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  • Published on Dec 5, 2019
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    SE Dons is the journey of a Sunday League Football Club in South London hosted by UK Rap/Grime Artist Don Strapzy.
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Comments • 192

  • Kytelan Neveceral
    Kytelan Neveceral Month ago

    How do you recruit the big names? From Australia 🇦🇺 #Crookin

  • De Ba
    De Ba Month ago


  • Luca Maurri
    Luca Maurri Month ago

    If I’m getting pressed what should I do I’m a midfielder From Irvine Scotland#AcrooksAdvice

  • Matthew Cleary
    Matthew Cleary Month ago

    Please can u get more mugs in stock for Christmas plssss????

  • Yourmanqudus
    Yourmanqudus Month ago


  • Join The Dons
    Join The Dons Month ago +1


  • AF Football
    AF Football Month ago

    Ansah next game needs a top left week foot 🦶 shot half way line

  • AF Football
    AF Football Month ago

    Who u think best player !! We do. What dons do

  • Liam Knight
    Liam Knight Month ago

    When’s big G gonna play outfield? from New Zealand🇳🇿 #ACROOKSADVICE

  • UnknownSuspect_UKS15 _

    Why haven’t you got sacked yet lad🤔 also sign me never played football but I’m a good defender #ACROOKSADVICE

  • Sam Titley
    Sam Titley Month ago

    Whatever happened to the cat?!? He gassed me

  • Luca Bainbridge
    Luca Bainbridge Month ago

    Do you have any advice on how to have a better chance at become a pro footballer?
    Love for the Don's from Leighton Buzzard!!
    #acrooksadvice #ACROOKSADVICE

  • Guled Ali
    Guled Ali Month ago

    How do I become a crook? #Acrooksadvice
    Showing love from north London 🇬🇧

    HRFLOW Month ago

    How do I play for SE dons in the future (I’m 16) 😅 Love from east London ❤️ #ACROOKSADVICE

  • Harry Hammond
    Harry Hammond Month ago

    So my step brother Alfie wants to try and pull all the girls, but he ain’t got no confidence, Mr cook please give him some advice 💯 you know how to !!!! #AskMrcrook

  • tom jackson
    tom jackson Month ago

    Ginger Joe literally follows that camera everywhere

  • L B
    L B Month ago

    Khalid top goalie

  • GAmerForDayS GG
    GAmerForDayS GG Month ago

    Happy birthday little ag

  • Liz Warren
    Liz Warren Month ago

    I saw a boy doing kick ups with a shark in Greece day boy deanio

  • Liz Warren
    Liz Warren Month ago

    It's all about kidd brilliant Donny Jones getting rid off balls like a tranny heavy dru blue anything for Paula dons

  • M N
    M N Month ago +5

    I’m gonna keep asking, any news on this? give the people what they waaaant 👍🏻.... would love to see a dons 5 aside tournament 4/5 team managers, George jr Mitchell flips donny all take turns to pick from the family then play each other??? What you think?
    Oh yeah and winner manages the 5s!

  • Elizabeth Fielding xoxo

    How do I get into football love from Nottingham

  • Danny Kargbo
    Danny Kargbo Month ago

    The Dons are the best

  • Lewis Ursa
    Lewis Ursa Month ago

    How do you guys stay composedddd love from manchester #ACrooksAdvice

  • Christian Morris
    Christian Morris Month ago

    How can I get a Girlfriend #ACrooksAdvice from Cardiff

  • James 1905
    James 1905 Month ago

    Mitch spent his budget on the chicas travel and visa to come to UK 😂

  • yotq
    yotq Month ago +1

    come to scotland!!

  • hemal67
    hemal67 Month ago

    This khalid guy is deadddd

  • Cam Fewings
    Cam Fewings Month ago

    #ACROOKSADVICE whats the best way to keep a stable balance in a group of talented players? Love from Devon

  • Patrick Devlin
    Patrick Devlin Month ago

    I’m an Irish gypsy, and I’m finding it hard to push on in life, because everywhere I go, I get judged for being a gypsy, job interviews, even going into shops they hear me talking and I get banned! It’s like I’m living a different life! But I’m big fan of the dons for years now I was watching from my prison cells for 2 years back when donny Jones boots had holes in! #acrooksadvice

  • Scott Douglas
    Scott Douglas Month ago

    When’s the kid coming back? From derby ‼️#Acrooksadvice

  • itzjoseph
    itzjoseph Month ago

    Why did big g get suspended love from Egypt 🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬#ACROOKSADVICE

  • B Bully
    B Bully Month ago

    Khaled or pablo fornals?

  • Cookstar CFC
    Cookstar CFC Month ago

    Why don’t you put jazzy Bruce up to for a game, he’s a bloody unit. Australia

  • HikingInk91
    HikingInk91 Month ago

    Di khaaaaled. Another ☝🏽

  • Oh yeah yeah the third

    side ting is in the main tings class at school, what do i do #acrooksadvice from mitcham

  • Yeffex Rasner
    Yeffex Rasner Month ago

    Khaled asking them to shoot and then conceding?! Gave these guys pure nourishment when they needed pure punishment. Think I know a man for the job...

  • Alex Clark
    Alex Clark Month ago

    How do you manage to get so many girls , you seem perfect in the art of love , Kettering Enlgand🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🧡 #AcrooksAdvice

    MFC KET Month ago

    The voice overs/accents that Mitch does is cringey af...
    Cut it out ffs

  • Alex Rantala
    Alex Rantala Month ago

    How do you stay motivated?#ACrooksAdvice

  • ProjectiiNaNo
    ProjectiiNaNo Month ago

    Bring back the myth

  • Damaris Abigail
    Damaris Abigail Month ago

    Why do mfs unlike quality shit like this mans have no life

  • Hassan Marwan
    Hassan Marwan Month ago

    “I need to know why Khaled makes those sounds”....more like “I need to know why Mitch is so fucking shit”

  • Ajay Thapa
    Ajay Thapa Month ago

    How can I be a better footballer then the crook seems impossible #Acrooksadvice

  • Jayden Seymour
    Jayden Seymour Month ago

    how do i keep a job like you #ACrooksAdvice love from the bahamas🇧🇸🇧🇸🇧🇸

  • francis rigby
    francis rigby Month ago

    It was 6-4 bro when you said 6-3.. just saying lol

  • Finley Harris
    Finley Harris Month ago

    Why did Donnie just copy big Gs joke thought my man was original

  • Levi Smith
    Levi Smith Month ago

    Leicester #acrooksadvice answer is go get ya Don wear

  • Bill Cosby
    Bill Cosby Month ago

    Doc is shit

  • Swift Ak
    Swift Ak Month ago

    I am having problems with women what do I do #AcrooksAdvice

  • Brauliodaman15
    Brauliodaman15 Month ago

    How do i get a girl to notice me for a friend of course 😢#ACROOKSADVICE

  • Connor Jacksonn
    Connor Jacksonn Month ago

    #acrooksadvice what's your advice for any aspiring football that knows there good enough to make it pro but haven't been given the chance ? From Carlisle Cumbria

  • Adam Warren
    Adam Warren Month ago +2

    Don - i need more content. You are leaving me having dry days as i have exhausted it all. You have nuff lads - send out for more friendlies with the bottom rank players. Give them some time.

  • George Parrish
    George Parrish Month ago

    Id want advice on how to steal a living as good as crook as gaffer of the fives! Having the board right over 😂
    From harlow

  • Alfie Davidson
    Alfie Davidson Month ago

    #Acrooksadvice how you become a LB from Essex

  • West
    West Month ago

    What is the best way to loose the dressing room. From reading 🏘#Acrooksadvice

  • Ronan D'Souza
    Ronan D'Souza Month ago

    Girls 😂 #Acrooksadvice

  • Ed Holmes
    Ed Holmes Month ago

    was that actually her?!

  • Arsenal Philosopher

    Is that Big G or Cheick Kongo?

  • Eddie Anguian
    Eddie Anguian Month ago +2

    Let’s see oz celebrations stop turning to don and big g