UFC Boston Post-Fight Press Conference: Dana White

  • Published on Oct 19, 2019
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Comments • 624

  • Brandon Inc
    Brandon Inc 18 days ago

    I want to fight this guy

  • da mc
    da mc 22 days ago

    Dana "you can drink water" white

  • Truth First
    Truth First 25 days ago

    How do you know what’s in inhaler?

  • heavysaxophonemusic
    heavysaxophonemusic 26 days ago

    John Morgan is Arthur Morgans’ fat younger brother who studied journalism

  • goat cheese
    goat cheese 26 days ago

    Dana white is a wannabe joe rogan

  • nino f
    nino f 26 days ago

    He has Asthma... The orange one is called Flovent i Think... It doesnt give an advantage... people are stupid

  • Brett Fitzgerald
    Brett Fitzgerald 27 days ago

    So your saying someone with asthma cannot compete??

    IAMTHE WALRUS 28 days ago

    WHY ESPN+?????

  • Martin Bucher
    Martin Bucher 28 days ago

    barber is a gangster a mofo mofo

  • Martin Bucher
    Martin Bucher 28 days ago

    reyes got out cold against jones

  • Martin Bucher
    Martin Bucher 28 days ago

    the boss dana fucking peter griffin white

  • Eddie Suarez
    Eddie Suarez 29 days ago

    Dana lookin krusty than ever

  • Henry Lopez
    Henry Lopez 29 days ago

    "Lubra Lebay" 😂🤣😂🤣

  • george acker
    george acker 29 days ago

    Dana when are you going to stop the oblique kick above the knee. It is the cheapest shot in the fight game. I figured you would have done something about it by now. CHEAP SHOT

  • Kurt Barlow
    Kurt Barlow 29 days ago

    Biggest GOOF IN PROFESSIONAL SPORTS DANA the Eskimo bro rapist WHITE

  • derek bowles
    derek bowles 29 days ago

    Dana talking about forcing Joe Lauzon to retire after his win pisses me off. Joe did look great. Dana power trips talks about other fighters he had to force to retire but a lot of the older fighters have gotten knocked out a number of times in a row before he makes them retire. BJ Penn is ONE example that come to mind. Lol

  • S S
    S S 29 days ago

    It would be funny if Colby did win, and Dana just walked in without making eye contact and just tossed it at his feet, lol

  • S S
    S S 29 days ago

    He says "I love her attitude, I love everything about her" what he means is, "She's a company woman"

  • rocket queen
    rocket queen 29 days ago

    Please Dana, make it happen and become uncle Fester just once for Halloween night !!!

  • Chris Hansen
    Chris Hansen 29 days ago

    Dana thses things happen White

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  • stellahead
    stellahead Month ago

    Greg tried to play the two sets of rules against each other, he lost.

  • Irakli Shariqadze
    Irakli Shariqadze Month ago

    Fuck you Dana fuck Habib and Usman fuck Abdul and all yo!konor the best!diaz bro is best Jon jons legend gsp king of game fuckk all you Dana go fuck yourself.big men's do big games Conor is 1man.go mistic Mac fuck this bulshets.you are bets in ufc history you change the game end the world

  • Tariq Mockhtar
    Tariq Mockhtar Month ago

    more than 5 billion trending for a fight.... EPIC

  • Tariq Mockhtar
    Tariq Mockhtar Month ago

    Imagine more than a BILLION PERSON TRENDING TO SEE THE FIGHT! Business is business. one Billion * 100$. RICHES MAN ON EARTH

  • Tariq Mockhtar
    Tariq Mockhtar Month ago

    Opp. of a life time.

  • George McCrary, II
    George McCrary, II Month ago

    You know what I respect Dana white. This dude shows up an speaks damn near everyday. I always know where he stands when dealings with the UFC. At least he speaks

  • Tariq Mockhtar
    Tariq Mockhtar Month ago

    RYU. let the event determine who is a liar and who says the truth. ALL THE WORLD WILL TREND FOR IT!

  • Tariq Mockhtar
    Tariq Mockhtar Month ago

    I am ready for a heavy w fight! any undefeated you have H.W! hARDEST GOAT underdog.

  • Jeff Everett
    Jeff Everett Month ago

    Dana looking old, too many party nights with the UFC grils!

  • Asher
    Asher Month ago +1

    Dana fucking white bitch pay nate diaz more he is making your fucking ufc popular bitch

  • Steven Stinnett
    Steven Stinnett Month ago

    I bet Dana could out box Colby right now even out of shape.

  • Big Buck
    Big Buck Month ago

    This card sucked!! The only people who knew anything about this card was the family members of the people fighting and I bet you half of them didn’t even know.

  • Ray Webb
    Ray Webb Month ago

    If anyone needs an inhaler should not be fighting !

  • Daniel DeLuca
    Daniel DeLuca Month ago

    Dana never been a tough guy White!

    • 013
      013 Month ago

      Don't underestimate Dana hahaha Colby don't want that smoke

  • Lee Cambell
    Lee Cambell Month ago

    You can't blame Greg. You have people around you that's supposed to know what they're doing. He's new to this.

  • Clap Cheeks
    Clap Cheeks Month ago

    Dana 'lube a leeray' White

  • Mustafa Yasen
    Mustafa Yasen Month ago +1


  • Paka1983
    Paka1983 Month ago

    Dana "These things happen" White

  • Mikhail Mikhail
    Mikhail Mikhail Month ago +2

    what I'll never respect is that Dana White never fought professionally.

    • KOSTA Panousos
      KOSTA Panousos Month ago +1

      @Mikhail Mikhail stupidity saddens me

    • Mikhail Mikhail
      Mikhail Mikhail Month ago +1

      @KOSTA Panousos Aww...little triggered snowflake...poor baby...

    • KOSTA Panousos
      KOSTA Panousos Month ago +1

      Why respect it he doesnt care about fighting he cares about filling the seats thats his fight making millions not fighting.Thats like sayimg ill never respect president Obama for not being a war hero ...stuck on stupid ...lay off the spongebob pills

  • rxp56
    rxp56 Month ago

    Dana is such an unpleasant creature

  • Wesley Tucker
    Wesley Tucker Month ago +1

    Everyone should praise Dana White. He has maid mixed martial arts mainstream and given jobs to many people that love the sport but were not fighters. For instance, Helwani, Schmo, and even these espn analysts that have made a living off of analyzing MMA. He even makes ex UFC fighters analysts and gives them another source of revenue. So thank you Dana for pioneering the sport of mma not just for fighters, but for everyone interested in the sport. He’s in his own hall of fame.

    JOSIP PERIC Month ago

    Hi i am a piece of shit

    JOSIP PERIC Month ago

    Colby is the stupidest name i ever heard

  • The Suffering
    The Suffering Month ago +1

    Now Jones will shoot Turinabol at each break in his fight

  • Ralph Castro
    Ralph Castro Month ago +3

    "Dean Thomas was never my friend" -Dana White

  • Abhra neel
    Abhra neel Month ago

    Fook dana

  • Mr Green
    Mr Green Month ago

    The moment that stupid Colby walked in at that casino on Dana gambling with his camera on..Dana made the desicion already in his head this guy is done he will be a headache

  • Mandy Petersen
    Mandy Petersen Month ago

    It's sad to see MMA fighters get chump change compared to Boxers. 50k fight bonus! Come on Dana!

  • Jeremy Thomas
    Jeremy Thomas Month ago +2

    Next Connor fight he’ll be sipping Proper Twelve in between rounds

  • Jeremy Thomas
    Jeremy Thomas Month ago

    Given what Maycee Barber did with Paige Vanzant’s husband I wouldn’t be surprised if she would throw Dana some pussy for special treatment

  • Muslim Lover of Peace Man

    He asks the Commissioner on paper if he can use an inhaler ahead of the fight and asked again before using it. the Commissioner said yes, well yes means yes, F-Dana.

  • Ben Warner
    Ben Warner Month ago

    Gatorade in some states

  • Eric Rodriguez
    Eric Rodriguez Month ago

    Dana “you can drink water” White

  • Robert Torres
    Robert Torres Month ago +1

    Dana white was tired that night much respect to Dana for being the man!!!

  • robert simpson
    robert simpson Month ago +1

    Bonuses should be raised 150k.

  • Luis Anguiano
    Luis Anguiano Month ago

    Dana, ur mom is calling.... dinner is ready! Ur favorite Boston fagg on a plate!

  • Hyro Proto
    Hyro Proto Month ago +1

    I seriously think Colby wanna get fired. Maybe he got a good offer from Bellator. Think he is trying to get out of the contract?

  • CertifiedM3x
    CertifiedM3x Month ago

    Yupp. You should see mexico soccer games.

  • Ad e
    Ad e Month ago

    Yair v Zhabit if zhabit beats Cattar