• Published on Dec 4, 2019
  • Interview by 🎤: Michelle Joy Phelps
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Comments • 849

  • Craig Nevermind
    Craig Nevermind 12 days ago

    He's the man you want, if you have a crazy person on a plane door 😁

  • Ross
    Ross 23 days ago

    Respect Dean.

  • Ryan
    Ryan 23 days ago

    Dean’s gonna dine out on this for life

  • Kasia Lee
    Kasia Lee 25 days ago

    The heavy weight seen at the moment is a big joke......old George foreman would have flogged all of them in the one night.....

  • Tom Stone
    Tom Stone 27 days ago


  • alan dytor
    alan dytor 28 days ago

    The situation dictates.

  • Darragh Nugent
    Darragh Nugent 28 days ago +1

    AJ passed in and walked off like a Boss

  • Ted Bundys uncle alfy bundy

    Shut up dean I think your just biggin your self up its not a good luck Dillon doesn't do it. Your a talker not a fighter my friend stick to your job. If you're not getting payed for it don't do it I say. Nosy parker stay out of people's business though. Take your own advice my friend HahaHa

  • Charles Canning
    Charles Canning 29 days ago

    Haha great story - legend.

  • Victor Oleru
    Victor Oleru Month ago

    That's it...JOSHUA got the job done!!!

  • muscle_growsayain
    muscle_growsayain Month ago

    Reporter wants to get nutted.

  • Prashant Duggal
    Prashant Duggal Month ago


  • harry lame
    harry lame Month ago

    “Always bet on Black”... Dean “Wesley snipes” Whyte...

  • daniel paxon
    daniel paxon Month ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 fair play to this guy !!!

  • Zebadon Looney X
    Zebadon Looney X Month ago

    lol i want to open door

  • zaki Ikaz
    zaki Ikaz Month ago

    Check AJs handshake v the 2nd guys handshake 6:15

  • 12th Round Boxing World

    It's a shame Dean doesn't box. He's certainly a UNIT.

  • alvshill
    alvshill Month ago

    They should let Dean Whyte try to open a plane door at 38000ft just so he understands it’s not possible

  • Toutai Palu
    Toutai Palu Month ago +1

    Awesome story Dean!! Get em champ!!

  • Kinny
    Kinny Month ago

    What happened dean I haven't heard?
    Your so humble!

    TKO BOXING UK Month ago

    That's what real men do, in our mentality to protect

  • Iserved 88
    Iserved 88 Month ago

    Thankful they had a big dumb bloke on that ✈️ to bash him about !💪🏾💪🏾

  • Jon Leb
    Jon Leb Month ago +8

    Looool the real hero is the person who said “quick, someone go find a big black guy on this plane to come and tackle this maniac”
    Without that guy, where would we be? 😌

  • Gary Ashton
    Gary Ashton Month ago

    Love Dean Whyte. He's like a black Casey Ryback

  • Luke Hicks
    Luke Hicks Month ago

    Big Dean is getting some mileage out of this story...

  • lenn ovo
    lenn ovo Month ago

    This lady been smashed by all the BBC

  • Lebron Akhim
    Lebron Akhim Month ago

    Michelle's claimed Saudi Arabia supports terrorism stereo type but she their creaming the arab money.
    She another Americans brainwashed fool that believe in America is fighting for its freedom. Now what country has tried to invade America?

  • MrAckers75
    MrAckers75 Month ago

    Aj oozes class

  • Steven Massey
    Steven Massey Month ago

    0:30 wtf was that all about

  • A M
    A M Month ago

    AJ made Dean look small. Wtf??

  • great white
    great white Month ago

    It would be scary though esp on a flight to Saudi is right Dean lad done his baby ting yeah thanks for that be Safe yeah be Safe in it

  • FreezinFury
    FreezinFury Month ago

    Wonder when Michelle has a orgasum , she laughs .

  • Eddie Hearn
    Eddie Hearn Month ago

    Dean Whyte looks like Debo

  • Rob Green
    Rob Green Month ago

    You physically can’t open a airplane door whilst it’s mid flight

  • Tobi Trill
    Tobi Trill Month ago

    Rahhh that’s crazy tho i rate dat 👏🏽

  • Bud The Chud
    Bud The Chud Month ago

    People seem as willing to forget that this dude's name is Lemar Scott as they are willing to forget about the Whyte B sample

  • Quick Vids
    Quick Vids Month ago

    Well played.

  • theonlyJigzopm
    theonlyJigzopm Month ago

    give this man a knighthood. sir dean whyte

  • Harry Rogers
    Harry Rogers Month ago

    Pure boss man

  • brave hunter
    brave hunter Month ago

    *Michelle Phelps is back with her charismatic ways... she definitely looks and sound more than happy to have Aj around*

  • Kaz Fayz
    Kaz Fayz Month ago

    Won’t be long until he be in an advertisement with an airline

  • Ty H
    Ty H Month ago

    Im confused with the height difference. Remember when Dean put Lawrence Okolie in his place...he was taller than Lawrence but i thought Lawrence was the same height as AJ. AJ seemed much taller than Dean

  • Zane The pain
    Zane The pain Month ago +1

    I'm scrawling Dean whytes name on my voter card and voting for him

  • Joe bloggs
    Joe bloggs Month ago

    Passenger 57

  • HellmuthOnTilt4
    HellmuthOnTilt4 Month ago

    Everyone saying that a aeroplane door can’t be opened mid flight are right but a lunatic like that needed to be stopped before he tried to get into the cock Pitt or took someone hostage with a weapon or something. Still a heroic feat.

  • Jason Toward
    Jason Toward Month ago

    Hello Dean,your not dillians brother or blood,that's why chisora kicked off,but respect but please don't fool the public,no offence.

  • Jo Porter
    Jo Porter Month ago

    He is a beast to be fair

  • King Jaffe Joffer
    King Jaffe Joffer Month ago

    Sniff bla bla bla Sniff bla bla Sniff ___________👃🏾

  • Pete Johnson
    Pete Johnson Month ago

    Always like a baby ting interview, top bloke

  • Rockit Fit!
    Rockit Fit! Month ago

    great job..but size doesn't necessarily matter! Speed kills...

  • Arron
    Arron Month ago

    His claim to fame and will probley write a book about it

  • John Jones
    John Jones Month ago +2

    Dean whyte and this plane story is more boring than bellew and his b***ard kids.

  • Boxing life
    Boxing life Month ago

    Dean "passenger 57" whyte

  • mesofummy lol
    mesofummy lol Month ago +1

    I was thinking the bloke telling the story is a big lad....
    Then AJ strolls past...

  • sn3ification
    sn3ification Month ago

    People actually think you can open a plain door mid air. It's fucking madness how stupid people can be.

  • geeza Lee
    geeza Lee Month ago +1

    Ok thanks, go and have free hamburgers for the rest of your life

  • Sandeep Athwal
    Sandeep Athwal Month ago


  • Gary Nolan
    Gary Nolan Month ago +1

    What a Nice Lad👍

  • Sean Dealy
    Sean Dealy Month ago +1

    Phelps got to be taking some meat off these guys.

  • Bosman Ragga
    Bosman Ragga Month ago +5

    The interviewer almost quit the plane story to start interviewing Anthony Joshua