My Wife's Friend Got Me In Trouble.

  • Published on Feb 27, 2019
  • First name Friend. Last name TROUBLE.
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Comments • 8 801

  • Michele Cuti
    Michele Cuti 5 hours ago

    So is Pam your wife or her friend

  • RUFIN0
    RUFIN0 5 hours ago

    They had is in the first half, not gonna lie

  • M e l l o Y u n i
    M e l l o Y u n i 9 hours ago

    Holy crap that ending got me jumping out of my seat-

  • Louise Balks
    Louise Balks 11 hours ago +1

    Hi I’m just your TheXvid channel it’s just the best I want to what happened

  • GS
    GS 12 hours ago

    Alex: Random Steven universe cameo

  • Doug Babler
    Doug Babler 13 hours ago


  • Den Alaba
    Den Alaba 19 hours ago

    Part 3 please!

  • bigdawgdee2 Garcia
    bigdawgdee2 Garcia 21 hour ago

    The only thing to do is each- I just realized this

  • Madison Gacha
    Madison Gacha 23 hours ago

    Uh....I'm kinda offened....I HAVE RED HAIR AND BLUE EYES AND I REALLY REALLY DONT CARE ABOUT WHAT I LOOK LIKE AND I DONT THINK IM HOT AT ALL meh I'm not very offended but I have just taught. Yep.
    Oop hi people

  • Mo Amin
    Mo Amin Day ago

    This guys the king of cliff hangers

  • Barack Bagatsing

    I hate vegeta... I can't say it

  • Diane Den Boestert

    You are Tratior... I LOVE CARROTS!

  • commit toaster bath

    I don't like those vegetables, vegetables are bad

  • Sora Aki
    Sora Aki Day ago


  • Hello Friendos
    Hello Friendos Day ago

    So wait is Pam your wife or her friend

  • XxNamelessSniper
    XxNamelessSniper 3 days ago +1

    *He’s the ladies man*

  • Dragon God Ignia
    Dragon God Ignia 3 days ago

    Wtf the twist

  • Subaru- Kun
    Subaru- Kun 3 days ago

    Simple answer you didnt and shes just a figment of your imagination...

    I live in an insane asylum... :D

  • James Games
    James Games 3 days ago

    Remember kid don’t eat shro... I mean roots begas

  • Gummy bear Gaming noob

    are you to gonna have kidzzzzzz

  • Talya
    Talya 3 days ago

    7:05 - are you kidding me?!?!😅
    That twist was hilarious😂🤣😂

  • Marina Armas
    Marina Armas 3 days ago


  • Zack 2.O
    Zack 2.O 4 days ago +1

    Good job I thought you where lonely lol ;-;

  • EGamerXD
    EGamerXD 4 days ago

    This plot twist at the end was better than all the plot twists in "My Realtionship With My Babysitter".

  • Soggy Nugget
    Soggy Nugget 4 days ago

    What ever happend to your baby sitter girlfriend

  • ItzAshley ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    *My ship is now gone >:T*

  • Melly Hammon
    Melly Hammon 4 days ago

    1:30 and just then I actually heard a beep

  • D M
    D M 4 days ago

    Can you feel the love tonight

  • Lane Rynearson
    Lane Rynearson 5 days ago

    That was....... a mega twist Alex. But why date her instead of Pam then?

  • Cheyenne Alicea
    Cheyenne Alicea 5 days ago

    "I can't do that."
    "Why not?"
    "Because, I'm already in love, with cupcakes"

  • Bunny T Club
    Bunny T Club 5 days ago

    i love cooking meat and eating meat too ^^ meaaaaat

  • Souven ir., Jean baptiste

    Oh oh they kiss lalalalalallaalaalalalalaal

  • CovertAlias
    CovertAlias 6 days ago

    W͙a͙t͙ I͙s͙ G͙O͙I͙N͙G͙ O͙N͙!?!?

  • bruce frunzi
    bruce frunzi 6 days ago

    But did u smash though

  • Gavin Buckner
    Gavin Buckner 6 days ago

    Whyyyyyy her roommate 😭🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Starlight Effect
    Starlight Effect 6 days ago +1

    Where that part 3 at

  • Bryant Louise Isla
    Bryant Louise Isla 7 days ago


  • Logan Thompson
    Logan Thompson 7 days ago

    What theres an ItAlexsClark POP

  • king kern
    king kern 7 days ago

    Where can I buy that Alex Clark funko pop I love it I would buy it

    AL3A7ORI3DAD3 BR 8 days ago

    She was wild

  • Garishformula 8
    Garishformula 8 8 days ago

    Sub or kick dog
    *tries to kick dog*
    You're gonna have a bad time
    *bone jumps*
    This should belong in r/youngpeopleyoutube

  • Necita Hedtkamp
    Necita Hedtkamp 8 days ago


  • Austin Harbinson
    Austin Harbinson 8 days ago

    I love your use of "vegetables"

  • Ssccaarryy
    Ssccaarryy 8 days ago +1

    uhhh i think this i cool in all but uhh whens part 13 of i dated my babysitter i cant find that last one did you not upload?

  • dep sao md
    dep sao md 8 days ago

    it wasn't pam(ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

  • Universe Mistake
    Universe Mistake 8 days ago +1

    Mushrooms 🍄

  • AnimeKing
    AnimeKing 9 days ago +1

    I love your channel I watched so many vids and I liked because yours is so interesting and funny and cool

  • iiRetro Law
    iiRetro Law 9 days ago

    Everything I know is a lie you betrayed me coke!

  • iiRetro Law
    iiRetro Law 9 days ago

    Amazing drawing of Steven and Connie.

  • MysticalSpace
    MysticalSpace 9 days ago

    Alex: There was nothing to errmmm do
    Caption:There was I can only eat chum

  • Pinki Shah
    Pinki Shah 9 days ago

    Guys when I heard do ur math home work I said speak of the devil 😂😂😂👎

  • Dallas Sjoberg
    Dallas Sjoberg 10 days ago

    Does he mean drugs like instead of vegetables

  • ckbear
    ckbear 10 days ago

    wow. was not expecting that

  • Richard Murray
    Richard Murray 10 days ago

    3:30 what the what??? NANI???

  • DJK Allday
    DJK Allday 11 days ago

    He wants more videos in the future leave him on a cliff hanger

  • alex qamili
    alex qamili 11 days ago

    Man dont show your face anymore wtf

  • Samantha Bennett
    Samantha Bennett 11 days ago

    wait did u rlly date pam's room8 not pam!?!? NOOOO, nah i swear u didnt, coz u kept calling her pam!?!??!? in the background!? IM CONFUSION

  • Mommy Life
    Mommy Life 11 days ago

    your a idoit

  • gage davis
    gage davis 11 days ago

    dun dun dun

  • TSFRG studios inc.
    TSFRG studios inc. 11 days ago

    No joke of women being so sexy but i think it's gross