Richard Hammond explains how he got the name 'Hamster'

  • Published on Dec 1, 2019
  • It has been his nickname since just about ever, but do you know the origin story of why Richard is called 'Hamster'? Listen to Hammond and his friend Zogg have a good old chat about how the famous name came about.
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Comments • 685

  • TheVisigoth
    TheVisigoth Day ago

    His name starts with HAM and he's smallboi so I never questioned it lol.

  • n84434
    n84434 3 days ago

    Here! Here! Very British indeed!

  • Beano
    Beano 4 days ago

    I want to work there. Can I have a job, please?

  • Zeitgeist
    Zeitgeist 4 days ago

    well, some explain that please? He called hammonds baby a Hamster and that is why they call hammond a Hamster now? I always thought it's his way of... uhm... acting? or maybe just his size? but I never thought of his kid... 😂

  • Mike Chapman
    Mike Chapman 4 days ago

    Good job he has God parents given he cant get in, on or under a vehicle without it ending up in a helicopter ride. He cant even ride a push bike without falling off.

  • Dana Jorgensen
    Dana Jorgensen 5 days ago

    Because..... though he was of a suitable size, he wasn't quite colorful enough to be called "gerbil".

  • Jason Sobol
    Jason Sobol 6 days ago

    I like Clarkson and May...but I must say, Hamster Hammond is my favorite

  • chrish12345
    chrish12345 6 days ago

    sorry I always thought it was willy-related

  • Hilux 00
    Hilux 00 6 days ago

    The humblest of all god’s creatures,.....
    The hamster

  • Mark LaPersonne
    Mark LaPersonne 6 days ago


  • Jonathan Oliver
    Jonathan Oliver 7 days ago

    Yay. Mocking ‘Big Issue’ sales-people. “This job is better than my job...”. Hope you’re nice and snug this Christmas and not freezing you’re ass off on the streets!

  • standswithfish
    standswithfish 7 days ago

    Thank him for getting you on the air for us! Just watched video with your collection of motorcycles, you have great taste! While you are at Morgan, please put in a good word for me. All I want is a Morgan 3 wheeler (I'm not greedy). Carry on!

  • Abdel Ali
    Abdel Ali 7 days ago

    But Jeff said his name actually is Wrecking Ba.. Oh, wrong hamster.

  • Cory Stoker
    Cory Stoker 7 days ago

    Really? It takes 4:thirtysomething to explain how a man named "Hammond" started being called "Hamster?"
    Really, lifeforms on the planet?

  • Monk Petite
    Monk Petite 7 days ago

    Keep this up.. its fun to watch and I love the British bell.
    so make that an item in the show.

  • Grandpa MizoB
    Grandpa MizoB 7 days ago


  • Wain Banfield
    Wain Banfield 7 days ago

    Mr Hammond you are so lucky Zogg christened you Hamster. If it had been left to Clarkson & May you most certainly have ended up with the archaic short version of your christian name.

  • sam Dimmock
    sam Dimmock 7 days ago

    And here’s me thinking it was because he liked the pet shop boys

  • Kagusaki Wolf
    Kagusaki Wolf 7 days ago

    Someone needs to draw him in hamster form now xD

  • john gratkowski
    john gratkowski 7 days ago

    Such a big voice from a small guy😆

  • XdStevie
    XdStevie 8 days ago +3

    “I gave you the ball but you didn’t half run away with the bloody thing” what a line 😂

  • Randy Vines
    Randy Vines 8 days ago

    I just guessed it’s a mix of hammond and him being small

  • Colonel Walter E.
    Colonel Walter E. 8 days ago

    At what point does he crash? so I can jump to it.

  • hehe Xd
    hehe Xd 8 days ago

    Totally offtopic
    In my english textbook (english is not my native language) we had an excersise where we had to listen to a track and match correct answer. Oh boy was i surprised when i heard Richards voice commentating on London traffic on a friday afternoon. At least i hope it was him, if not, well then him and the voice actor sound literally alike

  • Mark Barton
    Mark Barton 8 days ago

    Love you gents so much!!! God bless!!!!!

  • Matticus Madness
    Matticus Madness 8 days ago +2

    “This was getting on 30 Years ago.”
    Makes you realise these guys are getting on a bit, huh?

  • Daniel Parvin
    Daniel Parvin 8 days ago

    Can't believe you went to the Morgan Inn! I can see that from my office window

  • Ferra
    Ferra 8 days ago

    Don’t let this distract you from the fact that Richard Hammond has had his teeth whitened

  • N96ZG
    N96ZG 8 days ago


  • simon jandrell
    simon jandrell 8 days ago

    Hampster don't live in a House as his Family keeps Hampster in his very own Hampster Cage

  • Joonas6
    Joonas6 8 days ago

    Ok I'll do it

  • Amal Shanthi
    Amal Shanthi 8 days ago

    Okay hamster without an 'x' preceding. Just a hamster

  • Backyard Canadian
    Backyard Canadian 8 days ago

    When does the grand tour come back?

  • Brandon Otte
    Brandon Otte 9 days ago

    Can’t wait for seamen

  • kairon156
    kairon156 9 days ago

    This is very cool. I did wonder about the hamster nick name.
    Also, I agree that "We are pregnant" is a weird way to phrase "We're having a child"

  • JonatasAdoM
    JonatasAdoM 9 days ago

    He DOES look like Jack Nicholson

  • Chris Marshall
    Chris Marshall 9 days ago

    The hamster nickname comes from the relevant penis size

  • Syd Clark
    Syd Clark 9 days ago

    Desperate to keep relevant.

  • The Stig
    The Stig 9 days ago

    Cool factory Iv driven a few Morgan’s Hammond was a a good but annoying colleague but not as annoying as James when he drives slowly

  • Shelldamage
    Shelldamage 9 days ago

    Yes, I like that! ^^

  • Aaron Spade
    Aaron Spade 9 days ago

    I thought it was short for Hammond

  • Krydz
    Krydz 9 days ago


  • i4y
    i4y 9 days ago

    apologies accepted, now please kick him.

  • Razor Nightling
    Razor Nightling 9 days ago

    Why am I short

  • Amir Stin
    Amir Stin 9 days ago

    This is Great Britain, and this is a British company...slightly Italian owned...

  • Grog Vaughan
    Grog Vaughan 9 days ago

    Hamster keep up the good work Brother 🍺🥓 and enjoy the Pub!

  • Jon Manta
    Jon Manta 9 days ago

    Comment below immediately!

  • LUCKY Yee
    LUCKY Yee 9 days ago

    Yes hamster

  • Sam Cyanide
    Sam Cyanide 9 days ago

    I love the amount of piss-taking the Brits do, and it's just how you do it with the boys nobody gets pissed off.

  • elizar caloyloy
    elizar caloyloy 9 days ago

    On Top Gear

  • elizar caloyloy
    elizar caloyloy 9 days ago

    On Top Gear

  • 13AScott09
    13AScott09 9 days ago

    That bell went off at exactly 13:30 whilst I was watching it... oh how very meta nearly bricked it haha

  • Spencer Minyo
    Spencer Minyo 9 days ago

    Hammond: “were genuinely going to the pub now. Have a nice afternoon! We will.”
    This man is legendary

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson 9 days ago

    Excellent video

  • Jared Kennedy
    Jared Kennedy 9 days ago

    Huh. I always figured it was a size thing.

  • FokkerBoombass
    FokkerBoombass 9 days ago

    Fascinating, I always thought it was a TG thing.

  • Vilhelm Skotte Pekkari

    He’s screved and lock like a hamsterXD

    PHILIP WATSON 5 9 days ago

    SORRY !!!! THATS GONE BADLY WRONG!!! Car rolls back down hill and hits a sign :)

  • Dylan Beckerich
    Dylan Beckerich 9 days ago

    TO THE PUB!!!

  • Venator
    Venator 9 days ago

    Still not that clear why you're called hamster, but seems good lol