Hotel Hell S02E07 - Curtis House

  • Published on Nov 23, 2016

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  • Beautifulbajan86
    Beautifulbajan86 8 days ago

    “Haunted “ ok 👌 demonic probably

  • Jadu Nandana Das
    Jadu Nandana Das 14 days ago

    who else up at 3am, drunk and watchin Gordon fuckin Ramsay?

  • Steven Gardner
    Steven Gardner 14 days ago


  • Geoffrey Holland
    Geoffrey Holland 17 days ago

    interesting to note that mother's Day in England and mother's Day in the United States are not on the same day. So Gordon calling his English mother from America is quite funny.

  • Lizzy Bee
    Lizzy Bee 21 day ago +1

    The desk lady is a real buzzkill lol

  • Klaus Heissler
    Klaus Heissler 24 days ago

    Update on the Curtis House

  • Carlos Martinez
    Carlos Martinez Month ago +1

    Betty: *locks Gordon*
    Gordon: Betty let me out, I just want to get some lunch
    Betty: no you don't trust me

  • Carlos Martinez
    Carlos Martinez Month ago +1

    anyone else disappointed we didn't got any paranormal activity shenanigans

  • esbeekay
    esbeekay Month ago

    This fat piece of shit is every little boy on the internet in human form. A spoiled entitled petulant man child, overweight virgin who blames everything on a woman who to be fair is equally incompetent but isn’t the sole one to blame

  • esbeekay
    esbeekay Month ago

    You know shit is real when the suit jacket comes off

  • Manuel Garcia
    Manuel Garcia Month ago

    I aint fraid of no ghost

  • Itz_Ryan
    Itz_Ryan Month ago +1

    I live in Bethlehem, the town over from Woodbury where the Curtis house is located. I’ve came to let everyone know cause why not, the Curtis house was just recently sold to a new owner and is undergoing renovations, they have changed the name to Evergreen inn and tavern. It will open in May 2019. Sad to see the inn be sold to after all those years, and sad to see the name changed. Although they have made it clear it will honor the history behind it thankfully.

  • kaydrelia
    kaydrelia Month ago

    The mom's reaction to the new decor was everything

  • Dynamite Gamer
    Dynamite Gamer Month ago

    some of the voices had to be recorded again you can here it

  • Katie Tom
    Katie Tom Month ago

    Gordon: "you might as well close the doors right now."
    Tv editors: sO yOu ThINk yOu cAN dAnCE ? 19:14

  • Santos the chile kid

    Did he just drink strait out of the pitcher?! 12:22

  • Denny Men
    Denny Men Month ago

    A shot of milk for every time he says “Mother’s Day”

  • Lefty Animate
    Lefty Animate Month ago

    For some reason
    When I watch this video
    My TheXvid app keep crashing and I see 666 comment
    It is haunted

  • DisneyLivesForever11

    21:38 SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bilsamils
    bilsamils 2 months ago

    why have i seen every fUcKiNg episode 😂

  • Mia Hammond
    Mia Hammond 2 months ago

    Yeah that hotel was gross

  • Corbillat
    Corbillat 2 months ago

    15:07 I love how he contradicts himself by sniffing his mollard out of his brain

  • Grumpy Astrologer
    Grumpy Astrologer 2 months ago +1

    Is it just me or is this the same hotel that the army guy used to own?!

  • Haalah Mouti
    Haalah Mouti 2 months ago

    Just calls everyone my darling

  • SkoomaDesu
    SkoomaDesu 2 months ago +1

    Gordon is a wholesome manchild therapist dictator and chef

  • Julian Ferrer
    Julian Ferrer 2 months ago

    guys what new video

  • Julian Ferrer
    Julian Ferrer 2 months ago +2

    Gordon: im sleeping alone this is not good
    cameraman: im here man

    and also gordon please dont touch those stuff

  • BillTheMiner
    BillTheMiner 2 months ago +5

    6:51 "By the time you call 911, I hack in every credit cards in this book, and make myself a fortune."
    S E C U R I T Y 0
    P R I V A C Y 0

  • Ysabel Dino
    Ysabel Dino 2 months ago +2

    Gordon: *reads about ghost in his room*

    Also Gordon: well atleast they have one regular guest...
    Me: damn he roasted yalls good

  • WhoCanusMaximus
    WhoCanusMaximus 2 months ago +1

    I love the bits where you can clearly hear they added in sentences that weren't there before.

  • MerliShu
    MerliShu 2 months ago

    Thats why everyone comes when they hear gordons there
    They hope theres a book at every one.

  • Sarah Sarah
    Sarah Sarah 2 months ago

    Chris has the most punchable face

  • eileenluvsdod
    eileenluvsdod 2 months ago

    They sold it

  • Invoker Prop'Z
    Invoker Prop'Z 2 months ago +2

    This episode made my day.😲😲😲

  • Epic Gamer
    Epic Gamer 2 months ago

    Wish it was at least 360p - 480p instead of 240p I could care less about 720p 1080p

  • relish
    relish 2 months ago +2

    This intro is epic

  • bradon erty
    bradon erty 2 months ago

    It was probably a rat pulling on the blankets not a ghost

  • gacha loser13
    gacha loser13 2 months ago +1

    Gordon: hit or miss? (edit: 11:58 )

    me: I guess this was a miss?


  • YoUSlimThIcK JaYdEn
    YoUSlimThIcK JaYdEn 2 months ago +4

    Omg did yall see the way gordan parked his car. ICONIC😂

  • Ara Ara
    Ara Ara 2 months ago +4

    “If we were married, we would probably be divorced by now”
    Tf bro even if you said IF, the both of you are still siblings

  • WeeabooDan
    WeeabooDan 2 months ago

    You could save Chris without food for a month and he would love because of all that fat

  • Povertyd
    Povertyd 2 months ago

    40:46 when Gordon asks if you want to French kiss you just do it, don't laugh at him

  • Povertyd
    Povertyd 2 months ago

    Lmao that's limper than my grandad's dick

  • Povertyd
    Povertyd 2 months ago

    I'm sorry but if I was a tourist in this town I'd rather sleep in my car than a haunted hotel

  • Casual Gaming
    Casual Gaming 2 months ago +2

    Who else thought it was weird when he said if we was married THATS YOUR SISTER DUDE

  • NO ONE
    NO ONE 3 months ago +2

    Omg Gordon talking to their mom at 26:00 was so emotional it made me cry. Ah bless that mother. She just wants to see her children communicate with each other and she doesnt know how to!

  • NO ONE
    NO ONE 3 months ago +4

    Hotter than hell in that black leather jacket and jeans!
    Damn Gordon

  • Windyii_
    Windyii_ 3 months ago +3

    Who else sang hit or miss when she said “HiT oR mIsS*

  • Milan Tv
    Milan Tv 3 months ago +1

    Gordon: let me see that ghost

    Gordon: oh it’s f***ing raw

  • * Threeeleven3227 *
    * Threeeleven3227 * 4 months ago

    FYI the inn has since been closed and is now under renovation. It’s set to open May 2019

  • Simply Sweet Heart
    Simply Sweet Heart 5 months ago

    Gordan: *hit or miss this is a miss for me*

  • Raven DarkMagic
    Raven DarkMagic 5 months ago

    I'm pretty sure this is why my uncles/dad never use their credit card in places they haven't visited many times

  • chumbaroo
    chumbaroo 5 months ago

    That ghost must be really feasting on the negative energy the siblings have been putting out for 3 years

  • MichaelD8393
    MichaelD8393 5 months ago +1

    12:35 One of Gordon's best lines ever!

  • jennifer b.awesome
    jennifer b.awesome 5 months ago +1

    CHRIS- I'm not disgusting
    ME- 15:07 are you sure about that?

  • Er Bear
    Er Bear 5 months ago

    I’ve lived in this town my whole life and I’ve never even been to the Curtis house lol, half the town has never been even after Gordon😪

  • Julien_ lowpro
    Julien_ lowpro 6 months ago

    i stayed for the reaction to the shitty door

  • S. A. U. C. E
    S. A. U. C. E 6 months ago

    11:11 I think they never miss ha

  • Alexander Davis
    Alexander Davis 6 months ago +1

    11:58 I guess they never miss ya. You got a boyfriend, I bet he doesn’t kiss ya MWA.