What happens if you FIND & REPAIR GLAMROCK BONNIE?! (FNAF Security Breach Myths)

  • Published on Jan 15, 2022
  • FNAF SECURITY BREACH MYTHS! Can we FIND & REPAIR GLAMROCK BONNIE?! Five Nights at Freddy's has so many SECRETS so let's find them! 👌 drop a LIKE n soobskrib 👍
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  • Razzbowski
    Razzbowski  4 months ago +897

    Glamrock BONNIE can be FOUND & FIXED?!?! Let's find out in todays FNAF Security Breach MYTHS ep 😜
    (REPLY with your MYTHS for the next ep! What do you think of a Glamrock FOXY?!?) 😏

  • Miss Dire
    Miss Dire 4 months ago +923

    That re-skin is phenomenal! I feel like his leg warmers needed a pattern of some sort; stars or tiger print or something. Otherwise he looks fantastic! And the Shattered versions of these mods look absolutely beautiful as well!

  • Ms. Zyra MMD
    Ms. Zyra MMD 3 months ago +9

    This game is becoming more and more interesting for me as I watch the theories and glitches

  • DaNoobKing
    DaNoobKing 2 months ago +4

    You’re theory with Vanny and Afton may be true, but it is fact that Bonnie’s parts were used to repair Monty

  • UltraaBluuXi
    UltraaBluuXi 3 months ago +1

    Not even a minute in and I'm subbing and smacking the bell, you have positive energy just exploding in massive nuclear tsunamis and you are now added to my list of comfort youtubers. Congratulations

  • Analicia Martinez
    Analicia Martinez Month ago +2

    I literally love you're channel and I'm gonna tell you my favorite character in whole entire security bridge it's Roxanne and Freddy because they look like a perfect couple .

  • Jordan Drinkwater
    Jordan Drinkwater 4 months ago +687

    An explanation for why Chica teleports via security bots.
    When you get caught, the game checks behind the player to see if any structures are blocking the catching spawn point. If Chica doesn't teleport after being caught, it is probably because your back was facing a wall.

  • Sarah Crader
    Sarah Crader 2 months ago +1

    I've seen lots of mods where it turns Monty into Glam Rock Bonnie I heard the audio that was Monte you just use the mod to change his appearance to look like Bonnie

  • Miranda Reneau
    Miranda Reneau 2 months ago +1

    I like how you do all these glitches they're all so cool when are you going to do a hack to go outside the pizzeria

  • Winning Demon
    Winning Demon 3 months ago +1

    Here explanation: bonnie was just like Freddy they were Close friends.one day he got "missing" which means scrapped because who would want a bunny when they can have a alliGAYtor. His parts were literally replaced on to monty and even the endo.
    There are very much explanations of this Theory. Because montys endo skeleton has the same eye color as bonnie PLUS there are literally parts of the same old color bonnie has.

  • badgirlangel
    badgirlangel Month ago

    i came across this change and i loved it so keep up the good work

  • Madison Moran
    Madison Moran 4 months ago +640

    I’m really disappointed that it wasn’t actually Bonnie it’s just a reskinned Monty but it still was cool to see

    • RobloxGamer
      RobloxGamer 20 days ago

      Yep I knew that

    • Flower
      Flower 2 months ago

      i love frogs too ❤️

    • Flower
      Flower 2 months ago

      im sorry :c my little fwoggy

    • Lee
      Lee 3 months ago

      @Gamer Police he said Bonnie could gender as a carrot- how is that NOT a joke?

    • Gamer Police
      Gamer Police 3 months ago

      @Lee how tf-

  • Phoenix Roberts
    Phoenix Roberts 2 months ago +2

    So Monty chased Bonnie through the secret door then Bonnie was chased in Vanny's room, then Monty made sure he was scrap. BIGGEST OF BRAINZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kristina Parkans
    Kristina Parkans 2 months ago

    It's really cool that you're trying to find rock star Bonnie

  • Hannah Durdin
    Hannah Durdin 3 months ago

    In the monty golf lake, there's a huge hole ripped in the fence, which leads to those red footprints. Maybe evidence of a fight between bonnie and monty?

  • Connie Brown
    Connie Brown Month ago

    The way to probably revive is to use the head and put it on the shadow bonnie poster

    MLG GAMER 4 months ago +786

    That's very interesting that you can go from that point in Bonnie's Bowl to vanny's room. Yeah that would make it easy access for her to do whatever she wants to glam-rock Bonnie

      MLG GAMER 2 months ago

      @realshotgunX so you're suggesting the opposite happened? But why is Monty so aggressive then if he didn't kill Bonnie?

      MLG GAMER 2 months ago

      @realshotgunX I think I realized long ago

    • realshotgunX
      realshotgunX 2 months ago

      bro no. vanessa was taken over bc of glitchtrap in help wanted, and became vanny. and bonnie attacked monty, so they found monty and repaired him. they found out what happened, so they decommissioned bonnie.

    • realshotgunX
      realshotgunX 2 months ago


    • Nam Ng
      Nam Ng 3 months ago


  • Amy Hall
    Amy Hall Day ago +1

    You can skip to the end of the game at fazzablast when you go in the vent and jump over the fence and go down the stairs

  • Gabriel Godfrey
    Gabriel Godfrey 3 months ago +1

    Nice mod, mind sharing the mod you used?

  • Scottlyn Newman
    Scottlyn Newman 3 months ago

    In the beginning of the game you may see that there's a locked door and I think that maybe Bonnie's room and that's why it would be locked cuz Freddy didn't want to look in there anymore

  • CookiePlayz
    CookiePlayz 2 months ago +1

    I kind of wish that bonnie was actually added into the game, I feel like if bonnie was added into the game he would work with freddy to help us escape the pizzaplex cause if the animatronics are just the fnaf 1 animatronics reused over and over again, I have a feeling bonnie would help us because he wouldn't want us to get killed and stuffed inside and animatronic just like him, freddy, foxy, and chica (and golden freddy but he wasn't added into security breach either.)

  • Winterwoods
    Winterwoods 4 months ago +718

    Secrets: Apparently, Roxanne is the only character in the game not to have some sort of reminder about Bonnie, I am unsure if Monty does but apparently behind the tires which are next to the sofa there is a Mangle plush teddy hidden.

    • JELLY sussi boi
      JELLY sussi boi 3 months ago +1

      @GeeklingNo1 no Roxy always crys because she wants to just like foxy

    • JELLY sussi boi
      JELLY sussi boi 3 months ago

      Wait what

    • Fidgets_with_macy★
      Fidgets_with_macy★ 4 months ago +1

      @GeeklingNo1 wait Roxy foxy lol-

    • GeeklingNo1
      GeeklingNo1 4 months ago +1

      So Roxy replaces Foxy and Monty replaced Bonnie but how did those two characters go out of commission? And why those two specifically? I think Monty was influenced by Afton to kill Bonnie and replace him but i don’t think it says anything about Roxy killing Foxy. He wasn’t as popular as Bonnie but he’s apparently popular enough to make Roxy feel like an insufficient replacement. I think afton wanted all the OGs gone but Chica and Freddy were too popular so he replaced the two less popular ones with more dangerous versions.

    • Roy Nunez
      Roy Nunez 4 months ago +2

      Never knew that

  • Jessica Herren
    Jessica Herren 2 months ago +1

    What if you glitch through the big doors that say banned 🤔

  • Lauren Griffin
    Lauren Griffin 2 months ago +2

    What if you go to foxys area and try to find clues or parts for foxy and repair him in parts and service

  • Jacob Robinson
    Jacob Robinson 3 months ago +1

    in one of your security breach videos you should replace monty with bonnie and replace roxy with foxy

  • Andrew_8939
    Andrew_8939 Month ago

    15:09 was that the real bonnie?

  • Tomasz Wekier
    Tomasz Wekier 4 months ago +298

    This is interesting how people take this game to a parts to uncover more secrets. I really can't wait for Dlc.

  • Jeffrey Whittington

    I Miss Bonnie he's been there since the beginning he is my favorite character so as foxy he was a wonderful creation

  • shayaan channel
    shayaan channel 2 months ago

    When you got to the vent on the start of five nights at freddy's security breach you hear monty destroying someone so I think he destroyed glamrock bonnie

  • Jamayne Gammage
    Jamayne Gammage Month ago

    Bonnie is actually still alive you go to his room he's hiding somewhere

  • Weirdo
    Weirdo 2 months ago

    Myth: Ifyou get the driving instructors head the save points will be fixed

  • Luna Aclips
    Luna Aclips 4 months ago +281

    Theory: Monty never end gamed Glamrock Bonnie, it was Vanny using one of the cleaning bots.

    • Gabby❤️
      Gabby❤️ Month ago

      @Fazenicoyt123 it’s. Protect

    • Fazenicoyt123
      Fazenicoyt123 Month ago

      Or she killed Bonny to make better suit use

    • Fazenicoyt123
      Fazenicoyt123 Month ago

      Monty got killed from vanny or Monty so I think vanny killed him cus he dint care what they see that why he left to other rooms and vanny killed him like Freddy in other ending and kid died to then that end

    • Fazenicoyt123
      Fazenicoyt123 Month ago

      Or vanny was at golf it was kid and Bonnie try preteck and he got killed by bots or hey got kill from Monty cuss she controls Bonnie and Bonnie try to hold it but vanny and then hits killed him then kid that end and vanny left

    • Val De la Cruz
      Val De la Cruz 2 months ago

      Disassemble Bonnie

  • •Dîãmønd's stüdîø•

    16:11 Lol look at Bonnie's ears 🤣

  • Lila Smith
    Lila Smith Month ago

    I literally love vanny. I scare the crap out of my friend when I do her skip

  • carlGaming2822
    carlGaming2822 3 months ago +1

    Bonnie was last seen in monty golf so maybe the remains arent inside monty golf though

  • Wiktoria Cano
    Wiktoria Cano 2 months ago +1

    theory: What do you think will happen if you end vanny without freddy upgrades or any othe r animatronics broken?

  • RedenTheMOD
    RedenTheMOD 4 months ago +97

    Theory: The "arcade conspiracy" message seems directed at games other than the Princess Quest games. This log also regards the princess as a sentient entity which is trying to seize control. Perhaps the "Princess" in this case refers to Elizabeth (Making William Afton referred to as the king of fazbear entertainment is no real stretch) and the glitches throughout BB world and the other arcades, including PQ, are actually glitches created by her to override the glitches created by Afton and meaning that in the "good" ending we don't free Vanessa but instead actually give Elizabeth control over her body. Would also change the meaning of the "Good Night" Phrase at the end of BB World as what you are actually doing is putting glitchtrap or Vanny to sleep and giving Elizabeth full control

    • Sizzler
      Sizzler 4 months ago +2

      @{Cherry•Lemon•Pie} yeah, it symbolizes her being trapped in the game, and then at last princess quest game, she is freed from it via the same cell she was locked in by Glitchtrap in one of the Help Wanted endings.
      In Help wanted, when glitchtrap proceeds to merge with you, if you fail (canon wise, you do), you appear in a cell where the good side of Vanny is kept in by Glitchtrap.
      In security breach, that cell is opened and the following ending is Vanny now freed.

    • {Cherry•Lemon•Pie}
      {Cherry•Lemon•Pie} 4 months ago +3

      I am pretty sure the Princess in Princess quest games is Vanny.

    • Hank J. Wimbleton
      Hank J. Wimbleton 4 months ago

      @zalán győrkovács Pretty sure that the princess is not golden freddy

    • zalán győrkovács
      zalán győrkovács 4 months ago +4

      The princess sprite is called Cassidy

    • Lindsay B.- Jasmin’s Mama -Jasmin Plays!
      Lindsay B.- Jasmin’s Mama -Jasmin Plays! 4 months ago +2

      That makes sense

  • Sammy S
    Sammy S 2 months ago +1

    To me your theory about Monty being controlled I do agree with it. Science wit razz 😎

  • L & S besties
    L & S besties 2 months ago

    I noticed that bonne was actually protecting another child that was a girl so maybe you can find a girl

  • The exotic egg new and improved!!!

    In the secret room in Montego off maybe you should zoom in under the tarp and see if there are parts of Bonnie

  • CobwebDanTheLad
    CobwebDanTheLad 3 months ago

    My theory is if vannys room can be found down that stairway in bonnies bowl then he was being watched because vanny had cameras which may showed the whole pizza plex including montys golf and one day vanny controlled Monty and Bonnie entered the Monty golf and vanny controlled Monty to destroy Bonnie and then she used his parts for burntrap
    This is just my theory

  • Jasher Rousell
    Jasher Rousell 4 months ago +67

    I shall love this game for years, especially with all of the secrets still being discovered.

    • kiuu
      kiuu 3 months ago

      dogshit game security breach had potential and threw it out of the window it messed up the fnaf 6 ending, which is the TRUE ending and the BEST POSSIBLE ending

    • Jake Bailey
      Jake Bailey 4 months ago

      @Drewski Games
      It probably will be, where did you hear it won't be?

      MICHAEL BECKET 4 months ago +1

      @Drewski Games i doibt that almost EVERYTHING is on switch even the rest of the FNAF games its a huge opportunity and scotts a fan pleaser

    • Drewski Games
      Drewski Games 4 months ago +1

      @MICHAEL BECKET it will be on Xbox, but it won’t be on Switch.

      MICHAEL BECKET 4 months ago +1

      @Johann Abhijith cameo?

  • Jane Atkinson
    Jane Atkinson 2 months ago +2


  • Kaitlyn_playz YT
    Kaitlyn_playz YT 2 months ago

    Wasn’t he already found in months room?

  • Vera Burks
    Vera Burks 2 months ago

    Hi, I'm a 9 year old boy, and I like your video. I'm wondering if you can try to mix together all of the animatronics and try to combine all of their powers into 1? Thanks, River

  • Meg :]
    Meg :] 2 months ago

    What if Monty was in Rockstar Row that entire time Bonnie was out and about?

  • dolita windo
    dolita windo 4 months ago +53

    I shall love this game for years, especially with all of the secrets still being discovered.

  • ElmeriTheFinnishGuy
    ElmeriTheFinnishGuy 2 months ago +1

    My friend doesn't believe me when i say that this is a mod so is it or not, is there a glamrock bonnie

  • Ruth Scerri
    Ruth Scerri Month ago


  • William Afton
    William Afton 3 months ago +1

    Myth: I know I’m late, but how bout you try finding Fredbear? No, not golden Freddy…FREDBEAR!

  • Titanus tigerVass
    Titanus tigerVass Month ago

    Myth:can you bring vanny in the way out with Freddy and glamrock Bonnie to see what happens?

  • Voidsauce
    Voidsauce 4 months ago +72

    Razz is one of the OGs of FNAF. Always a fantastic time from him.

  • Lunic
    Lunic 2 months ago

    It’s strange that Bonnie is in the first part where the play first meets the animatronics

  • Taxis Gold.and.Black
    Taxis Gold.and.Black 2 months ago

    If you can summon glamrock bonnie, then can you faz blast him like the others?

  • Raju Chiluvuri
    Raju Chiluvuri 2 months ago

    Myth:I wanna know why only Freddy is nice to us while all the other robots and animatronics are evil.

  • Raanu Kazi
    Raanu Kazi Month ago

    4:34 you got jumpscared but by the grace of gods you escaped

  • Ethan Bowman
    Ethan Bowman 3 months ago +108

    Love the part where it clearly switches over to a mod. You glitch through the door, find nothing, and then use a mod to replace the Monty chase sequence with a Glamrock Bonnie model. Seems legit, sucks that I fell for the click bait.

    • Ethan Bowman
      Ethan Bowman Month ago +1

      @DaenonGames101 I know, I was expecting a mod, but honestly I just wanted to see if there was a cool little Bonnie easter egg I missed or something that I hadn't heard about yet.

    • Matu Hondique
      Matu Hondique Month ago +1

      What happeneds if you jump from the place where sunrise🌄 come from if you go in to the slide where you first meet him

      SHAKIA LLOYD 2 months ago +1

      Good I'm not the only one who noticed

    • DaenonGames101
      DaenonGames101 2 months ago +1

      I mean...of course it's a mod bonnie isn't in the game...so...

    • Digit Ruffini
      Digit Ruffini 2 months ago +1


  • Sara Trimpe
    Sara Trimpe 2 months ago

    myth: Maybe you could mod the game with Bonnie and foxy and see if there in the intro

  • jessica kierbow
    jessica kierbow 3 months ago

    You know how William afton lost an arm? You also know how bonnie and montgamery have to use claws to play bass. I think afton is bonnie.

  • Chase Clem
    Chase Clem 2 months ago

    My favorite character from security breach is Glam rock Foxy!

  • Marianne Foster
    Marianne Foster 3 months ago

    its ok freddy, we know your broken

  • phantomkid36
    phantomkid36 3 months ago +26

    This guy gives me a mixture of jacksepticeye, psycho, and scientist vibes. Over all seems cool

  • Jojin Thomas
    Jojin Thomas 2 months ago

    This is actually a mod to change monty's skin to bonnies

  • BombBoi Ligma
    BombBoi Ligma 19 days ago

    Myth: what if you rebuild Monty but use bonnies parts?

  • TheGreatAlto #SaveUkraine

    Bonnie isn’t superhuman, he is immune to the stuns because he is a reskinned monty

  • MarineWithZakAndMore

    You are great at creating content and always make me laugh with ur daddy jokes if u see this please heart it it would make my day

  • FlashierAura707
    FlashierAura707 4 months ago +98

    Hey Raz, I got a myth for ya.
    Myth: Go to the vent section that leads to the lobby, go onto the stage and jump off, Monty will be summoned onto the party check-in, break the sequence by doing the unload glitch with freddy as many times as you want and then get caught by a staff bot and watch the chaos ensue...
    Also Astral Spiff discovered this myth in a different way so check him out.

  • Monica Copeland
    Monica Copeland 2 months ago

    It’s just Monty but he has a mod on to make it look like Bonnie

  • Thee ArtSee🎗
    Thee ArtSee🎗 3 months ago

    Imagine re-skinning Roxy

  • Cassie Borg
    Cassie Borg 2 months ago +1

    Bonnie probably made a deal with monty to escape but he tricked monty and left him that's why he's always super angery

  • Lexi Poole
    Lexi Poole 3 months ago

    I thought this was jacksepticeye for a solid 10 mins 🤣

  • Gareth Scott
    Gareth Scott 3 months ago +14

    Supposedly, one of the wet floor bots summons a secret MAP bot when shot with the Fazzer Blaster, but it's only one particular wet floor bot and I don't know which one it is.

  • Calebo Kid Gamer
    Calebo Kid Gamer 2 months ago

    Razzbowski Did you know that monty used bonnie’s shoulder parts?

  • Jennifer Vick
    Jennifer Vick 2 months ago

    My theory is glamrock Bonnie wad thrown into the end of the alley way in the Bolling alley

  • The Five nights at Freddy's Streamer

    you're jokes are so funny that i forgot to laugh

  • Alexis Ferrell
    Alexis Ferrell 2 months ago +1

    Raz you got a hoodie with the exact same logo as mine accept the logo I see on your front is the one that's on my back that makes me so happy

  • robert lindsey
    robert lindsey 4 months ago +77

    Bonnie could've just been at wrong place at the wrong time on the catwalks where you fight monty on: I think bonnie could stepped on a loose catwalk under the water, with the catwalk caving below him, and him falling into the water, thus frying his servos gizmos and other things.

    • Rygg Bloxian
      Rygg Bloxian 3 months ago

      Rip his nicknacks and doodads

    • DewDrop
      DewDrop 3 months ago

      @robert lindsey I am pretty certain there is messages in the game that mention that Monty specifically enjoys skipping the performances to go to the catwalks. So him being there makes complete sense as it seems to be a place he goes almost to hide away from others. I do believe the message it's called "Monty Mischief"and I am happy to comment what it says if you want.

    • robert lindsey
      robert lindsey 4 months ago +1

      @Maya Cold Nothing has implied that Monty likes going to the catwalks, the only reason he's up there in the games is because Gregory up there to decommission him. Two, another ending would be if Monty wacked Bonnie off of the catwalks.

    • robert lindsey
      robert lindsey 4 months ago

      @datingzone P STOP MESSAGING ME.

    • Maya Cold
      Maya Cold 4 months ago +4

      Bonnie's last location was in Monty Golf, and Monty likes going to the catwalks. Thing is, it seemed as though Bonnie went there unexpectedly, as in Bonnie wouldn't simply just decide to go stroll around all the way to Monty Golf at such a strange time in the day. As Bonnie is a jumper, I wouldn't be surprised if he actually did have an accident at the catwalks - Monty had an accident twice at the catwalks and both made him broken to half so I think Bonnie probably had it even worse :0

  • Arlene Mckenzie
    Arlene Mckenzie 2 months ago


  • 2020 dragonstar
    2020 dragonstar 3 months ago

    Yo dude. Did you ever notice the staff bots look like marionette and the tampered staff bots look like Nightmarionne? Since Nightmarionne is like the other nightmare animatronics and is not real, does that mean the tampered staff bots are not real either? Or did someone somehow know of Nightmarionne, and make the bots look like them?

  • Ky :D
    Ky :D 3 months ago

    I already have security breach but my favourite character is lefty

  • Amanda-Lyn Mintenko

    Myth: try to find Golden Freddy on the fnaf 1 stage

  • •&Ran&•
    •&Ran&• 4 months ago +20

    Razz have you tested/seen Giga Monty? If not you should try it out. How to get Giga Monty:During showtime at 2:00AM keep unloading and reloading the main stage area. This causes stage light Monty to duplicate thus creating Giga Monty. Giga Monty only runs after after you after a security Bot get alerted.

  • VINCENT lindsey
    VINCENT lindsey Month ago

    what if you glitch in bonnies stage?

  • Simon Thekid
    Simon Thekid 2 months ago +1

    This is literally mod Ahmad Saud of Grimrock Bonnie instead of Monte isn't this obvious

  • Caleb Worth
    Caleb Worth 2 months ago

    Try finding glitchtrap I'd loooooove to see you find glitchtrap

  • Logan Burns-Mathieson
    Logan Burns-Mathieson 3 months ago

    What about trying to find glitch trap like maybe stay but try to find the old pizzeria and you might find it

  • YoukaiAkuma ツ
    YoukaiAkuma ツ 4 months ago +47

    Bonnie is my favourite character, I can't believe he isn't seen in the game, but this made me really happy so thank you!

    • Ashley Nelson
      Ashley Nelson 3 months ago

      same my favorite character is bonnie and he is seen in a hidden area with no legs and foxy i alo seen with different parts of different animtrronics

  • Jeania Morgan
    Jeania Morgan 24 days ago

    What happens if you damage glam rock Bonnie what do you get the bunny ears?

  • Toko Cindy
    Toko Cindy Month ago

    My favorite animatronic there's two one of them is glam-rock foxy and Glam Rock Bonnie

  • nessa
    nessa 2 months ago

    did you know you can get in to sun's room??

  • Gary Gary
    Gary Gary 2 months ago

    There is proof that mat pat once said:ladies and gentlemen Gregory is none other than Gregory.

  • MarionettePuppetMaster
    MarionettePuppetMaster 4 months ago +28

    I would possibly think that Glamrock Foxy would be an absolutely amazing pirate of the show, and Glamrock Freddy would definitely be surprised of Foxy, just like how he was surprised with Bonnie coming back, and started to become best friends

  • Lauren Wrinn
    Lauren Wrinn 3 months ago

    Replace Glam rock Freddy with glam rock Bonnie and leave Freddy so there both of them

  • Laura and Chris Stewart

    Can you please try and figure out what is going on with security breach every time I try to do that it just rode Foxy

  • Judy Bautista
    Judy Bautista 3 months ago

    See what's behind Gregory's band aid

  • twink_666
    twink_666 2 months ago

    Thank you I needed this 😪😪😪

  • Yugi Senpai
    Yugi Senpai 3 months ago +14

    i like how a lot of people dont care about foxy missing but everyone is freaking out about bonnie to be honest i love both though

  • glam daddy
    glam daddy 2 months ago

    If ur confused on how the things don't effect bon bon is he is retextured monty and monty has glasses!

  • Speedy beeaast
    Speedy beeaast 3 months ago

    after he shot bonnie i knew he replaced monty with bonnie cause monty has sunglasses!

  • Connie Brown
    Connie Brown Month ago

    Myth:This may be impossible revive nightmare Bonnie but in glamrock