.

  • Mya Amina
    Mya Amina 4 months ago

    I'm sorry but Scott isn't innocent in all this, and he is at fault as well for sleeping with his friends boyfriend. To call her a friend but sleep with her man is out of order. He went behind her back.
    Idk what I would do if my friend did that I would literally just cut them both off.
    Also Mitchell to say all that in front of Cleo honestly did hurt me.

  • Gillian Wilson
    Gillian Wilson 4 months ago +1

    They wont kaat anyway

  • keep smile
    keep smile 4 months ago +3

    Sorry, but I don't ship Mitchell and Scott! HO ruined Scott's character with this storyline. And the guy who plays Mitchell can't act, feels uncomfortable to watch him. Poor Cleo. Why has the story to repeat and repeat - first Harry now Mitchell. Hope she gets better storylines when she comes back!

  • moon and midnight the night gang

    It’s so sad I want something to happen to cleo because of Mitchell

  • saylergirl23
    saylergirl23 4 months ago +10

    This is the best thing to come out of Hollyoaks since James and Harry got together. I'm still mad that Harry died, but I love Scott. I went through what Scott went through when he talked about coming out and even though it's 2019 it's still very hard. If you don't know what it's like to come out then please keep your opinions to yourself. This material is not easy to portray. I'm proud of his character and the actor who played him. I'm so proud of you darling. Bravo to you! I love Scott and I'm happy for him to have some happiness in his life.

  • Mohammed Aqib Ali
    Mohammed Aqib Ali 4 months ago +50

    Scott isn’t innocent in any of this he plays the angel everytime

    • Susan Jewitt
      Susan Jewitt 4 months ago

      Scott is just the one who is going to allow Mitchell to admit to himself that he is actually gay. Scott is just not happy being second best, especially when Mitchell is too scared to admit who he is. Nobody should be relegated to being a secret.

  • Chelsey Linden
    Chelsey Linden 4 months ago +3

    When Scott mentioned John Paul, Levi and Maggie, he forgot two other Males.

    • Chelsey Linden
      Chelsey Linden 4 months ago

      @Gillian Wilson I never asked if there was a character named "Melis" 🙄 and Scott thought he was on a date with Kyle but Kyle was just using him. That's why I said he forgot to mention him.

    • Chelsey Linden
      Chelsey Linden 4 months ago

      @Gillian Wilson Half-Brother actually.

    • Gillian Wilson
      Gillian Wilson 4 months ago

      @Chelsey Linden and he never was with Kyle and plus there no such character called melis in hollyoaks

    • Gillian Wilson
      Gillian Wilson 4 months ago +1

      @Chelsey Linden damon his brother

    • Chelsey Linden
      Chelsey Linden 4 months ago

      @Gillian Wilson Not just James but also Damon and Kyle!

  • Michael Clark
    Michael Clark 4 months ago +4

    Did Mitchell really just say that all in front of Cleo?

    • Krysis Mighty
      Krysis Mighty 4 months ago

      Smh he did

    • Gacha Scorpio
      Gacha Scorpio 4 months ago

      Honestly I would be sad if it was me but if they’re Gay you have to accept it
      It’s they’re sexuality and it takes something to find it

    • Mya Amina
      Mya Amina 4 months ago +1

      For real:/ i cant imagine what I would feel or go through if a guy said all that about someone else in front of me when I spent months with him.

  • Amy Kane
    Amy Kane 4 months ago +1


  • babyrosexx
    babyrosexx 4 months ago +6

    I might feel a tiny bit sorry for cleo but u cant help it if u want to he gay can u cleo is sometimes over dramatic and scott and him deserve this relationship

    • Ben Mitchell
      Ben Mitchell 4 months ago +1

      babyrosexx Nobody "wants" to be gay. You're born that way. I'm sure you meant no harm with your comment but that was a poor choice of wording there.

  • neonblackbeast
    neonblackbeast 4 months ago +3

    This show is trash now, glad i dropped it, more bearable watching these clips than torturing myself with full episodes

    • Ben Mitchell
      Ben Mitchell 4 months ago

      neonblackbeast I completely agree.

  • Emz Louise
    Emz Louise 4 months ago

    Oh fuck off scott and fuck off mitchell hope they're miserable together

  • Annie Eddy
    Annie Eddy 4 months ago +9

    Don't get me wrong it is wrong what Mitchell has done but I understand it in a way because it so hard to be yourself and when someone makes you feel like your free it's feels good , so even though they have caused pain Cleo keeps the secret because shes a decent human

    • Tvjunkieful12
      Tvjunkieful12 4 months ago +1

      @Annie Eddy I hope Joel will be a factor to help bridge the gap between Mitchell and Walther by making Walther realize his prejudices is the reason Mitchell has come to be where he is. And that it is very easy for Walther to focus on homosexuality to be wrong, since he himself is not gay. But therefore instead should focus his attention to those parts of the Bible which applies more to himself, and use the Bible as a tool for self-improvement - not a weapon to attack others by telling them their way of life is wrong. I think Joel, both being a friend of Mitchell and man of the cloth, can make Walther realize his prejudices to more represent a problem for society, than to be helpful in it. And thus can be the instrument for Walther to change, which is so sorely needed.

    • Annie Eddy
      Annie Eddy 4 months ago

      You are 1000 percent correct they can thelp the way they feel and I have a feel the story turn into Walter getting horrible towards them both which is so wrong but unfortunately it happens still today no matter how far people think we've come there still people who have that opinion

    • CovertChristo
      CovertChristo 4 months ago +1

      @Tvjunkieful12 amen!!

    • Tvjunkieful12
      Tvjunkieful12 4 months ago +3

      The problem isn`t Mitchell or Scott - all they did was fall in love. The problem is Walther`s self righteousness and inability to face real life facts. Mitchell cannot control who he falls in love with. And had Walther been a better grandfather and more enlightened person, he would have loved and accepted Mitchell regardless who Mitchell had fallen in love with. Had Walther been more understanding and inclusive both his own grandson, Cleo and Scott would have been spared a lot of pain and anguish.

  • Sarah marie
    Sarah marie 4 months ago +4

    How can they say all this why Cleo is right there (I'm aware it's a show) . Honestly though Cleo would be better of leaving the village ,everyone ends up being sly in the end . Look at Joel... hes literally a priest breaking rules and then gets with her cousin (engaged). Then shes going to lose Mercedes. I'm not sure who she has left in the village to be honest. Feel like shes going to go to America with Maxine 😂👎👎

  • Aimee Robinson
    Aimee Robinson 4 months ago +3

    Oh Man, I feel bad for Cleo, I hope the baby a girl in real life.

    • Keira. Łps
      Keira. Łps 4 months ago

      Aimee Robinson she had a boy named Reggie

    • Tracy Morgan
      Tracy Morgan 4 months ago

      And all children are precious no matter their gender.

    • Tracy Morgan
      Tracy Morgan 4 months ago

      I think she had a boy.

  • Shortlad333
    Shortlad333 4 months ago +4

    The thing is... I don't really care for Cleo that much, although I don't like Mitchell either

  • Zephyrr Sky
    Zephyrr Sky 4 months ago +58

    Hollyoaks. You can’t even let anyone be happy in any relationship at all. It’s ridiculous

    • Callum-Lee McAuley
      Callum-Lee McAuley 4 months ago

      @caitlin allen they still ended up breaking up

    • Callum-Lee McAuley
      Callum-Lee McAuley 4 months ago

      @CJPDeQueen Darren and Nancy didn't last

    • Callum-Lee McAuley
      Callum-Lee McAuley 4 months ago

      @CJPDeQueen Mercedes husband's have ALL been cheated on or killed or both

    • Callum-Lee McAuley
      Callum-Lee McAuley 4 months ago

      @CJPDeQueen Frankie died they made Diane think tony had an affair tony had an affair with sinead

    • Mary Rose
      Mary Rose 4 months ago +1

      @Michael Clark Lol yeah I see these comments under so many videos. Imagine every soap couple being happy 😂😂 We watch for the drama.

  • Pravakaran Karan
    Pravakaran Karan 4 months ago +24

    Love is love you never know who' you fallen in love with. Love is love . I think is fantastic job done hollyoaks , who knows struggling everyday ,so don't judge.

    • BigC324
      BigC324 3 days ago

      Don't judge? They both betrayed her and played her for a fool.

  • lauren connor
    lauren connor 4 months ago +61

    i dont like scott anymore. they ruined his character with this storyline.

    • Tvjunkieful12
      Tvjunkieful12 4 months ago

      @VirAmicusSpaceTime Agree with most of what you are saying, so let me address deeper the few areas where I think you need to be enlightened. I think the Mitchell storyline is important since it identifies what is actually a major problem: gays afraid to come out, and attempting to lead different lives to please their family or not be isolated from the surroundings they have known their entire life. To say that this has nothing to do with Walther I strongly disagree with. Had it not been for Walther and his attitude towards gays and homosexuality, Mitchell would have had an easier time accepting himself as he is - and likely been out a long time ago. And please don`t play the "I am gay" card. That only makes you an expert on yourself, and your family and history - it doesn`t give you an insight into every single gay person, or their background.

      I will agree with you that too many of the gay SLs in not only Hollyoaks, but soaps in general, are coming out SLs. But at the same time I will defend this particular one to the last man, cause it illustrates - in a less extreme way than Ryan Knight - how the attitude and opinions of parents and family can influence not only the lives of their children and relatives, but other people and society as a whole. Cleo, Mitchell and Scott are equal victims here. All of them have fallen in love, but one of them with someone who would not have shown that type of interest in her at all, had it not been for the attitude and belief of the grandfather of who raised him.

      Breaking up can be tough enough, I am not going to deny that. But use your empathy and try to imagine what it must have been like for Mitchell when in his youth it gradually started to dawn on him he was more attracted to males than females - a form of love which according to his grandfather was against the will of God? Who would he have had to talk to about it? Who would he have had to guide him about what homosexuality was? Most likely he would have been in denial, trying to suppress any such feelings, and openly deny them. And as he grew older, and more and more of the people he knew got girlfriends, maybe even got married, he needed to strengthen his camouflage a little more, and found Cleo.

      Mitchell is just as much a victim as Cleo and Scott. Maybe even more so, cause he is living with the fear of the consequences of being found out 24/7? He could risk losing the connection and bond to the man who has been the only constant figure through his entire life.

      I agree with you many of the coming out SLs are surplus. Harry being worried about his father`s reaction, his father having been best friends with Ste for years, and even had him and his husband JP over for dinner, is one such weird choice. But this Mitchell SL is highly appropriate - even though I think Levi both would made a more interesting SL and more likely boyfriend for Mitchell, than Scott.

      As for your worry for Cleo, let me remind you of your own words. This is not real. Nadine Mulkerin was leaving because she and Rory Douglas-Speed (Joel) were to have a baby in real life. And the storyline was created to make it plausible for her to be away for a while. Just like when Mercedes and Goldie went to Spain. They could probably have sent her to an eating disorder treatment center, made her look after a sick relative somewhere, been chosen for an exchange student programme of great prestige, or something. But Hollyoaks opted for this. It is just a story, so I don`t see why we should worry more about Cleo, than by Mitchell? It is what the storylines reveal about the characters - and through them the time and society we live in - which is important, isn`t it?:-)

    • VirAmicusSpaceTime
      VirAmicusSpaceTime 4 months ago

      @Tvjunkieful12 Please my comment was about how they Hollyoaks is choosing to showcase the character. These are not real people so my main point is about the storyline overall. I am a gay man and have been out since I was a teenage back in the mid 80s, so this is my perspective. There are two people in a relationship and I was not blaming the character Scott. I as saying after all the work they showed he made for himself no matter what if a guy is with a friend of yours esp a girl and he comes on to you even if you have an attraction it is a hard NO. They could have had Scott which they had him do not continue if he could not be true to himself which that I liked. Someone who is coming out needed to go through that journey. Again I know it is drama ...but I just feel they could have been a better way to take this storyline without another whoa is me - coming out storyline. Yes I well agree that Cleo knows this before it went further but damn can't she also get a break! :+) None of this has anything to do with Walter. You are your own person and your parents - grandparents have no say so in your life and how you have to live authentically. But I also see how they are showing interalised gayism...but yeah again just another gay trope storyline is my point. But alas it is a storyline and we are talking about the writers did their job! :+)

    • Tvjunkieful12
      Tvjunkieful12 4 months ago +1

      @VirAmicusSpaceTime Mitchell cannot help being gay - but Walther himself has chosen to be a bigott. He, and the attitude he represents, is the real problem - not Mitchell or Scott.

      You should also take into account that Mitchell is the first man who actively have pursued Scott, both with James and Kyle Scott was made to be second choice or second best. But Mitchell fell so totally for him first as Anita, but afterwards as himself, I think you are being unfair criticizing Scott - or even Mitchell. All they did was fall in love. It is Walther who caused Cleo all the hurt and upset, cause it was his tunnel vision of what love and relationship was, that made Mitchell to - eager to please his grandfather - woe Cleo in the first place. Had Walther been ready to accept Mitchell as the gay man Mitchell is, and respected his right to be with whoever he wanted to, Cleo would never have found herself in that situation at all. And all the time Mitchell is gay, don`t you agree it is better Cleo discovered it before they maybe had got married, had had kids, years together with the mortgage and common property and belongings that usually comes with?

    • VirAmicusSpaceTime
      VirAmicusSpaceTime 4 months ago

      I agree for once so many gay storylines on Hollyoaks have revolved around a gay guy coming out and hurting a woman that he was dating in some manner or other. the one unapologetic gay character Scott could they not still give him some storyline maybe with an unapologetic gay man (with his own mystery or not). It is getting really tiring seeing this tortured gay man storyline over and over just to be able to meet someone. I get that is is a soap opera but the same trope all the time is getting tiring. I know you cannot help who you fall for, but rule #1 period if someone is the BF of a friend of yours - he is off limits esp if he is going through not knowing who he is. It speaks more to what they are showing about the character Scott's self-esteem still that they would allow his character to slip back into something that is a powerkeg emotionally after so much work on himself after his suicidal storyline and him rebuilding himself and self-esteem.

    • Tvjunkieful12
      Tvjunkieful12 4 months ago

      ​@Susan Jewitt Nice to hear from you again, and good to hear your recovery is going well.

      The fjords I suppose are nice enough, but they are sort of common and everyday to us who live here, we don`t really think about them that much. Instead we watch Home and Away on tv, sees the sandy and sunny beaches and bright blue sea with white curls, and think to ourselves, wow those lucky people (who at the moment is struggling with both fire and smoke of the worse kind for decades. Who knows if the locations for the show is still standing? Half of the sets were lost in a large bush fire burning out of control some years back, when the original Caravan Park was destroyed in the large fire.) Our oceans have waves too, but apart from on sunny summer days, is mostly grey with white spume. Some of the fjords, like Sognefjorden (the Sogne fjord) are so large you cannot see from one side to the other in the widest parts, and can have ocean like size of waves and wind.

      The most scenic ones are Geirangerfjorden (the Geiranger fjord). Hardangerfjorden (the Hardanger fjord) and Lysefjorden ( the Lyse fjord) - but also some of the fjords in the north of the country, plus the long Oslofjorden (the Oslo fjord) have scenic parts which are breathtaking, even quite unique and spectacular, according to tourists. Even some of the smaller and more local fjords around some of the cities and town can offer very scenic nature and spectacular clear sea and bright blue sky on a summer`s day. But if the weather is not nice, most fjords look like a black and white photo, compared to the polaroid brightness of a sunny day with little or no skies. The south coast around the city of Kristiansand and smaller town like Arendal, Tvedestrand, Risør, Mandal and more are particularly famous for being scenic and idyllic with plenty of little islands with old tree houses. But also is so popular as a summer destination, it is a little overcrowded in the summer months, and also with plenty of cabin cruisers and yachts. From Stavanger, to Bergen and all the way along the west coast cruise ships is major nuisance in the summer months (late April to early October. At the most as much as 5 to 7 cruise ships can dock in the city of Bergen, most of them continuing up the coast to the Geiranger fjord, and have visited both the Lysefjord and the Hardanger fjord, before coming to Bergen. In the summer months there are at least 2-3 cruise ships in both Bergen and Stavanger every day, also in Oslo and some even in Trondheim (but fewer, cause it is a detour to see must of the fjords, except off course the Trondheim fjord.

      Personally, though, since the south coast is so overcrowded in the summer, I prefer the west coast - equally idyllic islands and houses (and more wild nature (seals, whales, sea egles and more) than the overcrowded south coast, but less over crowded - and thanks to climate changes, sometimes just as warm and sunny as the south coast used to be in summer. (Not this year, this year was a fairly cold and wet summer. But last year the west coast had sunny and heat from early May to well into August. One heat record after another.

      In addition to cruise ships, there are both day cruises, and guided tours lasting from one hour to 5-6 hours, in anything from catamarans to jibs to various fjords and locations, or round trips. Also trains and coach trips visiting the same famous tourist locations, or driving alongside some of the many fjords. There are also plenty of bridges and ferries crossing the many fjords. So whether travelling by sea or road, it is near impossible not to see or experience fjords, if travelling on the Norwegian coast. Except for those stretches where cars and busses drives in tunnels underneath the fjords (the Oslo fjord tunnel in Oslo, some tunnels on the north west coast and some around the city of Stavanger in the south west. There are plenty of tunnels elsewhere in the country too, but they just go through mountains or underneath cities and towns - not underneath fjords.

      In fact tunnels have become so common place, and are many of them so long, a disaster movie focused around a disaster in one, have been made and will premiere Christmas Day.

      So finally to Hollyoaks.

      I thought from the winter trailer Leela is the one Sid will be living with in the future?

      I quite agree with your thoughts in regard to Ollie and Brooke. In fact I cant for the life of me understand why Ollie all of a sudden should believe Brooke would change her mind about the baby, when she has been so adamant about her decision so far. I found it too weird to even relate to the idea, after first having worked so hard to get Brody and Sienna to adopt the baby, he all of a sudden should start to think that Brooke would change her mind. It makes absolutely no sense to me. I don`t even understand why the surogacy SL is being continued, if people didn`t like the idea of Liberty having her sister`s baby, they likely will like it even less, if it is supposed to happen through her sleeping with Liberty. And to have Warren return into this mess, I don`t think is a good idea.

      Quite frankly I don`t think it is a good idea full stop. He is both wanted by the police for kidnapping, Sienna could - with Leela`s testimony - get him convicted for having held her hostage. And with him in jail serving time for violent crimes, Sienna would likely be awarded full custody. So why on earth should Warren want to return?

      I also think it is too soon to bring JP back. Finn has just started to be defined as a character after his return. He needs one or two full storylines without JP, before that thread is picked up again. If not there is a danger Finn only will be defined as a rapist, and not as a previous rapist, which I hope is were Hollyoaks plans to go with this. But for that to be established, the viewers need to see him in scenes where they are not constantly reminded of his past. I wouldn`t have had JP meet Finn again until this coming summer at the earliest - maybe not until next Christmas.

      If James Sutton couldn`t wait that long before returning, I would have made a point of the other people in the village doing their best to keep JP unaware that Finn was free and living in the village. And that exercise being so successful that JP didn`t find out about Finn until long after viewers and most of the other Hollyoaks characters had accepted Finn was a changed and better man. So Finn both had something to lose, and JP could destroy a progress without wanting or intending to, simply by being too dismissive of, and angry with, Finn. For JP to just knock on Finn`s door to want to see him, I don`t find at all credible. I find it more likely the McQueens had not wanted him to find out, cause they were worried he would run away again, should he hear that Finn was free and back.

      But now it is very late, and I need to get something to eat before I turn in.
      Take care!:-)

  • Angel Żėėþť
    Angel Żėėþť 4 months ago +7

    Scott is annoying. Get rid of him

  • jadey bieber
    jadey bieber 4 months ago

    Cleo is pathetic. They are in a hospital has she no remorse. And how is it a mess ? What a bitch

  • Jeanette Kavanagh
    Jeanette Kavanagh 4 months ago +77

    This storyline made me really dislike Scott. Cleo has been a real good friend to him and sleeping with her boyfriend is how he repays her. Hope everyone turn's their back on him and Mitchell.

    • Danielle Martinez
      Danielle Martinez 29 days ago

      Tvjunkieful12 you’re writing fucking essays to prove your point. Go play in traffic you dumb imbecile 🤢🤢

    • Danielle Martinez
      Danielle Martinez 29 days ago

      Tvjunkieful12 he still CHEATED!!! What don’t do get about that? Are you so fucking dumb you can’t see that?

    • Tvjunkieful12
      Tvjunkieful12 4 months ago +2

      @Lucky Summers Anita is just a layer of make up allowing Mitchell to not face the, to him, terrifying fact he is gay - and the consequences that could have for the relationship with his grandfather, and his entire life and how he feels about himself.

    • Lucky Summers
      Lucky Summers 4 months ago

      @Tvjunkieful12 where does anita play into this?

    • Tvjunkieful12
      Tvjunkieful12 4 months ago

      ​@Lucky Summers Mitchell is a repressed homosexual who has developed paranoid tendencies as a result of his grandfather`s prejudices, and the consequent fear Mitchell himself could be abandoned yet again (first by his mother when he was little) if his grandfather should discover he is gay. Psychologically Mitchell`s experience of life is very similar to a spy or undercover agent who use a false identity to fit into whatever organisation or criminal gang is being targeted. The spy/undercover agent`s life is dependent of his real identity not being known and exposed. That is the same pressure and fear Mitchell lives with everyday, and why he feels the need to hide behind a beard like Cleo. To Mitchell his grandfather finding out represent a fear and shame so enormous it feels like the end of his life.

      At the same time Mitchell has a desire to be the man his grandfather wants him to be. So he, as he sees it himself, is not using Cleo, he has just chosen her because he likes her so much he sees her as his best chance of becoming who his grandfather wants him to be. So in a way Mitchell is a split personality. One side of him is a gay man desperate to be free and to love who he wants - the other a boy who feels a need to please his grandfather over everything else.

      Scott, on the other hand, because he knows Mitchell is gay, and also has come out himself, sees Mitchell more as his than he feels Cleo has claims on him. Cause he knows Cleo cannot make Mitchell happy over time, but feel that he maybe could - and Mitchell him. So from his point of view he has the choice of either causing Cleo potential hurt by being with Mitchell behind Cleo`s back, or causing himself and Mitchell potential hurt by trying to ignore and hide their true feelings for each other. They tried the latter, it didn`t work for very long - so instead they tried to shield Cleo by conducting the affair behind her back.

      Mitchell isn`t delusional at all, just very very scared of his grandfather finding out - and Scott loves him so much he is willing to conduct their relationship solely on Mitchell`s terms.

      But have no illusions. For Cleo it was better she discovered the truth about Mitchell now, than years from now, when they perhaps not only had a longer history, but children, mortgage and properties and belongings linking them stronger together.

      Had Walther been a better person, and used his religious faith to improve his own behavior, rather than provide "guidance" for how other people should live, this whole mess could have been avoided. His grandson could have found happiness with anyone from Levi or Scott, to Harry, James, Kyle or Ste. It is the fact Walther feels he has the right to tell Mitchell what to feel and how to live which has caused all the problems. If Walther feel homosexuality is morally wrong he is free not to engage in such activities himself - but he has no right to dictate other people not to. Not even his grandson. Every human being is born free and has the right and responsibility over their own life.

      Walther might see himself as a good person - but in reality he is not, but a huge problem for society. Cause unless he himself is gay, not engaging in sexual activities with men is not very difficult for him to achieve, since it would not interfere with his life at all. Apart from giving him a false belief that he is obeying the Lord`s word by being straight or celibate. For Mitchell, on the other hand, not allowing himself to genuinely fall in love, commit to that person and have sex with that person represents an enormous sacrifice. And since Mitchell is not succeeding in living such a life, Walther`s attitude causes society unnecessary problems by causing Cleo, Scott and Mitchell unnecessary pains.

      Walther should instead focus his attention on himself, and how to improve his life and behavior in accordance with the Gospel. I am sure God would have been a lot more impressed by Walther if he managed to be less self righteous and more understanding and inclusive, than he would be by a straight man condemning gays and making their lives harder. The latter requires no effort at all - but the former would have been quite an achievement for someone as self obsessed and self righteous as Walther is. And one which I am sure both would have benefited society as a whole, and impressed and pleased the Lord more than Walther`s current attitude and behavior.

  • Tom Finland
    Tom Finland 4 months ago +4

    I like MItchell as a character and actor but wish to hell he would speak up.. so hard to understand half the time.. and Scott out-did Scarlet in GONE WITH THE WIND,, "Drama Queen" to the max

  • Starshii
    Starshii 4 months ago +28

    Scott is one of the most selfish individuals in Hollyoaks. It's all me, me, me...

    • Ben Mitchell
      Ben Mitchell 4 months ago

      No, it's not all "me, me, me." He was using his own story to explain why Mitchell did what he did and feels the way he does. He was more talking about Mitchell than himself. He just used his story as an example.

    • Not russianluigi
      Not russianluigi 4 months ago

      @Fontau Probably the entire point of his character.

    • Not russianluigi
      Not russianluigi 4 months ago +1

      He's selfish, but loved by fans. Probably the only reason Scott is still on the show is that everyone loves him.

  • Alison Lopez
    Alison Lopez 4 months ago +5

    'If you'll have me.' Mitchell didn't even need to ask that desperate freak who would stop at nothing to make him cheat.

    • Steph’s Vids
      Steph’s Vids 4 months ago

      @Not russianluigi 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Not russianluigi
      Not russianluigi 4 months ago +2

      Jackie: So is Allison coming to the funeral?
      Jonny (very quietly): She can't come.
      Adam: She can't come.
      Jonny: Can't come.
      Adam: She can't come.
      Jonny: She can't come.
      *Martin comes in*
      Adam: Allison can't orgasm?
      Martin: Who can't orgasm?
      Adam: Allison.

      That signifies you.

    • Not russianluigi
      Not russianluigi 4 months ago +2

      Love you so much. Too bad there's a community for people like you. Just don't know where.

  • Alison Lopez
    Alison Lopez 4 months ago +24

    Why is Scott trying to justify this?.. No one's hating on him for being a freak of nature, they're hating because he slept with his best friends' boyfriend... How can he even begin to explain that by 'being different'?

    • Damian sings
      Damian sings 4 months ago

      Krysis Mighty and i didn’t say we were anything different you fucking moron LEARN TO READ ☠️

    • Damian sings
      Damian sings 4 months ago

      Krysis Mighty no, but she called them a “fReAK OF NaTuRE”

    • Alison Lopez
      Alison Lopez 4 months ago +1

      @Not russianluigi Stop getting so defensive you tranny chick dick faggot.

    • Tracy Morgan
      Tracy Morgan 4 months ago

      You keep call ing Scott a freak. I think you are a little disturbed allison and frankly the only freak is you emotionally and mentally. Get help.

    • Not russianluigi
      Not russianluigi 4 months ago

      @Krysis Mighty Thanks.

  • Alison Lopez
    Alison Lopez 4 months ago +17


    • Josh Adams
      Josh Adams 4 months ago

      russianluigi I know she stalks this account waiting to troll it.

    • Josh Adams
      Josh Adams 4 months ago


    • Izz_ Walkz
      Izz_ Walkz 4 months ago +1

      Cunt fuck u love is love

    • Barbee B
      Barbee B 4 months ago

      Roxie Rocks I ain’t gonna lie Alison’s point sucks. If you hate a character that’s fine but there’s no need to start saying homophobic slurs like “freak”

    • Not russianluigi
      Not russianluigi 4 months ago

      @Kiera 4Music Hadn't done anything in the last 40 minutes, except make a meme subreddit for Hollyoaks, and reply to these comments. It's like I've started an episode online or something.

  • Xaria R
    Xaria R 4 months ago +16

    ive heard that warren is coming back by new years! if so I CANT WAITTT.

    • Chelsey Linden
      Chelsey Linden 4 months ago

      @Xaria R She'll be in a coma but I also hope she won't die as well, and she'll come back to the village again too! 🙏🏻

    • Xaria R
      Xaria R 4 months ago +1

      Guess what, Mercedes is gonna get shot bc she’s going to be on im a celeb! I’ve always wanted her to go to the jungle, I hope she accepts the offer! And that hollyoaks don’t kill her just put her on a temporary leave

    • Chelsey Linden
      Chelsey Linden 4 months ago

      @Xaria R I just wish they wouldn't be killing off the good one's or leaving the village characters! 😢☹️😭💔

    • Xaria R
      Xaria R 4 months ago +1

      Chelsey Linden cba to check but mk. Lowkey feel bad for Finn but he did what he did

    • Chelsey Linden
      Chelsey Linden 4 months ago

      @Xaria R On that's where.

  • tilly
    tilly 4 months ago +38

    Awe Cleo still has that babys fat bless shes a cute mama

    • Rachel H
      Rachel H 4 months ago

      @tilly my point was they way you phrase the comment as Still Has seems like you though she filmed these scenes AFTER she give birth not before.

    • tilly
      tilly 4 months ago

      @Rachel H I don't see your point lmao so she will still have baby fat then lmao

    • Rachel H
      Rachel H 4 months ago

      @tilly but it was filmed 6 weeks ago as she said she was 8 months at the time

    • Rachel H
      Rachel H 4 months ago

      @tilly that's what I'm saying she was pregnant while filming these scenes. I thought you meant she had the baby and hadn't lost the weight before filming lol

    • tilly
      tilly 4 months ago

      @Rachel H wasn't u can even ask her yourself she was pregnant on set you really thinks 6 weeks will do owt pregnancy go on for 9 months

  • Taryn Spearey
    Taryn Spearey 4 months ago +16

    Poor Cleo. I feel so bad for her!

    • Ben Mitchell
      Ben Mitchell 4 months ago

      Chelsey Linden What does Amy have to do with this? This person is talking about Cleo, not Amy.

    • Chelsey Linden
      Chelsey Linden 4 months ago +1

      Taryn Spearey Me too. I mean first Ste did this to Amy and then Ryan did this to Amy then Harry did this to Cleo and now Mitchell? WHO'S NEXT?????!!!!! 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

  • Heinrich Karg
    Heinrich Karg 4 months ago +53

    Mh mh Nope, I don't ship them *AT ALL* smh feel bad for Cleo

    IWillB3INURCØMM3NT S3CTION 4 months ago +86

    They should of brought Porsche back for Cleo's exit

    • Chelsey Linden
      Chelsey Linden Month ago

      @iLoVe cHiCkEnS yEEet Cause I'm a #Directioner and #Hollyoaks fan that's how. ☺🥰❤️💖

    • iLoVe cHiCkEnS yEEet
      iLoVe cHiCkEnS yEEet Month ago

      @Chelsey Linden just all the ships u put down how did u remember so many😂👌

    • Chelsey Linden
      Chelsey Linden Month ago

      @iLoVe cHiCkEnS yEEet Huh? 🤨

    • iLoVe cHiCkEnS yEEet
      iLoVe cHiCkEnS yEEet Month ago

      @Chelsey Linden ishnwwjdudhsj

    • Chelsey Linden
      Chelsey Linden 3 months ago

      IWillB3INURCØMM3NT S3CTION What about Adam #Madam? What about Alfie #Yalfie? What about Ben #Bienna? What about #Dancy? What about Dodger #Daxine? What about Doug #Stug? What about Dirk #Cirk? What about Dylan #Nylan? What about Ellie? What about Esther #Kesther? What about Farrah #Karrah? What about Frankie #Jankie? What about Freddie #Frellie? What about Harley #Parley? What about Harry #Starry? What about Hunter? What about Jade #Jalfie? What about Jason #Jolly? Joe #Jecedes? What about Kim? What about #Landy? What about Lily? What about Louis #Louimone? What about Myra #Mally? What about Neeta #Nunter? What about Phoebe? What about Price #Prily? What about Robbie #Roebe? What about Russ #Recedes? What about Simone? What about Sonia? What about Ste? What about Tegan? What about Tony #Tiane? What about Trevor #Grevor? What about Zack #Zonia? or What about Ziggy #Zegan? Don't you miss any of them?

  • Kaleem Akbar
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    Finally Cleo Found Out The Truth

  • Arcadie 3
    Arcadie 3 4 months ago +5

    Avaient-ils besoin de se déclarer leur amour devant Cléo? un minimum d'élégance, les gars!

  • Chelsey Linden
    Chelsey Linden 4 months ago +6

    I hope Scott doesn't die! I want Mitchell and Scott together!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙏🏻😭

    • Chelsey Linden
      Chelsey Linden 4 months ago +1

      @Julie Blows I hope so too! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    • Julie Blows
      Julie Blows 4 months ago +1

      @Chelsey Linden Yeah, they might be good together. I just hope that Mitchell will be with Scott for Scott now and not just when he's in drag 🙄

    • Chelsey Linden
      Chelsey Linden 4 months ago +1

      @Heinrich Karg Why?

    • Izz_ Walkz
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    • Jordan
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      Heinrich Karg same. Scott is annoying af

  • Keziah Afrifa
    Keziah Afrifa 4 months ago +24

    I hope they don’t change the storyline and something bad happens to cleo because of this x