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  • Published on May 10, 2017
  • I surpassed my breastfeeding goal of 6 months and made it a little over 9 wahoo!! Breastfeeding/pumping was extremely difficult and I'm so proud of myself for doing it. It took a lot of hard work, dedication, night calls, public restroom sessions, pumping between strangers on planes, basically living for the pump... but it was all worth it! Bye bye breast pump, see ya next baby!
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Comments • 215

  • Just cats
    Just cats 25 days ago +1

    Lol I love how you tore apart your living room to make a makeshift playpen

  • Annie Ways
    Annie Ways 7 months ago

    Aww he’s so cute how old is he In this video?? 😍

  • iamsmiling
    iamsmiling 7 months ago

    I’m doing breastfeeding as well as giving bottles. Still pretty hard work. My baby refuses my breasts soooo many times.

  • Ralyn Pena
    Ralyn Pena 10 months ago

    Huhuhu I am still thingking if I will stop breastfeeding 😭 Because for me breastfeeding is easier than pumping or formula feeding (But I also pump because I am a working Mom) In the middle of the night whenever Miggy wakes up, I just let my one breast out and let him latch and back to sleep. I dont have bottles to wash during day offs or whenever we are together because he directly latch on me. But he is bottlefed whenever I'm on my shift. There were times that if he is fussy or not in the mood I just let him latch to set his good mood. And breastfeeding is also our bonding that is why it is really hard for me to stop breastfeeding. But I admit, lately I have low supply of breastmilk. I just let my milk stash to run out until we switch to formula. But I will breastfeed him as long as there's milk and until stash lasts. He is now 1 yr and 2 mos old. I really admire you on pumping breastmilk 😘

  • nat men
    nat men Year ago

    Why you quick?

  • Davon Thomas
    Davon Thomas Year ago

    I absolutely loved this video! Thank you for sharing! 💓

  • azhar unnissa
    azhar unnissa Year ago

    Wow so proud of you, you have done a great work till the time brest feed

  • Kelly Lor
    Kelly Lor Year ago +1

    Hi there I really want to stop breast feeding too, can you do a vedio of how long it took you and what you did to help stop your milk supply and pain from engorgement ?

  • Aleishia Wolf
    Aleishia Wolf Year ago

    I'm weaning today my baby is two years and three months this is helpful thanks what to do with an old pump? all formula is gmo and saying that it is not is a marketing ploy! watch out . breastfed babies are sick less!!!!! it's worth it

  • capricin87
    capricin87 Year ago

    I would be very cautious when using Enfamil products. My son was getting polyvisol multi- vitamins in the hospital and it contains a poison called sulfaric acid which is an industrial made chemical used in explosives, laundry detergents etc. Please do your research before giving your baby a product! Stay away from fluoride!

  • Abby V
    Abby V Year ago

    How do I increase my milk supply please help!!!! My baby is currently 1 month a few days and my milk is going down I have been eating oatmeal 2 times a day and taking fenugreek. Still nada. I want to keep feeding!! Help 😭😭😭

  • AmandaShuNN81
    AmandaShuNN81 Year ago

    I have a newborn (3 wks/o) so I've been pumping and breastfeeding for that long and this is work. I already hate wearing bras and I have to constantly wear one, waking up almost every night in a puddle of milk, milk stained shirts, getting frustrated over not producing a lot and sad when I spill precious milk. I want to keep pumping and breastfeeding for at least 6 months too. Beyond that? I'm done...😧

  • Anahi Kuykendall
    Anahi Kuykendall Year ago

    Can I still redeem my gift bag even if I already had my baby?

  • nina gozar
    nina gozar 2 years ago

    In general, what you pump is a poor indicator as the baby probably gets much more than what you pump. However if you are really concerned about your supply, I’d recommend to nurse more as nothing else can emulate it for increasing BM supply. Some herbal formulae are also good for boosting the production as I know one, “healthy nursing tea” I have used it myself and found it absolutely helping.

  • Latoya Henry
    Latoya Henry 2 years ago

    So sweet i love your son

  • Ana Karina Bernal
    Ana Karina Bernal 2 years ago

    I just want to tell you that your baby is adooorable and soooo cute!!! Congratulations!!!

  • Celina Isabel
    Celina Isabel 2 years ago

    Tell me about the target situation!!! I never heard of that

  • Miguelangel Rodriguez
    Miguelangel Rodriguez 2 years ago

    Why stop Brest feeding at 9 months keep breastfeeding And stop being selfish you can breastfeed for 2 to 3 years it helps prevent autism Brest milk is a some source of Stem Cells a crapy baby formula will never duplicate the soy in the formulas is genetically modified and causes Us serious heath issues

  • Sreynith Hour
    Sreynith Hour 2 years ago

    When do you start pumping and how do you combine breast pumping with breastfeeding? Have you ever had any sore breast?

  • Monica Russell
    Monica Russell 2 years ago +1

    Costco is a great place to pick up formula. Great price for larger amounts of enfamil. Definitely worth it.

  • Heather Easterday
    Heather Easterday 2 years ago

    I ebf my 15 month old for 13 months. I got pregnant with my daughter when he was just 3 months old so I breastfed him until the day she was born. I had all plans on ebf my daughter but she just will not latch. She is giving mommy such a hard time and ive been pumping and pumping and pumping and it's exhausting! Were now using a nipple shield and I'm trying to boost my supply back up. She gave me a low supply because she wouldn't stay latched so we're working on it. I think she might be tongue tied or lip tied and were going to get checked out next week. I'm not giving up!! She's 2 months old! Thank you for sharing your story! Preston is such a doll baby 👶

  • Michelle xc
    Michelle xc 2 years ago

    OMG he's ADORABLE 😭😍

  • Samboroth Kong
    Samboroth Kong 2 years ago

    Would you mind make a video about your weaning process? I am currently pumping for 7 months now. I am thinking of weaning. Thanks

  • yourtub
    yourtub 2 years ago

    cant replace breastmilk if your baby needs it he/she needs it

  • Caitlin Perez
    Caitlin Perez 2 years ago

    Please let us know how you weaned! ☺️ Im 6mpp exclusively pumping

  • Alex Deberry
    Alex Deberry 2 years ago

    did ur baby get sick at all during breastfeeding???

  • Pera Crack
    Pera Crack 2 years ago +5

    Do what works for y'all but I'm def not spending money on formula. I breastfeed my 3yr old until he was 2 and I'm still nursing my 1.5 yr old daughter and 7 month old son. I wish I could pump but I don't produce as much milk as I use to.

    • zomb33ni
      zomb33ni Year ago

      Kimberly blackwell my daughter is the same way and it's awful. She latches great and we have been doing great but the over attachment drives me crazy because I can't do anything else I can't even give her to her father because she immediately cries and fusses.

    • Kim B.
      Kim B. 2 years ago

      Pera Crack I’m also still nursing my daughter. She turned 1 a few weeks ago, but she is attached to nursing as if it was a security blanket

  • stateman jacob
    stateman jacob 2 years ago

    every one showing breast milk mine to know how it taste my friends please i need someone to lecture me in box statemanjacob101@gmail.com

  • AMS JV
    AMS JV 2 years ago

    I don't wanna stop breasfeeding .mine is 9 months and it's getting harder I feel mentally unprepared to stop. I need it.
    I have to say that I started to exclusively breastfeed at 3 months.. so breastfeeding has been so challenging but I know can't stop and my baby loves it hhh

  • Andrea O
    Andrea O 2 years ago +1

    How did you stop breastfeeding? My son is 1 year and I can not get him off the boob! I try regular milk & formula and he HATES the bottle . Please help !

    • Jass Ramirez
      Jass Ramirez Year ago

      Andrea Arvizo Olivera same here how did yuu get your baby off breast ? If yuu have ?

    • Kim B.
      Kim B. 2 years ago

      Andrea Arvizo Olivera my daughter is the same way

  • Tatiana Bergum
    Tatiana Bergum 2 years ago

    Love this! Thank you so much for your honesty about how hard pumping is & the depression you dealt with. Wish more moms would talk about this. Nice to know I'm not alone.

  • Leslie Kandil
    Leslie Kandil 2 years ago

    I wanted to know on your opinion of using used breast pumps. I am buying a new one, I am first time pregnant but never knew it its hygienically or proper if some one ever asks or topic pops up. Thanks

  • TheGregStrickland
    TheGregStrickland 2 years ago

    Can you believe there is some guy out there supporting this? He is literally at a job working so this lady can tell you she is at target. This is what's wrong with America.

  • Sheryl Nieves
    Sheryl Nieves 2 years ago

    I understand how dificult it is to breast feed i did it for 2 years

  • Linda S
    Linda S 2 years ago

    When did you get your eyebrows microbladed? I really wanna get them done, but since I'm breastfeeding, they said i should hold off on it.

  • Jhae Kingston
    Jhae Kingston 2 years ago

    BOOOOOOo! I like tooties!!

  • Brandy Andrade
    Brandy Andrade 2 years ago

    Use the Costco formula it's the best!

  • The Cornells
    The Cornells 2 years ago

    Subscribe to our family channel! Stay at home military wife/mommy!

  • La Hyna In SD
    La Hyna In SD 2 years ago

    You don't need any makeup!! And I love the idea of breastfeeding and pumping duo that was what I did with my baby he's so happy healthy going 5 months strong! Keep up the PUMP

  • Linda Navidad
    Linda Navidad 2 years ago

    What did you use to smash the mango?

  • Frankie Bautista
    Frankie Bautista 2 years ago

    Where did u get your stroller??

  • The Motherland Plug
    The Motherland Plug 2 years ago

    I got that coupon too. I'm saving it for a busy day

  • Fannie Hernandez
    Fannie Hernandez 2 years ago

    okay this is soo me every time I buy something for my son 😂 I review the item online for like 10 minutes, compare pros and cons, and then price match! lol

  • Gwen Ngo
    Gwen Ngo 2 years ago

    your son is too cute 😍😍

  • Gwen Ngo
    Gwen Ngo 2 years ago

    ive been breastfeeding my baby and hes now 3 months and i know thst breastmilk has 90% water.. im vietnamese and my parents and in laws are telling me i should give him water.. but i was reading somewhere online that you shouldn't be giving your baby water until he's 6 months. what's your thought on this? When did you start giving your son water?

  • okaminess
    okaminess 2 years ago

    Target! Want to know how you can save 5% on breast pumps today? :P

  • lily bcio
    lily bcio 2 years ago

    lol I was the same way , i stopped breast feeding my son because my milk supply stopped after my BC. I was so devastated, anyways I love your blogs and your son is the cutest !

  • Rachel Johnson
    Rachel Johnson 2 years ago

    Well done momma! BF is another FT job. You did great by making it that far! DD will be 1 in 18 days and I've pushed myself so much to keep my supply and make it 12months but I will be relieved when I give up the pump and she stops breastfeeding.

  • Mel S
    Mel S 2 years ago

    How did you like that formula (enfamil supplementation),?? Anyone else using that? I just gave birth a week ago and I'm supplementing with formula until my body makes enough milk and I'm using the Similac Supplementation kind. Not sure which is preferred or "better"

  • Redmars 325
    Redmars 325 2 years ago

    his face with the strawberry omg to funny

  • 1Moo376
    1Moo376 2 years ago +3

    My sons barely 3 weeks old and the struggle of constant breast feeding is hitting me hard :( thinking about pumping only but that's hard work too. But i wanna be able to give my son the nutrients in breast milk so it's complicated ! I'm trying to power through it. Congrats on making it to 9 months

    • 1Moo376
      1Moo376 2 years ago +2

      Elizabeth Johnson yes i did ! It gets easier (:

    • Elizabeth Johnson
      Elizabeth Johnson 2 years ago

      swtjess88 I'm going through the same thing. Did you stick with it

  • Blessing Crowder
    Blessing Crowder 2 years ago

    You guys are SO lovely! God bless you both!

  • YouTube police State of California

    I cant beat my meat now

  • Debai Medrano
    Debai Medrano 2 years ago

    your baby is so cute!!:)

  • Leona Gray
    Leona Gray 2 years ago

    lmao he's so friggen cute....babies r amazing. He looks like my daughter when she was that age.

  • Christina Maki Linville

    I'm exclusively pumping for the second time right now, and your video on building your supply has been super helpful this time around. With my first, the most I had in a day was 14oz and with your tips and some really hard work in this first month I'm already at 22oz and climbing! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge! Preston is super cute, too. His little inchworm crawl was making me smile! ☺️

  • Lexi Lindsey
    Lexi Lindsey 2 years ago

    You are such an amazing mother! The way you communicate with him is just beautiful! I love your videos!!

  • The La&Nix Show
    The La&Nix Show 2 years ago

    your baby is so good while you're doing your video. my baby would be screaming his butt off lol!

  • saabje O.
    saabje O. 2 years ago

    Heyy, I'm new but I like the few videos I saw. I hate cleaning the mess they make while eating so I'm always carefull and trying to keep everything clean around my son. But u seem very relaxed around him at the table.

  • eternitystarz01
    eternitystarz01 2 years ago

    Wow 9 months is very good! Congrats. You did your best! I'm nearing 6 months and feel it's time to wean as my body can't keep up. Did you not experience and clogged ducts through your journey? I experienced several which is one of the reasons for weaning but I'm scared of getting them when I wean. Any advice ?