The Insatiable Hairy Frogfish

  • Published on Feb 8, 2009
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    Hairy Frogfish swallows fishes taller than himself.
    Video by Jose Lachat.
    Festival Modial de l'Image Sous-Marine Antibes
    "Prix de 'l Insolite"
    Video: Jose Lachat
    Musik: Maia Wackernagel
    Schnitt: Claudius Buser

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  • Pikaia Battaile
    Pikaia Battaile 5 years ago +61

    Did anyone else see the real culprit in this video? At around 1:21, the Brittle Star touches the Flounder's eye, causing it to twitch and drawing the attention of the Frogfish... Brittle Star = Supervillain confirmed!

  • Liuhuayue
    Liuhuayue 6 years ago +15

    Wow, there was a starfish on top of the flounder, and they both ended up getting eaten by the frogfish. Amazing (and unlucky). The flounder, sadly, gave itself away by moving; I wonder if the frogfish would have noticed had the flounder not moved.

    • Pikaia Battaile
      Pikaia Battaile 5 years ago +8

      Actually, I don't think the Brittle star did get eaten... Switch the vid down to .25 speed, and pause/play frame by frame- from late 1:27 to early 1:28, the Brittle jumps down the Flounder's back, and it looks like it gets thrown free by the flounder's tail. Just goes to show, Brittle Star is the real villain here...

    • Speed Of Light
      Speed Of Light 5 years ago


    • Liuhuayue
      Liuhuayue 6 years ago

      @MulleDK19 I can't tell for sure, but maybe so!

    • MulleDK19
      MulleDK19 6 years ago +8

      The brittle star escaped.

  • TOMMCG348
    TOMMCG348 8 years ago +4

    This is now one of my favorite fishes,he engulfed a flounder wider than himself,THIS FISH IZ DA MANN !!!!!!!

  • Matt Dargis
    Matt Dargis 8 years ago +36

    How and the hell did that thing gulp down a flounder as big as him?

  • Christopher Royer
    Christopher Royer 7 years ago +4

    Man, honey badger's got nothing on the hairy frogfish - with muzik by Wackernagel no less!

  • Danika Clark
    Danika Clark 7 years ago

    I think this is my new favorite thing xD So cute.

  • Sydney P
    Sydney P 7 years ago +20

    I did not think it would be able to swallow that whole flounder... Distendable stomachs come in handy, I guess?

  • Aquatic life & Aquariums
    Aquatic life & Aquariums 5 years ago +2

    I love the video, thank you ! I have never seen this one yet.

  • Ed Johnson
    Ed Johnson 9 years ago

    Truly amazing.

  • Bullfrog 92020
    Bullfrog 92020 9 years ago +1

    If I was that flounder I think I'd have put more effort into escaping. Its like he climbed into the Frogfish's belly and said "meh, this'll do" and relaxed.

  • William Covington
    William Covington 7 years ago +11

    It's like something out of 'FRAGGLE ROCK'

  • PaulLonden
    PaulLonden 7 years ago +9

    After 2:57 we get an impressdion of the Frogfish's stomach.

  • Andie Lichtman
    Andie Lichtman 8 years ago

    That was disgusting... and so awesome!

  • piplup2009
    piplup2009 7 years ago +1

    you'd think any fish would start swimming like crazy hoping it'll cough the fish back up

  • Fight to Fly Photography
    Fight to Fly Photography 9 years ago +3

    1:28 Starfish is like, "F*** this, I'm gone!"

  • a wut
    a wut 8 years ago +18

    0:42 - DOUBLE KILL

  • Alex Sifontes
    Alex Sifontes 9 years ago +4

    Damn nature, you scary!

  • PantsuGirl
    PantsuGirl 7 years ago

    Its not hair, it's spinules and appendages in order to camouflage it, but otherwise cool fish video.

  • Tony Thelning
    Tony Thelning 8 years ago +1

    Just incredible and well filmed.

  • Greyleaf
    Greyleaf 10 years ago

    Awesome :)

  • Wangingy
    Wangingy 8 years ago

    Fish thinks its a plant. Maybe they thought they could hide. Yes they do, in its stomach lol

  • Andie Lichtman
    Andie Lichtman 8 years ago

    Does the frogfish have jaws that expand?

  • GamerTBDF
    GamerTBDF 11 years ago

    That little invertebrate got on the flounder, which probably caused it to get tickled and blow its cover. Then it got away when it was about to be eaten.
    In all fairness, the flounder must have known not to mess with a goddamn frogfish, but some guy just HAD to be a troll and ruin its day.

  • joseph J.M.S
    joseph J.M.S 6 years ago +6

    1.26 that starfish was like "fu*k this sh*t, i'm outta here"

    • Gavin Kistner
      Gavin Kistner 6 years ago

      +Joona seppänen FYI: smooth brittle star, not starfish. But yes, that is exactly what it was like :)

  • Jeff
    Jeff 6 years ago

    as for frogfish, there's no indigestion.

  • evilassaultweaponeer
    evilassaultweaponeer 8 years ago +2

    Damn nature, you scary!

  • Marion Schaefer
    Marion Schaefer 9 years ago

    Hahahaha it does, indeed!

  • lemonadeisqueer
    lemonadeisqueer 10 years ago

    that is the epicest fish ever, Eats two godaam fish at once XD how does this not have hundreds of likes and comments

  • TurtleFoxTail
    TurtleFoxTail 6 years ago +1

    Does it serve ice cream? (SpongeBob movie reference if you didn't get it.)

  • Beth M
    Beth M 9 years ago

    Da hell , duh fish got guts.

  • Pinky YumYum
    Pinky YumYum 9 years ago

    my seven year old has me looking at this creepy thing

  • Alex Weaver
    Alex Weaver 6 years ago

    It's so wise.

  • Annihilator27
    Annihilator27 8 years ago +1

    Anyone notice the starfish on the Flounders back at 1:25? *I've seen this shit before,Im out!!*

  • Ron
    Ron 5 years ago

    Awww pour floundy! Noooo! :(

  • dzerkle
    dzerkle 9 years ago

    I don't seemed pretty satiated by 2:00.

  • Neven Sajko
    Neven Sajko 6 years ago

    Doesn't even use its bait :)

  • Mischa Sprecher
    Mischa Sprecher 9 years ago

    very nice! He seems to have gained quite some weight :-D Too bad its not HD by the way.

  • PTSTelevision
    PTSTelevision 11 years ago

    Damn nature you scary

  • lemonadeisqueer
    lemonadeisqueer 10 years ago +1

    it's a fucking beast, if that was the size of a shark it would be the most apex fucker in the deep blue sea

  • braindeadbonobo
    braindeadbonobo 8 years ago

    damn, nature

  • abtuben
    abtuben 10 years ago

    @dinod2 Don't know if this guy is from Lembeh, but you sure can see them there!!

  • Marqus Otto
    Marqus Otto 10 years ago

    Damn nature u fast

  • I'm your Daddy
    I'm your Daddy 8 years ago

    That was tight

  • Liam Kang
    Liam Kang 8 years ago +1


  • _rmaze_ Quiambao
    _rmaze_ Quiambao 5 years ago

    that shit

  • John Ryan Sullivan
    John Ryan Sullivan 7 years ago

    LOL . . . Dat Music!!

  • Bagandtag
    Bagandtag 6 years ago +3

    Oh oh oh hell noooooo

  • kellanwoo
    kellanwoo 9 years ago +1

    Im not hungry anymore...

  • MoRPho151
    MoRPho151 7 years ago

    Woww jaja

  • Lucas Solomon
    Lucas Solomon 6 years ago

    1:12 Must assimilate.

  • C Corwin
    C Corwin 8 years ago

    2:03 post-thanksgiving

  • Marc Kindle
    Marc Kindle 8 years ago

    Da hätter sich es bizeli übernah

  • KEKW
    KEKW 10 years ago


  • Dino Delarentis
    Dino Delarentis 10 years ago

    Is this little guy in lembeh?

  • Jeff DeBord
    Jeff DeBord 11 years ago

    my sun hes 14 he luvs salt water fish he wants to be a merin biolgist we 1000 galin tancke he has one

  • maksphoto78
    maksphoto78 9 years ago

    And da mouth!

  • Akira625
    Akira625 7 years ago +1


  • themollyface
    themollyface 9 years ago


  • Raheel Pervaiz
    Raheel Pervaiz 7 years ago


  • The Amazing Channel
    The Amazing Channel 8 years ago

    Constipation city

    DEADSEX 10 years ago

    Crazy shxt