Donald Trump imposes sanctions on Iran's national bank following attacks on Saudi Aramco

  • Published on Sep 20, 2019
  • US President Trump said he has ordered sanctions on Iran’s national bank at “the highest level.”
    “These are the highest sanctions ever imposed on a country. We’ve never done it to this level.”
    Trump made the remarks in the Oval Office where he held a bilateral meeting with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.
    US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said the bank was Tehran's last source of funds.
    “This is very big,” Mnuchin said. “We’ve now cut off all source of funds to Iran.”
    US officials have accused Iran of coordinating strikes of Saudi Arabia’s oil installations.
    Iran has denied it is behind the attacks.
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Comments • 766

  • Bailey Hughes
    Bailey Hughes Month ago

    Iran won't even be able buy a snowcone, as they have their central bank frozen from world commerce!

  • Jean Datus
    Jean Datus Month ago

    Donald Trump will certainly be remembered for being the most effective president in American history

  • sammi uz zamma
    sammi uz zamma Month ago

    USA will have tough time
    Because with out proper information they are imposing policy
    They will regret this sanction I think

  • Darko Fius
    Darko Fius Month ago

    Bravo, Pentagon is to fight the Arab wars, an Army for hire, or the Washingtons palabras: "we sell you useless armaments and also the troops"...what a grand business, US has perhaps 50 serf states around the globe, a vassals to pay in human blood or "dollars", among most notorious are of course NATO members in Europe...which has no sovereignty to speak of...

  • Meganne Rouzetta
    Meganne Rouzetta Month ago

    wonderful stuff! Thanks. :D

  • Vito Amos
    Vito Amos Month ago

    Too soft America !

  • Confused DotCom
    Confused DotCom Month ago

    Any reason why terrorism wasn't already cut off from American banking system when it was first discovered??

  • shery amir aslani
    shery amir aslani Month ago

    We are not broke ! Do u think Iran’s economy is based on oil only!
    As for Bank sanctions ! Already 10 years ! Wake up.

  • Abdul Shohid
    Abdul Shohid Month ago

    Hate these barstards!!! They treat foreigners like dirt!!!

  • Spyro hawk9293 Gaming

    I wonder how Iran will respond.....

  • peter kinasz
    peter kinasz Month ago

    Trump is a liar when it suits his purpose. (pretty much like all liars) just like he promised to reveal his taxes B4 he was elected. Now "he doesnt want a war with Iran" what happens. IRAQ2 - now playing in the middle east.

  • peter kinasz
    peter kinasz Month ago

    Naah...Trump duznt want war with Iran but he's going 2 start one anyway becuz israel wants it. Trump & congress dont run this country - israel does. More of OUR KIDS are going 2 die fighting 4 a foreign country. Y R we even there?

  • Valencia Spain
    Valencia Spain Month ago

    I think we all need to just calm down now, let us stop provoking Iran and just go fishing and golfing instead with Bolton.

  • c rus
    c rus Month ago

    Very serious stuff.. China can only now be a supplier to Iran.. The US will impose a Oceanic blockade's for trade with iran and this will only get very messy..Food shortages and water and tech shortages ...I imagine Russia china , turkey and a few regional supporters will step in and make this the new Axis power to help Iran and actually create a world war which will be HOT . Heavy world financial recessions and no trade from china will shut down major online stores in the western world, western world might have to say goodbye to online trade .very very serious stuff .

  • Kate Frame
    Kate Frame Month ago

    Very diplomatic as ever 😮 omg

  • Abraham Yash'arahla

    Isaiah 13 War w Iran is the End of America. Period.

  • Bashir alie
    Bashir alie Month ago

    No more fund is going to fund terror.. Truth comes out of his mouth .U. S govt is and will always be the terrorist making machine ..killings and backbiting suits on U.S, according to history but at last as written in ancient books SATYAM-ME-VIJYATEY. truth wins no matter how much powerful the lie is.. 😊

  • zaine yusoff Yusoff

    This is a diversion tactic of Trump to face a graver issue is recession... he needs to side track American voters with new problems

  • Trolers Nation
    Trolers Nation 2 months ago

    Trump wants Americans to know that Iran is STARVED...but China is investing in the country, like sanctions be damned. China isn't like Russia that can be pushed over and sanctioned.

  • Tahir Ahmed
    Tahir Ahmed 2 months ago

    Very right step taken by USA president Trump as Iran crossing limits and attacking oil field of a Holy Muslim country Saudia is highly shameful and brutal attack which can make Middle east in a brutal war zone but Sir we want your role as a peace play also so sanctioning all deals is all right but if sir you must meet with Iranian government leaders as you did with S. Korean leadership otherwise we see a war which will take whole world as Iran just ready for any attacks from USA or if Saudia to respond them...All issues or tensions can be solved by talks first as now peace must be all our goal...May Allah save Middle East from a war......Ameen..

  • jack
    jack 2 months ago

    This is such a stupid situation you didnt like the iran deal so you backed out and then when theh backed out you get mad ????? Sick and tired of this dogshit country illegal wars for no reason

  • Irag Sayad
    Irag Sayad 2 months ago

    tell trump to send his own kids to defen saudi .....15 of the 9 / 11 hijackers were from saudi. but hey . they have got oil let/s give those saudi a hand ....long live iran

  • galanoja galan
    galanoja galan 2 months ago

    war on twiter lol this guy shot away he need help

  • G Si
    G Si 2 months ago

    President Trump is doing a marvelous job on the Iranian issue.
    All they have to do is stop being terrorists and agree to work as responsible country

    • ALi Khr
      ALi Khr 2 months ago

      Ryan Whyte do you even live on this earth..... brainwashed, feel sorry for you

  • Laiden
    Laiden 2 months ago

    Yehhhh my g

  • adminmovie
    adminmovie 2 months ago

    What a total clown.

  • Alex McCaffrey
    Alex McCaffrey 2 months ago

    Trump only knows how to cancel agreements, introduce sanctions. He's not achieved anything yet. Where's the deal with North Korea? He's given up on that one.

  • Aziz Hamed
    Aziz Hamed 2 months ago

    Don't play with fire and Iran

  • tincan tincan
    tincan tincan 2 months ago

    Iran needs bombing they are getting to big for boots ...FLATTEN EM

  • Darko Fius
    Darko Fius 2 months ago

    What if US army doing in Saudi Arabia, place of two Holy Mosques...

    • Darko Fius
      Darko Fius Month ago

      @David Hynes Bravo, Pentagon is to fight the Arab wars, an Army for hire, or the Washingtons palabras: "we sell you useless armaments and also the troops"...what a grand business, US has perhaps 50 serf states around the globe, a vassals to pay in human blood or "dollars", among most notorious are of course NATO members in Europe...which has no sovereignty to speak of...

    • David Hynes
      David Hynes Month ago

      They were invited.

  • Darko Fius
    Darko Fius 2 months ago

    Mr. Trump is preparing to conclude his presidency with bang...

  • Kam Singh
    Kam Singh 2 months ago

    Starve their children to death, sanction medicine so children die of disease. This is how the USA creates regime change. The refugee s will not be welcome

  • Luis Gallego Arceiz
    Luis Gallego Arceiz 2 months ago

    How much speech of clowns it's needed for Trump to go and destroy the media and those who attack him? It certainly puts a good precedent for their country and for other countries that are suffering A LOT due to SOCIALISM AND MONEY-TAKING MEDIA.

  • Rosebud
    Rosebud 2 months ago

    mr. president! you had put sanctions on this bank already! you forgot or it is a double sanction which is a trump strategy.

  • Kam Singh
    Kam Singh 2 months ago

    Don't worry about Iran trump they are part of briicks (Brazil, Russia, India, Iran, China, Korea (north), South Africa). The reserve Bank is in Shanghai. China just sent them 400 million of your soon to be obselete dollars.

  • Kam Singh
    Kam Singh 2 months ago +2

    I hope the USA public is proud how many children are dying through trumps global economic warfare on your behalf.

  • fsami18
    fsami18 2 months ago

    USA military spend 600 billion Saudis spend 70 billion Iran military spend 16 billion and wisdom of 5000 years to play your cards right and be reckoned and feared

  • Johnny Feve
    Johnny Feve 2 months ago

    Giving them strength.. By feeding there cause...

  • Zar_ ttg
    Zar_ ttg 2 months ago

    I really hope iran retaliates and wont back down it's about time the world stood up to corrupt America

  • Work With Nature - How to Grow Food!

    Sanctions is an act of war that kills people. Imagine the world would put sanctions on the USA. That would hurt a lot of innocent people in the uSA and would be unjust.

  • Farmer Bob
    Farmer Bob 2 months ago

    *So Trump says wars are an endless money pit and he’s against sticking Americas nose into other countries businesses while he was campaigning in 2016 and now he’s sending USA into another war?*
    *Well that was complete campaign BS then wasn’t it 🙄 right along with “Mexico is going to pay for the wall”..”I won’t have time to Golf because I’ll be to busy working”..and of course “I’m going to drain the swamp” yet it’s the fullest it’s ever been in US entire political history😤*
    *He just can’t keep his promises or his lies straight can he 🙄🙄🙄*

  • Ammar Ali
    Ammar Ali 2 months ago

    We all know that it was the Yemenis who did this, Iran gave them weapons, just like u make profit out of yours, now mr Prince is scared cause he thought he was Winning a war but had to call for help cause it went side ways 😂 this word man.

  • Jacques Momesso
    Jacques Momesso 2 months ago

    Trump the true comic clown , theater world

  • Landon S
    Landon S 2 months ago

    Not sure how the US is broke when companies still hire for 60k-90k annual income employees who pay taxes...?

  • Virginia Addis
    Virginia Addis 2 months ago +1

    Duckee lying yota fast.

    • Virginia Addis
      Virginia Addis 2 months ago +1

      Ducky only lusting for power and ivanka sorry ivanka i real life LEGEND NEVER LIKED YOUR DAD SLUM LAND LORD..

    • Virginia Addis
      Virginia Addis 2 months ago +1


  • Will It Fizz!
    Will It Fizz! 2 months ago

    Block what a banking system that is Independent that is not at all USA controlled

  • Rosie Z
    Rosie Z 2 months ago

    Number one terrorist country is usa. You created ISIS and now what you say about terrorism. Did you hear what my country's foreign minister said? Iran will finish the war until last usa's soldier. Iran will eat you as his desert. You can't even sort out the wall in Mexico and now want to fight with iran, please don't say a joke.

    THE DUKE OF HINOJOSA 2 months ago

    The only country that is broke is the one this guy is supposedly president of.
    Stinks of Iraq and WOMD all over again....
    Stinks to high heaven all of it.. We all know that these sanctions are designed to provoke a response and more than likely this attack was a staged event.
    But being that the USA has about 100 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities and Both russia and china are no longer buying American bonds and hoarding gold you can see war clouds gathering.
    The petrodollar is about to collapse and there is no way to spend and lend themselves out of this one.... Invading Iran would kick the can down the road a bit longer by either preventing china and russia from acquiring the oil continuing their growth while the USA socioeconomic apparatus degrades or they try and annex it...
    I cannot see China and Russia idly sitting by without atleast supplying support din a proxy style war... Russia and china having to spend resources to support Iran would at least check the economic advantage they could incur if the USA decided to invade...
    Problem is if it escalated into another full blown proxy war like Vietnam.... The entire globe will feel the pain.
    But, sadly... The usual suspects will only profit form this manufactured event and eventually end up with even more sociopolitical power....
    Ugly.... all of it...

  • HowToChange Now
    HowToChange Now 2 months ago +1

    Trump: calls iran terrorists when they’re the only ones who fought off ISIS in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon
    Also Trump: funds and sells billions worth of weapons to 9/11 suspects (Israel/Saudi Arabia)
    Also Trump: ignores the fact that Saudi is responsible for killing Khashoggi, starving millions of innocent yemeny people, allows Israel to create nuclear weapons but doesn’t allow Hezbolla to make precise missiles

  • cliff matthews
    cliff matthews 2 months ago +1

    Iran must be punished, enough is enough !

  • C D
    C D 2 months ago

    I love Trumps hair..

    NGOZ ABORIGINE 2 months ago

    Who will make money from the sanction?

  • Tahir Bashir
    Tahir Bashir 2 months ago

    Afghanistan Iraq Libya Syria and Now Iran Destruction continues ..Same Lies repeated..Terrorism Will increase 100x times .

  • Stella Cox
    Stella Cox 2 months ago

    Mr trump
    Australia does not care about usa
    Australia think about selling coal to lndina.
    Selling iron all to china
    Then from Australia china own
    Made in Australia but china own
    With no tax to usa .
    Australia is useding usa
    Trump ban the coal and steel from Australia.
    If you a real usa person standing up for usa people

    • Jaques Demolay
      Jaques Demolay Month ago

      That was a Stella statement!!! Wrong of course!! Firstly, there is no country called Indina!! Australia already sells coal to India and China!! Australia is a trading nation, so we trade!! Above all Stella, you should have learned to write the English that is mumbling it's way through your brain, so your fingers can articulate it through the pen. You sound like you never went to school, so why would anyone listen to your ignorant comments??
      Australia does care about the USA!! Enough to assist them every time USA requested and will into the future, as long as this world holds together.

  • Phillip Gibbon
    Phillip Gibbon 2 months ago

    Bring Iranian made is irrelevant if that’s the case it’s USA to blame for Yemen not Saudi Arabia because they used USA weapons

  • Jarek Jarek
    Jarek Jarek 2 months ago

    Why to not cure Iran by nuke pills?

  • Emperor Solo
    Emperor Solo 2 months ago

    Trump is the biggest funder for terror with the creation of ISIS and the destruction of Yemen 🇾🇪!

  • Fida hussain
    Fida hussain 2 months ago

    When. Eagle. Attack. On sparrow which sitting in jungle in small tree one small sharper stick penetrates Eagle body. And Eagle died. And sparrow fly safe
    Now same is. Happening with. America
    Now. China and Russia. Waiting how. Destroyed America power. Soonly

  • g bridgman
    g bridgman 2 months ago

    Sanctions, not war.

  • Corrine Tsang
    Corrine Tsang 2 months ago

    Saudi Arabia and the US can not stopped the attacks against the oil refineries.Trump is going after the banks instead.