Why Remain Lost So Badly

  • Published on Dec 13, 2019
  • "You get what you deserve." - betrayed Labour voters everywhere.
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Comments • 2 421

  • Thomase Synek
    Thomase Synek Day ago

    The EU is Germany and occupation without tanks and the camps for now. France is the Kapos

  • Dave Parky
    Dave Parky 9 days ago

    Boris will get brexit done.. The liberals ar done.. the turkeys are done.. the EU is done.. Greive, Sourberry, Swineface and the woke labour bulk of halfwits are done.. So now the only thing 'left' to do.. is celebrate. So lets get busy doing it.. Wheres that JD.. :)X

  • Mitchnet-pvz ok
    Mitchnet-pvz ok 10 days ago

    When I saw protestors on the streets of London with a liberal message I always wondered where the conservatives were and then realised they were probably all at work.

  • Jewel Heart
    Jewel Heart 14 days ago

    For me the thing I found annoying is, not only ignored 17.4m voters, but it is the arrogance of Remain MPs "we know better than you, the voter, and will do all we can to ignore your vote".
    Also even now, Labour fail to see what was wrong with Corbyn or their policies. It is like they are so blinkered.

  • Phil Parr
    Phil Parr 15 days ago

    Owen Jones looks like a little baby, so glad that the cunt Corbyn lost everything I fuckung hate him and this traitor throw the cunt out, I suggest send him to a Russian gulag

  • Satanic Coffee Shop
    Satanic Coffee Shop 16 days ago

    More ethnic English in the North I believe...

  • Patrick Quinn
    Patrick Quinn 17 days ago

    Out of touch , communist policies, undemocratic momentum thugs, that think they can bribe people to ignore the dangers they pose to the economy, totally unelectable. RIP .

  • Paul Wilson
    Paul Wilson 17 days ago

    Remain won in Scotland! The SNP are a remain Party but in Scotland getting away from England took more of a priority than any Brexit. The SNP polled higher in percentage terms than the Tories did.

    • Serban Andrei Marin
      Serban Andrei Marin 16 days ago

      But Leave won in the UK
      Time to renounce petty regionalism and be firmly British amd united

  • Allan Dickman
    Allan Dickman 18 days ago +1

    They are all in denial

  • Jack Bradford
    Jack Bradford 18 days ago +1

    It's immigration that labour don't get,? That's why I never voted for them this tim, I'm glad the undemocratic liberals got wiped out.!!

  • sik3xploit
    sik3xploit 18 days ago +2

    "I hate your and your entire country, so vote for me".

  • The jupiter
    The jupiter 18 days ago

    I guess this time we really really really knew what we were voting for!! And goodbye to our “former future prime minister Jo Swinson!! Ha ha ha ha ha.

  • J Riley
    J Riley 18 days ago

    Drain the swamp! how we watch it drain.

  • insert name here
    insert name here 19 days ago +1

    I used to vote Labour when it represented the working class. This Labour party is run like a students union meeting and represents the immigrants and underclass.

  • vunderground1
    vunderground1 20 days ago

    Shave this guys head and he could be Bald n Bankrupt :D

  • 3275Dan
    3275Dan 20 days ago

    I am so happy we still get to say "proud to be British" and allowed to fly our flag. I am sure if Labor got in they would class that comment as "racist hate speech" :). The British (and other countries) left can keep your Communist ideology, your virtue signalling, your "safe spaces", "trigger warnings", privilege checking, 100+ genders, very anti white, very anti male, very anti Capitalism and labeling any comment that does not fit your far left politics as "hate speech". The vast majority of people have rejected your SJW snowflake Communist ideology :)

  • James Moran
    James Moran 20 days ago +1

    Satanic leftard globalism is finished.

  • James Moran
    James Moran 20 days ago +6

    Owen Jones looks more like a lesbian every time I see him.

  • James Moran
    James Moran 20 days ago +1

    Pity Jess Phillips didn't lose her seat.

  • Daniel Fennec
    Daniel Fennec 21 day ago

    Fingers crossed the US sees sense and the "Democrats" go the same way as Labour.

  • Charlie B
    Charlie B 22 days ago

    Corbyn is gonna do a Pelosi, both corrupt as fuck both have done quid pro quo and broken the laws that govern us and them🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️
    Pelosi is getting impeached and Corbyn will end up like ms cox🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

  • e val79
    e val79 22 days ago

    Whoever is for feminism, cannot represent the working class.

  • Fred Thursday
    Fred Thursday 23 days ago

    Owen jones=wetwipe

  • Bruce Wallace
    Bruce Wallace 23 days ago

    How is the Johnson government different in any major way from the neo-liberalism we're used to? remembering that neo-liberalism is mainly an ideology that is wedded to the idea of the free market The only difference is that they are going to deliver Brexit.

  • Perrygallo
    Perrygallo 23 days ago

    spent too long waiting for Owen Jones to start speaking here

  • Michael Dryden
    Michael Dryden 24 days ago

    The labour hierarchy say there policies were popular that is no doubt correct . It was the paying for them that was the problem

  • Cosi Fan Tutte
    Cosi Fan Tutte 24 days ago +1

    They hate their own country, that's why they lost. 🇬🇧😁

  • gmkemistry
    gmkemistry 24 days ago

    I notice The Labour Party have a new buzzword used at least three times in todays Guardian, " Progressive Patriotism" They've obviously noticed that supporting the IRA, endorsing anti-semitism and attending terrorist funerals doesn't work, so Progressive Patriotism it is. Expect to hear this many times.

  • Philip Mason
    Philip Mason 25 days ago

    London and the South East one of the few areas to vote Labour ? So their supporters are the rich Elite, the “working classes” have seen through their hypocrisy and Labour took their voting habits for granted and paid the price !!!

  • Guy Incognito
    Guy Incognito 25 days ago

    Jeremy Corbyn: I've hated the EU for decades
    The People: We hate the EU voted to leave
    Jeremy Corbyn: I have no strong feelings, one way or the other

  • Alan Bee
    Alan Bee 25 days ago

    Hmm!! think you need to watch these things before you put them out. If your outside London ( What like the majority of the population). I suppose it's difficult not to be a pompous Southern Bast.... . We are not an alien race. We love our Country. We love where we live. Our neighbours speak to us and help us when we have problems. Fields surround us. There are 50 houses in the village. We all go to the pub and have a lot of fun . The population varies from Doctors, Surgeons, Entrepreneurs, Surveyors, Farmers, Vets, Salesmen, Retirees, Tradesmen et al. If you feel that we suffer from a lack of immigration forming our lives , vis a vie a joyous life in the Metropolis, we can always turn on the BBC. I remember one of my friends who started his most successful farming business by sleeping in a tent in a field planting potatoes by hand. Latterly having trips around his farm as he was one of Massey Ferguson's biggest customers. Saying to me that he struggled to watch the TV as it bore no relationship to his life.
    I remember seeing Baronness Chakrabati and thinking I'm sure I never saw her on Playschool. What would William The Conqueror have said. " Okay we must on this historic day reward the Children's Entertainers , quiet Mr Punch, and anyone who feels the Jews aren't currently down trodden. " Good move your Maj". I have worked in Mayfair, Kensington and Chelsea for about 20 years. Friday's was a woo hoo !! were going home to where the grass is green and people smile.

  • william kennedy
    william kennedy 25 days ago

    Owen jones is having another, owen jones is a wanker day ! He just doesnt understand we do not want nor do we need his lefty luvvies twisted lying politics, but they will be back so we must redouble our guard against fools like this who spout lies and half truths

  • Martin Cole
    Martin Cole 27 days ago +1

    Tories will have to do more than just build infrastructure in the north to retain their votes in the long term.

  • john newbold
    john newbold 27 days ago +2

    And I thought they lost because of Corbyn, Communism, and the Momentum thugs, silly me!

  • jenwill11
    jenwill11 28 days ago

    Great post, thanks

  • Michael Velik
    Michael Velik 28 days ago

    So Labour Party detests England the same way that the Democratic Party detests America?

  • 36814
    36814 29 days ago

    I seem to remember that Swinson's slogan was " Ballocks to Brexit " . Didn't that work well ?? . Trump , Boris and Brexit are finally showing these arrogant , condescending , self interested arseholes that ignoring the people and overriding democracy is a perilous undertaking.

  • Patricia et Colin Clegg

    I will believe Remain is dead when I see the wooden stake impailed through it's heart.

  • scipio africanus
    scipio africanus Month ago

    Is London applying for membership of the European Union or perhaps becoming free state, joinin Nicola would be another option to keep Goin

  • Guy Kittredge
    Guy Kittredge Month ago

    Your example of English towns and cities with differing viewpoints sounds exactly like America, the rich Democrats live on the coast and don't understand the midwest ,which is most of the country, midwest has a lot of Republican farmers . Go ahead and alienate the people who grow your food, lol

  • Brian Musson
    Brian Musson Month ago +1

    Boris also got across despite his faults that he is actually a nicer person than Corbyn, McDonald, Abott ,Jones and co who just appeared negative and nasty. Always vote for the nicer candidate!!

  • Magnus Walker
    Magnus Walker Month ago

    Not badly enought in my opinion. Abbott is still scouling away in the Labour front row, is she their hooker.?

  • Stephen Biggins
    Stephen Biggins Month ago

    He should have no objection to been kicked out because he's a dirty maggot

  • Rob Marston
    Rob Marston Month ago

    This is bigger than Thatcher in 83, which was coming straight off the back of winning the war in the Falklands.

  • pat murray AKA celtic cross

    damn at the very start,i thought he had the soyboy on for an interview,aka a roasting

  • Jack Smith
    Jack Smith Month ago

    New screensaver I think there? Owen's whining petulant little clock, devastated. Num num num. 🤣🤣🤣

  • sam moore
    sam moore Month ago +1

    This was a total rejection of unelected beaurocrats in Brussels.

  • James Cameron
    James Cameron Month ago

    “Make America Great Again” is a short, memorable, and therefore effective slogan. So is “Get Brexit Done”. Which is probably one of the reasons Pres.Trump & BoJo were elected. If the losing parties had any such pithy slogans, they kept them well-hidden.

  • Nick Rider
    Nick Rider Month ago

    Well in a way he's right. They did the unthinkable and brought people together. They achieved uniting the working class and everyone else into voting Conservative instead of Labour!

  • jack tarr
    jack tarr Month ago

    keep up the ritual humiliation

  • Tommy Fish
    Tommy Fish Month ago

    Jeremy Corbyn has been a useful idiot the whole way through this Brexit process. Remember Corbyn is a leaver at heart. His been holding the blairites back. I hope he doesn’t stand down tbh. If he does I’m hoping for Diane Abbott 😂

  • Nacho Chitiu
    Nacho Chitiu Month ago

    Remember the arrogance of Jo Swinson when bragging that she was going to be PM? Pathetic delusional feminism.

  • Frankly Frank
    Frankly Frank Month ago

    What happen in Britain is what happens when you keep your citizen unschooled and unaware.

  • Phil Dawson
    Phil Dawson Month ago

    Mentally ill bunch of narcissistic sociopathic cunts

  • Phil Dawson
    Phil Dawson Month ago

    You remain you go insane booooooooom

  • Jonny M
    Jonny M Month ago +1

    I'm northern and have been voting Tory since Corbyn became leader, unfortunately my MP is still labour :( due to the student vote

  • AK48smoker
    AK48smoker Month ago

    i think that everything got trumped by democracy.
    never mind weather you stand tory or labour when it comes to the economy, the nhs, immigration, etc. all of the policies labour WANTED to talk about, were rendered irrelevant by their position on democracy. this was not the same; 'more social spending vs lower taxes' economic debate of yesteryear. this was; democracy, yay or nay?

  • PAppMundo
    PAppMundo Month ago

    Dear butthurt Corbin supporters, you can always move to North Korea to live out all of your wildest communist utopian dreams... Bye

  • LongRangeX
    LongRangeX Month ago

    I always assumed it was because few actually want to be a 'vassal state.' Exaggeration, I know but..

  • Gary Thornbury
    Gary Thornbury Month ago

    what is Corbyn's net worth