Forging a 5160 Spring Steel HUNTING KNIFE (Part 1)

  • Published on Jan 3, 2019
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    Alrighty fellas, 2019 gonna be a little different, namely in the way that I'm actually gonna make videos consistently. Here's the first of at the very least, 52. Likely more though.
    Today we're starting a sick hunting knife, made of the toughest stuff i've forged to date, 5160 Spring steel. Holds a wicked edge, flexes but doesn't bend, and takes impact like a champ. Long as I don't h*ck this up, it's gonna be rad.
    Ronald Jenkees - Stay Crunchy
    David Cutter - Study
    David Cutter - Keep On
    Ronald Jenkees - Throwing Fire
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  • Daniel Justice
    Daniel Justice 3 days ago

    Where in the world did you find your steel?

  • H U N G E R Y
    H U N G E R Y 11 days ago

    Not sure if this is bad advice or someone's mentioned it before, but iirc if you don't want the tip to curve back when forging, you want to lightly curve the tip forward, so that when you bevel the edge and it starts to curve it ends up closer to where you want. I think that's a technique in katana making?

  • Purified Water
    Purified Water 14 days ago

    Yeah but you're a god so that means Alec is a peasant

  • Calvin Heine
    Calvin Heine 19 days ago

    this kid is a total fuck up

  • Grave boy Y
    Grave boy Y 22 days ago

    Smithing 💯

  • Nate c
    Nate c Month ago

    Definitely don't ever quench oil hardening steels in water. It will cool the steel off way to fast and add stress potentially causing your knife to break. Infact most oil quench steel heet treat recipes call for heating the quench oil up to 250°f so that the steel cools down even slower.

  • commonconservative
    commonconservative Month ago

    I think bed rails are some sort of spring steel.........when I bandsaw it almost all the way through it "clinks" when I break it by hand

  • TheTurinturumbar
    TheTurinturumbar Month ago

    Quenched 5160 in water? Why? It's oil quench, if the damn thing crumbles in your hand at the first test you deserve it.

  • Nigiru fagimus
    Nigiru fagimus Month ago

    For once I’m glad to see the ads

  • Tech
    Tech Month ago

    Guy is somehow better then you, says you. Yet I havent heard of him. And ive been subbed to you for years.

  • Feffnirsbane
    Feffnirsbane Month ago

    all good steel swords is made of spring steel otherwise they would bend

  • Feffnirsbane
    Feffnirsbane Month ago

    Viking swords dont take that long to make with a hand hammer så he is talented?

  • Anthony Buda
    Anthony Buda Month ago +1

    Honestly I really miss that Rei Brown music in Ur vids, maybe because im still a depresso Boi. I can see why U stoped it though, it wasn't really that up beat music U want for these vids, I just miss it that's all.

  • supersonic413
    supersonic413 Month ago

    Ur music is still bad
    Edit: it got quite a bit better halfway but it's still not awesome.

  • Andres Sanchez
    Andres Sanchez Month ago +1

    'Test' 'test' *what it do fams* 😂😂

  • BornEpic
    BornEpic Month ago

    That must be hard work forging that 516 steel

  • Marchelov Tiberiu Alexandru

    im here cause of ALEC's channel and i've some comments about your channel,not dissapointed! keep up!

  • Uncle Dave
    Uncle Dave Month ago

    i like your videos better. Its just a little more chilled than Alec :)

  • Chris Wedemann
    Chris Wedemann Month ago

    TheXvid thinks it’s being cute. I was here for the stream last month, and I’ve checked in once a week since. *_NOW I CAN SEE THESE VIDEOS?_*

  • Ethan Green
    Ethan Green Month ago

    Blacksmiths motto, "the hotter it is the easier it will be" and from personal experience it shouldn't be hard to see the yellow glow in daylight when it's hot enough.

  • OneCanisLupus
    OneCanisLupus Month ago

    That was one High as F*ck critter!

  • Tristan Berke
    Tristan Berke Month ago

    hey, Eli. just some forging knowledge to help you out in future videos. "normalizing" is exactly that. returning the steel to its standard crystaline structure. but what you want to do is "Anneal" the steal which is where you heat the steel to non-magnetic and stick it in a bucket of Vermiculite to cool down slowly over a couple hours. that is how to soften steel. not normalizing it. heating it up to the temperature you did and then letting the steel return to room temperature at normal speed actually did nothing but make more forge scale. you have to heat it to b non-magnetic and then it cool on a fire brick to room temperature. and you should normalize at least three times if you are going to even do it. (normalizing in all honesty isnt really necessary until you get into "damascus" steel and higher end forging steels.)

  • diggle149
    diggle149 Month ago

    Damn, I was really hoping that little piratey swoop was gonna stay on there :,(

  • TraitorTrevour
    TraitorTrevour Month ago

    I like the cut of your jib.

  • Billy Bones
    Billy Bones Month ago

    Bro that first track that was playing was fire af 😂😂😂 literally stopped watching your video to find it and write a track to it 😂😂😂 thank you bro

  • Fordman 1991
    Fordman 1991 Month ago +1

    Wander if a guy could do this for a living and sell them

  • Carter Thiel
    Carter Thiel Month ago

    "2 more videos MAX, maybe one though......"

  • Gruntslayer 35
    Gruntslayer 35 Month ago

    H*ck that’s some good content, you should do a collab with Alec, it’s funny how other blacksmithing you tubers aspire to be like him, not funny as in bad, but interesting

  • Arrow Head
    Arrow Head Month ago

    7:18 Bringing back the 1000 degree knife challenge.

  • Invictus Potens
    Invictus Potens Month ago

    Holy shitballs! Ronald friggin Jenkees!! Mah dude!!

  • Daniel Simpkins
    Daniel Simpkins Month ago

    Bruh, music is on point.

  • Can I Get to 10 Subscribers Without any Videos

    I love your channel, but the music in your videos is so annoying and obnoxious

  • Tiernan Wilkinson
    Tiernan Wilkinson Month ago

    Yo stay warm out here this week man.

  • Woozy MOBROSE
    Woozy MOBROSE Month ago

    Every video you look more sophisticated and old like I swear I can't be the only that thinks he wasnt lookin like wranglerstar

  • Amidoo
    Amidoo Month ago

    The music is on point as always

  • Hobo Joe
    Hobo Joe Month ago

    I like part videos cause it feels more real time going through the process with you

  • The3AM
    The3AM Month ago

    Your choice in music is worsening

  • Spaghetti 489
    Spaghetti 489 Month ago +1

    I have no proof, but I’m pretty sure Alec Steele is the kid from Stuart little

  • Chase H.
    Chase H. Month ago +1

    Steele is hecking annoying. Hes so fake and clickbait he turns me off his vids. Much prefer Eli's vids.

  • Shmallo
    Shmallo 2 months ago

    i dont even know the dude youre talking about so youre the cooler one

  • BacknaTron
    BacknaTron 2 months ago

    Dude i think you should upgrade the place you smith on...its looking like a lot of the force ist lost because the whole thing is shaking so much

  • sock g
    sock g 2 months ago

    you beautiful man, im so happy for you

  • Ben G
    Ben G 2 months ago

    Don't be afraid to work it HOT!

  • renzo perez
    renzo perez 2 months ago

    You should be in the show forged in fire

  • Pure Heroine
    Pure Heroine 2 months ago

    I'm here from the future. It's takes more than one video.

  • Tyler Thompson
    Tyler Thompson 2 months ago

    The 71 dislikes are Alec Steele subscribers

  • Matteo Miller
    Matteo Miller 2 months ago

    you look good in glasses

  • J the HATER H
    J the HATER H 2 months ago

    Glad to see the good changes

  • RichRichGaming
    RichRichGaming 2 months ago

    10:05 i seen u put that gowe in there. Aurora specifically

  • fudaldeath
    fudaldeath 2 months ago

    prefer your voice to Alec's ... also. mad respec for the Ronald Jenkees in the intro

    • fudaldeath
      fudaldeath 2 months ago

      ooohhh more jenkees... throwing fire is too appropriate for this channel

  • kaiCast
    kaiCast 2 months ago

    you look younger man. Lookin great

  • Praise The Grape Soda
    Praise The Grape Soda 2 months ago

    This makes me miss the days where we’d watch you grind and cut everything, and slap rivets everywhere

  • Luke Fle
    Luke Fle 2 months ago

    You coulda just filled the dent in with epoxy or wood filler after putting the scales on

  • Andres Sanchez
    Andres Sanchez 2 months ago +1

    At 6:14 so the critter got high when he was biting the hose

  • Skaibutts
    Skaibutts 2 months ago

    H*eckin glad to see you at it again Eli! Recently took adblocker off of YT cuz of how poopy they've been to ppl in hopes that people like you can get a little money from me!

  • DuckFace Incorporated
    DuckFace Incorporated 2 months ago

    You shouldn't quench your blade in water, it'll damage the blade, use something like motor oil but be careful of fire when you pull the blade out.

  • Jon Cook
    Jon Cook 2 months ago

    Mop disc they're called in ireland

  • Scott Lane
    Scott Lane 2 months ago

    do you have neighbors and do they hate you?

  • AKpindrop
    AKpindrop 2 months ago

    I don’t have the patience for forging

  • Senjor Guacamole
    Senjor Guacamole 2 months ago

    I prefer your content over alecs

  • YouTube Addict
    YouTube Addict 2 months ago

    11:35 when no one notices this is a scene from a porno💀

  • Joshua Wheeler
    Joshua Wheeler 2 months ago

    I worked with 5160 spring steel at my work where we cut parts with industrial lasers... the spring steel stuff lives up to its name. When u pop the partsout, the tabs snap and the parts absolutely fly across the room 😂

  • Combat Wombat
    Combat Wombat 2 months ago


  • Caleb Thompson
    Caleb Thompson 2 months ago

    Give ya boi a like. He deserves it

  • Anthony Mook
    Anthony Mook 2 months ago


  • Danul83
    Danul83 2 months ago

    The real struggle of Smallpac is realising Alec Steele’s hair is taller than you.

  • Ryan Di Camillo
    Ryan Di Camillo 2 months ago

    I miss the memes u used to put in

  • shifty345
    shifty345 2 months ago

    YOu KNow iM A bLaCkSmITh aNd ThIs Is aLL WrOng

  • Isaac Aragon
    Isaac Aragon 2 months ago

    You can do better. I believe in you.

  • Webb Glauner
    Webb Glauner 2 months ago

    I miss rei brown tbh

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    Rengu 2 months ago

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  • 2019 Ford Fusion
    2019 Ford Fusion 2 months ago

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  • Nef36
    Nef36 2 months ago

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  • Mindsoftomorrow
    Mindsoftomorrow 2 months ago

    If you hammer the point of the blade in slightly, where it kind of looks like a spear point, then when you bevel the edge it'll straighten out

  • uriahedwardsmusic
    uriahedwardsmusic 2 months ago

    Throwing it back with them tunes

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    Setto Arisaki 2 months ago

    If you want tall hair I can tell you how.
    Have volume in mine all day long (ca. 8 cm long), i am letting it grow to 12-14

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    Drew Breton 2 months ago

    HEY ELI, I have an U R G E N T message to deliver, do you remember your nail launcher videos, well watching part 1, I got an idea, in the first 3-4 minutes of the video you remove the wheel mechanism from the longboard, (I think that’s cool and all but how’s a long board gonna help you in a zombie apocalypse) well at that moment when you powered up the wheel, I got an idea, if you think back to the brain blender, it’s very nice very pretty, (I also despise the H*CK out of celery) but it’s lacks three aspects, one being small enough to hold in one hand, two being mounted to your forearm, and three, having a h*ckin cool twin brother. #bestidea... I’ve had since subscribing

  • Rune Goon
    Rune Goon 2 months ago

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    *P R O P A N E*

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    V2 weapons 2 months ago +1

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    RPG Master 2 months ago

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    Matty Ice 2 months ago


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    Benicio Quiroz 2 months ago

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    nate pinto 2 months ago

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    Caleb McGee 2 months ago

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  • For the Mother land
    For the Mother land 2 months ago +1

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  • Mr. Flocionovici
    Mr. Flocionovici 2 months ago


  • Jake Makes
    Jake Makes 2 months ago

    props to you for FINALLY figuring this out dude. Good grief, more parts means more content. Can't complain

  • dirtlipdom Dom
    dirtlipdom Dom 2 months ago

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  • Alex H
    Alex H 2 months ago

    Not a bad idea switching to multi part videos. Love your content as always

  • BDI everything
    BDI everything 2 months ago

    When you are black smithing and the steel starts to get to a dull red color then you need to reheat it cause if you hammer cold steel then you risk cracking the knife I noticed you were hammering your steel to cold multiple times

  • yaddy dank
    yaddy dank 2 months ago

    How do your vids get demonetized

  • CDgonePotatoes
    CDgonePotatoes 2 months ago

    One question: wouldn't a hunting knife be much better if it was harder? Or were you looking for an all purpose big knife instead of something more focused in gutting and skinning? Knives are also usually thicker and shorter so they don't have to stand all those vibrations and the bending of a sword where you would want to use 5160 at all costs for best results.

  • Jacob Kelley
    Jacob Kelley 2 months ago

    H*ck yeah I have no problem with multipart videos. Just means I see more of you
    PS: I love your train track part anvil thing, I found myself one of those but haven't constructed the base, or the chair forge. Considering I don't have a yard whatsoever, that probably won't be any time soon

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    Dan S 2 months ago

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    orang 413 2 months ago

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    kevin johnson 2 months ago

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    1. Beauty boi
    2. Hard AF to forge GL
    3. Will last you forever if you don't abuse it.

    COONHEAD14™ 2 months ago

    I make knives for a living, make almost all of my knives from 5160. It's some great stuff!