Rangers 5-0 Hearts | Rangers End Weekend 1 Goal Behind Celtic! | Ladbrokes Premiership

  • Published on Dec 1, 2019
  • Rangers seventh win in a row at Ibrox as they stretched their unbeaten run to 11 games.
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Comments • 377

    HFC LIVINGSTON Month ago +1

    hearts canne even sell out 1000 tickets at rangers ffs

  • Odsonne Edouard Ballon d’Or

    Haha. Hahaha. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 😂 Now 2 points behind

  • I’m an American citizen you Can’t do that to me

    Whoopsy I mean goals lol you guys get me confused as yous call soccer football 🏈 come on guys football is not football unless you can hold it in your arms

  • I’m an American citizen you Can’t do that to me

    I’ve really been enjoying watching these soccer games in the uk especially this rangers soccer team and I’m really looking forward to see them play the Irish Keltics I’ve heard good things about this game I just hope rangers get more touchdowns than the Keltics

  • Ronnie J. Main
    Ronnie J. Main Month ago

    I'm impartial here, but Hearts are a mess this season. McPhee is definitely not the man for them. Berra...I think he's done at this point, gone in the summer? Or, will see far less game time. Naismith is just a dick, he has too many of those cheeky wee kick outs, it's about all he's good for.

  • Peter Simpson
    Peter Simpson Month ago

    I'm no confident for the double header wae celtic. They're consistent every game n we're no. We need them to make a few mistakes but they're playing impeccable footy the now. Think we're gonna have a disappointing month ahead despite the run we've had.

  • amirul hamka
    amirul hamka Month ago

    Bravo stevie G 💪

  • determine ntac
    determine ntac Month ago

    hearts are crap not the team they should be

  • First baller Clark
    First baller Clark Month ago

    I love rangers

  • Andy Wright
    Andy Wright Month ago

    Rangers too good

  • Andrew Chippendale
    Andrew Chippendale Month ago

    Up the gers again flying high we'll keep the blue flag flying high. Burnley skins No surrender

  • may9th1992
    may9th1992 Month ago

    SPL is dreadful

  • Gamba985
    Gamba985 Month ago

    Add some commentary on these. They’re boring and drag on without it

  • Travel Point
    Travel Point Month ago

    Yeah, yeah... But can they beat the Celtic?!

  • CutlerTheCourageous
    CutlerTheCourageous Month ago +1

    Come on Rangers beat Celtic to the title and rejuvenate Scottish football for all of us football fans. (Chelsea fan)

    • Peter Simpson
      Peter Simpson Month ago

      God willing ma man. All the best to lampard n the team as well. Flying high

  • Buddy The dog
    Buddy The dog Month ago

    I want Craig levein back 😂😂

  • Zombi 98 Banana
    Zombi 98 Banana Month ago

    Come On Gers 💙

  • d costo
    d costo Month ago

    there is a league title in this side

  • Joao Ferreira
    Joao Ferreira Month ago

    Hearts was stolen!

  • TheMrmoonlight
    TheMrmoonlight Month ago

    It's good to see Kent actually starting to get goals and contribute in the last 3rd and actually making his possession count. Many goals is that now since he returned 4? In 9 or 10 plus maybe 4 or 5 assists? It's almost what he got for the entire last season, so let's hope he can kick on and become red hot. He still comes awful deep at times, I think he gets frustrated when not on the ball or he's a little impatient and tried too much at once rather than just relaxing and doing the simple thing and when he does it flows a lot more. I think hel go on to score an awful lot more in the 2nd part of the season.

  • Ross Milton
    Ross Milton Month ago

    Rangers always trending everyweek everybody loves to watch them

  • Dilly dilly With the big willy

    Rangers celtic going to be like liverpool man city last season the champions will have 100pts

  • Giraffe meme Z
    Giraffe meme Z Month ago +1

    Celtic fan hear just want to say I’m glad hearts got clapped😮

  • UlsterDarkKnight
    UlsterDarkKnight Month ago

    Steve Davis was pulling the strings in midfield, his through balls set up alot of chances. Still an underrated player

  • Crime Docs
    Crime Docs Month ago +1

    Keep Morelos n Kent quiete,must admit we in fur a game on Sunday I think ,,should be goals ,looking forward to it ,Eduardo is playin trust me ,he’s not injured

  • Claire Bryson
    Claire Bryson Month ago

    The last goal was like 😆😮😆😮🤪

  • Lorenzo Martino
    Lorenzo Martino Month ago

    Morelos would be the best medicine for AC MILAN
    Cross by theo hernandez from the left wing and head shot goal by morelos

    • Lorenzo Martino
      Lorenzo Martino Month ago +2

      @Gazza Baigan I've been following him for months. Very massive forward, old style spearhead. The new radamel falcao

    • Gazza Baigan
      Gazza Baigan Month ago

      Would Milan pay 30-40 million for him? because morelos is fantastic hes going to be a top class player in afew years ✌

    • Mark Roberts
      Mark Roberts Month ago +2

      Hands off son.Not unless you're club is got fifty million.

  • DoubleDeckerAnton
    DoubleDeckerAnton Month ago

    Theres good n bad days ey...? 🤔💭

  • Scott Johnston
    Scott Johnston Month ago

    Hearts are dung.

  • Ronnie Brown
    Ronnie Brown Month ago

    How many times does a Rangers player need to get kicked, tripped, pulled, shoved before this ref gives a free kick?

  • united4631
    united4631 Month ago +4

    Hope Rangers win the SPFL

  • Antonio
    Antonio Month ago +1

    still behind LMAO

  • dsmyify
    dsmyify Month ago +10

    Favourite Hearts highlight was when the Hearts player fell down.

  • Luke McGrory
    Luke McGrory Month ago +1

    Not trying to take credit away from rangers but hearts are truly woeful.. embarrassing club on and off the pitch at the moment

  • Ben Sutherland
    Ben Sutherland Month ago

    that lad hickey looks way out of his depth, a bit too early perhaps for the young guy always caught out of position or been bullied physically

  • Owen the octopus 123
    Owen the octopus 123 Month ago +2

    Just next week boys silver wear will come

  • Sonny
    Sonny Month ago

    The blue team might win their first ever premier league title this season.

    • Jack Power
      Jack Power Month ago

      55 on it's way

    • Lucy Darko
      Lucy Darko Month ago

      That would be impressive seeing as the blue team don't play in the Premier League. The clue is in the channel name.

  • Knights Templar
    Knights Templar Month ago +1

    Hearts keeper had a good game.....

  • murphys world
    murphys world Month ago

    We are utter gabarge have been for ages. We desperatly need a new manager in to sort these imposters out. The players should hand their wages back and give back the ticket money to the jambos that travelled.

    • TheMrmoonlight
      TheMrmoonlight Month ago

      Levine creates teams that fit his personality, really dull and boring with a bit of a sore loser streak. I don't know what anyone sees in that big guy you have up front he's rotten, he has a couple of decent games here and there. He was the best I've ever seen him against rangers at tyncastle that last match but vast majority of the time he's slow and can't play but then again I'm not watching hearts too often, just any time I have seen him play.

  • Travis rooba
    Travis rooba Month ago +2

    How old is Jermaine defoe? I've been seen this guy play since I was 8

    • TheMrmoonlight
      TheMrmoonlight Month ago

      He's really good for his age and could be 27 looks and playing wise if nobody knew any different. He could still play for another few years yet

    • Travis rooba
      Travis rooba Month ago

      @They all knew am 28 😂

    • They all knew
      They all knew Month ago

      Travis rooba what age are you ten ? 😂

    • Jack Power
      Jack Power Month ago +1


    • HicksGaming
      HicksGaming Month ago +1

      38 I think?

  • zwerdsw
    zwerdsw Month ago +4

    Hearts really do always give it 100% against Rangers.

  • G 1
    G 1 Month ago +1


  • HypeZ
    HypeZ Month ago +1

    rangers fans must love having the champions in their youtube titles

    • HypeZ
      HypeZ Month ago

      Glasgow Rangers 1872
      you also only have more views because hearts fans love watchin their team get pumped at ibrox that extra 60k is jambos

    • Glasgow Rangers 1872
      Glasgow Rangers 1872 Month ago +6

      Well we do get more views so anything to keep Celtics boring 9iar attempt in the headlines.

  • robert brown
    robert brown Month ago

    It’s all comin down to the 29th,the Teddy bears are back where they belong

  • Tone 381
    Tone 381 Month ago +7

    It's great you Scots don't have var

    • Peter Simpson
      Peter Simpson Month ago +1

      Vars a joke man. The offside margins are ridiculous.

  • RaoulDuke6666
    RaoulDuke6666 Month ago +1

    Chris Sutton: "We knew that Hearts would lie down".

  • rabtrueblue1
    rabtrueblue1 Month ago +3

    Nick of Berra for the 5th 😂🇬🇧


    Hickie at fault for about 4 goals there lol. Seriously overrated

  • Samir Alves Haddad
    Samir Alves Haddad Month ago

    Rangers em ótima. Gerard vai ter tudo para ser um ótimo treinador. Mas este goleiro do Haerts é muito fraco. Não teve inteligência de espalmar as bolas. Fora as que ele jogou para o meio da área. Goleiro horroroso. Ele tem que se inspirar no McGregor... Que depois que saiu do Rangers... Pegou ótima experiência voltando um dos melhores.

  • The Phantom
    The Phantom Month ago

    It has to be said, Rangers are looking strong this season.

  • Brooklyn Montgomery
    Brooklyn Montgomery Month ago +1

    Morelos to the Premier League next season.

  • Cat B
    Cat B Month ago +8

    The ones in the wine coloured shirts made the ones in the blue shirts look good. They were REALLY POOR

    • Cat B
      Cat B Month ago

      wales why would a Tim be raging?

    • david wales
      david wales Month ago

      So is your attempt at trying to not seem like a raging Tim

  • Chris Mac
    Chris Mac Month ago +2

    Almost time for that first 🏆 of the season yassss


    • rangers16907
      rangers16907 Month ago +1


  • hate the spuds
    hate the spuds Month ago +1

    What ever celtic do rangers do better good team effort magnificent win upwards onwards to march to SP title

    • Chris Mac
      Chris Mac Month ago

      @Jack Power fuckin delinquent.

    • Chris Mac
      Chris Mac Month ago

      @Jack Power it's ripping right oot ye.

    • Jack Power
      Jack Power Month ago

      @Chris Mac won a crap Europa group . Conceded in every home game . Handed 2 games by lazio . Aye well done haha silly unwashed Tim

    • Chris Mac
      Chris Mac Month ago

      @malang Sob it's the Internet who gives 2 fucks... Oh and yes I'm a woman 🤪.

    • Chris Mac
      Chris Mac Month ago

      On the crack pipe at that time of the morning ffs... What ever celtic do rangers do better 🤔 win your group with two games to spare? Na course not, come the 8th it'll be another 🏆 in the bag. 😃 Hail hail 😁

  • Thomas M
    Thomas M Month ago +5

    I’m a Celtic fan but rangers should be on the same goal difference when that should’ve been a penalty

  • Zader 116
    Zader 116 Month ago +2

    Great finish Berra

  • Flavio Foglietta
    Flavio Foglietta Month ago +4

    So sad to see the Hearts like this

    • Simon Paterson
      Simon Paterson Month ago

      @wiki invader True mate. Looks like Stendel is going to appointed today. Hopefully he will bring some much needed stability and get us playing good attacking football again rather than the dross we've served up for the last 3 seasons.

    • wiki invader
      wiki invader Month ago

      @Simon Paterson I dint think its the fact that hearts are a bad team. They dont have a manager atm and the team from my seat at ibrox looked all over the place so easy for us to beat. No complaints from me tho😁

    • Simon Paterson
      Simon Paterson Month ago +3

      @Flavio Foglietta Totally agree mate. I can't understand how we are struggling with the players we have. Hope we appoint a manager this week. I'd love Warnock to get the job.

    • Flavio Foglietta
      Flavio Foglietta Month ago +3

      @Simon Paterson what I do not understand is the fact that the players are not even so bad if you look at the 11. Then you can lose at Ibrox but not like this.. Also you can't waste opportunities to make points with St Johnstone or Livingston

    • Simon Paterson
      Simon Paterson Month ago +1

      I agree mate. We may be down at the moment but we will get back up sooner rather than later I'm sure.

  • Jaca boy
    Jaca boy Month ago +20

    Naismith is a wee daft traitor

    • Chris Mac
      Chris Mac Month ago

      @Alister Ingram yip he was a fan favourite and he hated the celtic and you lot loved him for it, well before he wasn't willing to go down with the ship... And with 5 kids to feed you can't blame the guy.

    • BAZ The Slayer
      BAZ The Slayer Month ago +1

      @Alister Ingram gers before they died

    • Alister Ingram
      Alister Ingram Month ago

      Chris Mac who??

    • Chris Mac
      Chris Mac Month ago

      @Alister Ingram worshiped by many.

    • Alister Ingram
      Alister Ingram Month ago

      Wee dirty kick at the end little rat he is

  • The Kilted Climber
    The Kilted Climber Month ago

    Yassssssssssssss!!! :)

  • bandituk
    bandituk Month ago +3

    Not bad for such a new team.