HD Leatherback Turtle footage (Dermochelys coriacea)

  • Published on Nov 14, 2009
  • Extremely rare underwater leatherback turtle footage. The video also includes hatching and nesting. License this footage and more at www.scubazooimages.com
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    HD Footage shot using Gates housings. www.gateshousings.com
    To license any of this footage please contact stockfootage@scubazoo.com.
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Comments • 27

  • Carl Matthews
    Carl Matthews 8 years ago +32

    This makes me sad to see them being killed, eggs being poached and predated upon. They are so rare and majestic why would you want to harm such an amazing creature. Extinct within 10 years is tragic. Lets stop this from happening!!

    • Christian Bachinger
      Christian Bachinger Year ago +1

      Killing to provide meat for the local community, is not immoral. Killing 10 a month for selling souvenirs or for supplying restaurants, is however not necessary.

  • multivac 999
    multivac 999 2 years ago +8

    serious action is needed to save this amazing animal from extinction

  • gwotaku01
    gwotaku01 11 years ago +1

    Awesome video! Thank you for posting this. I'm so gonna use it in Biology class to teach my students all about the LBT now. I've been searching for the perfect video about this sea turtle for the longest while! I am from Trinidad and Tobago and every year, from March to August, thousands of leatherbacks visit our shores to lay their nests. I've volunteered for a few summers to do beach patrols at night. LBT's ftw!

  • Jack Nix
    Jack Nix 2 years ago +3

    Its been 10 years, they made it this far.

    SUB RIDER 9 months ago

    It's already 10 years since this video uploaded 😱

  • nickyboy22071989
    nickyboy22071989 5 years ago +11

    Traditional hunting, with an outboard motor.

  • Reamusray
    Reamusray 3 years ago

    Swimming with turtles is really an experience... If you want to swim with big Loggerhead Turtles, Dalyan in Turkey is the place to go. For only 180 lira (£20) you can go on a boat trip to snorkel out at some bays which are so secluded. The size and quantity of the turtles out there is amazing. Quite a life changing experience.

  • Kayla A
    Kayla A Year ago +2

    Stop animal abuse !!!!

  • arca bea
    arca bea 3 years ago +2

    hope stopping killing this endanger animals let them live

  • Ted Striker
    Ted Striker 12 years ago

    Anyone knows where and how to get a job on a Turtle Farm ?

  • CjJohnWynn
    CjJohnWynn 4 months ago

    Does it taste good?

  • ShMeatloaf
    ShMeatloaf 11 months ago

    Can someone bring domesticated cows and pigs over, show them how to breed and farm, and if the natives ask could the biologists say your god could disappear. Could that work?

  • ShMeatloaf
    ShMeatloaf Year ago +1

    The disrespect to the Leatherbacks.

  • Lakzus Raijin
    Lakzus Raijin Month ago

    Hey guys i asked google whats the fastest swimming reptiles and it said leatherback turtles is it true tho??

  • Andrea Tonon
    Andrea Tonon 3 years ago

    The world plague

  • johnny bravo
    johnny bravo 3 years ago +2

    Stop it humans

  • ramprashad29
    ramprashad29 8 years ago

    there are fish to eat now u want to eat an endangered turtle...great fellas just fcuk the ocean up....