Stentors: Single-Celled Giants

  • Published on Jul 8, 2019
  • It's time to meet a single-celled organism that is bigger than a tardigrade! We'll learn how Stentors reproduce, why they look like trumpets, and why some of them are just SO BLUE!
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  • Journey to the Microcosmos
    Journey to the Microcosmos  6 months ago +3589

    Whoops! We said that tardigrades have six legs, but they definitely have eight!

    • Vincent
      Vincent 7 days ago

      What if I told you that your Mom was a Stentor in a past life, and your Dad was a water bear.
      So you are a hybrid chimera,
      which means you're an anomaly,
      which means you Sir are a miracle.
      Remember that the next time you feel depressed,
      because you're awesome,
      and awesome doesn't take a day off!

    • Jack Leetch
      Jack Leetch Month ago

      Richard Asanov they said it contains algae in them, so maybe it is blue, you just see the algae inside which shifts it green enough you think it is green

    • Calvary Assembly of God Southington CT
      Calvary Assembly of God Southington CT Month ago

      Journey to the Microcosmos
      The stentor’s shape reminds me of the Planet Killer in an old Star Trek episode titled The Doomsday Machine😆

    • CogitoErgoCogitoSum
      CogitoErgoCogitoSum Month ago

      False information is kind of what you do on all of your channels though, isnt it?

    • James Merryman
      James Merryman 2 months ago

      Journey to the Microcosmos
      1. In Greek mythology, Stentor was a herald with a powerful, trumpetlike voice.
      2. Not all Stentor spp. are particularly large. Stentor igneus is only 200-400 microns in length when fully extended.
      3. 'coeuleus' is correctly pronounced as "see-roo-lee-us", just as "Caesar" is correctly pronounced as "see-zur", and translates as "bluish", or "blue".

  • RGuty
    RGuty 22 hours ago

    basically they are whales, but in the microscopic world!

  • Data Broth
    Data Broth Day ago

    How have I not come across this channel yet? instant sub

  • Lady Tate
    Lady Tate 2 days ago

    one might imagine future aquariums w/ special lighting and magnification tank glass containing these myriad organisms as ornamentation/pets. ; )

  • Purple Sam
    Purple Sam 2 days ago

    This channel is so relaxing. Lullabies for science buffs?

  • Mark Barton
    Mark Barton 3 days ago

    Further proof of intelligent design and how wonderful God is! Amen!!!

  • BucketsAMF
    BucketsAMF 4 days ago +1

    after watching a few videos on your channel, I am even more confused about what a "cell" actually is...

  • P DaPhuuLz
    P DaPhuuLz 5 days ago

    majin buu?

  • R a n d o m H u m a n
    R a n d o m H u m a n 6 days ago +1

    Somehow i find the ending part where the stentors moving around.. *satisfying* .

  • rahulbindhu r
    rahulbindhu r 7 days ago

    Hey hank

  • Vincent
    Vincent 7 days ago

    What if I told you that your Mom was a Stentor in a past life, and your Dad was a water bear.
    So you are a hybrid chimera,
    which means you're an anomaly,
    which means you Sir are a miracle.
    Remember that the next time you feel depressed,
    because you're awesome,
    and awesome doesn't take a day off!

  • Toni Aurelius
    Toni Aurelius 7 days ago +1

    Oh my god i just found this and i am SO FOR IT AS A FAILED MICROBIO MAJOR who knew my dreams could come true *this* easily?

  • J azz
    J azz 9 days ago

    Dislike form big single cell human

  • ↞Jamz↠
    ↞Jamz↠ 10 days ago

    *Those are the pro **** players*

  • sonofblessed
    sonofblessed 11 days ago

    I see a horror movie in the making. Giant self-propelled eight-legged regenerating cells that can extend to 400 times their length feeding off of human beings walking around in downtown Chicago.

  • Prisinence
    Prisinence 11 days ago

    This is the 3rd video in a row I've clicked on that's mentioned tardigrades almost immediately lol

  • Daren Wilson
    Daren Wilson 11 days ago

    This video has amazingly good microscope imagery!

  • Daren Wilson
    Daren Wilson 11 days ago

    What's this at 3:15 - 3:35? Pre-Chew Charlie's for very tiny diners?

  • Alan Foos
    Alan Foos 12 days ago

    Such a shame. Bursaria truncatella is at least 10x bigger than Stentor, as my memory serves after 55 years, and is often found in the same environment right along with it. A more interesting critter, too,

  • Kenneth Welch
    Kenneth Welch 13 days ago

    i had no idea what the subscribe button was for until he told me at the end of the video. mind. blown.

  • Gingeeta_Creecha
    Gingeeta_Creecha 16 days ago

    I have always wondered what those big globs were on the aquatic snails.

  • truerthanyouknow
    truerthanyouknow 17 days ago

    Macronucleus! I didn't know that was a thing.

  • Ethan Elliott
    Ethan Elliott 18 days ago

    If they are a single cell than what is there neural network made of? So confused

    • Ethan Elliott
      Ethan Elliott 12 days ago

      @Lünkel But if they are a single cell organism than what is the brain made of if not cells?

    • Lünkel
      Lünkel 12 days ago

      @Ethan Elliott It mentions that rotifers have a simple brain. I think you might be a bit confused there. If you are so sure, give me a time stamp please.

    • Ethan Elliott
      Ethan Elliott 12 days ago

      @Lünkel Its says they have a brain and a neural network. Watch again

    • Lünkel
      Lünkel 12 days ago

      When does it ever mention a nervous system? They do not have one.

  • Phi Phenomenon
    Phi Phenomenon 18 days ago

    I knew I recognized that voice!

  • Redvann
    Redvann 19 days ago

    Awesome video! :D

  • Lindy 168
    Lindy 168 20 days ago

    Hi! I just got a new microscope, so uhhhhh can you reply to this comment on how to build a stentor culture? Thanks! Btw, love your vids! Without this channel, I would have never known about the beautiful and mysterious world of microorganisms. Once again, thanks for teaching and showing us the mysterious world of microorganisms.

  • Verus Luciferum
    Verus Luciferum 20 days ago

    Why is this so relaxing...I didn’t realize I was watching ASMR

  • Samuel L. Jackson _
    Samuel L. Jackson _ 21 day ago

    Is there a limit to how large a single cell can get? 🤔

    • Daren Wilson
      Daren Wilson 11 days ago

      Was curious about that some time ago, maybe last year. There are certain weird species of amoebas that can be up to 1cm in diameter.

  • Zachary Rivera
    Zachary Rivera 21 day ago +1

    So that’s what I found in the water was a blue stretched stentor

  • Kenny Wild
    Kenny Wild 22 days ago

    Microbes: OH MY GOD ITS HUGE!
    One soap bar later..

    ( I know its probably impossible to wash them off, I was joking)

  • Quaver
    Quaver 22 days ago

    On my trip to Iceland my sister, mom, and I went to a geothermal lake with black sand beaches. The water there was warm. And when I looked into the water I saw a bunch of blue rice grain things sticking to rocks near the shore. Now that I know what they are, its kinda wierd thinking that I touched a big trumpetto boi.

  • Audrick Yeu
    Audrick Yeu 23 days ago

    the narrator: there a beautiful one cell living specie

    me: it looks like puck

  • cowdeemo
    cowdeemo 23 days ago

    Don't forget that mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.

  • ChronLogic
    ChronLogic 25 days ago

    I like the music

  • ZeRo2545
    ZeRo2545 26 days ago

    I feel sorry for the troubled individuals that hate their lives so much, they decide to dislike these videos out of spite of their own inadequacies.

  • Heyward Shepherd
    Heyward Shepherd 26 days ago

    I thought phagocyitosis had to do with a parade in San Francisco?

  • Mister Fox
    Mister Fox 26 days ago

    Hanz get the Busenbrenner

  • Ignacio Martin
    Ignacio Martin 26 days ago

    spore vibes

  • Anna Baldur
    Anna Baldur 26 days ago

    Well that was terrifying.

  • Josh Nordin
    Josh Nordin 26 days ago

    0:52 im high asf and my head started nodding when those 808s came in

  • wonderwend1
    wonderwend1 27 days ago

    The phrase is now " never work with animals, children or Stentors"

  • NOOKEY69 Hard!!
    NOOKEY69 Hard!! 27 days ago

    I see those things floating around in my cup of water!!

  • Sebastjans Slavitis
    Sebastjans Slavitis 27 days ago

    (Someone watching us)
    Look at these primitive organisms, although they consist only of trillions of cells they have a simple brain and they exhibit food selection and danger avoidance, and definitely can feel stimuli, not sure about pain though.

  • Mr Hippo
    Mr Hippo 28 days ago

    No matter how small you feel just know to some cell creatures your a God sized deity

  • 0ne Zer0
    0ne Zer0 28 days ago

    The dude that made this video sounds like he whacks off to tardigrades and Stentors. lol

  • Parasite Cat
    Parasite Cat 29 days ago

    When your evolution button breaks so you're stuck at the Cell Stage in Spore

  • Ori Onti
    Ori Onti 29 days ago

    Blue Whale of cells :D

  • Brian Cho
    Brian Cho 29 days ago +1

    Who else thought it said "senators" lol

    • Daren Wilson
      Daren Wilson 11 days ago

      Oh no, that's not what this video is about. Not at all. These creatures are much more dignified and intelligent!

  • Harold
    Harold Month ago

    How do I get stenor?

  • Hilton Elske
    Hilton Elske Month ago

    Th@y bass line went way harder then it should have 🔥

  • Goodoc
    Goodoc Month ago

    if i get a microscope, i would probably just look at single-cell organisms all the time because they're so cool

  • Taylor McFarland
    Taylor McFarland Month ago +1

    Lmao imagine evolving a whole ass nervous system only to be eaten by a unicellular organism.

    • Dexuz
      Dexuz Month ago

      That burn will not heal easily, and I'm not talking about the digestive enzymes.

  • Ceggred Luh Bulotano

    Thats a small fleshlight

  • true bidoof
    true bidoof Month ago +1

    stentor: D E N S E

  • Redcharget
    Redcharget Month ago +3

    When you play the first stage of spore too much

  • I'm not Daijobou
    I'm not Daijobou Month ago

    I feel inspired to paint this now.
    Terribly, but, painted nonetheless.

  • Classic Animations
    Classic Animations Month ago

    Stentor polymorphous:
    _uses algae as slave to provide food and cheat the evolutionary pathways_

    *Its too dangerous to be left alive!*

  • Austin Gibson
    Austin Gibson Month ago

    love it

  • J F
    J F Month ago

    once more, one of the most appreciated channels. thanks!

  • Andii Neushul
    Andii Neushul Month ago +5

    “Now, we’ve been talking about these beautiful, peculiar organisms for a long time now”
    I hadn’t even realized almost 10 mins. had passed, this channel is so mesmerizing.