Blizzard Censorship Backlash Grows with Protests, Boycotts - Inside Gaming Daily

  • Published on Oct 10, 2019
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    This is all terrible but the extremely small silver lining is that Blizzard being so awful has given this issue a ton of media coverage in the west! Or maybe it's awful that a video game had to be involved for people to care! Who knows anymore! Ha Ha! Luv, Dad :o)
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Comments • 1 572

  • Şehinşah'ın Balisi

    5:55 man i liked the video till this moment dont look down on professional players they play this game every day minimum 10 hours trying every deck new cards and all i dont think its just ''moving the cards around''

  • 킬리킴
    킬리킴 Month ago

    Wow.. Have never known Gerad Butler started his own channel.

  • James Wood
    James Wood Month ago

    Either Blizzard are secretly trying to undermine Chinese Communist Party by raising awareness of the HongKong protest or they are just stupid greedy incompetent jerks like Lebron James.

  • Quoc Hiep KIEU
    Quoc Hiep KIEU Month ago

    Holyshit dude looks like an ape.
    Love the vid tho.

  • Fimbulventr
    Fimbulventr Month ago

    Just curious, how many people actually know what the Hong Kong protests started over? They started for a good reason, but who know what and why?
    It was over an extradition bill that would allow China to extradite people who were on trial in Hong Kong and instead put them on trial in China. This would allow China to exert their control on Hong Kong in violation of the agreement with the British that allowed Hong Kong to remain separate from the country. The fight started because they were trying to protect their freedom, and while I understand that a business's main objective is profit, and this decision was made for exactly that reason, I feel morality needs a place in these companies too.

  • borntodie297
    borntodie297 Month ago

    funny thing is, they want into china so bad, they dont see they might get in, at the cost of losing most the rest of the world.
    that is still gg since yes it may have a big population, but the majority of the chinese people live in fucking poverty.
    great decision blizzard, have fun killing yourself, we Always knew that the real WoW killer, would be blizzard.

  • Redcorvin
    Redcorvin Month ago

    blizzard can make thier own rules and everyone else needs to STFU with the politics and bullshit. not gonna stop using blizzard because of lefty fuckwads having a temper tantrum

  • JarJarWookie
    JarJarWookie Month ago

    So how much of you guys are owned by 10cent by your parent company?

  • kirionDK
    kirionDK Month ago

    Blizzard should ban itself as it has offended everyone who believes in basic human rights.

  • t Relax
    t Relax Month ago

    I just deleted my starcraft

    DRESSED2KILL02 Month ago

    Me: ok I won’t be political today
    Me after watching this Video: the only good kind of communist is a dead one!

  • Jimmy -
    Jimmy - Month ago

    "Hear Hong Kong now,
    or be Hong Kong soon"

  • Dale K.
    Dale K. Month ago

    Who's sticking it to China ? The man with the Red Hat.

  • halfnhalf
    halfnhalf Month ago

    "Blizzard didn't want to get pulled into the world of politics" -Inside gaming 2019
    You realize they've been posting anti-trump stuff for awhile. They've been pushing political ideas. They've put themselves into the world of politics to attempt to win brownie points. In no way do they avoid politics. You are lying.

  • Inconspicious Fellow White Man

    Trump can capitalize to this on his crusade against china. Bringing both sides of the political spectrum.

  • endplanets
    endplanets Month ago

    Blizzard would gladly sacrifice loot boxes for China. China is such a big market and so nuts that the only (and I mean only) thing Americans can do is retaliate in kind. Ban Blizzard games and shut down all US based offices. And maybe get allies (Canada, UK, France, etc) and they would do the same.
    Anything less and China will continue to kill Free Speech via corporate censorship.

  • Foster's Thoughts
    Foster's Thoughts Month ago

    China is wack. It’s like the one of the countries that feels like they are growing and de-aging at the same time.

  • C Hileman
    C Hileman Month ago

    Got an ad for Hearthstone on this video 🤣🤣

  • X tor
    X tor Month ago

    Communist China is a satellite state of Wallstreet and the city of London. Whenever Western media outlets ( CNN, slate, msnbc, Bloomberg , BBC) are on the case then you'll know that the story is 100% geopolitical manuvering. The goal of these operations is to extract a reaction from its loyal consumer/ slave class. YOU the American patriot. (Strategy of Tension)

  • Chris Rooster
    Chris Rooster Month ago

    I don't understand what is complicated about this. You want to do business with shady people taking their money and helping them with their shady actions, but then not also not be criticized for it? That doesn't make any sense. People are protesting human rights against China and Blizzard and many other "businesses" are right there beside them supporting them because they are on the payroll and expect none of that stink to get on to them? Come on, that is just common sense and something that you should be expecting to happen. This isn't about capitalism this is about being mercenaries and propaganda enablers for very a corrupt and abusive goverment. I hope Blizzcon is a real firestorm.

  • Frank Nava
    Frank Nava Month ago

    wtf happened to america? there was a time where we took no shit com commies

  • Justthe4ofus
    Justthe4ofus Month ago

    Is it me or did they disable the comments on their Call Of Duty Mobile game as well?

  • Quixote
    Quixote Month ago

    People are blasting Blizzard on Linkedin, You know where people try to stay out of politics because they want a job and maintain professional relationships.

  • Month ago

    they're better at that then building games

  • 賈悟遠 Antony-John

    Hating China is so easy. What has China ever done to you? Sure, I may hate China from time to time because I grew up in it, and did not like some aspects of it, but what has it ever done to you?
    US supports a absolute Monarchy that is Saudi Arabia and invaded middle east, anybody hating any of them? What about their democratic rights and needs to be free from oppression? UK voted to leave EU, yet their parliament still wanted to remain. What about their democratic rights? More examples, such as Catalonia wishes to be free from Spain.
    However when it comes to China where hongkong police arrested less people over the three months than those arrested in extinction rebellion in a single day, and where less people died than those in yellow vests, people wants to hate and accuse China for being a police state.
    Hating China is so easy. May you hate China so you may feel better about yourselves.

  • Professor Q
    Professor Q Month ago

    Blizzard made a bad choice but it won't stop me from playing WoW. I put to much money into it to just leave it. =w=

  • nscoby93
    nscoby93 Month ago

    Hump for Freedom!

  • Ernie BearDontWalk
    Ernie BearDontWalk Month ago

    EA hold my beer 🍺

  • Ken Gold
    Ken Gold Month ago

    Blizzcon 2019 is going to be a cringy shitshow lol

  • RzGarage
    RzGarage Month ago

    Keep buying "made in china" stuffs are making the communist stronger, if this keep going, we wont have free speech anywhere in the world.

  • Straight Out of Camera

    Globalization can't work when two parties have two different legal systems. That's why the US constitution will be scrapped eventually, to comply with internationally agreed standards, mostly towards China. If you want globalization, you'd better get used to it.

  • Martins Griva
    Martins Griva Month ago

    It’s obvious what agenda is getting pushed here and its funny especially if you read at least 10 pages of Hong Kong history.
    People there are suffering with Stockholm sindrome.
    My opinion so looking for your educated opinion in reply

  • Art Front
    Art Front Month ago

    Boycotts 😉

  • Male Sensitivity
    Male Sensitivity Month ago

    This is a really good video. It helped me understand this issue and the politics surrounding it.

  • Roeuth
    Roeuth Month ago

    Blizzard: don’t damage our image, we can do that ourselves lol.

  • shikab4ne
    shikab4ne Month ago

    a political statement like that has no reason to be said on a hearthstone stream, so if bliz didnt get rid of the kid, that'd make a political statement that they support the movement. they're wanting to stay out of it like they should. so this backlash on bliz is just stupid

  • sinkiy
    sinkiy Month ago

    We asked for this and ended up on the wrong side of the blast doors. Idk why everyone is surprised, full spectrum dominance has been here for several years now.

  • Josias Acauan
    Josias Acauan Month ago

    Hopefully now "liberals" learn the value of freedom of expression.

  • GigAkuma
    GigAkuma Month ago

    Hong kong, boycott Blizzard stop playing their games and giving them money they don't have your best interests in mind $$$$$$💰💰💰💲💲💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵

  • KingCaino Plays
    KingCaino Plays Month ago

    The World - "Something happened"
    America - "I want to be involved...."

  • Juice Warrior
    Juice Warrior Month ago

    “Unlike Blizzard” - Nice one Lawrence.

  • ZerqTM
    ZerqTM Month ago

    politicians should sick the IRS at blizzard! they get away with paying basically 0% tax and on top of that they dare to undermine us foreign policy by basically becoming the sock puppet of the communist party...
    they are willing to whore themselves out to get access to the Chinese mobile market!
    this is pearl harbor of the culture war! china is an existential threat to our culture as we know it!
    they are already impacting Hollywood.

  • Bob in the Bin
    Bob in the Bin Month ago

    I got a heart stone mid role ad

  • Rid ley
    Rid ley Month ago

    if i am not mistaken, NetEase is handling everything there in the name of Blizzard. So it's no wonder they banned him xD

  • Xavin Dayal
    Xavin Dayal Month ago

    I love this channel. You guys are very cool. Love the news

  • -McNulty -
    -McNulty - Month ago

    Boycott Blizzard, Boycott Modern Warfare!

  • Tomás de Vasconcellos

    Thank you so speaking about this. Too many are afraid to do it. Subscribed.

  • Milk2Percent
    Milk2Percent Month ago

    Had 5 blizzard games as if yesterday... "Had"

  • ByAnyOtherName091
    ByAnyOtherName091 Month ago

    11:45 SHADOWRUN

  • swagswagify
    swagswagify Month ago

    I believe I speak for everyone when I say you can suck my balls china.

  • cannedcream
    cannedcream Month ago

    "Anyway have a good weeken--it's only Wednesday. Shit." is such a strong mood.

  • Bangcat
    Bangcat Month ago

    Blizzard = Freedom and Value Rapists. Nothing like a company that likes to make innocent people disappear, get mailed in human trafficking, stealing organs from still living prisoners, while they push our children into gambling.
    Blizzard, you became the HEEL of this story over night. You're worse than the usual sellouts. You're going to regret this for a long time. Fucking villains. Your investors will also not escape this gaze.

  • DannyJoe08
    DannyJoe08 Month ago

    Blizzard definitely has an opinion. They sided with China.

  • Bangcat
    Bangcat Month ago +1

    Hey Blizzard, you got egg on your face. Only I think it's China owner's man jam. I don't wanna smell your breath.

  • Paul Lavoie
    Paul Lavoie Month ago

    Loot Boxes, no, surprise mechanics remember!

  • Paul Lavoie
    Paul Lavoie Month ago

    This is what a dog pile looks like.

  • cotjocky466
    cotjocky466 Month ago

    I didn't buy Battle Front II, I have not bought a single game that was an Epic Game Store exclusive and I'm damn sure not buying any game made by Blizzard. Stay non-political, compete in a fair way or you will get ZERO money from me!!!

  • tech Master!
    tech Master! Month ago

    Don't u guys havephones

  • Mistersheeaun
    Mistersheeaun Month ago

    I always feel funny when they use twitch views as an indication of the popularity of a game because I don't watch any streams of anything, only youtube "pre-edited" videos. Sorry bruce RIP