How I Became A Celebrity In China By Losing My Cellphone


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  • Viggo Hoejer
    Viggo Hoejer 7 hours ago

    What the actual hell!?

  • NotFriendlySpiderman :D

    Guess im gonna lose my Phone.

  • Ethan Spencer
    Ethan Spencer 13 hours ago

    8:15 this song is fire

  • Legal Pumpkin
    Legal Pumpkin Day ago

    The thing is how do they get to China?:I

  • XxEgg PlantxX
    XxEgg PlantxX 2 days ago

    I cRiEd :(

  • MyLife 72
    MyLife 72 2 days ago

    This was posted on my b-day

  • Miguel Lowell Alvarez


  • Kai Jones
    Kai Jones 3 days ago

    Why is rie randomly there

  • Jessica Deatherage
    Jessica Deatherage 4 days ago

    You went viral just by losing your phone and finding a guy next to an orange tree on some photos

  • Lenny Man
    Lenny Man 5 days ago

    *Matt stop-era-*

  • Sdp Gamer
    Sdp Gamer 5 days ago +1

    If I lost my phone I wouldn’t panic like a normal person I would hold a gun up aiming at everybody and I say “GIMME MA PHONE BACK”

  • raida mahmud
    raida mahmud 5 days ago

    Now I want to lose my phone

  • Enzo Marchus
    Enzo Marchus 5 days ago

    Wish that these happend to me to cause i lost my wifi...

  • MayB Maddi
    MayB Maddi 5 days ago

    ok this is the weirdest but most awesome thing I've ever seen. a dude nicknamed bother orange greets you right off the plane with tons of news and photographers. you then have a ceremony and plant a freakin orange tree..then bathe together in mud. your having a random lady sing to you in a conference "Matt came to meet Brother orange" and your getting handed babies.. what did i just watch.

  • Al_xz
    Al_xz 6 days ago

    2:22 Pro english

  • T M
    T M 6 days ago +1

    I lost my dad and i'm not famous

  • Bee Truong Nhu Phuc Thinh

    does not make sense

  • VoidFX
    VoidFX 7 days ago

    stop you're making me cry

  • Bright Dragon the cat consumer

    4:15 he sounds like donald trump

  • R Gresham
    R Gresham 9 days ago

    Dig a hole and get it

  • Catrin Howells
    Catrin Howells 9 days ago

    This is insane!!! All buzzfeed producers seem to have a whole bunch of crazy stories!!!😂🤪🤪🤪

  • Jennifer Dutka
    Jennifer Dutka 9 days ago

    If I lose my phone will I become famous??

  • Daniel Hamadeh
    Daniel Hamadeh 9 days ago

    *me putting my phone on the countertops of bars and looking away hoping it would be gone when i look back*

  • Flosmash
    Flosmash 10 days ago

    Reminds me of the American johnny episode from family guy

  • Luke huang
    Luke huang 10 days ago

    In Soviet Russia

    Phone Finds YOU

  • Yankee Magar
    Yankee Magar 10 days ago

    This is probably the best story I’ve ever heard 💯 💯

    sOMElAZYbOI 10 days ago

    sebastian bails

  • ATF Role playing
    ATF Role playing 11 days ago

    Aww I like him

  • Bashmak
    Bashmak 12 days ago


  • MaximilianMus
    MaximilianMus 13 days ago

    i think i might lose my phone in china

  • Beebug 17
    Beebug 17 13 days ago

    This is such an amazing story

  • Just Monika
    Just Monika 13 days ago +1

    It would have sucked if he took a dick pic

  • Juan Guerrero
    Juan Guerrero 13 days ago

    Also 2019 Anyone

  • Juan Guerrero
    Juan Guerrero 13 days ago

    You Remind me of Shane Dawson at 4:50

  • Odnob
    Odnob 13 days ago +1

    *Let's get some oranges for their undying orange brotherhood!*
    (Pretend it's an orange)
    *I enjoyed this story. Stay good brothers.*
    👌 I feel like eating an orange noe, just me? xD

  • Dueck Jasper
    Dueck Jasper 13 days ago

    yes i have been photographed 50 times on the street. i lived in china, tons of people would come and stand around our table and just take photos of us without even asking

  • Jocelyn Lin
    Jocelyn Lin 13 days ago

    I left my phone in the park and let’s see what happens

  • That guy that owns a Pug.


  • Shan Lin
    Shan Lin 14 days ago +1

    7:16 me everyday

  • Wukkel VDH
    Wukkel VDH 14 days ago +1

    I want to lose my phone

  • texting stories
    texting stories 14 days ago

    The real question is what is brother orange real name 🤔?

  • AyoJeff Fortnite
    AyoJeff Fortnite 14 days ago

    Brother orange is part of my family! No wonder I recognized his ancestors they're mine too!

  • HOLLY Martin
    HOLLY Martin 15 days ago

    M m.

  • JayJay Planes&Things
    JayJay Planes&Things 15 days ago

    I became famous in another country part 2

  • JayJay Planes&Things
    JayJay Planes&Things 15 days ago

    Me would like to know where you get these oranges

  • Fake Name
    Fake Name 16 days ago +1

    Congratulations you win virgin of the year!

  • Mario Videos
    Mario Videos 16 days ago

    Boi, was this a crazy rollercoaster kind of story. And im confused right now...

  • Francis FYT
    Francis FYT 16 days ago

    Damn Crazy!

  • The Mutant Fusion
    The Mutant Fusion 16 days ago

    now i wish i lost my phone

  • Poo Bear
    Poo Bear 17 days ago

    at least he didn't send nudes on the phone

  • Makenna Petrusek
    Makenna Petrusek 17 days ago


  • Tommy Lettice
    Tommy Lettice 17 days ago

    Brother orange


    This is soo cool

  • xXTheRealDeal227Xx
    xXTheRealDeal227Xx 17 days ago

    After this* *buys phone and loses it, goes to china

  • Pro gaming
    Pro gaming 17 days ago

    Its not them its the orange

  • フランシスジェームズ

    Okay time to leave my phone somewhere now

  • Nathaniel Murray
    Nathaniel Murray 18 days ago

    Am I the only one who is confused if he is gay or not

  • Dylan Hunter
    Dylan Hunter 18 days ago


  • Kriska Macasaet
    Kriska Macasaet 18 days ago

    me:how to be famous?
    Chinese:lose your cellphone.

  • Noor draws
    Noor draws 18 days ago

    well now I am going to lose my phone

  • ItzSara C:
    ItzSara C: 19 days ago

    I have a friend from Russia and we don’t speak the same language

  • Shoobielol
    Shoobielol 19 days ago

    now go to china and get him a new phone :)

  • Odd Man Out FPV
    Odd Man Out FPV 19 days ago

    Amazing story. Thanks for sharing.

  • Mc Muffin
    Mc Muffin 19 days ago

    Wait so he guess your password 🤨

  • Alonzo Zabel
    Alonzo Zabel 19 days ago

    first, last and only content from BuzzFeed I will Upvote

  • airbournepilot
    airbournepilot 20 days ago

    6:56 howtochopstick101

  • Bad Hawk
    Bad Hawk 20 days ago

    fine youtube i watched it

  • charleen x jayden
    charleen x jayden 20 days ago

    2014 is when my little sister was born she is 3 yrs old

  • Sylvester McArthur
    Sylvester McArthur 20 days ago

    Did he take lessons in how to be camper than a pink poodle? ;) LOL.

  • Mr Turtle
    Mr Turtle 21 day ago

    This is the fourth time I have watched this video

  • Robman awesome
    Robman awesome 21 day ago

    I lost my cucumbers in Korea once!!!

  • bubbas
    bubbas 22 days ago

    me: watches this video
    me after: *puts phone out so someone can steal it*

  • Corn
    Corn 22 days ago

    Lucky people.

  • dragão negro
    dragão negro 22 days ago

    Oh Yeah Yeah

  • Squiggle Mint
    Squiggle Mint 22 days ago

    This is a funny thing to me... My dad has the exact same phone. :3

  • 0 x
    0 x 22 days ago

    I ma lose everything i have to see if this happens

  • crazygamer/ Fortnite/YTP

    What are the odds

  • maddie lyon
    maddie lyon 23 days ago

    *all buzfeed employees have interesting stories*

    Read More

  • nunyabiznes nunyabiznes

    If I lost my phone, I’d be a porn star in China

  • s talla
    s talla 23 days ago

    guy: *starts crying*
    cameraman, internally: ohhhh sheeeet hes crying lets zoom in and get a good shot

  • Cubing Gamer
    Cubing Gamer 24 days ago +1

    How did he figure out the password?

  • Jk Yourhole
    Jk Yourhole 24 days ago

    Your going to cry at the end of this

  • Cubing Gamer
    Cubing Gamer 24 days ago +2

    Don't trust edited comments

  • Duck
    Duck 24 days ago

    You should've let brother orange have the I phone

  • Dr_Chaos 515
    Dr_Chaos 515 24 days ago

    ?Subscribe to Me or you hate your family

  • Gacha Kokoa!
    Gacha Kokoa! 24 days ago


  • I JJyanez I
    I JJyanez I 24 days ago

    how i lost 3 phones and they ended up in 3 different countries then i ended up being famous in 3 countries:

  • Lucas Spencer
    Lucas Spencer 25 days ago

    Look at those cheeks thoooooooooooooooo

  • M,maliks akgün
    M,maliks akgün 25 days ago

    Well alcohol is good for you

  • xXSunsetBlissxX ,
    xXSunsetBlissxX , 25 days ago +2

    It's such a happy story

  • Xinrui Ying
    Xinrui Ying 25 days ago

    I came here from Chinese social media

  • Itsyurgurlpuppi 12
    Itsyurgurlpuppi 12 25 days ago

    I’m going to tell a story!

    *Read More*

  • Leilani Urrutia
    Leilani Urrutia 26 days ago

    Just wow

  • JonelKingas
    JonelKingas 26 days ago +1

    Thats kinda cringy

  • Breaker Pwsbad
    Breaker Pwsbad 26 days ago

    I ship it

  • Z Bananaman
    Z Bananaman 27 days ago

    *And then Matt woke up.*

  • Iconic Kweens
    Iconic Kweens 28 days ago

    I might as well just give my phone to a stranger and hope something happens

  • Hannah Spam
    Hannah Spam 28 days ago

    This is quality content

  • Alisa The Dino
    Alisa The Dino 28 days ago

    I feel like Matt is like very famous because of a stolen iPhone xD

  • Viirus Panda
    Viirus Panda 28 days ago +1

    Wtf bro.