6 White People vs 1 Secret Black Person

  • Published on Nov 17, 2019
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    Anna - annuh_elizuhbeth
    Brandon - thebrandondiebold_
    Cody - cody_sessions
    Elizabeth - LeesiePinto
    Mariah - mariahford1
    Ryan - ruhimself

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Comments • 28 377

  • Project Create
    Project Create 3 minutes ago

    I love this

  • Alexis Rivas
    Alexis Rivas 4 minutes ago

    Kind of annoyed that Elizabeth lies about not watching black panther ://

  • Just One Time
    Just One Time 6 minutes ago

    Elizabeth was supposed to say she’s white too

  • Oyeboade Olurin
    Oyeboade Olurin 11 minutes ago

    I feel like this is racism

  • Player One237
    Player One237 20 minutes ago

    Best way to Identify a Black person is by asking about their encounters with the Cops in USA or the UK. They are generally Racist-ish. One of my friends was at gun point while reaching for his backpocket.

  • paigey l.
    paigey l. 28 minutes ago

    just say the n word bruv,,,,

  • Gayvenclaw Commonroom
    Gayvenclaw Commonroom 31 minute ago +1

    It felt so off to hear Elizabeth say "Im black" when everyone else said "I'm white". Like, in every episode they all said the same thing and it's off to hear different answers.

  • Squibby J
    Squibby J 46 minutes ago

    It would have been funnier if all of them were black but one of them

  • Temmie Chan
    Temmie Chan 53 minutes ago

    I just love how they all sound "less white"(what ever that means) then the black girl

  • Carlos_Adventures
    Carlos_Adventures Hour ago +1

    The superior buzz feed

  • Jakob Jansen
    Jakob Jansen Hour ago

    wtf is it racist to hardly try acting ad white as possible?

  • Sieg Jong
    Sieg Jong Hour ago

    Elizabeth kinda thicc

  • Lori Lopez
    Lori Lopez Hour ago

    She sounds 12

  • Ruth L
    Ruth L Hour ago

    I know im late... But this was kinda racist

  • It’s ya boi Chicken strips

    White folks- I am white
    Black girl- I am blank
    Jubilee- one is a liar
    Oh I wonder who

  • nobay
    nobay 2 hours ago

    lol always as soon as they lose..'Oh I had an idea it was Elizabeth!'. Also, she lied about not watching Black Panther which I didn't like. But she won. I bet they would have found the black person if they weren't raised by white people.

  • veronica vibes
    veronica vibes 2 hours ago

    The stereotypes there using to figure out who is black is so disrespectful and I hate it

  • no no
    no no 2 hours ago +1

    Jubilee: who ever wins gets cash money prize

    Mr beast: hold my challenge

  • Jacob Stone
    Jacob Stone 2 hours ago

    Black people don’t get mistreated by the police as much as these people are saying. Cucks

  • Israel Ibañez
    Israel Ibañez 2 hours ago

    i loved elizabeth so much haha

  • Allison D.
    Allison D. 2 hours ago

    Did this remind anyone else of blind people trying to figure out someone’s race? Or do they[blind people] just not care about race?

  • Alexa Cabello
    Alexa Cabello 2 hours ago

    Kylie is the whitest name wtf😂

  • Basquiat_The_Creator
    Basquiat_The_Creator 2 hours ago

    The second Cody first spoke I was like "damn he sounds black"

  • Doggi'z DedDungeon
    Doggi'z DedDungeon 2 hours ago

    My last name is a car to. :3

  • Dacian Walker
    Dacian Walker 2 hours ago +1

    I knew from the beginning who was the black
    This game was so easy

  • Rumi Curry
    Rumi Curry 3 hours ago

    by the voice...I would've said cory.

  • woah calm down eleven
    woah calm down eleven 3 hours ago

    Elizabeth really be vibin at the end before they take the blindfolds off

  • bro sir
    bro sir 3 hours ago

    this is such shitty content. i am disappointed that in humanity that this even exists.

  • BrandonF216
    BrandonF216 3 hours ago

    Maria: "i knew it"
    Me: she didn't vote Elizabeth is black once🤔

  • Brena Tolbert
    Brena Tolbert 3 hours ago

    Everyone says they knew it.....no you didn’t

  • Chat-eroo
    Chat-eroo 3 hours ago

    When they introduced themselves and Mariah and Elizabeth were right next to each other, do you know which TheXvidr I’m thinking of?

  • Action Jackson
    Action Jackson 3 hours ago

    The name should be 6 white people try not to be racist

  • Action Jackson
    Action Jackson 3 hours ago

    Kylie looks like a tall Billie Eilish

  • Benjamin Hillman
    Benjamin Hillman 3 hours ago

    I was not expecting Elizabeth to be the black person

  • Rapto
    Rapto 3 hours ago

    They should’ve just got some southern person lol

  • Cookie
    Cookie 3 hours ago +1

    Couldn’t they just feel each others hair?

  • Chayce Brown
    Chayce Brown 3 hours ago

    this is the most racist thing i’ve ever seen

  • MaRiahh Tuner / Political-Makeup

    Anna is thicc

  • NonConDon
    NonConDon 3 hours ago

    What was your tactic to sound white? "I was trying to sound as friendly as possible" lmao

  • cirqu3
    cirqu3 4 hours ago

    My phone was lagging so when I clicked on this video all I knew was the title.

  • HxvocFN
    HxvocFN 4 hours ago +3

    The title should be: 6 white people trying not to be racist for 12 minutes and 1 second.

  • nour tarek
    nour tarek 4 hours ago

    "My race is humman".

  • Ynw Lolo
    Ynw Lolo 4 hours ago

    Mariah really irritated me for no reason 🤣.

  • Kierston Smith
    Kierston Smith 5 hours ago

    dude:I was going off of names
    What you thought the name was gonna be?
    Shaquana Shalissa Laurasia Monique Watermelonisha Laquisha La’Quishria Qua’Lifriaqui’sha’niquia Brown?

  • fifi ben
    fifi ben 5 hours ago

    i love mariah

  • Lavender Phoenix
    Lavender Phoenix 5 hours ago

    "I am white."
    "I am white."
    "I am white."
    "I am white."
    "I am white."
    "I am white."
    "I am black."
    *One is a lier*

  • impr0visati0n
    impr0visati0n 5 hours ago

    Damn couldn’t tell who was black until the end

  • Lily冬
    Lily冬 5 hours ago

    0:09 De nada moço

  • Peppa Pig
    Peppa Pig 5 hours ago

    They should have asked to feel each others hair

  • evaaa
    evaaa 6 hours ago

    do vote the white person out !

  • Trinidy Singleton
    Trinidy Singleton 6 hours ago

    Why dose she remind me of Liza 😂

  • Kitty Cupcake AJ
    Kitty Cupcake AJ 6 hours ago

    Is it just me or does Moriah and Elizabeth seem like they would be good friends?
    (Also yes I realize that Moriah Elizabeth is the name of a youtuber😂)

  • Benjamin Jowett
    Benjamin Jowett 6 hours ago

    Is it just me or does that one girl look like Billie Eilish

  • Amy Gao
    Amy Gao 6 hours ago

    "My race is human"
    You sir, are exactly right! There are different ethnicities, but only 1 race. :)

  • Kawaii_ Pug
    Kawaii_ Pug 7 hours ago +1

    You guys really ran out of video idea's if you did this huh?

  • Bri TDG
    Bri TDG 7 hours ago

    “Okay everyone say nig-“

  • bouji ness
    bouji ness 8 hours ago

    Just let Everyone say ni**a

  • Potato Studio
    Potato Studio 8 hours ago

    Was I the only one who doesn't like Cody he called Kylie a mole 6:00

  • Bobby Shmurda
    Bobby Shmurda 8 hours ago +1

    2:45 what is your tactic to not look black? I'll try to be as friendly as possible

  • Basicslomotion
    Basicslomotion 9 hours ago

    1:14 she defiantly isn’t white and also the black girl isn’t really black she’s mixed race.