• Published on Dec 5, 2019
  • It's Gmod TTT! Today we ragdoll all over the place until we fully break the server!
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    Who's in the video:
    Ben: thexvid.com/channel/UCeiojUKAAGdwocc5ZjMqryA
    Duncan: thexvid.com/user/Yogscastlalna
    Harry: barryharryy
    Spiffing Brit: thexvid.com/channel/UCRHXUZ0BxbkU2MYZgsuFgkQ
    Zylus: thexvid.com/user/MrZylus
    Pedguin: thexvid.com/channel/UCubqpKp3okBcmhFCqkllA4w
    Bouphe: www.twitch.tv/bouphe
    Gameplay Overview:
    Gmod Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT) is an online multiplayer gamemode included with Garry's Mod. The game is about a group of "terrorists" who have traitors among them, out to kill everyone who's not a traitor.
    #gmod #yogscast #TTT
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Comments • 340

  • PoodleMan24
    PoodleMan24 12 days ago

    It’s the best feeling when your girlfriend can shoot milk out of her eyes 😉

  • Pande
    Pande 29 days ago

    Miss sjin😢

  • JJNincorporated
    JJNincorporated Month ago

    I would clog my eyes to impress Bouphe.

  • FlightlessChicken
    FlightlessChicken Month ago

    Definitely in the classics list

  • Nicholas Sulfaro
    Nicholas Sulfaro Month ago

    “We broke the game! We broke new ground!”

  • bmxdude1337
    bmxdude1337 Month ago

    Fucking Ped saying do a flip and he tumbles has me dying🤣

  • Ori Machin
    Ori Machin Month ago +2

    id like to imagine if you pooned blobby custard would just perpetually pour out

  • Thoast
    Thoast Month ago +1

    But how can lewis be on jingle jam when he is in japan

  • Think Twice
    Think Twice Month ago

    I love Barry so much

  • Maltek
    Maltek Month ago +1

    TTT stats: accuracy roughly 90%
    Detective rate All: Times detective:3032 Victories:1921 Losses: 1235 Success rate:63 %

    1. Bot001: Times detective:1 Victories:1 Losses: 0 Success rate:100 %
    2. Mikey: Times detective:1 Victories:1 Losses: 0 Success rate:100 %
    3. Dr simon: Times detective:9 Victories:7 Losses: 2 Success rate:78 %
    4. Caff: Times detective:4 Victories:3 Losses: 1 Success rate: 75%
    5. Spiffing Brit: Times detective:32 Victories:24 Losses:8 Success rate: 75 %
    6. Hanna: Times detective:19 Victories:14 Losses: 5 Success rate:74 %
    7. Tom: Times detective:267 Victories:192 Losses: 77 Success rate:72 %
    8. Dont know: Times detective:26 Victories:18 Losses: 8 Success rate:69 %
    9. Radders: Times detective:41 Victories:28 Losses: 13 Success rate:68 %
    10. Zaylus: Times detective:310 Victories:202 Losses: 108 Success rate:65 %
    11. Rythian: Times detective:286 Victories:184 Losses: 102 Success rate:64 %
    12. Turps: Times detective:33 Victories:21 Losses: 12 Success rate:64 %
    13. Wilsonator: Times detective:25 Victories:16 Losses: 9 Success rate: 64%
    14. Sjin: Times detective:246 Victories:158 Losses: 87 Success rate:64 %
    15. Barry: Times detective:80 Victories:51 Losses: 29 Success rate:64 %
    16. Daltos: Times detective:14 Victories:9 Losses: 5 Success rate: 64 %
    17. Lewis: Times detective:467 Victories:295 Losses: 172 Success rate:63 %
    18. Checkpoint: Times detective:8 Victories:5 Losses: 3 Success rate:63 %
    19. Zozo: Times detective:82 Victories:51 Losses: 32 Success rate:62 %
    20. Mousie: Times detective:13 Victories:8 Losses: 5 Success rate:62 %
    21. Duncan: Times detective:300 Victories:184 Losses: 120 Success rate:61 %
    22. Pedguin: Times detective:10 Victories:6 Losses: 4 Success rate: 60%
    23. Ross: Times detective:63 Victories: 38 Losses: 25 Success rate:60 %
    24. Pyrienflaxs: Times detective:29 Victories:17 Losses: 12 Success rate:59 %
    25. Allsmffy: Times detective:54 Victories:32 Losses:22 Success rate:59 %
    26. Simon: Times detective:48 Victories:28 Losses: 20 Success rate:58 %
    27. Ravs: Times detective:12 Victories:7 Losses: 5 Success rate:58 %
    28. Ben: Times detective:359 Victories:205 Losses: 160 Success rate:57 %
    29. Bouphe: Times detective:61 Victories:35 Losses: 26 Success rate: 57 %
    30. Alex: Times detective:14 Victories:8 Losses: 6 Success rate:57 %
    31. Sips: Times detective:32 Victories:18 Losses: 14 Success rate:56 %
    32. Lydia: Times detective:49 Victories:27 Losses: 22 Success rate: 55 %
    33. RTGame: Times detective: 8 Victories:4 Losses: 4 Success rate: 50 %
    34. Loic: Times detective:8 Victories:4 Losses: 4 Success rate: 50 %
    35. Peter: Times detective:4 Victories:2 Losses: 2 Success rate: 50%
    36. Trott: Times detective:60 Victories:29 Losses: 31 Success rate:48 %
    37. Kim: Times detective:13 Victories:6 Losses: 7 Success rate:46 %
    38. Tom B: Times detective:5 Victories:2 Losses: 3 Success rate: 40 %
    39. Geestaer: Times detective:4 Victories:1 Losses: 3 Success rate:25 %
    40. Neb: Times detective:1 Victories:0 Losses: 1 Success rate: 0 %

    Infected: round:325 Victories:109 Losses: 224 Success rate: 34 %
    (Note: Some of the numbers don't add up, but I do not have enough time to fixs the errors.)

  • ozzyboy 123
    ozzyboy 123 Month ago

    I would love to play try with u please can u let me play once(btw I don't have a headset when I'm playing)

  • Will Baker
    Will Baker Month ago

    So was the round in the intro cut?

  • DalekWindmill
    DalekWindmill Month ago

    Wow, that has to be the best portal play yet

  • TheBrickMasterB
    TheBrickMasterB Month ago

    I'm uselses and alone

    You guys keep me going every day

  • ka BOOM
    ka BOOM Month ago

    I can exhale through my eye sockets, it's really great cause it freaks people out

    • ka BOOM
      ka BOOM Month ago

      but I don't smoke or vape so you'll never see that coming from my eyes

  • William Linley
    William Linley Month ago +1

    The Bristol pusher is going to be pissed when he gets back

  • Wibblywobbolywee Hewo

    0:29 with or without his consent

  • Drkarcher888
    Drkarcher888 Month ago

    That barry boi pulp fiction reference though

  • Mike Mallow
    Mike Mallow Month ago

    2nd person PoV what an enlightening glitch

  • Ciaphas
    Ciaphas Month ago +1

    opening five, six seconds were funnier than the rest of the episode tbh

    "oh no gmod broke" also the sky is blue unless you're a londoner

  • Quinn Lundrigan
    Quinn Lundrigan Month ago

    Spiff guessed Barry's role correctly and ended his eye cheese discussion, thus as an act of punishment the meme lord Harry unmade death banishing them all to constant ragdoll purgatory. A perfectly logical reaction to any RUDE interruption.

  • Drago981
    Drago981 Month ago

    How do you always manage to brake the games you play

  • shadow playz228
    shadow playz228 Month ago

    I feel like they always forget not to make a loud obnoxious death noise

  • Hazzardroid13
    Hazzardroid13 Month ago

    how is it that spiff wasn't the one that broke the game

  • Joseph Bristow
    Joseph Bristow Month ago

    The opening barrel kill was brutal loved it.

  • MasterBro Network - Gaming

    Most broken episode yet, Zylus getting karma banned at the end was pretty funny too.

  • ChrisTN _
    ChrisTN _ Month ago

    Literally five seconds into this and we've already seen the sickest kill ever in Yogscast TTT. Love it.

  • UglyLama
    UglyLama Month ago

    The days of mine craft with sips and sjin were the yog cast glory days

  • Jason Allen
    Jason Allen Month ago +3

    "Where did you find the terrorist?"
    "It's not a terrorist, baby, it's a traitor."
    "Where did you find the traitor?"
    "It was Ped."
    "Who's Ped?"
    "Ped's dead baby.. Ped's dead."

  • Dylan Wood
    Dylan Wood Month ago

    Can we get an f to pay respects to the bad trip randomat because it’ll probably get cut by next episode

  • VeryPeeved
    VeryPeeved Month ago +1

    Lewis is gone one day...

  • Owain richards
    Owain richards Month ago

    That barrel in beginning was brilliant

  • dork yface
    dork yface Month ago

    "Peds dead, baby!"

    Was that a pulp fiction reference? :)

  • Håkon Andreas Olaussen

    Next week on Spiff's channel: "Gmod TTT is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits"

  • Jack McP
    Jack McP Month ago

    I can't believe Barry managed to use the portal gun to separate everyones' souls from their bodies. Now that's an exploit.

  • Matthew Justason
    Matthew Justason Month ago

    Who needs a poltergeist when you have a shotgun

  • Rukart Bert
    Rukart Bert Month ago

    Sometimes dead is better

  • Chris Hansen
    Chris Hansen Month ago

    aww, I hoped someone would try and pick up their own ragdolled body

  • IrishYTG
    IrishYTG Month ago

    TTT glitches and a mention of jelles marble run? why yes please

  • GGmygoodman
    GGmygoodman Month ago

    No lew lew no watch

  • Scrubaati Vidya
    Scrubaati Vidya Month ago

    when is Lewis just going to do a "for every goal reached I will do a live pushing" for charity?

  • Infernalistic
    Infernalistic Month ago


  • Frank Trazo
    Frank Trazo Month ago

    Ben's dying opening is fantastic.

  • The Bees
    The Bees Month ago +1

    Oh that was fucking amazing lol

  • ChippyChoppy
    ChippyChoppy Month ago

    What a beautiful mess

  • venera13
    venera13 Month ago +1

    Ped Dead Redemption

  • Bloodfencer
    Bloodfencer Month ago +1

    Everyone comes together to form the NBA = No Bees Allowed.

  • Chloe Burt
    Chloe Burt Month ago

    Omg there was something so funny about seeing them all just jumping and then Barry jumped in...I lost it, so funny. Had to go back and rewatch and now I’ve laughed myself into hiccups...so thank you for this experience at 2 am! 😂😂😂😂

  • Hazim Fadhilah
    Hazim Fadhilah Month ago

    what a way to start the jingle jam

  • Shrinking Tech
    Shrinking Tech Month ago

    Spiff may RDM the most but he seems to get it always right so his carma is never effected.

  • roger
    roger Month ago

    I STILL occasionally mistake Pedguin's voice for Zoey's.

  • speedwaynutt
    speedwaynutt Month ago

    Gotta love when they break the game

  • Ridley
    Ridley Month ago

    wow they're so lost without being able to murder Lewis doing the intro.

  • Cason M
    Cason M Month ago

    I cant watch this shit without Lewis

  • JustAnAverageTree G

    Was the intro clip not in the vid?

  • Soslunnaak Morokei
    Soslunnaak Morokei Month ago

    before the intro i realised Duncan sounds like an old woman when he gets suprised

  • Falling Crane
    Falling Crane Month ago +1

    1:47 Shoutout to the bestest of bois and his marble runs #OOOOOOOOOO’RANGERS

  • bluemario610
    bluemario610 Month ago

    12:24 "oh bouphe!"

  • penquinmaster
    penquinmaster Month ago

    I love that you guys actually broke the server this time.

  • Gradwin
    Gradwin Month ago +1

    Bouphe i love you. Will you marry me?