A Smith Family Vacation


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  • 103rd Eastside Grove Street CJ

    Jaden is gay

  • maya ortiz
    maya ortiz 52 minutes ago

    This should be a reality show

  • maya ortiz
    maya ortiz 55 minutes ago

    peep that lady sticking the middle finger 1:53-1:56

  • Dove Believe
    Dove Believe Hour ago

    Willl Smith es genial... Mi favorito...

  • Tania Charles
    Tania Charles 2 hours ago

    Nice vacation.
    Cool family.

  • área secreta BR
    área secreta BR 2 hours ago

    Esse filhos dele e muito feios meu Deus do céu .... Sempre fui fã do trabalho dele e tal . Mas poderia ter feito filhos mais bonitos kkkk

  • Jorge Nuñez
    Jorge Nuñez 3 hours ago

    BTW who does the music on here, it's chill

  • Jorge Nuñez
    Jorge Nuñez 3 hours ago

    Yo they should just call it Will Tube lol

  • Jhandad Jhandadkhan
    Jhandad Jhandadkhan 6 hours ago

    i talk willow smith

  • Jhandad Jhandadkhan
    Jhandad Jhandadkhan 6 hours ago

    i like willow style

  • Jhandad Jhandadkhan
    Jhandad Jhandadkhan 6 hours ago

    willow smith my choice

  • Jhandad Jhandadkhan
    Jhandad Jhandadkhan 6 hours ago

    willow smith soo beautiful

  • Quintavius Johnson
    Quintavius Johnson 7 hours ago

    My favorite star

  • Daniela Guerra
    Daniela Guerra 11 hours ago

    I want raped Will Smith ☠️😈😍

  • Hdyh J
    Hdyh J 13 hours ago

    She shouldn't have came 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Antonio Genna
    Antonio Genna 17 hours ago


  • Román Ibarra
    Román Ibarra 18 hours ago

    No se como llegue aquí xD

  • Marie Ermits Jean
    Marie Ermits Jean 18 hours ago


  • Vincent Le
    Vincent Le 20 hours ago

    Is Jayden Smith gay?

  • las aventuras del super herue adivinasa??

    En el minuto 4:45 jaden parece Gay

  • Alice Marqs
    Alice Marqs Day ago

    me adota pelo amor de Deus
    Please adopt me

  • Alice Marqs
    Alice Marqs Day ago

    Me adota pelo amor de Deus

  • Ihavesu Gma
    Ihavesu Gma Day ago +1

    1:00 lol

  • Senthil Kumar Kumar

    Very nice

  • Diego skacore
    Diego skacore Day ago

    Se me hace una familia simple agradable como que si congratulaciones

  • Muhammad Farhan
    Muhammad Farhan Day ago

    On TheXvid Unbox Therapy more subscribers than Will Smith although he is an actress...

  • sahat 002
    sahat 002 Day ago


  • Mia ._.
    Mia ._. Day ago

    WiLLoW jUSt STay iN THe frAmE

  • Vince Davis
    Vince Davis Day ago

    Moo in

  • Trey El
    Trey El Day ago

    Bruh my family won't even come with me to Chick-fil-A 😂😂😂

  • L&M TV
    L&M TV 2 days ago

    Who else came from that google pixel or whatever ad😂

  • SwaggerLikeUz
    SwaggerLikeUz 2 days ago +2

    Will Smith your an awesome father, great family too. By the way I'm always digging the quality beats playing in the background. Please post a link to these artists, bless. :)

  • Wappo Guapo
    Wappo Guapo 2 days ago

    Now thats a vlog !

  • Bianca Xavier
    Bianca Xavier 2 days ago +1

    Alguém Brasileiro quem for da um LIKE

  • Julio Klein
    Julio Klein 2 days ago

    Coloca legenda em português 😂💕

  • Devin Burris
    Devin Burris 2 days ago

    Adopt me pls

    KOLBY 2 days ago

    “The Smiths : Behind The Fame” - Coming June 10th, 2019

  • Vicman Larbae
    Vicman Larbae 2 days ago

    que feas es su hija de willy

  • Gideão Evangelista
    Gideão Evangelista 2 days ago

    oh guys it is so cool. I did it alone. once with my teacher. was. so maravilhous

  • Khephar
    Khephar 3 days ago

    Why jaden sitting like a girl?

  • prettyboy gary
    prettyboy gary 3 days ago +1

    Your son is gay

  • Nancy Coleman
    Nancy Coleman 3 days ago

    You are too funny Mr. Will Smith! "She shouldn't have came" Lol

  • June Bug
    June Bug 3 days ago

    Simply amazing

  • Diana Patricia Perales

    Hi will saludos desde Colombia

  • Destinee Jabar
    Destinee Jabar 3 days ago

    Is Jayden gay

  • Manikandan S
    Manikandan S 3 days ago

    I like WillSmith

  • Tuvi
    Tuvi 3 days ago

    Wtf when he become TheXvidr? Sjsjjs

  • Dark Butler
    Dark Butler 3 days ago

    лай просто лайк незнаю поймёте или нет) all written can be translated into a translator) waiting for an answer from you:)

  • Stallon Mate
    Stallon Mate 3 days ago

    Best moments ..

    EGYPTQUILTS1 3 days ago

    Why are they there????

  • Sara Santos
    Sara Santos 4 days ago

    Will você é o melhor!!!

  • Abror Normuminov
    Abror Normuminov 4 days ago

    nice video

    YnG SAVIO 4 days ago

    At that high altitude, it must be hot and cold🔥❄

  • Maribel Calderon
    Maribel Calderon 4 days ago

    The Guns on Willow! 💪💪👀

  • Gabrielle - Eidith Owl

    Tv show quality on TheXvid but okay
    I mean this is fun to watch and you can't just say "lower your quality a little bit, this is TheXvid here" 😂 so yeah this is good

  • Gabrielle - Eidith Owl

    3:39 *Smith Gang*

  • Alatar-O Óbvio-
    Alatar-O Óbvio- 4 days ago

    How do I get here....

  • Chitra Thiru
    Chitra Thiru 4 days ago +4

    Why always willow speaks like matured 30 years old women🙄

  • Lexi Maurello
    Lexi Maurello 5 days ago

    “Don’t be jealous cuz we climbing volcanos” lmao

  • Martin el crack 301
    Martin el crack 301 5 days ago

    Has un video en español

  • thamz mee
    thamz mee 5 days ago

    jaden is so silent ahaa i love him 😁😁😁😛😛😍😘😘😙😙😙

  • ilovemykids mylifemypride

    I dont know about will and his sons connection or relationship will seems odd to me.

  • Tangie Bass
    Tangie Bass 5 days ago

    awwsome im praying for my family a break from conspiracys get to travel soon

  • Samuel Whittingham
    Samuel Whittingham 5 days ago

    Wouldn't it be good to have Will Smith as a father

  • Mary-Anne Slaven
    Mary-Anne Slaven 6 days ago

    This would have to be one of the best footages of Volcano, up close and personal on this level, LUVED IT!

  • Arkina Monbo
    Arkina Monbo 6 days ago +8

    Man, y'all got nerves walking around a volcano like that. i don't even play around a stove....lol

  • Aaron Malone
    Aaron Malone 6 days ago

    I think all celebrities should be doing yt

  • Its_Aila's_ Vlogs
    Its_Aila's_ Vlogs 6 days ago

    Your my favorite boy actor Will Smith your acting is so good

  • Nicklas Fredriksson
    Nicklas Fredriksson 6 days ago +1

    Is Jadan gay?

  • Sally Stewart
    Sally Stewart 6 days ago

    fear ruins life AMEN!!

  • BenTheBULL3
    BenTheBULL3 6 days ago


  • Nick Park.
    Nick Park. 6 days ago

    Will smith volgs better then Logan and Jake paul

    ALEXIS 6 days ago


  • Aisea Konrote
    Aisea Konrote 6 days ago

    Willow looks like a guy....nothing feminine or beautiful....maybe handsome , like Jaden...lol....Will n his two sons.

  • Generic
    Generic 6 days ago

    Am I the only one that tastes cheeseburger while watching this?

  • Crazy Shooter
    Crazy Shooter 7 days ago +1

    Cara Eu Sou Super Fã Do Seu Filho Por Causa Do Filme "Karatê Kid" ❤️💜

  • Estefania Carioca
    Estefania Carioca 7 days ago

    Amo vocês, bjs

  • Lunghani conny Shivuri
    Lunghani conny Shivuri 7 days ago +3

    Keeping up with the Smith family❤👌

  • George Robles
    George Robles 7 days ago

    That Volcano looked intimidating.

  • Adonnis
    Adonnis 7 days ago

    Exploit your ears 👂😂😂😂😂❗🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋

  • Leanora Alo
    Leanora Alo 8 days ago

    I'm legit excited he has a TheXvid channel 🙌🙏💯

  • clary buten garcia
    clary buten garcia 8 days ago

    Es mi actor favorito

  • A Na
    A Na 8 days ago

    you need to have money if you want to see beauty not courage

  • Tamana Alanasp
    Tamana Alanasp 8 days ago

    4:49 Jaden had me dead

  • Gabriel Henrique
    Gabriel Henrique 8 days ago +1


  • Gabriel Henrique
    Gabriel Henrique 8 days ago +1


  • David Lalrinsanga
    David Lalrinsanga 8 days ago

    Cause we gangster

  • Satiyah Mckinzie
    Satiyah Mckinzie 8 days ago

    “She shouldn’t have came” lmao

  • Jaime Rodríguez
    Jaime Rodríguez 8 days ago

    Good day Mr will Smith.
    Probably you won't even see this message that I'm writing to you, let me just tell you that I admire you for who you are and that your family is the most important to you.
    I need help I know that you have a big influence in the United States , I once lived there in NC i came to El Salvador because I was applying for a Visa but I was denied, and now my kids are alone with their mom and I need to go back.
    If you could help me I know that you most know someone in the government that could take a look at my case and give me a chance to be back with my kids.
    Best luck to you and God bless your family.
    #Will.Smith if you would like to contact me you could reach me at jrodriguez.tog@gmail.com.

  • Todoroki Shouto
    Todoroki Shouto 8 days ago

    2:17 I got a mini heart attack bc of willow's phone

  • Juris Dumagan
    Juris Dumagan 9 days ago

    Why does Jaiden in the thumbnail look like he had a bad day

  • Motivate Snaps
    Motivate Snaps 9 days ago

    Awesome content! Love it!

  • Jokki
    Jokki 9 days ago

    Who is will smith and why is this in my recomended

  • Rosa poya mehr
    Rosa poya mehr 9 days ago

    My ideal of life WILL SMITH I honestly respect him for everything he is the best motivated person in my life , I wish I could keep going on his ways of life
    He is my hero he is my dream ❤️

  • Lord Self
    Lord Self 9 days ago

    “I think your on punishment” 😂😂😂😂🐐

  • alligatorgladiator lol

    beautiful quote Fear takes away life-Will smith

  • Mao Garsiya
    Mao Garsiya 9 days ago

    Esta muy feo el hijo de will

  • assane sane
    assane sane 9 days ago


  • ForgivenSoThatICanForgive

    Will your quotes are precious gems 🤓

  • خالد إبراهيم

    بنتك زوينة أحمادي 😅😅