Buttery, Flakey, T-Shirt - Madi Films Her First T-Shirt Ad (Outtakes)

  • Published on Jan 19, 2022
  • Just some fun outtakes in the shop with Madi, we just added a bunch of bundles to www.cleetusmcfarland.com/

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  • GrayheadedGamer

    LOL.. the buttery flaky crust thing had me rolling!!! Great job Madi!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TheRedMenace 1199R

    Great job Madi. Its not so easy being on camera and you deserve a lot of credit for getting so involved. I love seeing these kinds of outtakes too. Definitely puts things into perspective

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks  +314

    Smiled the entire video

  • Lsford
    Lsford  +208

    Great example of why everyone really watches your content. You’re fun as hell. Thanks for the laugh this morning

  • Mick Oostingh

    we need more of these fails and outtakes

  • Robert Higbee

    I love how you get Madi more and more involved you can really see your happiness

  • Thomas
    Thomas  +98

    Cleet had to contain his laughter. This was amazing 😂😂

  • srt8u
    srt8u  +68

    Such a perfect outtake video! Madi really fits in with the group.

  • Deej Phatwood

    That’s the laugh I needed this morning 😂 haven’t seen enough of Madi lately!

  • nathan morin

    So awesome how involved she is getting with everything she a blast on the channel

  • Ian Coates

    Love the dynamic between Cleet and Madi, y'all are perfect for eachother.

  • Mike crystal robert

    Nice to see you two are extremely happy together here’s to healthy long life’s and many great memories

  • Drew Thomas

    maybe one of the best videos yet. need more bloopers - to see someone so bought into their husbands life. a keeper for sure.

  • Kyle Barn
    Kyle Barn  +11

    This made me smile the whole time. Wish I knew you all in real life!

  • 340 Duster

    Love it. First he taught her to drift, now to sell shirts. Before long he will be on the sidelines and she will be the one in the spotlight.

  • andrew collins

    Soo Funny!!.... love this.. Please give us more Outtakes.. and Madi we love you.. you did a great job 😂😂

  • Shuken Flash

    I feel you Madi. It's so easy when you're practicing but the moment the camera starts shooting it's so easy for that to all go out the window.

  • ZNA03
    ZNA03  +5

    Smiled the entire video, please do more outtakes and fun side clips!!! Love you guys and the channels!

  • jerplane400

    Great job you two!! Reminds me of my wife and I when we were younger! 24 years and still going! Congrats!

  • Van Darkholme

    its hilarious everytime these guys tries to "be serious & going off a script" 😂😂😂