PHOTOSHOP Song - Rhett & Link

  • Published on Apr 11, 2011
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    Written & Directed by Rhett & Link
    Co-Direction, Director of Photography, Editor: Barrett Phillips
    Original Song, "Photoshop Your Memories" words and music by Rhett & Link © 2009 Rhett and Link Music
    Production Assistance: Derrick Green, Karl Kross, Nick Dimondi, and Kyle Gerardi
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Comments • 6 040

  • Rosie Costello
    Rosie Costello 5 days ago +1

    2019 anybody

  • CandeeWolf
    CandeeWolf 7 days ago

    Did he say sweet ash model like actually say the word ash not butt

    • C l
      C l 3 days ago

      Swedish model I think

  • James Wells
    James Wells 13 days ago

    Y does link sound like he’s pinching his nose?

  • Rylee Petrey
    Rylee Petrey 14 days ago

    **when an add stops until one second of the skip**

  • Matthew W.
    Matthew W. 18 days ago +1

    The description states: _Check out our other TheXvid channel, where we upload random videos from our phones:
    I find it funny how that "other TheXvid channel" is now their main channel.

  • rodmacdonald
    rodmacdonald Month ago +1

    Is anyone else as impressed with how high Rhett's voices was in 2:49

  • Liam Halberthal
    Liam Halberthal Month ago +1

    2019: Wanna watch this video????

  • Susanne Awesome
    Susanne Awesome Month ago

    This is not a bad song

  • nsti jam
    nsti jam Month ago +1

    Considering this was made 8 years ago, this is amazing!

  • Willie Hart
    Willie Hart Month ago

    Rhett sounds EXACTLY like Weird Al!

  • Døg Łover
    Døg Łover Month ago +3

    1:40 that was a nice note from these two I liked that

  • 81 09
    81 09 Month ago +1

    These guys will die before I'm their age

  • monica perez
    monica perez Month ago

    Well this is my Memorie...

  • Abdallah Mohamed
    Abdallah Mohamed Month ago +1

    2019 still a great song

  • Sarah-Jane The Person
    Sarah-Jane The Person Month ago +1

    Thye mentions aliens in every song 😂

  • Yrok24
    Yrok24 Month ago

    This song perfectly captures a vain mindset

  • Cloudy
    Cloudy 2 months ago

    2:16: Link trips

  • SyNoir
    SyNoir 2 months ago

    I'm your 10th million viewer

  • Natsuki/Beth Basham
    Natsuki/Beth Basham 2 months ago

    Here’s a cookie if you want to replay.

    /u u\
    (n n)

    Uh oh!
    He has a doughnut instead of a cookie!
    Oh Never mind he found a cookie and a doughnut 🍩 🍪

    There ya go!

  • Galaxis
    Galaxis 2 months ago

    And right after, a photo editing software commercial plays. It wasn't Photoshop.

  • sheheryar qazi
    sheheryar qazi 2 months ago

    Photoshop is BEST software & usefull/ i like photoshop

  • May Kristin Storåker
    May Kristin Storåker 2 months ago

    This is beautiful. Right on the verdge before they started to sell out and do too much of nothing so they forgot to do SOMETHING. Im sorry, but the earlier stuff was way better, and done with so much more passion...

  • David Greenawalt
    David Greenawalt 2 months ago +1

    I really miss these music videos.

  • Bike MASTER
    Bike MASTER 2 months ago

    It's called catfishing

  • lol_eddypogi
    lol_eddypogi 2 months ago +3

    Anyone coming here for the nolstalgia?
    My mom showed me this TheXvid Channel in 2014, and I got so much nolstalgia from Rhett and Links music videos.

  • The Channel
    The Channel 3 months ago

    This song is like a metaphor of how people would rather change the way how others see them by changing anything that makes them vulnerable to harassment online, instead of just accepting their faults and getting people to like them the way they are. But due to their insecurities, they conceal anything they would rather forget about, and sometimes replacing that with a facade that they think other people would accept more than reality.
    But that’s just my interpretation of it. It’s a great song.

  • Mr.Sprinkles
    Mr.Sprinkles 3 months ago


  • Audri i
    Audri i 3 months ago +2


  • TheDiamondNinja36
    TheDiamondNinja36 3 months ago

    Huge Nostalgia watching this like 5 years later yet can only imagine how much it cost

  • Courtney Mullins
    Courtney Mullins 3 months ago +2

    this used to be one of my favorite songs when i was like 9 years old oh man

  • Ipercrayy
    Ipercrayy 3 months ago

    Rhett looks like a bad boy from tik tok

  • Awais Hussain
    Awais Hussain 3 months ago

    2:40 SAY NO TO CRACK!!!!!!

  • Fishymonster
    Fishymonster 3 months ago

    This must have cost a fortune

  • Sudha Sodhi
    Sudha Sodhi 3 months ago

    Great job boiiissss

  • WOLFDawg MPo
    WOLFDawg MPo 3 months ago

    6,000 comments. Wow

  • What is life
    What is life 3 months ago

    12:15 link 😂

  • Hagrid 64
    Hagrid 64 3 months ago

    Nearly at 10 million views

  • Jason Rowberry
    Jason Rowberry 3 months ago

    i saw the hand coming out of nowhere hold the picture and put it down 1:25

  • The Novel Ice Cream Studios

    2:59, holy fricktard its jim pickens

  • amir naveed
    amir naveed 3 months ago

    I was 2 wen this came out

    • Jamo
      Jamo 3 months ago +1

      I was 4 lemme guess you are 9

  • Row Blanka
    Row Blanka 3 months ago

    im pretty sure someone would be offended by this at todays standrds sadly haha

  • Tickle Acronyms16
    Tickle Acronyms16 3 months ago

    2:53 the Swiss are not Swedish

  • xydoit
    xydoit 3 months ago

    I don't like it. I am a society member now.

  • Ashley Ramos
    Ashley Ramos 3 months ago

    Bro, they make the most creative ads for things...

    And it's catchy

  • Olivia Robertson
    Olivia Robertson 3 months ago +1

    Did anyone else see link fall?

  • Hannah Uddin
    Hannah Uddin 3 months ago

    Did anyone notice Link fall at 2:16 🤣

  • Spring
    Spring 3 months ago +3

    I could just imagine how many canvasses were left after this

  • Andrick Colobong
    Andrick Colobong 3 months ago

    Who like to see public photos

  • Andrick Colobong
    Andrick Colobong 3 months ago

    Who like to see people 's picture

  • Jasmine Zore
    Jasmine Zore 3 months ago

    before i watched this video i got a ad

    *it was a ad about photoshop*

  • Time-Lapse Toons
    Time-Lapse Toons 3 months ago +1

    2:16 Watch Link trip for free

  • Jaida Miko
    Jaida Miko 3 months ago +1

    Does anybody know what is that link tripped at 2:17? ...... just me?.......ok

  • lubbadub
    lubbadub 3 months ago

    back when they were still creative

  • Gacha life Warriors
    Gacha life Warriors 3 months ago +1

    If you photoshop memories they’re not really memories it’s more like and dream and less of a reality

  • Monkey Hall
    Monkey Hall 4 months ago

    Are they brothers

  • Wolf
    Wolf 4 months ago

    3:30 Link in the background 😂

  • Sophia G
    Sophia G 4 months ago

    I was 1-2 when this came out its 2019 when i am whatching this

  • Cat Claws
    Cat Claws 4 months ago +1

    The song about photo editing is a stop-motion. Stop being perfect

  • Donagh Curham
    Donagh Curham 4 months ago

    2:17 Link nearly falls😂

  • Matthew Cessna
    Matthew Cessna 4 months ago

    Still my favorite Rhett and Link music video