• Published on Feb 13, 2018
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    It's no secret that even the biggest, coolest companies can epically fail. Well, firstly, we are all human, and secondly, when hundreds or thousands of people work on a product, someone will surely make a mistake. Just imagine, what if, for example, someone brought a MacBook to the launch of a new Microsoft product and put it in the most visible place? Yes, it would be a real scandal! In any case, here we have ten of the most epic fails of the big companies.

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  • Supreme
    Supreme 24 minutes ago

    Just Android in general.

  • khadim husen
    khadim husen 9 hours ago

    Dislike just because of misleading thumbnail.

  • Emmet
    Emmet 22 hours ago

    My most incredible mistake was watching this shit video

  • Star Man
    Star Man 23 hours ago +1

    You're supposed to say iPhone TEN! Not iPhone "X"!

  • pradeep modi
    pradeep modi Day ago

    iPhone x face id

  • Ryan Rubio
    Ryan Rubio Day ago

    So they not going to mention Coca Cola New Coke from the 80's perhaps the biggest single fail of a major company

  • WolfKing _1
    WolfKing _1 Day ago

    This wideo belongs to r/fellowkids

  • David Merlino
    David Merlino 4 days ago

    Hi Heather a computer had it for like one year and the blue screen came up on the 10th when I can and iPad and I don’t have many problems

  • David Merlino
    David Merlino 4 days ago

    That’s why I don’t have an iPad and I can service the tablet suck

  • Mack Market
    Mack Market 4 days ago

    The most mistake happened is the black berry and windows vista

  • kearney jarrell
    kearney jarrell 5 days ago

    vovlo is the safest car in 2019 they have to test how safe it is

  • Nev06
    Nev06 5 days ago

    Alright whoever whenever said its 'irelands fault' needs to get a brain, i myself am from ireland and big deal they made a mistake and all of this atuff should have been gone over just before the show im a little bit ashamed

  • Alectricity
    Alectricity 6 days ago

    Robot be like: why you why you bully me

  • Visual917
    Visual917 7 days ago

    B A C H M A N I T Y

  • Prince Steven II.
    Prince Steven II. 9 days ago

    When Microsoft was showing of Microsoft Edge for the first time, it wouldn't load, so they had to download Google Chrome and open their Microsoft account from there.

  • Dorito DEVOUR
    Dorito DEVOUR 10 days ago


  • Yeah, that is TOTALLY right. :\


  • Thandolwakhe Zungu
    Thandolwakhe Zungu 11 days ago

    Is anyone scared that atlas will kill everyone and take over the world...once a mad scientist infects it with a massacre virus

  • Elephant guy 24
    Elephant guy 24 12 days ago

    This was posted on my birthday! Cool!

  • José Agamenon
    José Agamenon 13 days ago

    acho que esse é um dos poucos canais em inglês do youtube que é derivado de um brasileiro que realmente tem um público americano

  • EchtWahr
    EchtWahr 13 days ago

    One time a Microsoft presenter wantes to Show Off a News Version of Azure Cloud. He of course Used Edge, but it didnt Work. So He Had to Download Chrome instead. There was Lots of laughter

    EVAN COSTA 14 days ago


    EVAN COSTA 14 days ago

    You spelled company wrong

  • Channel of Random
    Channel of Random 14 days ago


  • M M
    M M 16 days ago +1

    Thanks for this video
    It impressive 😱

  • Umesh Kumar Gupta
    Umesh Kumar Gupta 16 days ago +1

    You are very bad man

  • 8-Bit Joker
    8-Bit Joker 17 days ago


  • 8-Bit Music
    8-Bit Music 17 days ago +12

    Roses are red,
    My screen is blue,
    I think I deleted System32

  • Raiizeen DarkI-Brawl Stars

    Sub to Pewdiepie

  • -jackbennett-
    -jackbennett- 19 days ago

    This video is a pretty big fail but it’s not from a good company

  • Yaser D.C.
    Yaser D.C. 19 days ago

    in apple event the FaceID didn’t work because the crow look to iPhone Just to make Sure that it is working and every thing is perfect before the event
    (Just like touchID ) if you try more then 3 or 5 times.. iPhone will request the password code to unlock

  • Charles Jules
    Charles Jules 20 days ago


  • Vincent
    Vincent 21 day ago

    This video is very stupid, and the narrator's voice is bloody irritating - 11th biggest fail.

  • Dylan Slater
    Dylan Slater 21 day ago

    pause at 0:07

  • Edward Koch
    Edward Koch 21 day ago

    The FaceID was not a fail. It did exaxtly what was advertised. Craig even explained what happened.

  • Rodrigo
    Rodrigo 22 days ago

    Volvo xD

  • Udeagha Chibuike
    Udeagha Chibuike 22 days ago


  • Sipriano Arvizo
    Sipriano Arvizo 22 days ago

    Do you se the apple 6:38 from apple iphone

  • Robert Crawshaw
    Robert Crawshaw 22 days ago

    Remember when Apple nearly went bankrupt?

  • Llywelyn Rhisiart
    Llywelyn Rhisiart 22 days ago

    the volvo was leaking!

  • Someone Random
    Someone Random 23 days ago

    6:29 is that scotty and mccoy? star trek!

  • Munoz_Element
    Munoz_Element 23 days ago

    Add airpower.

  • Nil0-X iOS
    Nil0-X iOS 23 days ago +1

    This has been in my recommendation for a month ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?!

  • jason adams
    jason adams 23 days ago

    you missed out the oshimo robot falling backwards down some steps live on stage

    CENTRA STUDIOS 23 days ago

    Atlas stole the show. That thing is amazing.

  • Emily Fields
    Emily Fields 24 days ago +1

    I just remembered the meme about the robot slipping on the banana. 5:17

  • bodecline
    bodecline 24 days ago

    actually the first one is wrong. the face id didn’t work because it was shut off, so when he turned it on it asked for a passcode first like with touch id

  • malcorm walker
    malcorm walker 24 days ago

    The first one is completely completely wrong

  • Walker Steven
    Walker Steven 24 days ago

    3:06 tbc

  • Anthony Gonzalez-Patiño

    1:09 nothing bad happened as a “fail” the iPhone was restarted and you always need to put in your password if u restart ur iPhone .

  • Nischal masand
    Nischal masand 25 days ago

    Biggest mistake was to watch this video.

  • Peace Layese
    Peace Layese 25 days ago +3

    In this video only 1 samsung failed, iphone failed 4x. Choose samsung!!

  • Ndud The Noob
    Ndud The Noob 26 days ago

    I liked the Microsoft fails

  • Nacho Alvarezmalo
    Nacho Alvarezmalo 26 days ago +1

    The pick is fake no Mac has White and gray on it

    • shivankit ss
      shivankit ss 25 days ago

      Yeah I thought so too. It's a Windows surface pro not a mac

  • Jesse McLaughlin
    Jesse McLaughlin 26 days ago

    number one mistake is watching this video

  • Pixler
    Pixler 26 days ago

    5:17 I can't stop laughing 🤣🤣

  • Justin Stevens
    Justin Stevens 27 days ago

    No I ket

  • Marjolein Grutten
    Marjolein Grutten 27 days ago

    What background music do you use

    JAYHAWK GAMER 27 days ago +2

    I am the only one who didnt got any advertisement 😂😎

  • Chloe Autumnwright
    Chloe Autumnwright 28 days ago

    Das gibt's au in englisch?🤯

  • ansoo lal
    ansoo lal 28 days ago +9

    Everybody goes for the thumbnail

  • Carol Tan
    Carol Tan 29 days ago

    bigeset fail of microsoft is the xbox {i love nintendo}

  • Oh yea
    Oh yea 29 days ago


  • Benjamin Nolan
    Benjamin Nolan 29 days ago

    The first one about Face ID isn’t true. It’s just because just like Touch ID, when the iPhone is restarted or shut down, it doesn’t accept Face/Touch ID. It needs the passcode.

  • memesaday000
    memesaday000 Month ago +8

    I had an lg phone that costs less than 100$ and made in 2012 or something. The face unlock never fails! And Apple says new technology? What would Steve Jobs say?! Lol

  • Will and Kegan
    Will and Kegan Month ago

    The robot falling off stage lmao !

  • Vedant Mohan Goyal
    Vedant Mohan Goyal Month ago

    31 ads in 10 minutes, isn't the channel got XXXXxxxxxxxtra... monetised

  • ๖ۣۜ๓ยђค๓๓є๔༻ Izzeddin

    In that time there wasn't any Microsoft gadget

  • Adam Bedrník
    Adam Bedrník Month ago +1


  • SkyEye
    SkyEye Month ago +3

    T-shities is the BIGGEST MISTAKE IN THE WORLD!

  • BubbaJoe
    BubbaJoe Month ago +2

    2:24 and 3:08 actually made me laugh

  • Keria B
    Keria B Month ago

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  • dab
    dab Month ago +1

    5:50 Who feels bad for that robot?

  • Sheru Cute
    Sheru Cute Month ago +3

    Came to see bill gates Microsoft failure but instead got clickbaited

  • D-jam 2006
    D-jam 2006 Month ago

    The most incredible mistake I’ve ever seen. Me

  • Andre oreilly
    Andre oreilly Month ago

    Sub to pewdiepie

  • BossGamer2017 / / 1000T

    We all know the incident at Sochi.

  • robizzlor
    robizzlor Month ago

    Why do all commentators on those top10 videos have the same boring voice? Like come on. Try to be individual.

  • Nite_SkyZz
    Nite_SkyZz Month ago


  • JogeshGamer circa2017

    Biggest downside of the video: Iphone "X"?
    Not many people realize this, but the 'X' is a roman number and it is actually pronounced as '10'

  • Gamer XD
    Gamer XD Month ago +37

    0 ads in 10 minutes I am lucky

  • DaltXsavage
    DaltXsavage Month ago


  • Nongo
    Nongo Month ago +4

    I saw myself in the mirror

  • Wonga Ndunge
    Wonga Ndunge Month ago +46

    3:26 mac book look right

  • Maximilian Oster
    Maximilian Oster Month ago

    It’s ten, not x.

  • theee
    theee Month ago

    Vista was horrible is sucked up all your computers resources for no reason.

  • Roberter Shekie
    Roberter Shekie Month ago

    Be real

  • Jan Appelboom
    Jan Appelboom Month ago

    The challenger was an epic fail

    Just kidding

  • Tom_ Bro3n
    Tom_ Bro3n Month ago

    I’m a cat

  • Shabz
    Shabz Month ago +1

    Ireland and Russia connected by McGregor vs Khabib

  • Arvin Kumar
    Arvin Kumar Month ago +1

    I will prank you guys

    Read more

    • Arvin Kumar
      Arvin Kumar Month ago

      +Brennen Beecher didn't u got pranked

    • Brennen Beecher
      Brennen Beecher Month ago +1

      not gonna happen, if u want to prank someone make read more bolded if you can

  • Buff Dude
    Buff Dude Month ago

    the biggest fail in this video is the amount of nonsense videos from movies

  • Bryan Prime
    Bryan Prime Month ago +1

    The iPhone "X"!?!? The X!?!? The iPhone X(ten)....
    You won worst narration of this video! Congrats😑🙌😲

  • Josh_king _121
    Josh_king _121 Month ago +2

    The most incredible mistake was you Lol 😂

  • Abimael Garcia
    Abimael Garcia Month ago +1

    Refugio Mental

  • WashBear
    WashBear Month ago

    6:02 that robot just fell off the stage

  • no ram
    no ram Month ago

    this gadgets award is sooooooo bored.

    TRXP RFT Month ago

    What was the intro movie scene? In fact I'd like all move names please