Can A Mazda RX-8 Achieve Over 400 Miles On One Tank?

  • Published on Feb 9, 2019
  • This week, Alex takes the RX-8 on a hypermiling mission to see if it's possible to get 400 miles out of one tank of fuel!
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Comments • 2 532

  • Mark Mmm
    Mark Mmm 12 hours ago

    Oh yeah I learned something alright..... my rx8 engine was shot.

  • Strongeee

    Anybody know the music at 12:50?

  • Muhd Nur Izzat
    Muhd Nur Izzat 15 hours ago

    17:40 intense

  • Gwaredd Steele
    Gwaredd Steele 16 hours ago

    Loving the nod to Planes Trains and Automobiles @ 6:57 :-D

  • y88lsc
    y88lsc Day ago

    How the hell did shell let you use your mobile .. not to mention all your filming equipment at a petrol station when they literally rip my head off over the station microphone for putting my mobile in my pocket as I get out of be car. This country.

  • GMT
    GMT Day ago

    can A Mazda RX-8 Achieve Over 400 Miles On One engine?

  • Jenson’s sports
    Jenson’s sports Day ago +1

    Finally you’ve come to my home town

  • Ruby Rose
    Ruby Rose Day ago

    Yeah! Felix did it!(You can overfill the tank like third of a gallon or more)

  • Mohsin Barlas
    Mohsin Barlas Day ago

    A big slap on the non-rotary dudes xD

  • Roshail MC
    Roshail MC Day ago

    Alex, Why is your Engine Check Light ON?

  • johnnysymphony
    johnnysymphony Day ago

    holy shit, gas/petrol is so expensive in the UK!!!

  • mgamma5001
    mgamma5001 2 days ago

    I have the fix for your bashed in fender, take a phone book meter the thickness, place it inside the fender with the door open, close the door so it leverages the book to push the edge of the fender out and Bob's your uncle.

  • Patric
    Patric 2 days ago

    Next episode, "can a Mazda RX-8 achieve over 10,000 miles on one engine?"

  • David C. Gulliver
    David C. Gulliver 2 days ago

    K, I drove 1,000 miles down hill, with the wind at my back, and, I ONLY got 20.96 MPG. No speeding (OK, maybe a lil speeding) but, generally- 6th gear the whole way. You ROUSTED my very best, although I didn't tape the hood gaps, and, I certainly didn't hyper mile either... Good on ya!

  • Kaustubh Prasad
    Kaustubh Prasad 2 days ago

    4:06 check engine light

  • Ricey
    Ricey 2 days ago

    Is there an exact route that you guys actually took? I think you went right past my house just outside Edinburgh lol

  • Games, Simulatoren and More

    0.08 that exhaust smoke...

  • Rokaz
    Rokaz 2 days ago


  • FRPlayerOne
    FRPlayerOne 2 days ago

    Wait, how do you film from the side of the road on the highway ?
    You guys really go ahead and stop there ?

    STITCHWA 2 days ago

    Meh the RX8 is a heap of underpowered shit.

  • Solid5nake
    Solid5nake 2 days ago

    That petrol station is not in the centre of Edinburgh, it’s in Bruntsfield #justssyin

  • grgbmd
    grgbmd 2 days ago

    Living with a rotary.. sounds like a disease I wouldn t want to have. :D

  • Fahre Films
    Fahre Films 2 days ago

    Ofc chech engine light is on

  • ma6netho
    ma6netho 2 days ago

    hypermiling in Winter and on wet road, woun't get you far. colder air is much denser than hot air. The molecules in hot air are farther apart. so you wil get farther in the summer time

  • takumi boi
    takumi boi 2 days ago

    Try this with a engine this was not freshly rebuilt

  • Ki Mu
    Ki Mu 2 days ago

    Hey England you guys are paying well over $5 per gallon! Holy shit your economy must really suck right now for petro to cost that much.

  • Mikulas Horvath
    Mikulas Horvath 3 days ago

    Listen from 17:48 to 18:07 with your eyes closed

  • shugo541
    shugo541 3 days ago

    it's not the coffee that makes you chat so much shit. It's tiredness. Happens to me a lot on the drives home after my 12 hour night shifts. I just chat shit to myself.

  • Gabriel Sterr
    Gabriel Sterr 3 days ago

    00:48 Jonathan Benson is my hero!

  • No Mans Land
    No Mans Land 3 days ago

    Can it achieve 400 miles with out breaking down?

  • peter stone
    peter stone 3 days ago

    How many shades of red are there on that car?

  • Adrian The Sauce Don

    Come ireland

  • Jozef Velez
    Jozef Velez 3 days ago

    MX-5! MX-5! MX-5! WHERE IS V6 PHIL?!

  • RupanRx
    RupanRx 3 days ago

    That was amazing. My rx8 would take 1/4 tank to go like 40 miles. It was dying though. Thanks

  • Hendoson
    Hendoson 3 days ago

    *Carbon build up intensifies*

  • Ryan Yu
    Ryan Yu 3 days ago

    Cool car

  • Bryce Jeannot
    Bryce Jeannot 3 days ago

    why did you not shut the car off at the stop light?

  • NotGreatAtGaming
    NotGreatAtGaming 3 days ago

    i bet the apex seal will fail before he makes it there

  • Martijn van Spaendonck

    VERY fun video! I always have sweaty hands and a pounding heart when watching tense hypermiling stuff. Oh and that interior is B-E-A-utiful.

  • vid dežman
    vid dežman 3 days ago

    Will you do any 2 guys 1 car episodes?

  • glen easton
    glen easton 3 days ago

    Was this filmed before the rebuild? Ahh wait just read faqs. Love your work car throttle

  • Liam S
    Liam S 3 days ago

    Next week: how to replace the fuel filter on an rx-8 haha

  • William
    William 3 days ago

    Didn't the engine builder tell you to drive it with varying loads on the engine?

  • twistedxtitan
    twistedxtitan 3 days ago

    lol when he had that coffee was funny, i wish coffee did that for me and woke me up like that, i have what i like to call caffeine de-sensitivity , i need like 3-5 times the amount of caffeine for it to actually work and then i only feel it for like 2 hours and then im back to being tired again

  • Rhysbailey52
    Rhysbailey52 4 days ago

    lol i can do that in a 1.2 corsa thats depressing

  • derbigpr500
    derbigpr500 4 days ago

    Meanwhile, that Skoda's fuel gauge was still above half. :P

  • George Z
    George Z 4 days ago

    Can it do 400 miles without breaking down?

  • Rob Plant
    Rob Plant 4 days ago

    I've drove 100 miles on 0 I literally had no choice and just got to a Petrol station ...I say just I don't know how much longer it would have went it wasn't acting differently at all

  • Philip Sammond
    Philip Sammond 4 days ago

    Hi Mate, I have had a terrible experience with bmw customer service regarding an m140i exhaust rattle, which is incredibly common. Apparently bmw have replaced the standard exhaust with a valveless MPE for other people but then refuse to do it for me. The bmw sounds like a bloody tractor! If you truly are an unbiased journalist then you must cover this!

    DIZZZY 4 days ago

    Alex drank everything EXCEPT coffee

  • Stormas3000
    Stormas3000 4 days ago

    And a rx8 was never drived so slow XD. The rotary noise makes you push the pedal its hard to resist XD

  • Alex Arnaiz
    Alex Arnaiz 4 days ago

    I would probably die from boredom after 100 miles driving like that, so double awesome :D

  • Toasty
    Toasty 4 days ago


  • kimsnightmare
    kimsnightmare 4 days ago

    Shit i love the rx8 man

  • LeadFoot TV
    LeadFoot TV 4 days ago

    I honestly didn't think it would make it anywhere near when you set off, the fuel economy in in my RX8 is terrible 😂

  • T Gay
    T Gay 4 days ago

    Scotland is the better part of the uk

  • toshibavoodoo
    toshibavoodoo 4 days ago

    love the 400-mile challenge videos!!

  • toshibavoodoo
    toshibavoodoo 4 days ago


  • -Legend-Storm-
    -Legend-Storm- 4 days ago

    nie bei shell tanken mit deren plörre kommt man nicht weit
    aral hat den besten sprit ! und freie tankstellen sind meist auch besser aber shell im schnitt 100km weniger pro füllung

    • capnskiddies
      capnskiddies 4 days ago

      Ja Aber gibts kein Aral in GB. Shell oder BP

  • jason muscat
    jason muscat 4 days ago

    I m not a rotary engine fan but i dont think it is healthy to drive a rotary car slow correct if im wrong

  • Locost Turbo
    Locost Turbo 4 days ago

    Secret to hypermiling is hiding behind a HGV.

  • Rich Goetz
    Rich Goetz 4 days ago

    I don't think I ever even got 300 out of a tank when I had an RX-8.

  • MyrKnof
    MyrKnof 4 days ago

    my dudes, you need km/l in there :P

  • Neglected Retard
    Neglected Retard 4 days ago

    Cooffeee droonables

  • Niki Dimitrov
    Niki Dimitrov 4 days ago

    A Mazda RX8 can't even survive 400 miles without the engine breaking.. Lol

  • Sam Bromley
    Sam Bromley 4 days ago

    How much $$$ was the tank of fuel

  • Sam Bromley
    Sam Bromley 4 days ago

    Why not just go up the m1/A1

  • Seth Wilcox
    Seth Wilcox 4 days ago

    So, not only did you get an RX8 to do 400 miles on a single tank, but you got a PORTED RX8 to do 400 miles on a single tank.

  • Balafoutre
    Balafoutre 4 days ago

    Did you know that Mazda RX8 holds 40 records of speed and
    endurance...and I mean FIA approved records...!!! There was a 24 hours
    Endurance Test, for the Mazda RX8 @ Automotive Testing Papenburg and old
    Mercedes Benz testing facility (a 12.3km oval), in October 2004. Out of
    86 brand new RX8s in a facility in Antwerb, 3 where choosen in
    randomly, which then where sealed immidiately and send to Papenburg. In
    short, an out of the box RX8, was flat out for 24 hours, with 215.9km/h
    average speed, covering 5181km of distance. No other car has done this.

  • Ozzie Sheppard
    Ozzie Sheppard 4 days ago

    May I just point out that my 2007 Chevrolet tahoe (large american suv) gets the same mileage as an rx-8... but its got almost 100 more horsepower and torque :0

  • Felix Sobotka
    Felix Sobotka 4 days ago

    Didn't know I could do that...

  • Tank Buster
    Tank Buster 4 days ago

    Would be interesting to see how much better it does now its been rebuilt

  • Gerald Albrecht
    Gerald Albrecht 4 days ago

    Was that an Irish coffee? @11:30

  • Dixon Bainbridge
    Dixon Bainbridge 4 days ago

    My old street port rx used to get 17 highway and about 6 around town if I was Lucky, literally pissing money away. Miss it though, smiles for miles.

  • Hunter James
    Hunter James 4 days ago

    You taped up the hood??? Clearly the fog light fake grills are doing hundreds more times drag than that????

  • Alex C
    Alex C 4 days ago

    I have a better question, can a Mazda RX-8 drive 400 miles without breaking down?

  • Alex Gonzalez
    Alex Gonzalez 4 days ago

    See you in Forza Horizon 4! Let’s meet at Edinburgh!

  • David Six
    David Six 5 days ago

    what a small man.

  • CAR TV JAPAN chef Miura

    I see from japan✨

  • gxxx mxxx
    gxxx mxxx 5 days ago

    my 1997 1.8 NA miata with a 5 speed manual & torsen rear, 160k miles.. gets about 250 aggressive city miles on a tank of 87 octane

  • Quest
    Quest 5 days ago

    This is more entertaining if you close your eyes for the last 5 minutes-

  • garydeandeery
    garydeandeery 5 days ago

    Amazing well done

  • Atomicc cc
    Atomicc cc 5 days ago

    Wait why is this car soooo fuel efficient? Is that why people use rotary?

  • garydeandeery
    garydeandeery 5 days ago

    Never tried it think I’ll get 350 from a tank

  • Pit Crafter
    Pit Crafter 5 days ago

    I sore a nice rx8 yesterday in Bradford it looked so beautiful

  • Meatloaf
    Meatloaf 5 days ago

    The front is still taped

  • Connoisseur Of Cars & Tig Ol Bitties

    I love the rotary series but When are we going to see living with a 2JZ? N54, or K24?

  • Joshua Dougall
    Joshua Dougall 5 days ago

    What was in that "coffee"😂😂

  • imaner76 [Him n' her 76]

    So in short, to get sub "normal" mileage in an RX-8, drive like you have strings attached from the throttle to a grenade that is pinned to your seat. Right next to your balls. Epic challenge, this is like taming a toddler.

  • tizzlin87
    tizzlin87 5 days ago

    Question was this before or after the engine build? I thought they changed the exhaust 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Bogdan Vraciu
    Bogdan Vraciu 5 days ago

    5:29 is that amient lighting on the dash?

  • Shrink1061
    Shrink1061 5 days ago

    man, the A702 biggar road is a bastard on fuel, too many speed changes and idiot 40mph honda drivers just holding up the works. Hope you enjoyed Edinburgh though, its not quite as cold and wet ALL the time. Shoulda gone round the corner to castello coffee when you stopped at the petrol station... fantastic coffee, great food!

  • Trevan Collymore
    Trevan Collymore 5 days ago

    Please do a focus 1.0 ecoboost and see how much power u can get

  • 1SaG
    1SaG 5 days ago

    I wonder if the RX-8's fuel gauge is a weird as the ND MX-5's. That one shows "empty" when there are still around 100km of range in the tank (about 7 - 8 liters). And when the ND's "low fuel" light shows up, you still have at around 150km range left ... possibly 200km if you're extra careful with the accelerator.

  • César Muniz
    César Muniz 5 days ago

    Fix this door for God's sake!

  • SavageHobbit
    SavageHobbit 5 days ago

    decent shit!!! 💪💪💪 👌👌👌

  • ornate hammer
    ornate hammer 5 days ago

    That's why fuel pumps fail... Not enough fuel to lubricate the pump and to keep it out of reach for air...

  • Conmat Vlogs
    Conmat Vlogs 5 days ago

    Alex if you see this it has your mx-5 In it

  • iPh03nix
    iPh03nix 5 days ago +2

    Can it achieve 200.000 km? 🤣😂💪

  • Rio Gordini
    Rio Gordini 5 days ago

    Don't want to be "a party pooper", but the antics of the driver should have got a life ban!