Joe Wilkinson Cannot Stop Laughing After Fabio Messes Up!! | 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown

  • Published on Jan 20, 2018
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    Joe Wilkinson loses it when Fabio is called out for his poor galloping!
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Comments • 286

  • Harfast
    Harfast 28 days ago

    I thought Jon was going to say nice d meet you.

  • james friel
    james friel 29 days ago

    Joe laughing is great, but the best part is Jimmy going "Not enough gallop! do it again! " what a great taskmaster.

  • Dusty Johnson
    Dusty Johnson Month ago +2

    John Cooper Clarke is just in shock

  • ozzyintexas
    ozzyintexas Month ago

    they all have good chemistry with Fabio. he takes a lot of stick hahahah

  • James Coote
    James Coote Month ago

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  • Nick Groom
    Nick Groom Month ago

    Fabio must have taken galloping lessons from the Ministry of Silly Walks.

  • Mini Brudda
    Mini Brudda Month ago

    I was the 12,600th like.

  • DarkAngels83
    DarkAngels83 Month ago


  • Baxter Stockman
    Baxter Stockman 2 months ago

    Hey, channel 4, your editing ruins the fun out of these clips.

  • Natalie Barnes
    Natalie Barnes 2 months ago

    "You've got to go for a religion then a colour" 😂😂😂

  • M E
    M E 2 months ago

    I find Jessica knappet unconventionally beautiful

  • LeroyRifkin
    LeroyRifkin 2 months ago

    fake as all fuck.

  • Ben Clarkson
    Ben Clarkson 3 months ago +4


  • Grump
    Grump 4 months ago

    stupid sexy Fabio

  • yammyharrone
    yammyharrone 5 months ago

    So the video is about Joe losing it, and not only is the video almost entirely of Jon, but you cut Joe off... 👎

  • peter291997
    peter291997 5 months ago

    cracking body but thick as pig shit

  • chelseafcrocks82
    chelseafcrocks82 5 months ago

    please do a Fabio compilation lads

  • Ryan M.
    Ryan M. 6 months ago +1

    If joes laughing then you know it’s hilarious

  • the girl in question
    the girl in question 6 months ago

    i'd shag joe wilkinson into next week.....................pls don't ask me why

  • Donn OMarr
    Donn OMarr 6 months ago

    Can someone tell me just exactly how much does Fabio and that other male stripper get paid ? There’s not a number in the world that would be worth all this humiliation.

  • morphman86
    morphman86 6 months ago

    The reactions Joe has to Fabio sometimes makes me wonder if those remarks about them being brothers really was for comedy. He reacts like only a big brother would whenever Fabio fails.

  • Luke S.
    Luke S. 6 months ago +65

    Dmitri Magnesium > Anastasia Steele

  • pixel girl
    pixel girl 6 months ago

    Meanwhile, Jimmy cannot stop laughing after his recent OS update.

  • yautja89
    yautja89 7 months ago

    I love how joe seems to have this strange relationship with this male model from a tv show they work on.

  • ChaoticDoll
    ChaoticDoll 7 months ago

    What on earth was that fabio? That was terrible. LMFAO!

  • Ross Cronin
    Ross Cronin 8 months ago

    Love Jimmy

  • James
    James 8 months ago

    why do i have to watch someone plugging their book first?

  • Connor Heider
    Connor Heider 8 months ago

    i would buy that

  • Chloe Jones
    Chloe Jones 8 months ago +3

    Presbytarian Beige

  • Itslvle
    Itslvle 9 months ago

    Listening to Deep Clean 2 as I sipped from my throbbing, tall, dark glass of cola, I just couldn't hold it in anymore and burst with laughter, spraying the liquid all over the screen, the moisture now dripping down John's innocent face. 'You dirty little screen' I said as I wiped it down, smearing it ever wider. Never going to be clean ever again.

  • Simmyofficial
    Simmyofficial 9 months ago

    Dont find jon funny in the slightest but joe is the man

  • Brendan Clarke
    Brendan Clarke 9 months ago

    Jon you stupid sounding cunt.

  • Nathan Glover
    Nathan Glover 9 months ago

    Theres 342 dislikes on this i dont know so funny

  • SneakyShark
    SneakyShark 10 months ago

    There's something extremely joyful about watching Joe Wilkinson properly laugh :)

  • RedRam Ipsen
    RedRam Ipsen 10 months ago

    I am strangely turned on right now

  • Powder
    Powder 11 months ago


  • O'Brian McFiercen
    O'Brian McFiercen 11 months ago

    im honestly inlove with him

  • Vanda sóvágó
    Vanda sóvágó 11 months ago

    Was that any moment of this show when they accidently called Fabio by his real name Robert?

  • emercycrite
    emercycrite 11 months ago +7

    Jon is so brilliantly funny. He has the most delightful speaking voice too

  • Anders Püschel
    Anders Püschel 11 months ago

    Prebyteria is a great name for a girl.

  • wicious
    wicious Year ago +1

    That cover photo is so great

  • Gordan Misic
    Gordan Misic Year ago

    The cover of book is realy good

  • Gordon Dean
    Gordon Dean Year ago

    Fabio, funnier without ever saying a word than most of the hacks they call guests. Time after time he steals the show. A true delight.

  • Greet the queer
    Greet the queer Year ago

    Is it a real book? Can't seem to find it

  • Beux J
    Beux J Year ago

    For the love of god, where can I buy a copy of 'Deep Clean'? Phen-frigginominal!

  • Tobias Crane
    Tobias Crane Year ago

    Where can do buy that book!

  • Shae Ahern
    Shae Ahern Year ago +4

    That subtle Anastasia joke with “Dimitri” I’m literally dying I love that movie

  • anton engels
    anton engels Year ago +1

    Some say that in his day job he's a qualified neurosurgeon. And that he, in his spare time, grows exotic vegetables for use in the sex industry.
    All we know for sure is, he's called Fabio.

  • craig swift
    craig swift Year ago

    was that funny, sorry.

  • Ki Silver
    Ki Silver Year ago

    I would read this

  • Kungfoo Joey
    Kungfoo Joey Year ago

    jim bowen has passed :(, no on seems to give a fuck but he was one of the bigginers < ? of all this .

  • cHAZE
    cHAZE Year ago +1

    Jimmy's laugh is just irritating now it was never funny to begin with but knowing it's fake just makes it unbearable and its just completely unnecessary

  • Mike McFry
    Mike McFry Year ago

    I bet Joe and Fabio get on well after all the whacky skits they've done!

  • Silas Sza
    Silas Sza Year ago

    What episode is the deep clean from? Also if anyone remembers the episode where Sean lock feels things are to safe so he brings stuff to make his life more risky?

  • Red Forman
    Red Forman Year ago +58

    The funny thing is that Jon's story is a far superior literary work than 50 Shades of rape.

  • Rockyreecey
    Rockyreecey Year ago

    This is a laugh track

    • Andy Dunnock
      Andy Dunnock 4 months ago

      No it isn't. Always a live audience.

  • Dr Woo
    Dr Woo Year ago +10

    I’d buy Jon’s books! I love a good clean novel!

  • Ross Ritchie
    Ross Ritchie Year ago


  • Matto niy
    Matto niy Year ago

    And if those were women, the show would be cancelled and all involved labled sexist pigs 😜

  • Arpan Bartaula
    Arpan Bartaula Year ago +2

    Jimmy got trump skin cream or sommet

  • Ashy salmon 1.7
    Ashy salmon 1.7 Year ago +612

    Seeing such a dry comedian such as joe Wilkinson lose his shit with laughter at something is pure gold

    • Ollie Shaw
      Ollie Shaw 15 days ago

      He is a legend

    • BNL07604
      BNL07604 Month ago +2

      He is pretty deadpan.

    • James McCready
      James McCready 5 months ago +2

      Ashy salmon 1.7 Especially something so stupid😂

  • Alex Costa
    Alex Costa Year ago

    the way jimmy said "all afternoon" sounded waaaay too posh!

  • Pablo Erdmenger
    Pablo Erdmenger Year ago

    I would actually buy deep clean 1 and 2 tbh

  • GeoNeo Hill
    GeoNeo Hill Year ago

    Is that the girl from the inbetweeners movie??

  • transparent91
    transparent91 Year ago +7

    Jon RIchardson, *slow clap clap* well done. That was fucking hillarious! The title for this clip is totally wrong and misleading. The gold in this was Jon's bit without a doubt!

  • Dimple
    Dimple Year ago

    Which Jessica is that?

  • Mistake 803
    Mistake 803 Year ago +23

    Jon was the life of this show, they basically have to pretend a lot of these videos are about someone else or they'd literally all just be titled "Jon Richardson."

  • Finn Peeters
    Finn Peeters Year ago

    Willing candle or option suit yellow event.

  • Marky
    Marky Year ago

    Can't get over his role in him and her. What's his angle!!! Each to their own I suppose.

  • DOCTOR Cola
    DOCTOR Cola Year ago

    ----- I LOVE CATS AND BURGERS ----- ----- I LOVE CATS AND BURGERS ----- ----- I LOVE CATS AND BURGERS ----- cool

  • panny14
    panny14 Year ago +2

    Any chance you could also upload the poems from later in this episode? I yearn to hear, "Thanks mate, I just shat myself", once again.

  • Finlay Jones
    Finlay Jones Year ago

    I would actually buy this book.

  • Thomas Carnacki
    Thomas Carnacki Year ago

    Well...he kinda did stop laughing as you cut it off before he'd finished !
    This is yer web page....why didn;t you jus leave it in and let us see how long he went on ?
    Bunch o shite, Channel 4 !!!

  • Rosie
    Rosie Year ago +1

    I didn't think I could be more in love with Fabio but here we are

  • Ben McNutt
    Ben McNutt Year ago

    Is this an actual book and if it isn't it should be. I would buy it

  • HolandaChiquita
    HolandaChiquita Year ago +1

    That was wonderful. I'm in tears. Fabio is just amazing!!!

  • Michael Sheehan
    Michael Sheehan Year ago +3

    Jimmy needs a deep clean on his face. It's like he washes it with bolognese.

  • chris kaprys
    chris kaprys Year ago +1

    wow. Deep Clean 2 is gold.

  • Paul Michael
    Paul Michael Year ago

    A show full of nonces

  • George Rogers
    George Rogers Year ago +28

    Robert Deaton (aka Fabio) is a proper legend. The true star of Cats Does Countdown.

  • Leon Winter
    Leon Winter Year ago

    central organization gasoline shape desire external internal character developing record.

  • C C
    C C Year ago +3

    Joe in the thumbnail looks like that really bad Jesus restoration painting

    • Sufi Ch
      Sufi Ch Year ago +1

      C C Looked more like Rasputin to me.

  • Evil Clever Dog
    Evil Clever Dog Year ago +7

    Already lost it at "Dmitri Magnesium".

  • Seth Gambino RHCP
    Seth Gambino RHCP Year ago +8

    Fabio bit starts at 3:02

  • rockinchimp
    rockinchimp Year ago

    Fabio is always a joy to watch.

  • Yammercat
    Yammercat Year ago +16

    Hey. Nice Dimit you

  • Strike86
    Strike86 Year ago +588

    I like being read to by John Richardson. Does he do audiobooks?

  • Boris Müller
    Boris Müller Year ago +23

    I would pay so much for Jon to read the audiobooks of his erotic novels.

  • Israel Gallegos
    Israel Gallegos Year ago

    You why? Because Fabio is a fucken' idiot!😁😁😁

  • Puk Bobo
    Puk Bobo Year ago

    What is going on with Jimmy's face? Is it me or is he somehow going orange? Turning Trump, as I believe it's called...

    • Puk Bobo
      Puk Bobo Year ago

      Can we be sure that trump isn't actually some kind of citrus fruit gone way off and turned sentient?
      And if so, does this mean that Jimmy is in the process of going off? Is he becoming a citrus fruit in his own right? What will happen to his hair?

    • BattleCarrot
      BattleCarrot Year ago

      Trump is fantastic. I don't care how high his citrus levels are.

  • Dougal McGuire
    Dougal McGuire Year ago

    i want that book. is it real?

  • Dylan Baird
    Dylan Baird Year ago

    Does anyone think his laugh is the most annoying thing

  • StingsVolgin
    StingsVolgin Year ago +107

    When I heard the shortening of the name Dmitry to Dmit', I was honestly expecting a beat Dmit' joke.

  • Just a small town bicycle


  • Dan B
    Dan B Year ago

    I watched this last night!

  • gimmemoremusic
    gimmemoremusic Year ago

    This needs a better title

  • BasicallyBrentt
    BasicallyBrentt Year ago +1

    Id still let him gallop into my butt

  • Gary Cooper
    Gary Cooper Year ago +416

    Are both those naked guys named Fabio? If not, I never hear the other one’s name mentioned.

    • Nick Pollard
      Nick Pollard 5 months ago

      I think Fabio is the one with the tattoo. Simply because he was the one with an erection on the 'Fabio's Banisters' billboard.

    • The Greasy Strangler
      The Greasy Strangler 8 months ago

      Gary Cooper The other one is called Dave

    • John von Horn
      John von Horn 11 months ago +1

      Noelle Nn What's the difference between my olo and a lol ? Nothing, they're both a joke.

    • Anders Püschel
      Anders Püschel 11 months ago +1

      Noelle Nn I don't think there's much you else you need to know about them that you can't see for yourself.

    • Noelle Nn
      Noelle Nn Year ago +4

      It's not their names I need to know when I see them.

  • puirYorick
    puirYorick Year ago +174

    I like how this show is an equal opportunity exploiter of fit males and females. The blonde in the short skirt is the maths whiz and the dude in tight trunks is the lovingly incompetent goof.

    • Iron Lord
      Iron Lord 2 months ago

      William Meisburger-Iwata that’s because they’re comedians it’s their job

    • William Meisburger-Iwata
      William Meisburger-Iwata 2 months ago +1

      Old comment, but both main women are genius', while the men (jon sean jimmy) are just to make poeple laugh.

    • TheNexan
      TheNexan Year ago +64

      To be fair, "the blonde in the short skirt" is on proper Countdown as the maths whiz.

  • Eyedeas Never Die
    Eyedeas Never Die Year ago +16

    Well, thats brothers for you