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Jimmy Bullard pulls off INSANE lob 😱 🔥| Norwich City | You Know The FIFA Drill


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  • Sean M
    Sean M Month ago

    James maddison levels

  • pureinhart
    pureinhart 2 months ago

    Thumbnail looks like a granny in a skirt having a punt at goal

  • Chris  Kyran
    Chris Kyran 3 months ago

    Top Draw see JM10

  • Ben Phone
    Ben Phone 6 months ago

    The graphics look like fifa 98

  • Joe Fc
    Joe Fc 8 months ago

    Do another millwall one and don’t use the other fella use Bullard.

  • Peter Mahoney
    Peter Mahoney 8 months ago

    Just isn't martyn waghorn is it 🔵

  • myVirginBeehole
    myVirginBeehole 8 months ago

    Maddison the Aberdeen player🔴⚪️🔴

    • Chris  Kyran
      Chris Kyran 3 months ago

      You will never forget what he did to Rangers. Cov Kid ⚽

  • adenning96
    adenning96 9 months ago

    Maddison is different class, another fine product of the CCFC academy. Play up Sky Blues

  • Jefferies
    Jefferies 9 months ago

    Jimmy make a big willy look silly

  • Jefferies
    Jefferies 9 months ago

    God I hate how confident he is! Must be a nightmare to play against on his day

    SNAKE DΞLTA 9 months ago

    a class chip

  • Farhan Yunas
    Farhan Yunas 9 months ago +1

    "That's why he came to Norwich". No, Jimmy, that's why he'll come to Liverpool.

  • Ben Brown
    Ben Brown 9 months ago

    If only Norwich could get promotion again

  • Alex Bonnington
    Alex Bonnington 9 months ago

    "I like winning", "you obviously like winning" shame we smashed them 5-1 on last day isn't it

  • Stu Spiller
    Stu Spiller 9 months ago

    Maddison is class, hope Spurs go in for him and give Poch the chance to really take this kid to the next level

  • Gabe Thornes
    Gabe Thornes 9 months ago

    I love how the area surrounding the training pitch is the most stereotypical Norwich landscape- a massive farmer’s crop field

    • john staff
      john staff 9 months ago

      Gabe Thornes that’s Norfolk mate great place to live fields and fresh air OTBC

  • john staff
    john staff 9 months ago +5

    Madders is absolutely class ..watched him every home game this season and the boy is just like beckham on occasions ! Will be sorry to lose him just hope he goes to a top 6 club and get even better as his attitude is spot on ...OTBC

  • Alastair Watson
    Alastair Watson 9 months ago +7

    Maddison is quality👌🏻 husband on the other hand, looks like he's stealing a living lol

    • brad harrison
      brad harrison 2 months ago

      Alastair Watson im a norwich fan and hes shocking mate lol

  • Anik Dey
    Anik Dey 9 months ago

    Can we calm down with the hyperbole?

  • Xavier McKnight
    Xavier McKnight 9 months ago +2

    Unreal, keeper only slightly off his line

    • Xavier McKnight
      Xavier McKnight 8 months ago +1

      You guys misunderstood me, I was praising the quality of the finish not criticising the keeper.

    • Fee wok
      Fee wok 8 months ago

      He's a youth goalkeeper

    • George Penfold
      George Penfold 9 months ago

      Xavier McKnight he is only young

  • matthewkoz
    matthewkoz 9 months ago

    ... EA ruins everything. No surprises here.

  • Simon Bradbury
    Simon Bradbury 9 months ago +1

    Do Sheffield Wednesday pleaseeeeee

  • George Bryant
    George Bryant 9 months ago


  • Ryan
    Ryan 9 months ago

    It irks me that they've centred the score (100 PTS) in relation to the number, and not as a group like the game.

  • Isaac Elston
    Isaac Elston 9 months ago

    Damn these suck now

  • Matty Richards
    Matty Richards 9 months ago

    Don't know about anyone else but Soccer am is not as good as it once was 🤔

  • Matty Richards
    Matty Richards 9 months ago

    Don't know about anyone else but Soccer am is not as good as it once was 🤔

  • Matty Richards
    Matty Richards 9 months ago

    Don't know about anyone else but Soccer am is not as good as it once was 🤔

  • sam king
    sam king 9 months ago +75

    Maddison is top 6 premier league quality. Him and Neves are easily the best two in the championship

    • Zac Forsey
      Zac Forsey Month ago

      And look where Maddison is now

    • Josh Lane
      Josh Lane 4 months ago

      And that’s why he’s at Leicester😜😜

    • Peter Mahoney
      Peter Mahoney 8 months ago

      sam king martyn waghorn still has the record ✊🏻

    • Tylerjae
      Tylerjae 9 months ago +1

      Ai youngboy neves has confirmed he wants to stay at wolves, not sure bout maddison. Both class

  • Ross Hancock
    Ross Hancock 9 months ago +1

    The Fifa format is just not the same! Ruined the only decent video Soccer AM do!

  • Sparooga
    Sparooga 9 months ago

    this is pish

  • Jimmy J
    Jimmy J 9 months ago +2

    Can never get enough of Jimmy Bullard bloody brilliant!!!

  • Elliott Ash
    Elliott Ash 9 months ago +2

    I support Norwich come on Madders

    • Ben Phone
      Ben Phone 6 months ago

      Elliott Ash you support Norwich ? Someone fetch the world's smallest 🎻 😅😂😅😂

  • Scott Raynor
    Scott Raynor 9 months ago +14

    Jimmy Bullard is a former scummer, doesn't even mention it ahahaahah. Ipswich are a tinpot club and their players don't care about the club.

    • IBTY wharton
      IBTY wharton 6 days ago

      That didn’t age well.

    • IBTY wharton
      IBTY wharton 6 days ago

      That didn’t age well

    • Mr Chode
      Mr Chode 6 months ago +1

      Tibbles we've not had parachute payments for a year you mong and have done better without them. You're going down.

    • Kieran Axten
      Kieran Axten 9 months ago +1

      Tibbles says the one that has been say in the championship 16 years...

  • Wickerrman
    Wickerrman 9 months ago +2

    Didn't work out too well for these lads on Sunday tbh, 5-1 :D Unlucky!

    • Wickerrman
      Wickerrman 9 months ago +1

      Sadly I missed it, but watched the Extended Highlights, guessing you didn't fancy watching it again lol. But yeah, good to hear, thanks mate. Never had a bad word to say about Norwich either tbh.
      Atdhe Nuhiu's been fantastic this year, never got a proper chance under Carvalhal but Luhukay has given him a run in the team and got his confidence back. I just hope our form next season carries on like the end of this one. Should finally have all our injuries sorted out, hopefully.

    • Scott Raynor
      Scott Raynor 9 months ago +2

      We were absolutely dreadful mate. Always respected Wednesday though, top fans. Love Nuhiu as well despite the hat trick.

  • Cameron
    Cameron 9 months ago

    Mind the gap💙 ITFC

    • Rivvo Ncfc
      Rivvo Ncfc 2 months ago

      Yep, it is a massive gap to be fair, we’ve now won more games this season than you have points 😂😂😂

  • DOMJ
    DOMJ 9 months ago +1

    gotta love Norridge

  • Ethan Polley
    Ethan Polley 9 months ago +2


    • George Penfold
      George Penfold 9 months ago +5

      Ethan Polley you are scum I like norwich

  • Luke Thomas
    Luke Thomas 9 months ago

    Do a cardiff u know the drill

  • moighty _
    moighty _ 9 months ago

    Awful banter...

  • Kalle Blomkvist
    Kalle Blomkvist 9 months ago

    Jimmy bullard got the best Job in the world?

  • Charlie Wilson
    Charlie Wilson 9 months ago

    Bring back the old drill

  • Pinecone 29
    Pinecone 29 9 months ago

    Jimmy Bullard a old Ipswich player

  • Pinecone 29
    Pinecone 29 9 months ago +1

    Norwich scum

  • Thori Thoroddsen
    Thori Thoroddsen 9 months ago

    ive always said that the bulldog could still do it at the top level!

  • Mitsuha DDG
    Mitsuha DDG 9 months ago

    Is that the first team's goalkeeper?

  • gc o4
    gc o4 9 months ago +2

    Mind the gap

    • Josh T
      Josh T 9 months ago +2

      Ethan Polley Ipswich have fans?

    • Henry Miller
      Henry Miller 9 months ago +2

      TheHesK9 haha, it has been a while since we had something to shout about 😂

    • TheHesK9
      TheHesK9 9 months ago +1

      Ethan Polley congratulations for finally having something to talk about for the first time in 8 years!

    • Ethan Polley
      Ethan Polley 9 months ago +3

      You know mate, who’s the pride of anglia Ipswich is our name!!!!

  • WhosAbigBoy95
    WhosAbigBoy95 9 months ago

    Ya know there's a reason why no one really gives two shits about the drills on FIFA???

  • Canaries TV
    Canaries TV 9 months ago +4

    Maddison Maddison 🔰

    • Ben Phone
      Ben Phone 6 months ago

      Canaries TV he wishes he was pilkington 😂

  • Big man thanos
    Big man thanos 9 months ago

    Jimmy Bullard isn’t even funny

  • Macaulay Quadling
    Macaulay Quadling 9 months ago +5

    Maddison has been amazing for us this season Would love it if he stayed but can't see that happening with so much interest from the Prem.

    • Novelist
      Novelist 9 months ago

      TheHesK9 Liverpool want Fekir or Zaha

    • TheHesK9
      TheHesK9 9 months ago

      the MASTA well most likely going to be Liverpool getting him

    • Novelist
      Novelist 9 months ago

      TheHesK9 too good for Norwich but I don’t see a top 6 team buying him unless it’s Spurs, so West Ham and Everton are linked

    • TheHesK9
      TheHesK9 9 months ago +1

      the MASTA unlikely. Way too good for West Ham

    • Novelist
      Novelist 9 months ago

      Macaulay Quadling he’s going West Ham apparently

  • Kenno
    Kenno 9 months ago +27

    Thought they got rid of this FIFA layout ffs

  • SluSh FinGerS
    SluSh FinGerS 9 months ago +118

    You know the drill has been ruined by FIFA

    • Ben Phone
      Ben Phone 6 months ago

      SluSh FinGerS kinda helps when they don't use playstation one level graphics

  • Eoin
    Eoin 9 months ago

    'They call you Jim'

  • TheToastMan
    TheToastMan 9 months ago +26

    enough with these crappy fifa vids.... bring back the old set up its much more entertaining

  • Lewy
    Lewy 9 months ago +1

    Please come to Southampton Maddinson!

    • Novelist
      Novelist 9 months ago

      Lewy why would he go there when there are 10 other clubs after him

  • Jordy
    Jordy 9 months ago

    they make jimmy Bullard seem like Barcelona quality

  • Sal Allarakhia
    Sal Allarakhia 9 months ago +200

    Please stop with the sponsored FIFA Drills. Just do the normal ones. So much more entertaining.

    • Ryan Jones
      Ryan Jones 5 months ago

      Shut up let him do what he wants

    • Big Marv
      Big Marv 9 months ago +6

      Salmaan Allarakhia Soccer AM need to get paid to at least keep Jimmy on the show. Would you rather no jimmy?

    CBJFIFA 9 months ago +28

    I really want Liverpool to sign Maddison

    • William Turner
      William Turner 9 months ago +2

      eivom raw sauce

    • eivom
      eivom 9 months ago +1

      the MASTA what sauce?

    • sam king
      sam king 9 months ago

      the MASTA If It’s spurs he won’t play enough

    • Novelist
      Novelist 9 months ago

      Connor Bearman a source close to the player says he’s definitely going to a London team

  • Ricardo Santiago
    Ricardo Santiago 9 months ago

    when i click the video and hear the new bgm, i get sad!! bring back the old YKTD

  • Callum Pollard
    Callum Pollard 9 months ago +1

    Do a video with Brighton and hove Albion

  • Gergő Márk Horváth
    Gergő Márk Horváth 9 months ago +1

    This is the best thing a TheXvid 😄

  • Muhammed Ahmed
    Muhammed Ahmed 9 months ago

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  • J.BTD
    J.BTD 9 months ago +23

    Maddison is something else! From a Leeds fan

  • OCFootball_29
    OCFootball_29 9 months ago +16

    ‘Appy days.’

  • Bernard Budianto
    Bernard Budianto 9 months ago +276

    preferred the old YKTD

    • Novelist
      Novelist 9 months ago +1

      Everyone did - they only do the Fifa bit cos it’s a paid promotion

    • doyanbalabala
      doyanbalabala 9 months ago +10

      Bernard Budianto fifa ruined it

  • Nick
    Nick 9 months ago +20

    Maddison is absolutely miles above championship level

  • Ladi Kazeem
    Ladi Kazeem 9 months ago

    Would love to see a Sunday league YKTD the bull dog, fenners and tubes down at the local shark pits of the grassroots game

  • HJAZombieMayhem
    HJAZombieMayhem 9 months ago +54

    James Maddison is a baller

    • Mr Chode
      Mr Chode 6 months ago

      Ben Phone what

    • Ben Phone
      Ben Phone 6 months ago

      HJAZombieMayhem 8 baller, getting fucked week in week out by league two lads 😂😅

  • Sunny Stuart Winter
    Sunny Stuart Winter 9 months ago +11

    Ah my beloved Norwich! Let's hope we can put the 'transitional' season behind us & move forward next year!
    Great content as always!

  • brooklyn17 brooklyn
    brooklyn17 brooklyn 9 months ago +1

    what a legend Jimmy is class guy an the funniest dude in football who agrees

  • Jack Desmond
    Jack Desmond 9 months ago


  • Aslam Bakar
    Aslam Bakar 9 months ago

    that lob waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah at a goal

  • Jordan Maynard
    Jordan Maynard 9 months ago +17

    Gerrard needs a decent player

    • Ben Phone
      Ben Phone 6 months ago

      Jordan Maynard won't get one at rangers, he needs more than his dole merchant fans can afford

  • марската 1
    марската 1 9 months ago


  • Golf and Footie
    Golf and Footie 9 months ago

    Cheaky chip