Can A Mazda RX-8 Achieve Over 400 Miles On One Tank?

  • Published on Feb 9, 2019
  • This week, Alex takes the RX-8 on a hypermiling mission to see if it's possible to get 400 miles out of one tank of fuel!
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Comments • 2 735

  • Franky46Boy
    Franky46Boy Hour ago

    Was he having a baby?

  • Matthew Trzcinski
    Matthew Trzcinski 4 hours ago

    What’s the compression on this engine? 87 octane has more energy than 99 octane. Be sure to feed it the right fuel.

  • steady eddie
    steady eddie 7 hours ago

    Can a mazda rx8 achieve over 400 miles on one engine??

  • Mathew Morton
    Mathew Morton 14 hours ago

    Every time I hear them talk I think of Fable.

  • Daniel Wittum
    Daniel Wittum Day ago +2

    Now we know why the fuel pump went bad, since this obviously happened before the exhaust was installed.

  • Enjoy!
    Enjoy! Day ago

    Felix huh

  • Ty Mac
    Ty Mac 3 days ago


  • Twan Howard
    Twan Howard 3 days ago

    3 mods I'd do since I've done them all, though I have an FD; 2 if not all 3 should apply to an rx8. I'm assuming the engines are pretty much the same but forgive me regarding any differences.
    1. Add an OMP adapter kit, From Rotary Aviation to add 2 stroke Marine oil from a separate catch can to inject oil via the engine oil injectors. This eliminates premixing and allows clean oil instead of dirty engine oil.
    2. Delete PCV system and add another catch can to keep excess engine oil out of emission system.
    3. Most importantly, add a Hydrogen Booster system!! This will, depending on system construction, significantly increase your MPG and power! Got 45 MPG in 4.6 Ltr. V8 Ford expedition with this self built system. Currently building a slightly smaller system due to limited space in my FD.

  • Christophe Johnson
    Christophe Johnson 4 days ago

    The Google maps screen looks like silly string in the time lapse at the end 🤣

  • Khant Htet Aung
    Khant Htet Aung 5 days ago

    6:49 Tesla superchargers in the background

  • Fcamemes On ig
    Fcamemes On ig 7 days ago

    Can a rx 8 survive 400 without 10 engine rebuilds

  • MrGHLover107
    MrGHLover107 8 days ago

    If you cant get at least 400 miles Max on a fuel tank then your car isn't considered fuel efficient

  • Rayan Singh
    Rayan Singh 8 days ago

    This entire video is pure anxiety.

  • Y A
    Y A 8 days ago

    18:00 for gay sex noises

  • A- dino
    A- dino 9 days ago +9

    Is that one tank of fuel, or oil?

  • Sowechi Kamanu
    Sowechi Kamanu 10 days ago


  • Jake Fox
    Jake Fox 10 days ago

    i got 27.6mpg out of mine and that was without hyperdriving

  • Ben Northwood
    Ben Northwood 11 days ago

    I'll save you the trouble - 19:40. Yes.

  • Academicidiot
    Academicidiot 12 days ago

    Its against the law to use a mobile in the car and drive knowing you will run out of fuel..

  • super Jenius11
    super Jenius11 14 days ago

    “He’s got lane assist, like we have, right?”
    “He hasn’t even got pistons”

    • henry butterfield
      henry butterfield 13 days ago

      So what do you expect after quoting from the video? We all hear it in the video don’t need some one to repeat it 😂

  • Miss Kizmet The Mistress

    I had one of these called Roobz, she was a 231 and I don’t think I ever got 20mpg out of her 😬 With that said.. I’m off to start th’video 😂🙌🏼😂
    Edit: Nostalgia kicking in looking inside at the seats, steering wheel and at th’dials, LARGE PORTION! 😮 Hurrah! 😁😍 Oowh, Roobz y’ridiculous mare, I miss you and your whistle! Even your pathetically small starter motor and tendency to get yo’ass flooded by Greenflag employees who didn’t understand you needed your fuel relay removing in order not t’make th’issue worse when I first got you with each additional crank (and who took great offence at being educated in this 😬😂) RIP you scarlet harlot 😍 Thanks guys, this was funny as fucking HOOF! 😁👌🏼👍🏼🙌🏼😍

  • powercargo94996
    powercargo94996 19 days ago

    Car Throttle:how long do you think felix will last

  • Nitish Isad
    Nitish Isad 20 days ago

    12:50 which music?

  • Nitish Isad
    Nitish Isad 20 days ago

    The most entertaining car show i ever saw after topgear and gt. Great... Keep up.

  • LozengerJ
    LozengerJ 25 days ago

    Wow that thing is efficient

  • Anthony O Connell
    Anthony O Connell 25 days ago

    And there was me getting 240 miles out of my rx8 per tank 😭😭😭
    400 miles is unbelievable. So want an rx8 again. Beautiful car to drive 😊

  • owen hughes
    owen hughes 26 days ago

    That bit where you run out of motorway at the end is terrible for fuel economy. Nice countryside though.

  • mohamed Isse
    mohamed Isse 27 days ago +2

    This is unbelievable 😱

  • kamikaze5262
    kamikaze5262 28 days ago +1

    42 psi??? Damn that's a lot, isn't it???

    • Shifty
      Shifty 27 days ago +1

      its only 2.9ish bar lmao

  • Juan Ng
    Juan Ng 29 days ago +1

    so much sex noises in this video.

  • JSQUAD117
    JSQUAD117 Month ago +2

    I only get 15mpg, never hit above 20 in my rx 8

  • Explora21 H
    Explora21 H Month ago

    Go fast up hills , saves gas, coast as much as you can, should be easy to heavy car good tires average cda.

  • Mafia Studios
    Mafia Studios Month ago

    Alex is fucking racist omg

  • SkiTTle
    SkiTTle Month ago

    Even the headrest thingie is wankel shape

  • Bart Z
    Bart Z Month ago

    so u cant use mobile but u can use radio in hand... legit britain, u r truly great

  • omgwatthehell
    omgwatthehell Month ago

    Tape up the bonnet a little bit....and have a big poo :'D

  • Stephen Campbell
    Stephen Campbell Month ago

    you gone the wrong way. the M1/A1 would have been the shortest route at 402 miles

  • Mister Nobody
    Mister Nobody Month ago

    400 mpe (engine)

  • Joe Simpson
    Joe Simpson Month ago

    I think most people who bought these did so just so they could say they had a Wankel engine.

  • Hus 9
    Hus 9 Month ago

    Turn off the engine at the traffic lights

  • Lucyboy
    Lucyboy Month ago

    Name of the soundtracks please?

  • Seribean44
    Seribean44 Month ago +1

    I was expecting the satnav to say 'ha ha, you're joking right?'

  • Bob by
    Bob by Month ago

    i hope so, because you need to check the oil everytime you put gas in it, also the dipstick is small and deep in there so have fun burning yourself...
    its a miata with wider wheel wells and stupid rear doors and an unreliable engine that dies at 80k miles
    sad, why did they kill the rx7 :'(

  • Lee Fall
    Lee Fall Month ago

    How are you going to attempt an economy run when your burning fuel for fun with pops and bangs?

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover Month ago

    The last fill up when he got there was basically $100 and no one is talking about that

  • PlimP nemalp
    PlimP nemalp Month ago +1

    17:51 me in front of the toilet when the poo is coming

  • Joshua Ball
    Joshua Ball Month ago

    I’m actually impressed it got that far on one tank. Great Video 👍🏻

  • Fernando
    Fernando Month ago


  • GLR
    GLR Month ago


  • Eu Sou Amor
    Eu Sou Amor Month ago

    My VW Up! Did 644 miles with 13 gallons in the tank approx. Because I'm in Brazil (using shitty gasoline) so it was 1030km with 46 litres.

  • Lucian
    Lucian Month ago

    I don't even care about cars, but I'm binge watching this channel.

  • Josh French
    Josh French Month ago +1

    It will run out of compression before fuel lmfao!!

    • Josh French
      Josh French 3 days ago

      @PIXELKING_959 rotary engines are notoriously high maintenance, the engine would pack in before the fuel runs out

    • PIXELKING_959
      PIXELKING_959 16 days ago


  • GG_Explode
    GG_Explode Month ago

    13:32 geez eric cartman

  • Sandy Macpherson
    Sandy Macpherson Month ago

    Just noted that you have your old (doctored original) exhaust system. Would the spiffy new one be better or worse as regards fuel consumption running "light" footed, as you are?

  • Sandy Macpherson
    Sandy Macpherson Month ago

    Pity you haven't got any loooong runs. Yesterday I drove 1185 klms in 12 hours dead without speeding but having to dodge 33 mtr road trains and geezers towing caravans. With petrol at $1.40 - $1.59 per litre, I'm not sure what it cost me, but I imagine the costs would be prohibitive with a rotary.

  • Banana Phone
    Banana Phone Month ago

    I could probably do this. I routinely get 25-50% above EPA estimates on fuel economy on every car I get to drive long enough to learn how it handles. My current daily beater, which is high miles and lots of wear, I get an average of 32 mpg city, the EPA estimates 22 mpg highway. Automatic transmission too. My last car, the EPA estimate was 15 mpg city and I averaged about 23, but it was painful (v6 auto trans). With a rotary, I would probably get 2 mpg because I couldn't help myself.

  • Banana Phone
    Banana Phone Month ago

    I don't get the "coffee makes you poop" thing everyone says. I can literally drink two pots of coffee (24 cups) and it have zero effect on my pooping. Coffee does make me pee though.

  • BatMan Tall dark and BatMan

    Dude that was so epic!!! that's awesome to know that Felix did that. because I don't think my RX8 does that, because I love to show it off, ha.. but I think I could calm down when it comes to economy wise.

  • Joachim Cieters
    Joachim Cieters Month ago

    One of the best Cartthrottle videos!

  • Harrison Rogers
    Harrison Rogers Month ago


  • Waxsoda61774308
    Waxsoda61774308 Month ago

    FYI your car has an engine light

  • Rickusty
    Rickusty Month ago +5

    Ancient Rome had the first Fire Service system anyway :)

  • AmazingStuff
    AmazingStuff Month ago

    I would be surprised if it can achieve 400 miles without breaking down

  • Cullen Rickert
    Cullen Rickert Month ago

    that poor poor engine lol

  • Navi Nair
    Navi Nair Month ago +1


  • SirSlime2
    SirSlime2 Month ago +9

    This is what I feel like when your computer has 10% and your homework is due tomorrow!

  • An Englishman
    An Englishman Month ago +1

    This is the new top gear.;

  • Nerijus Milasauskas

    265 max I ever done.

  • Johnatron 101
    Johnatron 101 Month ago +15

    Hang on a minute, how does Alex know how painful child birth is?!

    Illuminati confirmed...

    • The Mongoose
      The Mongoose 13 days ago

      Johnatron 101 beeeecause EVERYONE on the planet (just about) has experienced childbirth.

  • deadman4uin
    deadman4uin Month ago

    Where can I find one....I love gtr r34 and rx8. Will love to have one ??