• Published on Jul 19, 2019
  • Steve Bruce has taken charge at Newcastle. de Ligt joins Juventus. Harry Maguire could be joining Manchester United. Daniel Sturridge got his dog back. Kieran Trippier has joined Atletico Madrid. Gareth Bale and Paul Pogba could be on the move. #TheKickOff
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  • jesoby
    jesoby Day ago

    Wel lat least you got all your loan players back. LOL

  • Matthew Oliver
    Matthew Oliver Day ago +1

    That fool not letting TG get a word in edge ways. He ruined it. Dickhead.

  • Tobias Beckett
    Tobias Beckett 8 days ago

    Prime cahil?!! Christ TG your fucking deluded son

  • Alamin Ahmed
    Alamin Ahmed 10 days ago


  • DortmundBVB22x
    DortmundBVB22x 10 days ago


  • Alex Sales
    Alex Sales 11 days ago

    Remember when it was Mourinho & Mbappe now it’s Bruce & Carrol. Brilliant

  • bb 472
    bb 472 11 days ago

    Luv true geordie...always support him from the U.S...., but you can’t wear a “Compton” shirt and not be from Compton...that’s fraudulent and pump fakin...that’s hoe shit

  • Josh G
    Josh G 12 days ago

    Lalana the Rakatic of England! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • Josh G
    Josh G 12 days ago +1

    I'll buy a Newcastle shirt... the day Mike Ashley is gone.

  • Rob Taylor Music Vlogs
    Rob Taylor Music Vlogs 13 days ago +1

    Be fair and give him a chance. Pissing and morning about it won’t change anything. He’s actually decent, yes he’s not Rafa but you were punching way above your weight with him. He was doing you a huge favour by managing your club. I’m not really sure what/who you’re expecting? But get behind him and he might just surprise you. Being a Geordie too, I think it means a lot more to him then it would any other candidate.

  • Rob Taylor Music Vlogs
    Rob Taylor Music Vlogs 13 days ago +1

    Warnock wouldn’t put up with Ashley. Would pay good money to watch Ashley get a torn a new one by Warnock. Lawrence, Frenching Up Kieran Trippier’s name makes you sound like a nob. Just thought you’d like to know. 😉

  • Jim83 J
    Jim83 J 13 days ago +4

    The funny thing is Warnock would be a better choice than Bruce

    • Josh G
      Josh G 12 days ago

      At least Warnock has some fight in him... some desire to do well. Bruce is like a limpdick in a post-apocalyptic world being called upon to repopulate the earth.

  • Benzies Cha
    Benzies Cha 17 days ago +1

    No lads, don't be cucks, megan rapino is a 24 carrat cunt. A spoilt little brat who epitomizes the modern left.

  • Call Me Kai
    Call Me Kai 18 days ago +1

    As a villa fan i send an f

  • truth884
    truth884 20 days ago +1

    I thought the owner was trying to sell?

  • Raid ben achoure
    Raid ben achoure 20 days ago

    Mentions womend football doesn't say a word about afcon

  • Kylo Rage
    Kylo Rage 20 days ago

    Literally hit subscribe after 6 seconds...

  • Moe
    Moe 20 days ago

    Not true Blackburn did that some owners like to use the club as just money not trying to be successful. Their owners are redeeming themselves tho

  • Steven Scott
    Steven Scott 21 day ago +1

    Giving that FAT HEEDED ponce Bruce the managers job shows the contempt Ashley feels towards Newcastle fans. He must wake up in the morning and think, What can I do to piss the Geordies off today. Time to go Mike.

  • Draciel
    Draciel 21 day ago

    came here expecting a TG rant, lawrence is so fucking annoying

  • Subversion Watch
    Subversion Watch 22 days ago

    Fake Geordie how this guy has managed to get so big on TheXvid just shows the state of the youth of today.

  • Mac
    Mac 22 days ago

    Need to fuck this Loz off and get someone better in Geordie he's a pure whopper like

  • Ben Nicholson
    Ben Nicholson 22 days ago


  • Ben Cason
    Ben Cason 22 days ago

    Lawrence spoils it for me.

  • covert boy
    covert boy 23 days ago

    what a knob

  • Finlay Humberstone
    Finlay Humberstone 24 days ago

    Transfer windows with ManU r always amusing, they always seem to be connected to every player who had a decent last season, but no matter who they sign they'll still underperform

  • David Singleton
    David Singleton 24 days ago

    I wish you would stop chipping in and let him.speak

  • Andrew Weeks
    Andrew Weeks 24 days ago

    Why anyone listens to this idiot is beyond me 2 of them them just talk shit and av seen the meathead try and play football fuck me. Classic case of to meatballs that have never played the game and talking utter shit fuck off

  • godfrey flavell
    godfrey flavell 25 days ago

    What the hell were you guys doing ..!!!!...A proven failure...shit manager and shit player.

  • Simon Tollin
    Simon Tollin 25 days ago

    If the disagreement was over Rafas wage like Mike said, rather than transfer policy or how the club is run, then the decision to let him go is even more bizarre and only reinforce Mike's image of being a cheap twat, Rafa alone is probably worth 30 million every season to Newcastle since he makes sure the club stay up even with limited backing from the owner

  • Isaac Jackson
    Isaac Jackson 26 days ago

    In American sports there’s a team knows as the New York Knicks with a terrible owner named James Dolan I think that the Knicks might be a little worse than this NewCastle Team

  • Max Parkin
    Max Parkin 26 days ago

    thats Newcastle fucked then

  • Saber
    Saber 26 days ago

    thats what you get for shit talking other teams fatty

  • Tonydjjokerit
    Tonydjjokerit 26 days ago

    I'll give Steve Bruce some credit.He's a Daisy Hill lad and a committed Geordie but he's not a patch on Rafa.I don't think the Toon will go down though

  • Marco Tee
    Marco Tee 26 days ago

    The Jack Whitehall wannabe needs to be kicked to the curb.

  • Jamie Forrester
    Jamie Forrester 26 days ago

    Same old Newcastle, I'll keep saying it you think you are bigger than you actually are ,your just a mediocre club and always have been, just because you make your ground big doesn't your club big so just accept your place

  • Paul C
    Paul C 27 days ago

    Sad how emotional the millennials and everyone after can be. Was a good comment! Newcastle United Supporter here. Tattooed on my chest. Don’t be so soft people.

  • Josh Dunstan
    Josh Dunstan 27 days ago

    its even worse that you were given false hope. Im not a newcastle fan but I am genuinely so sorry for you, newcastle is a wonderful club and deserves so much better than this bullshit.

  • James L
    James L 27 days ago

    If there’s a murder at nulcastle be prepared for Steve Barnes to do everything in his power to find the culprit whilst leading the club to avoid relegation

  • Sir Tyke
    Sir Tyke 27 days ago

    What a disgraceful appointment to make for such a fabulous club I really feel for you fans

  • Adam Nichols
    Adam Nichols 27 days ago +2

    watching this then your video 'Newcastle To Become Next Man City' is pretty entertaining.

  • jonny68s
    jonny68s 28 days ago

    A remarkable transformation - Lawrence knew fuck all about football when he first appeared!

  • Phill Mcrackin'
    Phill Mcrackin' 28 days ago +1

    As a villa fan I know how you solve this issue. You. Bring. The. Cabbages. GOD SPEED

  • bassman 2008
    bassman 2008 28 days ago

    companeros por que hacer steve bruce gerente el sera ruina todo companeros

  • Steve E
    Steve E 28 days ago

    You Newcastle fans make me laugh. Steve Bruce is one of your own and still you're not giving him a chance. It's this sense of entitlement that got you into this mess in the first place after you managed to hound out god knows how many managers in seasons gone by.

  • David Smith
    David Smith 28 days ago

    Go to the game in plain tshirts and no scarfs no singing

  • Michael Callinan
    Michael Callinan 28 days ago


  • Michael Callinan
    Michael Callinan 28 days ago


  • Michael Callinan
    Michael Callinan 28 days ago

    Great show

  • Michael Callinan
    Michael Callinan 28 days ago

    Please can I be A moderator

  • Hey Milk
    Hey Milk 28 days ago

    Would make no difference if you boycotted games, you never go anyway

  • Jason Dixon
    Jason Dixon 28 days ago

    Steve Bruce will surprise a few

  • mark jackson
    mark jackson 28 days ago

    From Ashleys point of view its a business, he requires profit which he is responsible for on behalf of shareholders, some lucky chairmen get they by success on the field, others get it by not spending on transfer and wages, Ashley being the latter. Unfortunately there is no law that states a club must spend money on transfers and invest in management, Ashley it seems is just a fan of money, as long as Newcastle just do enough to remain in the premier Ashley will be happy because he is still making money.

    UDIN KING90 28 days ago

    I smell relegation for Newcastle. I hope..........?????

  • KingSkyLord
    KingSkyLord 28 days ago +2

    As a Spurs fan, I’m kind of surprised Trippier got a big money move to Atlético. Good on him, but he was one of the main reasons we’ve fallen short in both the Prem and Europe, since Pochettino came. lol

  • SWFC Madman
    SWFC Madman 28 days ago +2

    I think u might get relegated with Steve Bruce

  • Blue Heart
    Blue Heart 28 days ago

    Here's a cunt nothing Geordie talking shite yet again. 131k. Newcastle supporters just another load of divine right fans. Your the fat twat arse hole.

  • Hugh Edgar
    Hugh Edgar 28 days ago

    Not even a Newcastle supporter, I just watch these for the quality and passion.

  • Ronald Stevenson
    Ronald Stevenson 28 days ago

    You could definitely organise a piss up in a brewery.

  • Simone ILMSM
    Simone ILMSM 29 days ago

    Nobody can overcome bad management

  • deeingalaplike
    deeingalaplike 29 days ago

    Shit head said no to you? You can only dream of a manager like Allerdyce. I’m surprised Ashley didn’t get McLaren back in 😂😂😂

  • Andre Poismans
    Andre Poismans 29 days ago

    I agree with you Newcastle are playing safe all the time it's fucking pathetic I'm fuming

  • Luke Armitage
    Luke Armitage 29 days ago

    I think this is halerious and I'm a Wednesday fan. We'll take a fortune of Newcastle get another mediocre maneger fail in the playoffs watch Newcastle go down and Brucey boy get the sack. Win win and we'll play Newcastle and there deluded fans next year. 😂

  • A/V Flashback
    A/V Flashback 29 days ago

    Newcastle united can't back Benitez who is world-class but they go and back Steve Bruce??? WOW!!! That's like saying 1+1=3? It's Total Madness!!! LoL. I bet Bruce won't make it to Christmas.

  • Lol Howboutno
    Lol Howboutno 29 days ago

    Free tommy Robinson

  • ayaanle idris
    ayaanle idris 29 days ago +1

    arsenal fans better step up otherwise we r the next newcastle....these fools refused to boycott now they r used to mediocrity

  • MemoryLaneCinema
    MemoryLaneCinema 29 days ago

    this just proves again that ashley only has ONE ambition and that is to stay in the PL.

  • Jamie Maragenie
    Jamie Maragenie 29 days ago

    Love TG but this Lawrence kid is dominating the whole show, been sarcastic doesn't work when it's every single comment out of your trap. Know your roll and shut your mouth.

  • Santos Pantos
    Santos Pantos 29 days ago


  • Billy Milton
    Billy Milton 29 days ago +2

    I’m from Wallsend, he’s from Wallsend 😂😂😂

  • Martyr God
    Martyr God 29 days ago

    The fuck is this editing about?

  • si
    si 29 days ago

    fucking nonce lol

  • si
    si 29 days ago

    jewy Lawrence trying to manipulate kids with his paedo politics lol

  • si
    si 29 days ago

    pair of gobshites