I Made Giant Mozzarella Sticks And Onion Rings • Tasty

  • Published on Jun 22, 2019
  • “The biggest cheese pull I’ve ever done in my life.”
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    Appetizer Food
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    Homemade Fried Mozzarella Sticks
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Comments • 10 412

  • jexonnn
    jexonnn 56 minutes ago

    Yay heart attack

  • Pro Gaming
    Pro Gaming Hour ago

    Make a giant hotdog

  • Yevhen Smith
    Yevhen Smith Hour ago

    Giant chicken wing

  • Dazifyy
    Dazifyy 2 hours ago

    Lol That PhotoShop in the thumbnail

  • Melanie Campos
    Melanie Campos 4 hours ago

    You shude make big cheese cake

  • Example Bot
    Example Bot 4 hours ago

    Game of thrones season 8 made me cry; in hate and disgust

  • Roal Arlo
    Roal Arlo 5 hours ago

    I think you should be paid a lot that onions is terrible

    • Aryana
      Aryana 3 hours ago

      i cant understand u

  • Eugen Nathan
    Eugen Nathan 8 hours ago

    Chew gum when working with onion, you will not give a tear. Works for me

  • Carl Robinson
    Carl Robinson 10 hours ago

    Can you do giant empanadas next? 😋

  • Valerie Animagus
    Valerie Animagus 10 hours ago

    I was just going OHHHHHHHHHH throughout this whole video because I love cheese so much XD

  • Ragnheidurg Elvars
    Ragnheidurg Elvars 11 hours ago

    I have never had mozzarella sticks

    Is that weird?

  • Mercy Chilufya
    Mercy Chilufya 14 hours ago

    I live for Alvin's "Wooo"

  • Sascha K
    Sascha K 15 hours ago

    This is entire series is just Alvin wanting to be a chipmunk and imagining what it would be like to steal real people food

  • Crispina Mariel Capinpin

    Can you make mac n cheese big please that is my favorite ☺️☺️☺️

  • 9a3eedi
    9a3eedi 18 hours ago

    He eats while he plays. I wonder how nasty his controller is

  • Israel S
    Israel S 19 hours ago

    Were do u live in gonna come thru and rob your onion rings and giant mozzarella sticks hopefully I don't catch a case

  • Mathy Don
    Mathy Don 19 hours ago +1

    When someone doesn’t like onions that’s how you know they’re an alien in disguise. ONIONS ARE DELICIOUS

  • Jamijjin
    Jamijjin 21 hour ago

    huge lasagna

  • Just Lily
    Just Lily 22 hours ago

    ‘The momentum from the hips help the batter not stick’
    Made me laugh so much😂

  • Bella Bee
    Bella Bee 23 hours ago

    Omg I’m starving.

  • Sapphire Finesse
    Sapphire Finesse 23 hours ago

    It looks so good

  • neko girl
    neko girl Day ago

    Did he take out the wooden sticks holding the cheese together

  • Ricky Lee
    Ricky Lee Day ago

    Torture for me I love does

  • Amy Stevenson
    Amy Stevenson Day ago +27

    No one:
    Not a soul:
    Alvin: it’s leaking like an overfilled diaper

  • criesyoongii
    criesyoongii Day ago


  • Abdul Rehman
    Abdul Rehman Day ago +1

    Can you make a big big big big big (Birthday cake).
    And remember dis is't a challenge for you my friend.

  • Syed Qureshi
    Syed Qureshi Day ago

    Use string to cut the cheese! Much easier!!

  • Ztmorris
    Ztmorris Day ago

    *Girls when he has a 10 inch dick.* "Thats a two hander"

  • Firegunner6969
    Firegunner6969 Day ago

    Sub 2 tasty

  • Karell Krey
    Karell Krey Day ago

    sana all ;(

  • HTPC Home
    HTPC Home Day ago

    Will you make a giant Ferero Rocher please ? ( Don't ask me from where I get all of these ideas from ) . Bye from India !

  • Sabrina Slime
    Sabrina Slime Day ago

    Alvin : thank you my fan

  • Timothy Ramos
    Timothy Ramos Day ago

    No one:
    Alvin: WHOOO!

  • srecckoo Ok
    srecckoo Ok Day ago

    I will eat tat

  • srecckoo Ok
    srecckoo Ok Day ago

    Thes looks so tasty

  • Blender Boi
    Blender Boi 2 days ago

    poopyy yayyy poopy in my pants

  • Amy Nguyen
    Amy Nguyen 2 days ago

    Someone give this mans some goggles

  • Samantha Smith
    Samantha Smith 2 days ago

    Fuckin dope

  • frosted churros
    frosted churros 2 days ago

    i like jakes hair

  • Ngun Chin
    Ngun Chin 2 days ago

    Watching this makes me jealous😭😭😭😭😭

  • Atragedy999
    Atragedy999 2 days ago

    Make me a BIG mozzarella sticks and cheese ravioli❤

  • Wasabi Fluff
    Wasabi Fluff 2 days ago

    I need the mozzarella sticks!

  • Madison Gregory
    Madison Gregory 2 days ago +5

    “You HAVE TO SEASON” *adds salt*

    • Madison Gregory
      Madison Gregory 3 hours ago

      yo it’s a joke 😂 all people season w is salt, there’s TONS of other seasonings to use but everyone sticks to basic salt & pepper

    • Aryana
      Aryana 3 hours ago

      it brings out flavor

    • Aryana
      Aryana 3 hours ago

      so? salt is seasoning

    • 0_0 0_0
      0_0 0_0 8 hours ago +1

      Madison Gregory and...

  • selene l
    selene l 2 days ago

    Yes, add binders to the rings and then put three rings in a binder.

  • Ellisa Lebert
    Ellisa Lebert 2 days ago

    Thanks alot Alvin, now I'm hungry for mozzarella sticks😡😩

  • Paula Belliard
    Paula Belliard 2 days ago

    those mozzarella sticks look so sexy bye

  • Nur Lia
    Nur Lia 2 days ago

    I was rooting for that big onion ring to fall when he take it out.

  • The Random Iceberg
    The Random Iceberg 2 days ago

    Me on a Tuesday

  • Goksel Peduk
    Goksel Peduk 2 days ago +3

    "it's spilling like a over filled diaper

  • ruble thomas
    ruble thomas 2 days ago +1

    are we not gonna talk about how cute alvin is ????

  • Ray Free
    Ray Free 2 days ago

    Please cook giant chicken Alfredo pasta

  • Derrick Kok
    Derrick Kok 2 days ago

    Make a giant cupcakes!

  • Purple Element
    Purple Element 2 days ago +2

    Was just me or after looking at the giant food did his water bottle look tiny to you lol

  • Sypher Gaming
    Sypher Gaming 2 days ago

    You should make a big salad

  • Amory Antoine
    Amory Antoine 3 days ago


  • Lola Rose B
    Lola Rose B 3 days ago

    Can you make a giant pancakes with eggs and bacon?

  • Blue Pump
    Blue Pump 3 days ago

    13:48 peep that tiny bite🤣

  • majesty10xu1
    majesty10xu1 3 days ago

    Hi, you probably already have culinary experts to advise you, but when deep frying anything, you need to take the item out while it's still paler than wanted because the carryover cooking will bring the color up to the desired darkness. I've seen you deep fry other items and they all seem to be a bit too dark.

  • Zoila-rych's Channel
    Zoila-rych's Channel 3 days ago +19

    guys I think Alvin should make a giant cookie or like a giant taco like if u agree

  • Mayuri Sivakumaran
    Mayuri Sivakumaran 3 days ago +4

    this show is basically how to do a work out by cooking