Spring Boot API with Angular | [FREE COURSE]


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  • Algorithm_@27
    Algorithm_@27 Month ago +1

    Thank you for this very enriching training, it was very useful to me. For a future video, I would have liked to know how to integrate an admin template with Angular 13 to design a real application.

  • Brady Cunningham
    Brady Cunningham Year ago

    Great course! Thank you! Would you consider making another course/video that explains how a full application like this (Backend, Frontend and database) could be deployed to say something like Heroku? So steps to move a project like this from a development environment to production.

  • Bhuvana K
    Bhuvana K 25 days ago

    I thought Angular was difficult to learn until I find this training! great course good work keep it up...

  • Daniele Inferrera

    Hi, thank you for your tutorial explained really well. I wanted to ask you what theme you applied on IntelliJ, it's beautiful, and what plugin do you use for code autocompletion. Thanks again.

  • Rye
    Rye Year ago

    Hi again! I'm currently at Angular Application Section (Angular Service - Part 1). In my past projects I use `.pipe` chained to http request to handle errors. Now that you used `Observable`, what's the best way to implement error handling?

    • Get Arrays
      Get Arrays  Year ago

      This example in this course is basic. Yes, to handle errors you should use pipe so that you can use the catchError operator

  • mohamed bensalah
    mohamed bensalah Year ago +3

    Hey man, thank you. I hope every java developer gets to know your channel.

  • Nihat Ismayilzade

    Thank you sir to this excellent course bur how to do pagination with Angular?

    • Get Arrays
      Get Arrays  Year ago

      You can use a library called ngx-pagination. It's easy to use. Let me know if that helps.

  • Miguel
    Miguel Year ago +1

    Amazing job man, thanks a lot!!

  • Paulius Stukšys
    Paulius Stukšys Year ago

    great course, learned alot thank you sir.

  • Back-End Developer
    Back-End Developer 4 months ago

    so easly and so very well explained, than other tutorial. Please bro share us more such a these videos about Building Real Time Restful API with spring boot, because of improving busines logic in service layer.

  • Vidumini Kulathunga

    I learned lot. Thank you soo much.. ♥️ ❤️

  • Mateusz
    Mateusz Year ago

    Hi, can you know what is the name of the templates for the editor. I mean for example font color. I searched for an identical template and did not find it.

    • Get Arrays
      Get Arrays  Year ago +1

      Dracula: plugins.jetbrains.com/plugin/12275-dracula-theme

  • Rye
    Rye Year ago

    Many thanks for this! BTW, what's your IDE theme?

    • Get Arrays
      Get Arrays  Year ago

      Dracula: plugins.jetbrains.com/plugin/12275-dracula-theme

  • Messelleka Abdellah
    Messelleka Abdellah Year ago +1

    Thanks amazing job can you share code source on Github Please ?? java part

  • lasantha indika maggonage

    Hi, Thank you for this video! i'am getting this error in the console "Cannot read property 'toLowerCase' of null", any idea?

  • Ahmet Ergun
    Ahmet Ergun 11 months ago

    thanks man, it was very helpful!!!!

  • Rafael Silva
    Rafael Silva 9 months ago

    Congratulations man!
    It’s a great curse!

  • poran chowdury
    poran chowdury Year ago

    great tutorial

  • Rudy Hernandez
    Rudy Hernandez Year ago

    thank you for your efforts.

  • Gati David
    Gati David Year ago

    Thanks man. Kudos from Ghana. love your work

  • Djamal Abdounassir HAROUN

    Hi Get Arrays; I hope everyone is doing well.
    I started to follow this tutorial but I have a problem since the yesterday.
    it is at the findEmployeeById() function
    Spring notifies me an error: cannot convert from Object to Employee
    He suggests that I cast the value of the return.
    Sorry I am French speaking, I hope you will understand my English, Thanks in advance !

    • Get Arrays
      Get Arrays  11 months ago

      Optional findEmployeeById(Long id);
      It is supposed to return an optional, not the employee. Please double check the code and pay close attention to the tutorial

  • Aqib Ishaq
    Aqib Ishaq Year ago

    I love the front end part i made spring angular cruds but its a nice gui

  • KalleOusmane Diallo
    KalleOusmane Diallo 9 months ago

    Hello M. Thanks for tutoriel. But get an error in my file #EmployeeResource.
    When I call @EmployeeService.findAllEmployees I get this error "Non-static method @findAllEmployees() cannot be referencedfrom static context". Please I need your help Dear 🙏. Thank you for your advance.

    • KalleOusmane Diallo
      KalleOusmane Diallo 9 months ago +1

      @Get Arrays It solved thank you so much

    • Get Arrays
      Get Arrays  9 months ago +1

      You make something static when you call it in a non static block. Are you making your own changes to this? Please get the code and compare it to yours. Let me know if that helps.

  • Michał Podkański

    Do you use design patterns in job ? For example CQRS, DDD

  • Adriano Ney Nascimento do Amaral

    I had to make some changes to the bootstrap due to a new version, without problems. But there is an error in the onOpenModal method when the null parameter is passed, in the navigation bar, to add a new user. How can I solve this? The error is: "The argument of type 'null' cannot be assigned to the parameter of type 'Employee'."

    • Zachary Song
      Zachary Song 3 months ago

      @imane enami Thanks god! You saved my ass. How did you find that?

    • imane enami
      imane enami 11 months ago +1

      I had the same error, when i searched i found that it occurs because of the strictPropertyInitialization, if you want to solve it, edit the tsconfig.json and change the value of "strict" to false.

    • Get Arrays
      Get Arrays  Year ago

      You're definitely missing something because on add new user, we pass in the string 'add' to open the add new user modal. can you double check the code?

  • SGHAIER Mohamed Yassine

    Source Code:
    Back-end: github.com/getarrays/employee...
    Front-end: github.com/getarrays/employee...

  • Zachary Song
    Zachary Song 3 months ago +2

    1:29:28 CORS Import


    Your are pro.

  • Delightful
    Delightful 2 months ago

    my need the source code please.....