Joe Rogan Experience #1363 - Dakota Meyer

  • Published on Oct 9, 2019
  • Dakota Meyer is a United States Marine. A veteran of the War in Afghanistan, he was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions during the Battle of Ganjgal on 8 September 2009, in Kunar Province, Afghanistan.

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  • B Clapp
    B Clapp 6 hours ago

    Being from KENTUCKY I'M PROUD OF DAKOTA MEYER . To the rest of the Men and Women who wake up and tie their SHIT KICKERS ON and take care of business .THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE. We need to respect our Military Veterans alot more then we do now.

  • JesuisPepelepew
    JesuisPepelepew 20 hours ago

    We didn't fight Iraq as a country? That's new.

  • krisg4815162342
    krisg4815162342 23 hours ago

    "you'd never make it as a marine" bwaaaaahahahahahaha
    wabbit season
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    duck season!

  • Tc 90
    Tc 90 Day ago

    I did a front flip in a car over the side of a 25ft bridge and landed in the stream in winter my car filled with water I went out the window because my door wouldn’t open. This explains a lot to me...

  • El Caso Siguiente
    El Caso Siguiente 2 days ago +1

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  • Joey Lock
    Joey Lock 2 days ago

    The first 15 minutes is essentially 'Murica' circlejerk. No offence to Dakota but the things about "America is the only place in the world where..." comments are all pretty damn exaggerated and a *very* American-centric view of the world. America has only existed for under 250 years, the rest of the world got by before the US existed as a state and the US like many other countries in the world is an accumulation of ideas, philosophies, laws and viewpoints cherry picked from other previously established nations. For instance quite a bunch of the US Constitution was incorporated things taken from the 1689 English Bill of Rights as well as the Magna Carta way back in 1215, for instance the US Fifth Amendment takes words derived from the Magna Carta "no person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law" and *a lot* of American common law and laws in general are heavily influenced by English Common Law. But to think America is the only place in the world where you can "go from the bottom" and become rich or successful and that "theres nothing holding you back" as Dakota says is kinda naive and is looking through the world in star-spangled banner tinted glasses with America The Beautiful playing obnoxiously loudly in the background instead of actual reality. Again no offence to Dakota since he's a proud veteran with the highest military decoration awarded so it's obviously he's bound to be more starry eyed about his nation but it's not good if you buy into the 'American mythos' (The US Marines seem especially good at indoctrinating recruits in shall we say less than factual history about 'the corps') instead of actual American history and culture which is interesting enough without all the exaggerations.

  • Scott Scifres
    Scott Scifres 2 days ago

    I wonder what would happen if Scarlett Johansson showed her asshole

  • Ben Wiseley
    Ben Wiseley 3 days ago

    I can't listen to this. Because this is straight up jingoism. Convincing a 18yo to go play soldier isn't hard. You're volunteering for whatever people will tell you to do - with no input. That's not a moral high decision - that's being a paid killer. The US, long ago, lost it's moral high ground. Sure - are we better than ISIS? Yes. But are we the worlds Pope? Far, far from it (look at Trump). Zero mention of why Syria became Syria - they weren't just bad people. This didn't happen in a vacuum. 9/11 didn't happen in a vacuum. Bin Ladin fucking worked for the CIA.
    Anyway - this is borderline propoganda. I appreciate given someone the change to speak out - but this is ridiculous

  • Ben Wiseley
    Ben Wiseley 3 days ago +1

    I see - women can't be men - but, everyone is mentally equal - everyone can make it in America? So 99.9999999999% of the people in America are just lazy Rogan? I love you show but this "logic" is rubbish. That insane homeless guy on the corner is NEVER giong be president. That C student isn't either, etc.

  • Matthew Warren
    Matthew Warren 3 days ago

    This dude is so brainwashed

  • Michael Buchanan
    Michael Buchanan 3 days ago +3

    Watch him and Jacko’s podcast it is absolutely insane.

  • T F
    T F 6 days ago

    Sorry Joe, REAL sex and FAKE violence are not equatable. Because, well, no one is really dying in movies. Except Brandon Lee RIP nvr frgt

  • Mark Bailey
    Mark Bailey 6 days ago

    Afghanistan has a mountain of lithium

  • Craig Roberts
    Craig Roberts 7 days ago +1

    (15 minutes into the podcast) jfc, this guy is oblivious af when it comes to the politics of these wars he's trying to justify with the usual blue-pill bullshit. bless his heart but he's the perfect example of who military recruiters love to prey upon and exploit.

  • Dominik Wilson
    Dominik Wilson 7 days ago

    We had an issue with the Taliban because they were holding and protect Al Qaeda and Bin Ladin in Afghanistan. We ended up fighting the Taliban and supporting insurgents in Afghanistan. Iraq we initially defeated the Iraqi military (took about a week), then we had to fight Iraq's insurgency which was made up of fighters from all over, to include Al Queda. Dakota explained this very bad lol. Still love him though.

  • Nikki Nichole
    Nikki Nichole 8 days ago

    Joe and Dakota, I missed 9/12. And I was in basic training on Fort Jackson South Carolina. It must have been a true unity amongst the nation. My friends wrote me post cards telling me there was a flag in every corner. My Drill Sergeant told me the world changed without us. Grasping that was mind blowing.

  • David Pryor
    David Pryor 8 days ago

    51:30 if Joe "listened" to the jocko podcast with Dakota he would have known that

  • JR CB
    JR CB 8 days ago

    I don't get it...."nothing wrong with porn" ...??? science says different...I thought Joe was a science guy....he clearly has no idea, and it really makes him look stupid...he should know better, especially having daughters and the sex trafficking industry etc...very sad Joe

  • Paul Fugate
    Paul Fugate 9 days ago

    Damn I'm so thankful I was born in America. I served in the Marine Corps from 88-94 and I saw first hand just how bad some people have it.
    People here need to stop crying and bitching and playing the victim and be thankful for what they do have.
    Semper Fi!!!

  • stacy drummond
    stacy drummond 9 days ago

    Joe you were on your game during this episode. I was dying laughing... You're hilarious.

  • BadgerCo-Op
    BadgerCo-Op 9 days ago

    VAPE pens; electronic spark fires liquids to be inhaled: What could go wrong there? Big Pharma is using those stories to diffuse legal medicinal use.

  • lewis hardy
    lewis hardy 9 days ago

    quite alot of this bullshit these two are spouting just sound like the same justification they used to invade vietnam? america was fighting alongside south vietnemese soldiers doesnt mean the war was wrong? fucking brainwashed americans

  • paranoidandroid
    paranoidandroid 9 days ago

    Ending Veteran suicide and improving Veteran health! 🗽

  • Lenz2010
    Lenz2010 9 days ago

    Joe yestreday: "I fully support Tusli breaking the Military Industry Complex"
    Joe today: "We must fight terrorism abroad. Home of the free BECAUSE of the brave"

    • Anthony Granger
      Anthony Granger 7 days ago +1

      The Military Industrial Complex is NOT the freaking ARMY/MARINES/NAVY/ SEALS/ WHATEVER. It's the assholes that's putting our guys in illegitimate WARS. Don't take words out of context. It's not the same thing....

  • Justin Ferretti
    Justin Ferretti 10 days ago

    Please get CMOH recipient Corporal Kyle Carpenter on

  • Dustin Isbell
    Dustin Isbell 10 days ago


  • saghar14
    saghar14 10 days ago

    Good and evil? It’s not that simple

    • Erratum
      Erratum 9 days ago

      saghar14 sometimes it is.

  • bishop500g
    bishop500g 10 days ago


  • Bad Cattitude
    Bad Cattitude 10 days ago

    Joe mentions the scene near the end of Apocalypse Now where they slaughter the water buffalo, and it was totally real and people got upset about it
    It's important to realize they filmed the movie in the Philippines using actual natives. That buffalo was going to be slaughtered no matter what. Coppola just chose to film it and then it became part of the final cut.
    I think he filmed something ridiculous like 200 hours of film total, and it was all cobbled together into the final film (and then the redux version which has a lot more scenes)
    It was a pretty crazy movie to film. Of course Brando refused to learn his lines...
    But that water buffalo was on the menu for dinner that night. The film crew didn't ask them to kill it.

  • ultradeepbase
    ultradeepbase 11 days ago +20

    Jack Nicholson once said “kiss a tit in a movie and you get an R rating. Hack it off with a sword and its PG-13”

  • Joshua King
    Joshua King 12 days ago

    U can talk about killing people with a brick but scared to say you smoke thc and act like you never heard the word indica

  • Anthony Michalisko
    Anthony Michalisko 12 days ago

    Jocko's energy drink is actually just Jocko's sweat. When a normie consumes this beverage, they experience 1% of Jocko's energy. For someone of Jocko's caliber, 1% isn't shit, but for a normie, it puts them in overdrive. It provides high focus, energy, and clarity, often leading one to realize Jeffery Epstein didn't kill himself.

  • Ammar Ahmed
    Ammar Ahmed 13 days ago

    AQ entered Iraq after US invaded, US army saved alqaeda
    Taliban were willing to give up bin laden, US refused and invaded

    I feel like he is a nice guy, but man has he been manipulated, should someone tell him? Or maybe at least tell the next group of guys thinking bout killing other ppl?

  • northeastrocker
    northeastrocker 13 days ago

    I have no patience for jingoistic shit like this, it just perpetuates the bullshit myth of the nobility of our military. Does this guy honestly think that we are still in Afghanistan 18 YEARS LATER because we are "fightin for freedom" to the tune of 4 billion dollars a month? If he's too stupid to figure out he's running interference for the opium trade then fuck him, he's doing a DiSSERVICE to the country.

  • Bradley Parker
    Bradley Parker 13 days ago +10

    Crazy to think such a badass can be such a humble gentle person.

    • Bradley Parker
      Bradley Parker 23 hours ago

      @krisg4815162342 ok mate

    • krisg4815162342
      krisg4815162342 23 hours ago

      not really. true badasses have nothing to prove, so there is no need for bravado.

  • y. o.
    y. o. 14 days ago +1

    i went from Justin Wren recommending this podcast to Joe Rogan recommending the Jocko/ Dakota Meyer podcast. :'P

  • Darren Oconnor
    Darren Oconnor 14 days ago

    Joe " I see her asshole" Rogan

  • daniel Santino
    daniel Santino 14 days ago

    The 1 percent want us to kill each other, the worlds already over populated, they dont want to share the world, why you think they're working on A.I. already took jobs from us, they try to normalise violence and murder for that reason, hence why in video games for kids etc etc

  • daniel Santino
    daniel Santino 14 days ago

    The only reason US is over there is to protect there share of the oil they own and other resources

    • Drue Just
      Drue Just 13 days ago

      You have absolutely no fucking clue what you are talking about lmao.

  • Craig Cambreleng
    Craig Cambreleng 14 days ago

    I have watched lots of videos of SOF guys, other MOH recipients, combat vets, and as a vet myself i NEED too say I have the upmost respect and admiration for Dakota Meyer, his outlook on everything (past and present) is so .....(I have no words to describe how i feel when i listen to him speak) and how humble he is blows my mind, i will swallow my pride and say if I ever had the chance too be in his presence, i would get on my knees and thank him everyday for what he went through and hopefully more people can listen too the conversation between him and Joe Rogan in the clip i watched, it would make people think and realize if we dont start getting along better than our country wont be worth a spit in 20 years

  • Aliaksei Ivanov
    Aliaksei Ivanov 15 days ago

    I greatly respect the guy, but US Army did fight against Iraqi army when they entered Iraq, and not alongside Iraqi soldiers. So Iraq was invaded. It only later on that US Army fought alongside new Iraqi army against various terrorist groups.

  • Richard Shortland
    Richard Shortland 15 days ago

    @9:49 he says the US is the only country that doesn't swear allegiance to a person... Ireland doesn't. Just like to mention that. Good listen though

  • Nicholas Bevan
    Nicholas Bevan 15 days ago

    Your daughter sees the truth of you...God bless you

  • Nicholas Bevan
    Nicholas Bevan 15 days ago

    Thank you for giving a f******k, Sir

  • Nicholas Bevan
    Nicholas Bevan 15 days ago

    A great , and kinder face of force '
    than most of us have any right to be grateful for

  • Nicholas Bevan
    Nicholas Bevan 15 days ago

    Forgive us

  • Dean Frank
    Dean Frank 15 days ago

    Our unit survived without a casualty from enemy fire because the Kurds had our backs. Just letting people know...

  • erics vision
    erics vision 15 days ago

    You can go in you house , lock your doors and try to pretend the evil we fight doesn’t exist .... but it exists, it’s real. And if we don’t fight it there it’s going to come here. TRUTH 🇱🇷

  • Jono Press
    Jono Press 15 days ago

    46:50. A missed opportunity to slip in 'they hate us, because they ain't us".

  • Nicholas Bevan
    Nicholas Bevan 16 days ago


  • Nicholas Bevan
    Nicholas Bevan 16 days ago


  • TrezlySnipes
    TrezlySnipes 16 days ago

    That recruiter used obvious reverse psychology, those mofos are car salesmen

    • Slowest Drummer
      Slowest Drummer 13 days ago

      When i graduated high school in 2004 i got a phone call from a recruiter, he knew i was an artist and he actually said "you know the army actually needs artists"
      "really dude?"
      "Well, i tried."

  • cavscout62
    cavscout62 16 days ago

    It’s such a shame that this Awesome Warrior is so brainwashed by the evil sons of bitches who convinced him of this bullshit word that is “democracy”. We are NOT and have never been and hopefully will never be a “democracy”. What we are is a Constitutional Republic with a Republican form of government that is not the party that is the GOP. We must stop perpetuating this lie, this corrupting influence that has been hammered into people since that ScumBag Woodrow Wilson was in our White House of “democracy”. I know people will say “it’s only a word” however it’s loss of the language that has led us to this point.

  • Coleman Zapien
    Coleman Zapien 16 days ago

    Whoever dislikes any of these videos you’re unsavory

  • Ischa Kars
    Ischa Kars 16 days ago

    Great podcast, but i feel like you lads are forgetting Western Europe when arguing places where you can start from nothing and rise to the top. America is great, but your freedom is no different from Western Europian freedom.

  • expat chris
    expat chris 16 days ago

    "America is the only country in the world that doesn't swear loyalty to a person."? Um, Japan, Australia, Germany, France, Holland, Scandinavia, Belgium, et al? This guy is totally brainwashed, not to mention that the terrorism he's fighting is largely due to the country he claims loyalty to. America bombed the shit out of their countries to steal their resources.

  • M Z
    M Z 16 days ago +1

    Scarlet yohandson 😂

  • Jon B
    Jon B 16 days ago

    Great podcast. The similarities are crazy! All the haters on here LOL. Go get some real experience and then comment.

  • TheJ1aa2m3
    TheJ1aa2m3 17 days ago

    No aspirations? Been in it since 17 ? that dude is brain washed. But I mean you kind of have to be, to do the things you do in that kind of work.

  • C.M Mac
    C.M Mac 17 days ago

    I guess my point would be, if the US was not funding the bad guys we would not half to place these heroes in harm's way. Yes, there are Bad ppl so quit funding them.