Forging a 5160 Spring Steel HUNTING KNIFE (Part 1)

  • Published on Jan 3, 2019
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    Alrighty fellas, 2019 gonna be a little different, namely in the way that I'm actually gonna make videos consistently. Here's the first of at the very least, 52. Likely more though.
    Today we're starting a sick hunting knife, made of the toughest stuff i've forged to date, 5160 Spring steel. Holds a wicked edge, flexes but doesn't bend, and takes impact like a champ. Long as I don't h*ck this up, it's gonna be rad.
    Ronald Jenkees - Stay Crunchy
    David Cutter - Study
    David Cutter - Keep On
    Ronald Jenkees - Throwing Fire
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  • Hardly stoned
    Hardly stoned 13 hours ago

    Mop disc they're called in ireland

  • Scott Lane
    Scott Lane Day ago

    do you have neighbors and do they hate you?

  • AKpindrop
    AKpindrop Day ago

    I don’t have the patience for forging

  • Senjor Guacamole
    Senjor Guacamole 2 days ago

    I prefer your content over alecs

  • YouTube Addict
    YouTube Addict 2 days ago

    11:35 when no one notices this is a scene from a porno💀

  • Joshua Wheeler
    Joshua Wheeler 2 days ago

    I worked with 5160 spring steel at my work where we cut parts with industrial lasers... the spring steel stuff lives up to its name. When u pop the partsout, the tabs snap and the parts absolutely fly across the room 😂

  • Combat Wombat
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  • Caleb Thompson
    Caleb Thompson 2 days ago

    Give ya boi a like. He deserves it

  • The backyard Blacksmith


  • Danul83
    Danul83 2 days ago

    The real struggle of Smallpac is realising Alec Steele’s hair is taller than you.

  • Ryan Di Camillo
    Ryan Di Camillo 2 days ago

    I miss the memes u used to put in

  • shifty345
    shifty345 2 days ago

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  • Isaac Aragon
    Isaac Aragon 3 days ago

    You can do better. I believe in you.

  • Webb Glauner
    Webb Glauner 3 days ago

    I miss rei brown tbh

  • Rengu
    Rengu 3 days ago

    Hell yeah man gettin back to your roots! Perfect! This is the shazam right here.

  • Jüłįåñ Mûrphÿ

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  • Nef36
    Nef36 3 days ago

    It's the tru tru

  • Mindsoftomorrow
    Mindsoftomorrow 3 days ago

    If you hammer the point of the blade in slightly, where it kind of looks like a spear point, then when you bevel the edge it'll straighten out

  • notesaw
    notesaw 3 days ago

    Throwing it back with them tunes

  • Setto Arisaki
    Setto Arisaki 3 days ago

    If you want tall hair I can tell you how.
    Have volume in mine all day long (ca. 8 cm long), i am letting it grow to 12-14

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  • Drew Breton
    Drew Breton 4 days ago

    HEY ELI, I have an U R G E N T message to deliver, do you remember your nail launcher videos, well watching part 1, I got an idea, in the first 3-4 minutes of the video you remove the wheel mechanism from the longboard, (I think that’s cool and all but how’s a long board gonna help you in a zombie apocalypse) well at that moment when you powered up the wheel, I got an idea, if you think back to the brain blender, it’s very nice very pretty, (I also despise the H*CK out of celery) but it’s lacks three aspects, one being small enough to hold in one hand, two being mounted to your forearm, and three, having a h*ckin cool twin brother. #bestidea... I’ve had since subscribing

  • Rune Goon
    Rune Goon 4 days ago

    Have you ever thought about getting your t-shirts made through Bunker Branding? Demo ranch owns that brand

  • Enchantedpuma 707
    Enchantedpuma 707 4 days ago

    U need

    *P R O P A N E*

  • V2 weapons
    V2 weapons 5 days ago +1

    Whats the song at 6:31

  • RPG Master
    RPG Master 5 days ago

    Looking pretty sexy with glasses

  • Trent Ivy
    Trent Ivy 5 days ago

    yeye brother

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  • Benicio Quiroz
    Benicio Quiroz 6 days ago

    Should have used borax that was a lot of flaking

  • nate pinto
    nate pinto 6 days ago

    Congrats on one million finally, you deserve it with the amount of people you've inspired

  • Caleb McGee
    Caleb McGee 6 days ago

    Oh Eli you were rocking the middle aged step dad look in all the bad ways.

  • For the Mother land
    For the Mother land 6 days ago +1

    Ok you are working it to cold wean it turns a dark put it in for another heat because it could get a cold shut in it and It is weaker love the channel

  • Mr. Flocionovici
    Mr. Flocionovici 7 days ago


  • Jake Makes
    Jake Makes 7 days ago

    props to you for FINALLY figuring this out dude. Good grief, more parts means more content. Can't complain

  • dirtlipdom Dom
    dirtlipdom Dom 7 days ago

    11:42 looks like a long necked dino drinking from a fiery lake

  • Alex H
    Alex H 8 days ago

    Not a bad idea switching to multi part videos. Love your content as always

  • BDI everything
    BDI everything 8 days ago

    When you are black smithing and the steel starts to get to a dull red color then you need to reheat it cause if you hammer cold steel then you risk cracking the knife I noticed you were hammering your steel to cold multiple times

  • Maryland Lifestyle
    Maryland Lifestyle 8 days ago

    How do your vids get demonetized

  • CDgonePotatoes
    CDgonePotatoes 8 days ago

    One question: wouldn't a hunting knife be much better if it was harder? Or were you looking for an all purpose big knife instead of something more focused in gutting and skinning? Knives are also usually thicker and shorter so they don't have to stand all those vibrations and the bending of a sword where you would want to use 5160 at all costs for best results.

  • Jacob Kelley
    Jacob Kelley 8 days ago

    H*ck yeah I have no problem with multipart videos. Just means I see more of you
    PS: I love your train track part anvil thing, I found myself one of those but haven't constructed the base, or the chair forge. Considering I don't have a yard whatsoever, that probably won't be any time soon

  • Dan S
    Dan S 8 days ago

    Stay Crunchy!!

  • orang 413
    orang 413 9 days ago

    Zna wuts that song called the you used when the hose was broke

  • kevin johnson
    kevin johnson 9 days ago

    1/4 inch?!?!
    1. Beauty boi
    2. Hard AF to forge GL
    3. Will last you forever if you don't abuse it.

    COONHEAD14™ 9 days ago

    I make knives for a living, make almost all of my knives from 5160. It's some great stuff!

  • Suicide king
    Suicide king 9 days ago

    I love u Eli

  • StopMoshin
    StopMoshin 9 days ago

    Hey Eli I've noticed in a couple builds you end up with a lot of extra material towards the point and spend an extra few hours grinding down to get it to the same width as the rest of the blade. I was wondering if you know about the traditional katana forging process where they cut the material so that the point is facing the complete opposite direction and then hammer in the bevels so it pushes the point back towards the intended direction.

  • jaime murillo
    jaime murillo 9 days ago

    Was I the only one who didn't get this video on the feed?

  • Kyeto Kace
    Kyeto Kace 9 days ago

  • Justin McMullen
    Justin McMullen 9 days ago

    Dude . Why wouldn't you have done this ages ago . This is way better

  • David Parry
    David Parry 10 days ago +1

    I enjoyed your video, but I watched part 2 FIRST because... you know... 'oil hardening' spring steel.
    What can I say?
    Keep up the good work. Really looking forward to Part 17 - Varnishing the Handle... 8)

  • Nikson Petithommes
    Nikson Petithommes 10 days ago

    Instead of using the wire brush to clean the metal from flakes you should wet forge.

  • Luminaire W.
    Luminaire W. 10 days ago

    Never, never, NEVER quench in water. Just put it on some metal to heatsink cool it off. You always run the risk of micro fractures when you quench it in water. Watch forged in fire, they Always cringe when someone puts anything they are working on at any stage in water. Great videos keep it up.

  • Warhawk 714
    Warhawk 714 10 days ago

    Im proud of our good christian boi

  • Moebs Chan
    Moebs Chan 10 days ago

    I love it when TheXvid doesn't notify me of a video until a week later.
    Anyways, nice video Eli. Think the new Upbeat soundtrack you are using is awesome. The slow aesthetic music you used to use was great and all but this feels more fitting.

  • Michael Dude
    Michael Dude 10 days ago

    omfg I was never notified about this video!!! Ok, that settles it, i'm setting up a god damn RSS feed of your channel. Also, great video Eli!
    Edit: Also, I do disable ad block every time I watch your vids man.

  • TheGamingMonkey
    TheGamingMonkey 10 days ago

    You should be on forged in fire

  • CCM Mowers
    CCM Mowers 10 days ago

    Old MAN

  • Ziggy
    Ziggy 10 days ago

    love it and love the multiple part version.
    keep it up my dude!

  • Jack Wheet
    Jack Wheet 10 days ago

    Two ads in one vid?! Things seem to be looking up for you, Eli!

  • ThatNoGoodFool
    ThatNoGoodFool 10 days ago

    Heating up a knife after a quench, especially in water, is a very bad idea because you up the risk of forming cracks. you should really normalize your knife right after a quench so that it can naturally cool down, not to mention quenching and then reheating your blade will destroy the hardness of your blade and then you have to re-quench, which makes you run the risk of even more cracks. And NEVER quench with water, its an all around bad idea because it cools your blade too fast, instead quench in motor oil... not to mention the motor oil will get rid of your knuckle hairs.

  • Noah Bass
    Noah Bass 10 days ago

    Hey guy i started a gofundme to help Eli get some better tools! Please share this link.

  • Samuel Gonzalez
    Samuel Gonzalez 10 days ago

    I’m literally subbed to both of you but I like your videos more because you are much more entertaining.

  • Nicholas King
    Nicholas King 10 days ago

    Dude i remember watching your early videos.the swords and ninja starsmade out of sharpened pieces of steel. Your armor, made from street signs, your an absolute madman and i love it. Keep going like you do and continue to improve! Gotchu friday boi

  • Teslee
    Teslee 10 days ago

    looks like you could use a heavier/sturdier anvil. Other than that, great video! :D

  • Alan Hardcastle
    Alan Hardcastle 10 days ago

    If you have to swing your Hammer really really hard and you find that you're getting tired you aren't feeding your metal enough hammering should be you guiding your Hammer to your work and you allow the weight of your Hammer to do most of the work

  • marvin lee
    marvin lee 10 days ago

    Oh goodness look at his chin it's like the side of the baby's bum

  • Josh Kuper
    Josh Kuper 10 days ago

    Does forging with the coating still on the metal hard the product? I always grind to raw steel before i start forging. Is this nessesary?

  • J Feldhacker
    J Feldhacker 10 days ago

    Make a friction folder knife.

  • TheGreg6466
    TheGreg6466 10 days ago

    alec steele has the skills and equipment, but you are far more entertaining, subjective i know but i think most will agree. your effort, ideas and personality make you more entertaining to me,, i just think you have the 'edge' on him ( pun intended ), also I'm British and i can't stand his posh twit accent when tries to be funny and fails.

  • XDarkPhoenixX
    XDarkPhoenixX 10 days ago

    Anyone else rewatching (watched at like 10 views) to try and get an ad.

  • TheGreg6466
    TheGreg6466 10 days ago

    great to see you uploading, have missed you, you got PayPal? i don't do patreon, patreon takes a cut and if they don't like your politics they'll delete your account

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  • Callidonia K
    Callidonia K 10 days ago

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  • Vandal Savage
    Vandal Savage 10 days ago

    When you're so short that you get jealous of people's hair.

  • You'll Get it
    You'll Get it 10 days ago

    When I make knives, I do almost all of the shaping on the bench grinder and finishing on the Bernie sander to save my belt and time

    PiZZAMAN 10 days ago

    Eli knows de wae now

  • Sam Markert
    Sam Markert 10 days ago

    brachiosaurus 11:39

  • Sam Markert
    Sam Markert 10 days ago

    when first act dumb dumb then use thing inside head 7:09 and 11:09

  • orion p
    orion p 10 days ago

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  • Swanny_
    Swanny_ 10 days ago

    Good to see you back!! have you thought about using something a little more substantial as your anvil? go grab a hunk or steel from a recycler? something in the 75-100 pound range?? will help you with striking when the anvil isnt wobbling around all over the joint.

  • ReViVe_LSdR 1
    ReViVe_LSdR 1 10 days ago +1


  • Florent Lefevre
    Florent Lefevre 10 days ago

    Did u write hoes instead of hose on purpose? I giggled tho ^^

  • Dvdsho2
    Dvdsho2 10 days ago

    Love the plan! More content is always a great thing in this industry! Keep it up and we’ll keep coming back!

  • DIO
    DIO 10 days ago

    A good way to avoid getting pits in the work is by using a wire brush after every heat, brush it off often

  • Jimmy Freakin’ Hendricks

    Eli, I have a guide for you to not get demonetized for using the word “kn*fe”
    Just say SSL (short slicing device)

  • King Wolfgang
    King Wolfgang 11 days ago

    Always enjoy your videos! Thank you!!!

  • Greatsound
    Greatsound 11 days ago

    Eli is the goodest boi alive.

    No homo

  • Some Biker Maniac
    Some Biker Maniac 11 days ago

    What brand cut off do you usually use? And do you have any preferences on which one you find to be the best?

  • Harley Swenson
    Harley Swenson 11 days ago

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    Jasmine Love 11 days ago

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    Lucky Bastard 11 days ago

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    Alec Steele 11 days ago

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    • Hulkdude13
      Hulkdude13 11 days ago

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    Thanks cloud atlas

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  • Fertager _
    Fertager _ 11 days ago

    I've had metal melt before the way I fix it is find the same steel and.cut a piece from it and weld it on after grinding the spot smooth and even