Is a good camera important?? - Pro vs Amateur CHALLENGE

  • Published on Jul 18, 2019
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    For years, smartphone manufacturers have said that their built-in cameras are SO GOOD that you no longer need a 'real' camera. So can a professional photographer with a smartphone beat a total pleb with a 'real' camera? Only one way to find out...
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Comments • 7 551

  • Wouter Verbruggen
    Wouter Verbruggen Month ago +1987

    "is a good camera important?" If you actually did a fair test then no. If you actually wanted to test this, you would ask them to the exact same thing and compare the results. This was just a Linus vs. Brandon competition with a catch, nothing more. A good photographer is always more important than a good camera. The video itself, the idea and execution, where very awesome tho. You guys are crazy I love it :)

    • Да Хорошо
      Да Хорошо 7 days ago

      and business also*

    • Да Хорошо
      Да Хорошо 7 days ago

      I have myself a 5D Mark III and a 70-200 Tamron G2 really i just capture for fun

    • michael z
      michael z 12 days ago +1

      Photographer skill more important than a camera, agreed

    • Jos Geerink
      Jos Geerink 16 days ago


  • LGH666
    LGH666 8 hours ago

    GOD that is 4 min of my life I will never get back! Yes couldn't stand this stupidity any longer. Stick to computers!

  • javlarm8
    javlarm8 16 hours ago

    Holy hell the transition at 16:58 is awesome.

  • Devansh Jangid
    Devansh Jangid 17 hours ago

    This video...... Contained too many surprises..... Epilepsy Warning, you guys.

  • Mega
    Mega 20 hours ago

    I do hope one of you did a burst photo for some of them.

  • Joel Doxtator
    Joel Doxtator Day ago

    *cliche pretentious photographer comment*

  • John Rand
    John Rand Day ago

    More fake reality TV please.

  • Timber P
    Timber P Day ago


  • Flufflet
    Flufflet 2 days ago

    This is the funniest episode yet

  • Justin DeLeon
    Justin DeLeon 2 days ago

    sooo extra

  • John Ford
    John Ford 2 days ago

    If you love this concept, check out DigitalRevs cheap camera pro challenge. Same idea, but done with many different photographers/shitty cameras.

  • NvrUseYur RealName
    NvrUseYur RealName 2 days ago

    SOOOOOOooooo many LOLz!!!! XD ^_^

  • Hunter
    Hunter 2 days ago

    How can you not love these guys, not only are they funny and knowledgeable, but also relate-able and friendly.

  • tube অাড্ডা

    personally ...i like this video lot of much, thanks linus and other who involve this video.

  • Skellious
    Skellious 3 days ago


  • Matthew Houston
    Matthew Houston 3 days ago

    Does linus pass the pro vs amateur challange?

  • Jorge Franco
    Jorge Franco 3 days ago

    this so Amazing so AMAZING if you know what i mean, you know right, Yeah!

  • Iftekhar Sarkar
    Iftekhar Sarkar 3 days ago

    They really put me through Hell.

  • srsly
    srsly 3 days ago

    This definitely feels paid for by Google.

  • Michael Marcos
    Michael Marcos 3 days ago

    Someone's watched Malcolm in the Middle :)

  • mamali the freeman
    mamali the freeman 4 days ago

    damm thats some sexy shots

  • ChadCarney2001
    ChadCarney2001 4 days ago

    YES. Yes a good camera is incredibly important. Stop with the "oh its not the camera" bullshit. A shitty camera will give you shitty results

  • LastOfHisName
    LastOfHisName 4 days ago

    phone shots were edited but camera wasn't, so how is this a comparison?

  • Supes
    Supes 4 days ago

    This is a better video than it let on from thumbnail and name. Didn't get across what it was. This should be a new series, just better advertise what is actually happening, as in the premise. Challenges using products with either linus or other non-experts inside of an expert's field. Maybe even have two non-experts competing in challenges from the envelopes made from an expert etc. There is a lot of flexibility in this premise and a LOT of fun to be had. It is like another type of Scrapyard wars. Gives me the same type of feel as the challenges from the producers in Top Gear personally.

  • Zarviroff Serge
    Zarviroff Serge 4 days ago

    Brilliant :D

  • Rayan Adhikary
    Rayan Adhikary 5 days ago

    The best vedio & funny video on LTT group ♥️

  • karljo mata
    karljo mata 5 days ago

    0:56 my boy Brandon about to ask the "am I sure about this?" And answered himself with "yeah, coz we got bills to oay"

  • Gian Reyes
    Gian Reyes 5 days ago


    I'm dead. XD

  • Tsumitsuki
    Tsumitsuki 5 days ago

    why is there only one like button? i want to hit it like 10.000 Times!!! :D :D

  • PizzaPartyMau5
    PizzaPartyMau5 5 days ago


  • Vaibhav Singh
    Vaibhav Singh 5 days ago

    I did not realize i just watched a 40 mins video WOW

  • Punk_69
    Punk_69 5 days ago

    I'd select a bigger DSLR most of the time, and a mobile phone only in select conditions (probably extremely cramped areas), the only downside of dslr's is that I have to edit the pictures later...

  • Sapostropheez
    Sapostropheez 6 days ago

    Nobody in the industry uses a Fujifilm.

  • nForcer LostS
    nForcer LostS 6 days ago

    Hmmm... Channel Super Fun is now migrated or what?

  • Jebediah Clang
    Jebediah Clang 6 days ago

    Jesus christ Linus, at LEAST use Nikon next time.
    Fujifilm isn't even on the spectrum.

  • Yarumasi
    Yarumasi 6 days ago +1

    I can't believe they had Arin Hanson on to judge this!

  • Deke
    Deke 6 days ago

    THE BOSS WON ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Andrew Seal
    Andrew Seal 6 days ago +2

    This is hands down my favourite Linus video yet.
    So entertaining. Thanx guys!

  • BlackShadowLegion
    BlackShadowLegion 6 days ago

    12:17 курлык-курлык-курлык

  • Nami Nami
    Nami Nami 6 days ago

    umm.. why am i here.

  • Hexapoda
    Hexapoda 6 days ago

    Hey, you did lie. You do not need 51mpx to make a print that cover a house, you can do that with less then 2mpx, it is all depending on the ppi.

  • SamoScopom
    SamoScopom 6 days ago

    I love it, look at this video and undeniably LTT has come a long way. Many of the reviews and builds are similar in essence to what LTT was doing 5 years ago, but this video really shows what this team can pull off with seemingly relative ease - the fact that this video didn't need to be super hyped and was just a next upload... hats off to you all

  • Nasty-looking Navi
    Nasty-looking Navi 6 days ago

    This is one of the most fun videos I've watched in a LONG while! Give a prize to whoever thought this one up!

  • Hideki Brian Gomi
    Hideki Brian Gomi 6 days ago

    Took a while to realize the green guy was James. Funny content, I enjoyed but a thought coming to my mind at the end was.... Brand and Linus could be a nice couple, heehee.

    ROLEMAYMOLY 6 days ago

    im not smiling im cringing

  • Lo Sac
    Lo Sac 7 days ago

    Yes ,a good camera is important for some people.Run the same test in wild life,astro photography and finally print something in A4 or larger.Freely lough with the results of the mobile .

  • André Silva
    André Silva 7 days ago +1

    This was ducking hilarious!!

  • newpixeldude
    newpixeldude 7 days ago

    I am afraid Linus will be doing campaigns soon. It would just go with the times.

  • Emre Demirkaya Loves

    " I know how the ISO works " :D
    Where is the BokeH on linus shots , has a prime lens medium format on it and shoots like with an aperture of F/20
    This was fun and painfull as a photography lover

    • 666Tomato666
      666Tomato666 6 days ago

      I'm quite sure he shot all his photos at something like f/11 - the aperture ring was not in auto position

  • Bruno Hahmann
    Bruno Hahmann 7 days ago

    I haven't watched this video before because i thought it would be just a simple comparison, but man this was so much more fun than i expected

  • Antoni Rybaczyk
    Antoni Rybaczyk 7 days ago

    That was really good

  • m j
    m j 7 days ago

    video is way way too long.

  • John Davis
    John Davis 7 days ago

    dis video very noice

  • problemat1que
    problemat1que 7 days ago

    Hilarious video. This GFX is not a sports camera but great for editorial, so maybe could have given him a choice of multiple sponsored products for each section. :D If Linus knew to stop down and zone focus in manual, he could have got way more keepers. I saw him use face recognition, which I hear works great on the GFX100 but is pretty sluggish on the older gen 50R.

  • Да Хорошо
    Да Хорошо 7 days ago +1

    Linus holding the camera like that while changing lenses is hurting my eyes.... Dust will come and ruin it!

    • Да Хорошо
      Да Хорошо 7 days ago

      @Marko Ahonen lmao yes it will the sensor will be dirty and cleaning isnt that easy as you think

    • Marko Ahonen
      Marko Ahonen 7 days ago

      dust wont ruin it, part reason its expensive is that you can clean it

  • Ben Jackbag Mank
    Ben Jackbag Mank 8 days ago

    "ThE CamErA DoEsN'T MAttEr, it''S nOt ThE tOO...*swift kick to the nuts*"

  • Clous von
    Clous von 8 days ago

    Probably one of the funniest videos on TheXvid

  • oussmusic
    oussmusic 8 days ago +1

    is that Jìan-Yáng from silicon valley ?

  • Josh F
    Josh F 8 days ago

    You have to understand, these things will be on the internet for forever... Just let that sink in a bit...

  • my1little2pony
    my1little2pony 8 days ago

    i found myself getting right into this video loved it you guys are killing it

  • 4N5W3R5
    4N5W3R5 8 days ago

    Was this a Camera Challenge or a Try Not to Cringe Challenge?

  • Dubstep America
    Dubstep America 8 days ago

    Why the actual fuck couldn't they just get an actual chick... Just curious

  • Dr. Lumen
    Dr. Lumen 8 days ago

    why tho.... why

  • D Vice
    D Vice 8 days ago

    you cannot make this shit up

  • omgubler
    omgubler 8 days ago +12

    Now we need a Part 2 where Brandon uses the nice camera and Linus uses the Pixel...

  • Oliver Grewin
    Oliver Grewin 8 days ago +1

    25:32 he should've proposed with a flower! That would've captured the feeling of the surroundings🌼

  • j k
    j k 8 days ago

    Why all the Gay jokes?

  • Raghavendra D Rao
    Raghavendra D Rao 8 days ago

    This is the most entertaining LTT Video so far!😄👍🏼

  • Liu Michael
    Liu Michael 8 days ago

    I just got English is so hard for experiencing those images XD

  • Mohammad Zaid
    Mohammad Zaid 8 days ago

    I feel like linux did better job, it's not just about camera but the way he arranged things and tooked those pictures, specially the dog food looked amazing and the pregnant one.

  • Matt Hobbs
    Matt Hobbs 9 days ago

    Im going to need therapy after watching this.

  • Eveonx Icenine
    Eveonx Icenine 9 days ago

    Loved it

  • ar2329
    ar2329 9 days ago

    Great video!! - You should do more of these challenges! [Gamer on cheap desktop vs. gamer on high-end desktop - cheap unbranded/Chinese phone vs. flagship phone in everyday use, etc...]

  • Global Tech Life
    Global Tech Life 9 days ago

    It was a 40 minute video?!!!
    I had so much fun that I thought it was 10 min..

  • Erick Mejía
    Erick Mejía 9 days ago

    What, Hal!?