40 Updates NOTCH wanted in Minecraft (but never added)

  • Published on Oct 19, 2019
  • Notch had so many ideas for Minecraft, let's take a look at some of the updates he wanted in game!
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    We combed through fan forum posts that are almost a decade old, all in the name of finding original update ideas that Minecraft's creator Notch wanted to add to the game but either neither or never got the chance to. And we found 40 of them! So we decided to add them to Minecraft ourselves. From Giant Pigman, quick sand and sharks, to secret doors, red dragons and so much more! 40 Updates NOTCH wanted in Minecraft (but never added) #Minecraft #Notch #Update
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Comments • 4 590

  • Game madness
    Game madness 2 hours ago

    Add I need a mod

  • Niborsixoir
    Niborsixoir 3 hours ago

    Aparentemente lo del agua y sus físicas, las iban a implementar junto a la 1.13, en la "Aquatic Update" pero por quien sabe que razones, no la implementaron aunque solo implementaron que los bloques no sólidos contuvieran agua pero si hay corrientes de agua en por ejemplo, una valla, esta seguía teniendo la misma mecánica de siempre de mantener el agua como si fuera un bloque sólido. Pero creo que haber escuchado que esta mecánica la pensaban implementar en un futuro que aún no se sabe nada de ello.

  • Andre Ajoc
    Andre Ajoc 9 hours ago

    Those ideas sounds like they came from terraria

  • Feliz Hagman
    Feliz Hagman 11 hours ago

    U sound like handsomejack

  • MegaGamer21
    MegaGamer21 11 hours ago

    Touches burning out could of been a thing for hard core mode.

  • Kassandra Nguyen
    Kassandra Nguyen 12 hours ago

    Now I really believe that he works with mojang

  • Toby vlogs Ward
    Toby vlogs Ward 13 hours ago

    I want all of these in the game

  • Kokkino
    Kokkino 13 hours ago +1

    9:44 No, that's a stereotype. Sharks don't devour everything in front of them. They have poor eyesight and mistake humans for fish, especially if they're swimming horizontally.

  • Gacha-Galaxy- bear
    Gacha-Galaxy- bear 13 hours ago

    This is just Rlcraft but not as hard

  • Josh The99th
    Josh The99th 13 hours ago


  • Ray Philippa`s Sandbox
    Ray Philippa`s Sandbox 16 hours ago

    I had an Idea for torches burning out...
    So it would be cool if your torch burned out if you had a flint and steel, you could make click/tap it and it would be lit again!

  • A Phone
    A Phone 16 hours ago +1

    What if you could tame a shark or dragon? That would be SO cool!!

  • Werewolf 989
    Werewolf 989 18 hours ago

    There should be a Earth Dragon, and a Nether dragon

  • Andy Fernandez
    Andy Fernandez 18 hours ago

    I would want a stalker mob

  • Gaming 6000
    Gaming 6000 19 hours ago

    Different types of armor...
    Different abilities...

    Notch plays terraria.

  • Hello I'm Me
    Hello I'm Me 21 hour ago +1

    Red Moon huh?
    Me: *gets horrible flashbacks from BOTW every time there was a Blood Moon*

  • EnderGamingMinecraft
    EnderGamingMinecraft 21 hour ago

    Minecraft NEEDS seasons AND tameable dragons

  • Devil Girl7
    Devil Girl7 22 hours ago

    I like the ghost, the rainbow , the goblin and the burning out torches.

  • Tryston Kincannon
    Tryston Kincannon 22 hours ago

    Zelda stole red moon

  • Dankmemz
    Dankmemz 22 hours ago

    Number 4 Reminded me of Dont Starve

  • Tyler Denton
    Tyler Denton 23 hours ago

    I’d love for there to be more dragons. They could possibly drop different types of dragon hide? Like a red dragon would drop red dragon hide, that when crafted would make Red Dragon Scale Armor that granted fire resistance and exc... You could also make it where certain types will only spawn in a specific biome and then just make the chances of them spawning, very low.

  • Benjamin Stemberger
    Benjamin Stemberger 23 hours ago

    stalking mobs and more dragons in but in the over world

  • Game Forum
    Game Forum Day ago

    If the stalking mobs will added it will be very scary Minecraft will be more like an horror game slik*

  • Prateek
    Prateek Day ago

    If it was the tnt arrow what about the flint and steel bow

  • Popular Legend
    Popular Legend Day ago

    so basicly starborne is just like final stage of spore :/

  • Naomi R.
    Naomi R. Day ago

    I want to be able to ride a dragon

  • Stephen Ludlum
    Stephen Ludlum Day ago


  • Des Mackin
    Des Mackin Day ago

    Ugh terrible why would you want to let torches burn out?!?!

  • LachNMaddz !
    LachNMaddz ! Day ago

    I loved the seasons and it will be cool if when u hold torches it provides light

  • Shark 595
    Shark 595 Day ago

    Sharks don’t attack people unless there is a reason like being scared by something or they don’t mean to

  • The Red Fairy
    The Red Fairy Day ago

    im sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo glad they didn't add stalking mobs they scared the life out of me!

  • TheBrightplayer
    TheBrightplayer Day ago

    12:06 you have diamond armor when you just had iron armor and then you said the the big goblin took a player out but that was just the iron armor you took off

  • jon Chase
    jon Chase Day ago

    Definitely need more dragons

  • Rhianna Somerville

    the red moon looked pink a little

  • Crackle Claps
    Crackle Claps Day ago

    Mojang should watch this

  • Jucy Llamado
    Jucy Llamado Day ago

    I liked the cloak cuz you have more inventory space

  • Spirits Studios
    Spirits Studios Day ago

    I’m very happy the ghost was not added...

    DOCTER TEA Day ago

    With the real bow one there should be a cauldron with gold in it

  • Stick Studio
    Stick Studio Day ago

    You sorta sound like Ryan Reynolds

  • Merrie Hamby
    Merrie Hamby Day ago

    I would love to have a secret door!!:-)

  • MightyColt 88
    MightyColt 88 Day ago

    Log dot zip more like log dot wimp

  • Charmander Bro Gaming

    Aw man fire creeper

  • Gage Vandy
    Gage Vandy Day ago

    I wish there was a channel like this that wasn’t meant for 5 year olds

    FLAKOOLL Day ago

    Try to send this video to notch or Mojang company if notch changes is mind. This is awesome 👏

  • Angry spider Robot

    The red moon is a reference to the blood moon from terraria.

  • Feromonas Assassinas

    It would be cool if it was in the ga... wait. It is, and you're playing with it.

    Welcome to the world of Mods!

  • Pandora Vex
    Pandora Vex Day ago

    I hate that weeping angel wannabe.

  • xilin wei
    xilin wei Day ago

    There’s a BLOOD moon in One Life O3O

  • Faith Corey
    Faith Corey 2 days ago +1

    I would like coins

  • Toasty Marshmallows
    Toasty Marshmallows 2 days ago

    Who else thought when the sign said ‘trolls’ they meant likes trololol XD

  • Maria  Govea
    Maria Govea 2 days ago

    Stanky booty boy

  • Vito Folgado
    Vito Folgado 2 days ago

    I wish this was in Minecraft

  • ItzYoBoiTaco
    ItzYoBoiTaco 2 days ago


    * Sans has entered the chat *

  • Green Complete 13
    Green Complete 13 2 days ago

    Why is this guys voice so annoying

  • yousef hlaly
    yousef hlaly 2 days ago


  • Slavica Damjanovic
    Slavica Damjanovic 2 days ago

    I don't like ghost it's very scary

  • Casjerzac Chrinlee
    Casjerzac Chrinlee 2 days ago

    Side to side side side to side

  • Casjerzac Chrinlee
    Casjerzac Chrinlee 2 days ago

    Have are pickaxe swinging from

  • Casjerzac Chrinlee
    Casjerzac Chrinlee 2 days ago

    Awww man

  • Casjerzac Chrinlee
    Casjerzac Chrinlee 2 days ago