I Made my Own VR Headset... using duct tape and milk cartons

  • Published on Mar 26, 2020
  • haha this vr video is a disaster
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    //longer description
    So after all the Half Life Alyx VR hype, i decieded to make my own VR headset, cuz i dont have a real one. It ended up being not the best idea ever, and theres even this thing called google cardboard vr, so google straight copied me, but its fine, as long as google accepts my boxing match invitation. Anyway in the next episode we'll make a proper vr headset with arms, so i dont have to use my face to scream with, cuz thats kinda hard. Making a vr headset and vr games was fun tho, and ill probably get my hands on a real vr headset soon, maybe the valve index or like the oculus rift s or maybe just the oculus quest. all the games are made with unity btw, but i didnt use the vr support cuz im dumb lol. anyway thanks for watching and why are you reading this? you know this is just metadata right get outta here kiddo before i slamdunk
    Anyway would you wanna see me make a proper vr game with a proper vr headset? could be fun, and i think its pretty easy to make vr games with unity, so ill probbaly do it gamers
    Also if you wanna try this for yourself, there are many video on youtube actually, like "how to make virtual reality cardboard headset" or something like that, and usually they make vr headsets from stuff you can find in your home, so its something to try out. tho obviously if you have some milk cartons lying around, i recommend you try building the oculus milk, as its an absolute unstoppable machine
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    Featured in this video:
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  • Dani
    Dani  2 years ago +13

    smash subscribe and i give you free oculus milk headset

  • Nitricswight
    Nitricswight 2 years ago +656

    Dani: I can’t afford a vr headset. Also Dani:

  • Win Cla
    Win Cla 2 years ago +1

    Imagine a famous VR company makes a real Oculus Milk.

  • Deathbatman 6615
    Deathbatman 6615 Year ago +801

    I love how he doesn’t bother with a controller, he just makes his own way to play

  • Candice_420

    dani: mom can we have a vr

  • 𝒢𝓎𝓇ℴ
    𝒢𝓎𝓇ℴ Year ago +629

    I love how Dani calls Michael a "crackhead preschooler" everytime

  • Pierwiastek z 293

    So... you've made Oculus Milk

    MEGAMATTHEW75 2 years ago +3

    Dani: calls micheal reeves a crackhead pre-schooler.

  • hassan anwar

    Dani: How about we use two phones for hand-tracking?

  • Gleppes
    Gleppes Year ago +198

    Imagine seeing your neighbor with a bottle of milk on his head doing crazy dances

  • ManOfGloryVHS

    Oculus: We have spent months on this vr headset and we finally made it

  • Tenzin Ngawang
    Tenzin Ngawang Year ago +185

    Buying VR set

  • Toony Toons

    "This isn't at all like a VR headset... It's better!" Ben Franklin 2020

  • Blanketcrab _
    Blanketcrab _ 2 years ago +539

    Me: So are there any additional features?

  • CrakkaJak
    CrakkaJak Year ago +128

    Dani: Cant Afford A VR Headset

  • logup
    logup Year ago +164


  • Ultimate Beast

    Him screaming as he shot the gun is like when anime characters shout out their attack before they do it

  • Sharkman7328 Hsss2738
    Sharkman7328 Hsss2738 2 years ago +17

    This man is waaaay too underated

  • AutobotShinobi

    “Can a real vr headset do that? I don’t think so.” Monitor in the back:

  • oozeman yt
    oozeman yt Year ago +1

    theres gotta be a mom out there that clicked on this thinking that they could make one and this is a good idea