Marvel's Full Civil War Event


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  • Yohan Pak
    Yohan Pak Hour ago

    can u pls mute ur mic when u gulp down huge amounts of saliva anf smack ur lips its pretty gross ..
    otherwise great video

  • biotic god
    biotic god Day ago

    never trust a stark

  • Ben Page
    Ben Page 2 days ago

    "Really Kinda"

  • FightOstin Fight
    FightOstin Fight 3 days ago

    5 hour video?! Who the fuck would watch a 5 hour video?

  • Darnell Harris
    Darnell Harris 6 days ago

    Hope you were high af ha.. Too much time on your hands and must have no wife and kids nor get any p×××× haha jp but thanx for your time and dedication

  • The Legit Nintendo Gamer

    It’s Walter Declan not Walter Delcan

  • mac stacks
    mac stacks 9 days ago

    This video was amazing I was a little confused at the end but I watched the front line issues again and it helped

  • Sean Price
    Sean Price 11 days ago

    Drink every time Robert says “Excuse me”

  • gabe gomes
    gabe gomes 12 days ago

    Secret invasion ?

  • vashon shannon
    vashon shannon 14 days ago

    Chicken cow is Kennedy Fried

  • TechyMarines
    TechyMarines 16 days ago

    5 hours hot damn. Time to get some popcorn

  • Creamy Goodness
    Creamy Goodness 17 days ago

    Imperius Rex is (at best) shaky Latin translating to Imperial King or imperator king, A warrior king.
    I think Roman Emperors used the title.

  • Drew Roy
    Drew Roy 18 days ago

    First off, i'm not sure if anyone has covered this or not, but after re-reading Civil War issue 1 there was a very subtle element that I noticed that set the overall tone for the event. In the first panel where SHIELD was asking Cap to register, there was a silhouette of a cross on the floor underneath where Cap was standing. I always thought that it implied that his endeavors, beliefs, and naivity (edit) from this point forward would be pointless, (end edit) and his sacrifice would be ultimately for nothing and affect no one except his followers, which were the secret (new) avengers.

  • Mock Mansini
    Mock Mansini 18 days ago

    This is one of the greatest stories ever's parallel to where our country is w/ guns. We have these horrible mass shootings then people start talking taking the right to bear arms away but if u did then the gov't would have absolute power and we would become a militirized state and stray far from the path. Same thing w/ the registration act here, you can't give any one entity absolute power that's against everything America supposed to stand for

  • snooze911able
    snooze911able 19 days ago

    Why the hell are people disliking this? I bet these haters wouldn't take the effort to even do the research and dedication like this man. Good work man I love it.

  • Eli Cummings
    Eli Cummings 25 days ago

    I loved it but I sort of wish there was sort of aftermath but seriously you’ve spent five hours and gone so in depth that I don’t mind if you don’t

  • george russell
    george russell 25 days ago +1


  • Ty Matlock
    Ty Matlock 29 days ago

    Rob, this video and infinity gauntlet, the flash rbirth is my top 3 videos ive been watching.. thank you for the videos and dont stop! I love all the stories you tell.

  • Daniel Greenwell
    Daniel Greenwell Month ago

    I really appreciate you my man, I am a combat veteran who struggles with nightmares and I constantly have to have something that isn’t awful to guide my dreams and thought processes while between you and graphic audio (who does Full audio versions of comic book novelizations) I am sleeping well again (he posts at 1 AM)

  • Lodismanpew
    Lodismanpew Month ago

    Maybe pause the video, take a drink of water. Do what you need to do. But god damn it. No one wants to hear you having dry mouth issues the whole time.

  • TheTrueLeafless
    TheTrueLeafless Month ago

    So the final conclusion is pretty much...the plot from "Watchmen"? Stark is obviously Ozymandias in this case...

  • MacalTHB
    MacalTHB Month ago

    Captain America did nothing wrong.

  • Fishbones
    Fishbones Month ago

    What we see here, is that Rob is really kind of making a video, for the most part on what really is kind of the Civil War Event that we see here.

  • Kid EST
    Kid EST Month ago +1

    2018 anyone

  • Kid EST
    Kid EST Month ago +1

    I can't believe I actually have time for this. But not turning my fan on.

  • Balloony Sinep
    Balloony Sinep Month ago

    Here’s the big flaw with the super human registration. Nobody seems to understand that these super beings can’t really be held in check. Take the Hulk for instance. He could register and then destroy a building or kill someone. What exactly are they gonna do? Arrest him? He could destroy the entire world if he so pleased. Registration wouldn’t exactly help in the terms of super beings

  • chris quarles
    chris quarles Month ago

    The upload is skipping like crazy

  • D.C. Dave
    D.C. Dave Month ago +1

    1:04:43 if only we could see the front-shot of her! From THIS angle we shoulda seen a hole!😀👍🏾👍🏾

  • D.C. Dave
    D.C. Dave Month ago +1

    Great video n teaching, Rob!👍🏾👍🏾. I look at u like an honored professor that I can often learn from. Thank u🙂👍🏾❤️

  • M Hall
    M Hall Month ago

    Now my mugen character of Nitro takes on new
    Johnny should have lit they asses up

  • Preston Holder
    Preston Holder Month ago

    Thank you very much for explaining the civil war

  • Vince Osborne
    Vince Osborne Month ago

    you say "really kind of" like a lot haha

  • Shadow Storm
    Shadow Storm Month ago

    where is magneto during the Civil war?

  • batso 109
    batso 109 Month ago

    Gollee.No wonder I prefer Comicstorian over go! What you did inthis video of over 5 hours, Comicstorian can do in 14 minutes.

    • Balloony Sinep
      Balloony Sinep Month ago

      batso 109 Cause he goes in depth and Benny doesn’t this is also a combination of multiple videos. That’s why at the end of each section you get the subscribe thing.

  • Alexander Röck
    Alexander Röck Month ago

    Make mine marvel

  • Alexander Röck
    Alexander Röck Month ago

    One of the best marvel storylines

  • Jack Garrett
    Jack Garrett Month ago

    Hey Rob just watched the video, it seems weird the order you have the last 2 videos. The interview with Captain America and Iron Man and then showing the fight threw me through a loop. That said amazing video and thanks for posting it I really enjoyed it.

  • Nortonman
    Nortonman 2 months ago

    Can't you just say Namor? Do you have to say Namor the Sub-Mariner EVERY TIME?

  • Arkus X
    Arkus X 2 months ago

    4:35:46 is that Namor in a Diaper?

  • Arkus X
    Arkus X 2 months ago

    Ah strange...always correct in terms of sides in a war

  • Kirby Booten
    Kirby Booten 2 months ago

    Does any else feel like there is something missing? The final fight isn’t covered. It’s like bill and sally go under ground to the subway and then the come out and the fight is over. I just feel like it was this epic build up to the final battle both teams are abt to square off, then nothing. It just feel like it was lack luster.
    This isn’t a hate comment, I just feel like there is a piece missing is all

    • Balloony Sinep
      Balloony Sinep Month ago

      Kirby Booten No he got arrested first then he died on the courthouse steps

    • Balloony Sinep
      Balloony Sinep Month ago

      Did you watch the whole 5 hours? Cause I think you missed him cover that issue at the end. He covered the entire civil war event dude

    • Kirby Booten
      Kirby Booten 2 months ago

      Also I thought cap died at the end of civil war.

  • Matt G
    Matt G 2 months ago

    Dec-lun, I couldn't stop hearing 😂

  • David Owens
    David Owens 2 months ago

    Its DECLUN not Delkin. Your reading sucks dude.

  • Jay Kay
    Jay Kay 2 months ago

    Certain parts of those Wolverine issues look really awkward to me, like some frames with the eyes, and the mouths in general feel odd. I'm not saying it's bad overall, but the things that don't please me aesthetically tend to take over any given frame, and I don't know how to feel about it. 15:00 makes for a good example in the top right. Logan's face just feels so warped to me. And then 1:43:00 with the blonde's face in the top left. Her mouth just feel so bizarrely shaped, but this probably has to do with the teeth feeling really large as well. I get that she's shouting, but her mouth just seems opened far too much for a simple shout.
    Art styles, and personal aesthetics, it's all subjective, I get that.
    Anyway, just 2 cents nobody asked for. On with the show.
    Edit : You know what? I can take back what I said about the Wolverine parts, because 1:50:30 ... what in the world? I have no words.

  • angbald
    angbald 2 months ago

    Burning crosses aren't a Nazi thing. That's purely an American invention by the Ku Klux Klan. A different (also racist assholes) organization that was actually created years before the Nazis. Since most Germans in that group were hardcore Catholic I highly doubt they were keen on burning crosses.

    • Adrian Jackson
      Adrian Jackson Month ago

      They originated in Scotland as certain Scottish Clans would lights fiery cross used as an declaration of war and Sir Walter Scott described some in his novels too.

    • Balloony Sinep
      Balloony Sinep Month ago

      angbald Nazi’s also did it bud

  • jcorretjer
    jcorretjer 2 months ago

    I imagine this was close to a whole week's worth of work. Thank you for this, Rob. I sometimes worry if Marvel will sue your ass for all of this free content lol. I'm pretty sure you've worked out some deal with them in the past. My guess is that's where all your recent cliffhangers come from. You're allowed to highlight the important bits of each comic and in return, they won't press charges. Thought we wouldn't notice? ;) So... what happened to the thinker and puppet master? lol I thought they were the ones that created the "anti" nanobytes.

  • Delantae Jackson
    Delantae Jackson 2 months ago

    Love u for this

  • Gadrick Knight
    Gadrick Knight 2 months ago

    Sally let him have it? How? What the hell does knowing about MySpace and watching videos on TheXvid have to do with America as a whole. The idea of America wasn't founded on the need or want or freedom to log onto the internet for entertainment or to ensure knowing who the next media star in the world series or American Idol magically imbues you with the knowledge of what it means to be "American". There are plenty of people outside our country who keep up with American Football, American Idol, Baseball, Basketball and so on. Because these things influence the world.
    America is an idea. An idea based on freedoms where people wouldn't have to fear their government. If watching TV or a TheXvid video makes you more American then I guess way more than half the people in the whole damn world are American. I don't even like Captain America. He's a boring character who is generic in almost every way, but Sally can eat shit for that argument. I've heard lots of arguments that don't make sense, but this one takes the cake.

    • Gadrick Knight
      Gadrick Knight Month ago

      Balloony Sinep
      Whether or not he’s stuck in the past, she puts up no argument that he doesn’t understand what America is or what it stands for. Things like this are the reasons why our current generation is so disconnected from the values of what upheld our country for over 300 years. They completely step on American culture as the years go on because they’re distracted by dumb shit. The concept of freedom doesn’t lie in the internet, MLB or MySpace. Especially not the freedom the the U.S. has been lucky to have.

    • Balloony Sinep
      Balloony Sinep Month ago

      Gadrick Knight Cap judges America from the view of a soldier because he can’t let go of the past. He’s stuck in the world war 2 era and he’s not in touch with the modern world.

  • ConsoleCleric
    ConsoleCleric 2 months ago

    Bookmark at 3:53:55

  • Quintin Newton
    Quintin Newton 2 months ago

    Rob!!! I would really appreciate if you could take the ending off of these "full event" videos. I still watch them, just hard to ffwrd though. Thanks for the info. You're great!

  • The Unoriginal Alex
    The Unoriginal Alex 2 months ago +1

    I love watching these long ones just so I can listen and write my own stories

  • David Beard
    David Beard 2 months ago

    Every time you hear superhuman registration take a toke thank me later

  • Anthony Alaniz
    Anthony Alaniz 2 months ago


  • Anthony Alaniz
    Anthony Alaniz 2 months ago

    55555555 hours

  • Miles Penucevski
    Miles Penucevski 2 months ago

    R E A L L Y K I N D A

  • Raymound Cornett
    Raymound Cornett 2 months ago

    Thank you for this video. I also noticed that the similarities between the story line of civil war and the watchmen is eerily simular. Thanks again

  • Jason Larsen
    Jason Larsen 2 months ago +2

    Isnt it pronounced "sub-MAR-i-ner"
    Not "sub-ma-REE-ner"?
    (Old naval proverb: "If it rhymes with rub-ma-WEEner, you're Really Kinda In Addition pronouncing it wrong!")

  • Kevin Alford
    Kevin Alford 3 months ago

    Man, you have to stop saying "kind of".

  • Rancid Logic Philosophy Channel

    Finished this video during 15 mile walk.

  • dillon cihak
    dillon cihak 3 months ago

    Am I the only one that experienced skipping?

  • Bruno Giglio
    Bruno Giglio 3 months ago

    thanks a lot man

  • Anarchy Antz
    Anarchy Antz 3 months ago

    The more I watch this, the more that comes to mind of the Days of Future Past and the Mutant registration program and yet those on team Iron Man who likely know of that surely must have seen how this was going to go.

  • John Sinclair
    John Sinclair 3 months ago

    I dought you see this but i want to say it any way. I was a fan of yours for about a year. Now i really think your awsome. Thank you i never read this story and didnt know how great it was. I plan on reading it now. 1 question. Do you think stark did the right thing.
    I believe no one was right or wrong. Cap went was force to take action but he didnt just do what he had to do but went to far. And tony cross line he should never cross as a hero.
    Anyways thank you. It was the sunday i have had in a long time.

  • infamous4141
    infamous4141 3 months ago

    damn white super hero's always getting into trouble, take that round eye.!!

  • edgelord69
    edgelord69 3 months ago

    Do secret wars cival war

  • Joe Weaver
    Joe Weaver 3 months ago

    The day will come when i sit down and watch this video in full....but today is not this day....

  • capostatus937
    capostatus937 3 months ago

    Rob honestly needs to redo this one... I love the channel but he literally says " really kinda" about half the video. That's part of the reason it's 5 hours long unnecessarily...

    • Balloony Sinep
      Balloony Sinep Month ago

      capostatus937 He really doesn’t need to redo it

  • AJewish Wookie
    AJewish Wookie 3 months ago

    really kinda

  • savai toler
    savai toler 3 months ago

    i want to know how to listen to this is a happy end

  • Frantisek Solik
    Frantisek Solik 3 months ago

    Seems like everything here is “very important” :D

  • harry dawkins II
    harry dawkins II 3 months ago

    Love it keep up the gr8 work

  • DangerOne
    DangerOne 3 months ago

    How is my least favorite person in this whole story the mother of a dead child?! Goddamn Miriam!!!

  • crumblerx99
    crumblerx99 3 months ago

    I really kinda like this stuff

    LAMONT CRANSTON 3 months ago

    Just a small critique.... Namor is the Sub-(MARE-i-nur) not the Sub-(muh-REEN-ur). Otherwise thumbs up!

  • Nintendo Collection
    Nintendo Collection 3 months ago

    Drink every time Rob says “really kind of”’ll be hammered before he ends the first book.

  • Godspeed
    Godspeed 3 months ago

    Finally someone stuck it to Maria Hill, good job Wolvie

  • Godspeed
    Godspeed 3 months ago

    So all of the terrible shit Iron Man did comes out and nobody really seems to care, he gets one snarky comment and that's it but cap has to get up and give this long apology and then gets arrested and later assassinated, seems fair.

  • Godspeed
    Godspeed 3 months ago

    When did Sally Floyd get so damned annoying

  • Godspeed
    Godspeed 3 months ago

    Iron Man, Reed Richards, and She Hulk lost all of my respect from this story line

  • Godspeed
    Godspeed 3 months ago

    Why does nobody listen to Cable he's from the fucking future for God's sake

  • Godspeed
    Godspeed 3 months ago

    Sue Storm should have left Reed Richards tbh

  • Godspeed
    Godspeed 3 months ago +1

    After this event I'll never look at Iron Man in comics the same again him and his entire team (Reed especially) did insane despicable unforgiveable things and even if they retcon it out of existence I'll never not think of it.

  • Godspeed
    Godspeed 3 months ago

    If Cable was on Cap's side it seems like he could've just walked up to Tony and been like look man just quit this shit now or I'm gonna like go back in time and make your parents not meet

  • David
    David 3 months ago

    Can someone tailor a "what we see" and "really kinda" counter for us? Please and thank you

  • Godspeed
    Godspeed 3 months ago

    28:30 Batman?

  • Godspeed
    Godspeed 3 months ago

    Maria Hill, being literally the fucking worst since 2006

  • Nate Strasburg
    Nate Strasburg 4 months ago +2

    You gotta love that at 1:18:26 The Human Torch is using Fire and Mrs Fantastic is using a force field to keep themselves dry in the rain!

  • Brent Reid
    Brent Reid 4 months ago

    It took Robert Downey Jr. to make me respect Tony Stark again after reading Civil War lol

  • Blue_Ex
    Blue_Ex 4 months ago

    I do enjoy these videos. Thank you past rob

  • consejeria1
    consejeria1 4 months ago

    Apreciate your dedication to this

  • better late than never
    better late than never 4 months ago

    What I don't understand is why would they ever think that villains would be willing to register?

  • MBrotherton21
    MBrotherton21 4 months ago

    lol sallie. "whens the last time you went to nascar" haha beat it sally

  • The Talkingworld Show
    The Talkingworld Show 4 months ago

    Drinking game: Take a shot every time Rob says "really kinda"
    (Great video, though)

  • SuSboi Gaming
    SuSboi Gaming 4 months ago

    Holy fuck, please pay attention to your phrases.
    “Really kind of”
    “Really kind of”
    “Really kind of”
    “Really kind of”
    “Really kind of”
    “Really kind of”
    “Really kind of”
    “Really kind of”
    “Really kind of”
    “Really kind of”
    “Really kind of”
    “Really kind of”
    “Really kind of”
    “Really kind of”
    “Really kind of”

  • Eduardo Caballero
    Eduardo Caballero 4 months ago

    Thank you:)

  • DavyLeFrog
    DavyLeFrog 4 months ago

    58:34 joe

  • Don Intrepid
    Don Intrepid 4 months ago

    Frank Castle is the Hero

  • Randall Hill
    Randall Hill 4 months ago

    Stark is a sellout. Comics and movie.

  • Randall Hill
    Randall Hill 4 months ago

    16:20 not 72 super villians, 15 super villians in 72 HOURS. Right there in the talk bubbles.