5 Foods You're Eating Wrong

  • Published on Mar 16, 2019
  • 5 foods you're eating wrong.
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    5 Foods You're Eating Wrong
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Comments • 20 216

    REACT  5 months ago +1125

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  • Jason Rhodes
    Jason Rhodes 16 hours ago

    The pineapple works if you have strong hands. You have to make it happen.

  • VVM2019
    VVM2019 19 hours ago +2

    6:24 I guess that's why it's called a STRAWberry.

  • Ashildr The Swift
    Ashildr The Swift 21 hour ago

    Was he seriously surprised at 7:33 that a strawberry had no pit? Or did I not hear what he said correctly?

  • Kendal Cruz
    Kendal Cruz 21 hour ago

    I normally eat my cupcakes that way

  • Cool DiDi
    Cool DiDi Day ago

    5:01-but who's going to do this at a party
    Me- meeeeeee I already have

  • Jennifer Kammerer
    Jennifer Kammerer Day ago +1

    My Mom and I when I was little, we hated it when my Dad pulled bones off from the meat ans she still doesn't. I don't blame her. You hear the bones and ooo. -.- But when I heard this from a bone chicken like this, makes me want to do it like this at BWW. People would be looking at me odd, but ill say that I saw this on this channel. Thats the why you actually do it. Teach them how to do that. There you go guys. You'll be more popular that way. :) thank you guys. That was awesome. My first time hearing this and I knew about the pineapple from another channel you pull from the spikes and then you eat only the pineapple. I love Pineapples. 😍😎

    • Jennifer Kammerer
      Jennifer Kammerer Day ago

      Btw, the one I thought I'd use a lot of course would be the Chicken Wings. Too much frosting that someone saod if you do it like that. Nope... Pineapple again, I would loce to do that from now on. 😍

  • Tea-Alexia Volante
    Tea-Alexia Volante Day ago +5

    the cupcake hack: “who’s gonna do that at a party?” me: um all my friends...
    Like if you guys do that hack!

  • Annie Morales
    Annie Morales Day ago

    3:55 he looks like Draco Malfoy

  • Predaking4ever
    Predaking4ever Day ago +1

    That cupcake way requires a knife.
    I just eat the bottom and then top without needing a knife.

  • Toldyaso
    Toldyaso Day ago +3

    Your pineapple has to be ripe.

  • Maurelin Rafael Moreno

    I've always done the Toblerone one
    I mean I thought everyone did it like that
    I also do it with the paper

  • Maurelin Rafael Moreno
    Maurelin Rafael Moreno 2 days ago +5

    Boneless wings are just glorified chicken nuggets 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Jennifer Kammerer
      Jennifer Kammerer Day ago

      Yeah Brandon was awesome at saying it. But eh, I don't see it. XD

  • Ella Monteith
    Ella Monteith 2 days ago

    The toblerone one only works for the big ones

  • The Cat & The Fiddle
    The Cat & The Fiddle 2 days ago +3

    Could Tori be any cuter? :)

  • PicASSothewonderful
    PicASSothewonderful 2 days ago +1

    I’m actually surprised at how many didn’t know about the cupcake sandwich, I’ve been doing that since 1st grade or something

  • xXxcabinfeverxXx
    xXxcabinfeverxXx 2 days ago

    Let's be real here, theres not difference in the Toblerone one, and who peels a whole Toblerone and holds the entirety of the chocolate in ones hand just to watch it slowly melt away? tf.

  • michael goundie
    michael goundie 3 days ago +4

    That's how I eat cupcakes

  • bahaa Alden
    bahaa Alden 3 days ago +1

    اكو عرب بل طياره. 😂😂

    • Moonlight 123
      Moonlight 123 2 days ago

      What did u say

    • سش شس
      سش شس 2 days ago

      العرب تلقاهم في كل مكان بالدنيا 😂😂😂

  • Lyle Brown
    Lyle Brown 3 days ago +2

    How did some of them mess up the chicken wing one jesus christ piss poor effort

  • Ana ElliaRose
    Ana ElliaRose 3 days ago +3

    idk why but the cupcake one gave me anxiety it's just wrong , totally wrong , no thx 😂

  • Clamp God
    Clamp God 4 days ago


  • Natsu Quilava
    Natsu Quilava 4 days ago +6

    Huh... I've been eating chicken wings the right way this entire time. I always thought I was weird for doing it that way

  • Diego Segura Sanchez
    Diego Segura Sanchez 5 days ago +16

    “boneless wings are just glorified chicken nuggets” - Brandon
    If I don’t get a shirt with saying, I’m gunna commit scooter ankle

  • Rb God
    Rb God 5 days ago +3

    0:04 you're not bad at eating fruits the wrong way, you're just normal lmao

  • Shane Hoffmann
    Shane Hoffmann 5 days ago +5

    I have a hard time imagining these many people actually eat a toblerone regularly

  • Eduardo Kim
    Eduardo Kim 5 days ago +3

    For those that still thinks that the strawberry is a fruit, it is NOT! It’s all about the seeds.

  • katerina romero
    katerina romero 5 days ago +9

    I laugh at the first one, they didn’t give them a ripe pineapple to do it in the first place 😂😂

  • Mysti Dawn
    Mysti Dawn 6 days ago +7

    That's how I've always eaten cupcakes lol don't even need a knife, they just rip in half lol

  • Robert Acevedo
    Robert Acevedo 6 days ago +14

    Boneless wings are just chicken nuggets😂

  • Angela Kim
    Angela Kim 6 days ago +7

    I did the cupcake one in class, because somebody brought in cupcakes, and my teacher called me a legend.

  • Brittany Nicole
    Brittany Nicole 6 days ago +7

    What is a toblerone though because I've never had one but I've heard of them 😂

    • EmenceMcCoy
      EmenceMcCoy 2 days ago

      If you have a nut allergy read the package before buying. I believe it has almond extract/ almond toffee but its been so long i cant remember... i know a heathbar does.

    • mickey
      mickey 3 days ago

      @Cat Queen you have to try it !😂

    • Cat Queen
      Cat Queen 3 days ago

      @BIANCA MARYAM RAHMASARI I haven't either.

      BIANCA MARYAM RAHMASARI 5 days ago +2

      Brittany Nicole what u have never eaten a toblerone?? It’s like such a classic chocolate globally lmao skskksks

  • Vendetta
    Vendetta 6 days ago +5

    "Your fingers get all chocolatey" because you're holding n squeezing the chocolate with your whole hand -,-

  • Vito Armato
    Vito Armato 6 days ago +3

    I do the cupcake one always

  • TʜᴇAʀᴄᴛɪᴄ
    TʜᴇAʀᴄᴛɪᴄ 6 days ago +18

    You eat a food correctly as long it reaches your stomach

  • Sarah Baker
    Sarah Baker 7 days ago +2

    Me and my brothers have been doing the cupcake one for like 6 years

  • Green Gacha Dream
    Green Gacha Dream 7 days ago +4

    So i eat toblerones right

  • Kelleen Call
    Kelleen Call 7 days ago +1

    6:03 the reason it’s crumbling is because he’s playing with it

  • Stephanie Arciniega
    Stephanie Arciniega 7 days ago +5

    Who else likes the way tobleron packaging and the way it is 😂

  • Landon Fisher
    Landon Fisher 7 days ago +5

    8:20 YOU DO WHAT!?

    • Aveanna Anela Tomada
      Aveanna Anela Tomada Day ago

      Just some dude Same here. I do the single triangle method occasionally but most of the time I’m real lazy and I don’t wanna use both hands, so I bite it off 😂

    • Just some dude
      Just some dude 6 days ago +1

      I do that to dont judge

    • Stephanie Arciniega
      Stephanie Arciniega 7 days ago

      Landon Fisher ikr😳😫

  • Natalia Licea Quintana

    I’ve tried the cupcake trick

  • Da kid with a Hat
    Da kid with a Hat 8 days ago +8

    There is no way you can eat food wrong .

  • Karlsen Schaffer
    Karlsen Schaffer 8 days ago +8

    The pineapple was overly ripe in the video that is why they could peel off small pieces whereas the reactors could not .

  • Colby Broccoli
    Colby Broccoli 8 days ago +1

    i’m allergic to fruit sooo 😔😂

    • Colby Broccoli
      Colby Broccoli 6 days ago

      Angela Kim yep. i’ve eaten so many fruits and they all give me the same reaction

    • Angela Kim
      Angela Kim 6 days ago

      All fruits?

  • Dasyah Siller
    Dasyah Siller 8 days ago +3

    I already do the chicken thingy

  • Mohd Khaliff
    Mohd Khaliff 8 days ago +3

    My way eat strawberry i hold the leafs and put on my mouth and when i hold the leafs i pull it

  • Maya Beaton
    Maya Beaton 8 days ago +3

    3:47 he could replace one of the guys in the wish adverts 😂😂😂

  • Pheenix Colon
    Pheenix Colon 8 days ago +7

    They are using metal straws (save the turtle girls have entered the chat)

  • Emanuele Senesi
    Emanuele Senesi 8 days ago +5


  • EliteTeamKiller
    EliteTeamKiller 8 days ago +1

    9:33 That's what she said. Again.

  • EliteTeamKiller
    EliteTeamKiller 8 days ago +1

    8:09 That's what she said.

  • Gian Louis
    Gian Louis 8 days ago +2

    I love Tori. She's so cute!😍

  • Alexander Levitski
    Alexander Levitski 8 days ago +3

    I’ve been doing the cupcake one since second grade

  • Ch Jawad
    Ch Jawad 8 days ago +2

    You know guys. You have been shitting wrong the whole time. 😁😂😂
    They are going to make a video on this really soon.👍

    • Landon Fisher
      Landon Fisher 7 days ago +1

      Instead of sitting on the toilet and going you do it by sh***ing in someone else’s anus

  • Lily
    Lily 9 days ago +5

    Where’s the fun with eating chicken wings without bones?😢Eat Nuggets if you don’t want the bone...

    • Jan
      Jan 8 days ago +1

      If Nuggets and Wings tasted the same...

  • YuToobVids
    YuToobVids 9 days ago +2

    I will fight anyone I see eating "boneless" wings. Those are pressed random chicken parts, with absolutely no relation to actual chicken wings. #ComeGetYoFade

  • Carly Reeves
    Carly Reeves 9 days ago +5

    5:00 I do that everywhere I go,lady 🤣 and you don't need a knife

  • Paloma Silva
    Paloma Silva 9 days ago +1

    I don't even take the leaves off of the strawberrys I just eat it whole

  • Beast Killer
    Beast Killer 9 days ago +2

    2:03 he sounds like the kid in good boys trailer

  • Pixel Treason
    Pixel Treason 10 days ago +6

    I’m eating them the best way. A.K.A not the way in the video.

  • Roz- uwu
    Roz- uwu 10 days ago +7

    .... Am i dumb? since i always just take the bite of the Toblerone after i unwrapped it.

  • Fury 778
    Fury 778 10 days ago +2

    Bru you just take the leaves of and eat the strawberry

  • Miyuki T
    Miyuki T 10 days ago +6

    There is nothing wrong with the ways we eat 😂

  • Solar Flare The Pegasus
    Solar Flare The Pegasus 11 days ago +8

    Half of these are so extra

  • lith pickett
    lith pickett 11 days ago +19

    Who else has eaten cupcakes like that since elementary school?

  • Skye Deva St. John Bennett

    0:59 that "whooah" got me 😂

  • Ella Murphy
    Ella Murphy 11 days ago +4

    I was eating Nando’s chicken wings when I was watching this and it just turned out to be in trouble by my mum cause she just cleaned up and it somehow ended up on the floor... R.I.P carmen the chicken wing 😢

  • Vanish_clipzy 1
    Vanish_clipzy 1 11 days ago +2

    But but but but

  • Cody. Green
    Cody. Green 11 days ago +16

    Theres no proper way of eating food just shove it in your mouth

    MARIA FERNANDA CASTRO 11 days ago +4

    And if we’re eating cupcakes the wrong way why don’t they put it the way we’re suppose to eat it 🤨

    MARIA FERNANDA CASTRO 11 days ago +5

    I don’t need internet to tell me how to eat my food 🙅🏽‍♀️

  • xmunchkinmidgetx
    xmunchkinmidgetx 12 days ago +5

    Ok but the cupcake one, is just turning a cupcake into a small normal cake? Like it's not that genius, that's what cakes do already, just bigger.

  • Kyuru Kei
    Kyuru Kei 12 days ago +6

    who said..u eat your pineapple wrong....screw him....use knife guys...

  • April Valera
    April Valera 12 days ago +1


  • Egg with 10000 subscribers

    Roses are red
    Violence are blue
    I got a like why
    Is it blue