Stentors: Single-Celled Giants

  • Published on Jul 8, 2019
  • It's time to meet a single-celled organism that is bigger than a tardigrade! We'll learn how Stentors reproduce, why they look like trumpets, and why some of them are just SO BLUE!
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  • Journey to the Microcosmos

    Whoops! We said that tardigrades have six legs, but they definitely have eight!

    • oya ya
      oya ya 7 days ago

      What is the relationship with snails? Besides camo

    • Adam Unknown
      Adam Unknown 12 days ago


    • Millenpopille
      Millenpopille 14 days ago

      Well, saying they have six legs is technically correct. Just like me saying "I have one eye". If I have two, then I also have one.

  • Pretty Peepers
    Pretty Peepers 43 minutes ago

    they look like socks

  • Juliano A.J.
    Juliano A.J. 4 hours ago

    Am i the only one that sees them as green and not blue?

  • Zegik Niet
    Zegik Niet 6 hours ago

    powerfull? i'd smesh em all

  • Taurus Capricorn
    Taurus Capricorn 13 hours ago

    Too sexy for youtube

  • Solidus Hyperion
    Solidus Hyperion 15 hours ago

    what if the relative sensation of pain to them is simply a polar function. The charge of the insulting body vs the Rotifer's. The disrcharge via contact, vs repulsion by like charges when in very close proximity.

  • Andrew Davis
    Andrew Davis Day ago

    Definitely turquoise rather than blue.

  • Milky Way Laniakea Superclusterite

    So what I'm hearing is my ancestor species of 3 billion years ago could look much like this? If they encode DNA in a similar way? I mean we must trace back to a single cell organism since that's all there was back then.

  • Chris White
    Chris White 2 days ago

    fkknell dhis show is gangstah

  • Ariel Rossi
    Ariel Rossi 2 days ago

    why wont you journey accept my subtitles??

  • Ian Brown
    Ian Brown 3 days ago

    20:31 Looks oddly similar to a fingerprint.

  • Sophia Antropova
    Sophia Antropova 3 days ago

    This is delightful! Definitely in my top favorite channels 💚 also, the music in this one is insanely cool

  • dolandlydia
    dolandlydia 3 days ago

    Yup it is all a cosmic accident.

  • dolandlydia
    dolandlydia 3 days ago

    They are beautiful.

  • Adam Prenger
    Adam Prenger 3 days ago +1

    I know I'm colorblind but those Stentor do not look blue to me.

  • Sean Webb
    Sean Webb 3 days ago

    How do you know the colour of the pigment if you have to use a contrasting dye to look at them under a microscope?

  • Will cabamba
    Will cabamba 3 days ago

    WOW great job I didn't have a clue.Fascinating.

  • wii3willRule
    wii3willRule 3 days ago

    RIP rotifer

  • Andrés Pérez Camarasa

    What a great channel, love the footage! Kudos to everyone involved in it!

  • Mike Shurgs
    Mike Shurgs 4 days ago

    I had a biology teacher who; when having nothing planned for the day, would talk about cool stuff like this. She was awesome!:)

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  • Jake Shire
    Jake Shire 4 days ago

    Blue? Is anyone else seeing green?

  • Raider Killer
    Raider Killer 4 days ago

    3:15 - 3:33 How tennis was *actually* invented.

  • Panther15 ZodiacGods

    3:53 How long do these rotifers live? Because a 25 minute battle could have been it's entire life span for all we know. Did it stop trying to fight, or did it just simply get old?

  • Salsa d'Arte
    Salsa d'Arte 5 days ago


  • Carved Cuts
    Carved Cuts 5 days ago

    Holy shit! If biology was thought like this I'd have learned so much more! This is very interesting. Love this content ❤

  • KiMoX
    KiMoX 6 days ago

    This is ‘Deep deep look’

  • leboof1986
    leboof1986 6 days ago

    Stentors remind me of blue whales

  • mc adw
    mc adw 6 days ago

    I know alot single cell organism in my school....

  • JoJo M
    JoJo M 6 days ago

    This is green , not blue lol , great video

  • Pepper Spice
    Pepper Spice 7 days ago +2

    At 3:17 why does that paramecium keep getting itself stuck in the hairs of the stentor? 😂 is it trying to get eaten or is it stupid 😂

  • NJV Artimations
    NJV Artimations 7 days ago

    Ok thank you, i won't touch that pond field with tadpoles

  • Ana M
    Ana M 7 days ago

    I don't understand how these creatures are only made up of one cell? How is that possible?

  • Sir Fantasy
    Sir Fantasy 7 days ago

    Man this makes me want to check ever cup of water I drink out of the Fossett just to see if I’m drinking any of these thing

  • _Paws_
    _Paws_ 8 days ago

    Why have I just run into this channel, TheXvid why are you bad at recommendations?!

  • Shelley Smith
    Shelley Smith 8 days ago

    is there an organism that doesn't feel touch or exposure to chemicals?
    is there one with no senses at all?

  • Sadık Ünal Çokünlü


  • Brownskikuca
    Brownskikuca 8 days ago

    S Ah
    t shit
    e ,
    n here
    t we
    o go
    r again

  • Brownskikuca
    Brownskikuca 8 days ago

    Me: I said the real way to learn about microscopic organisms
    **Journey to the microcosmos**

  • Brownskikuca
    Brownskikuca 8 days ago


  • roddy axolotl
    roddy axolotl 9 days ago

    i actually used to play this mobile game called amoeboy or whatever, anyways it actually includes a stentor and i feel like thats ever more special because most microbe games dont even mention them,im pretty sure its too old and un-updated to play but it was a good thing

  • ShoeUnited
    ShoeUnited 9 days ago +1

    Am I colorblind? You keep saying blue, I keep seeing green.

  • mir deu
    mir deu 9 days ago

    eight legged

  • katie kawaii
    katie kawaii 9 days ago

    Yeah, need more stentor videos, for sure. Cool dudes.

  • katie kawaii
    katie kawaii 9 days ago

    3:20 looks like they're playing catch ☺️

  • Kristen C.
    Kristen C. 9 days ago

    I like the way hank narrates these

  • Sideways N
    Sideways N 9 days ago

    I know a certain someone's voice from scishow. Is this guy just the voice of science stuff now? He's everywhere

  • Mick Carson
    Mick Carson 9 days ago

    I boil the water before drinking.

  • Bo Webber ~ The Original Web-Head

    am i playing spore?

  • Grzegorz Śliwiński
    Grzegorz Śliwiński 10 days ago +1

    Can I get somehow link to the closing music? I don't mean just the artist but the whole track

  • Crystal CCC
    Crystal CCC 10 days ago

    I'm more and more convinced that it's possible planets are just another part of another organism. What we know now would have been seen as unimaginable before we developed the tools to observe these micro worlds. Anyway regardless of my thoery, love love love your videos 💓💓👍

  • Dadson worldwide
    Dadson worldwide 10 days ago

    Nothing abput the micro is beautiful ! lol its the most disqusting world of all.

  • Stephen Greer
    Stephen Greer 10 days ago

    of course I do not know if night vision can be made that small?

  • Stephen Greer
    Stephen Greer 10 days ago

    could it be possible to film using night vision technology the ink repelling the predator

  • Erica Halaburda
    Erica Halaburda 11 days ago

    I am enchanted. These are things I live for. Thank you.

  • SpaceCakeism
    SpaceCakeism 11 days ago

    "One of the largest single-celled organisms that exists"
    What happened to Monothalamea/Xenophyophores?

  • fjoa123
    fjoa123 11 days ago

    I like coming here after binge reading global crisis. These little creatures will live on after we've offed ourselves.

  • Luca Herman
    Luca Herman 11 days ago

    Can we see Stentor Coeruleus without a telescope in an up coming video

  • Peter Jaspers-Fayer
    Peter Jaspers-Fayer 11 days ago

    Wow. Your voice sounds so different on this channel. Relaxed. Deeper.

  • Screech
    Screech 11 days ago +1

    The Macronucleus
    of Stenter coeruleus

  • Nitay Harari
    Nitay Harari 11 days ago

    Open a Patreon so I can donate to you, so you can keep up the AMAZING work!!!

  • Chris Gardner
    Chris Gardner 11 days ago

    5:40 what is that black ringed object that looks like a camera lens?

  • Pannathat Poolkamlung
    Pannathat Poolkamlung 11 days ago


  • William Meurer
    William Meurer 12 days ago

    i'm in love

  • Ruza Hel
    Ruza Hel 12 days ago

    This is why we boil our water.

  • Enchanted Ocelot
    Enchanted Ocelot 12 days ago

    3:15 they’re playing catch!

  • Ezekiel Martin
    Ezekiel Martin 12 days ago

    I recognized Hank Green's voice, but it took checking the description to recognize Andrew Huang's music! All-star cast!

  • Azlorn Magus
    Azlorn Magus 12 days ago +1

    You think that's crazy, in black mirror a guy fucks a pig.

  • Collin Samatas
    Collin Samatas 12 days ago

    Awesome video, beautiful footage and how cool to learn about a single-celled organism that can be seen with the naked eye! Surprised this one doesn't get more media coverage

  • Inquisitor Ruk
    Inquisitor Ruk 12 days ago

    Can someone give me the name of this goofy and bubbly song at 0:50?

  • Captain K
    Captain K 13 days ago

    This is epic! Subbed

  • Crypto News Channel
    Crypto News Channel 13 days ago

    Now we have to watch 2 commercials before the video. Its only going to get worse

  • AdroitWaterBear
    AdroitWaterBear 13 days ago

    Those pretty stentors' color is viridian. See Wikipedia, "Viridian is a blue-green pigment, a hydrated chromium(III) oxide, of medium saturation and relatively dark in value. It is composed more of green than blue. Specifically, it is a dark shade of spring green, so it is the color between green and teal on the color wheel, or, in paint, a tertiary blue-green color. Viridian takes its name from the Latin viridis, meaning 'green'."

  • Nightlife 9
    Nightlife 9 13 days ago +10

    Trumpet Animolcule?

    you mean

    *B U G L E B O I S*

  • Alex Weston
    Alex Weston 13 days ago

    I keep wondering if there is a new type of kombucha in the works here . Might eat me inside out though ... risk vs reward .. hmmm