i ate at a PRISON THEMED RESTAURANT and cried

  • Published on Oct 22, 2018
  • to celebrate the spooky season i went to a jail themed restaurant and tried some prison food. prison noodles, cheese steak pizza, sausage rolls and many more items. thank you for watching, subscribe if you have a minute :)
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  • Cyber wolf
    Cyber wolf 18 hours ago +2

    i so wanna go there

  • rana ahmed
    rana ahmed 19 hours ago +3

    Does the camera person ever eat??

  • MR.Elian_Enriquez Enriquez

    The funny thing is while he was eating the ice cram the song fly was playing and I was just thinking of fly I kid you not

  • Kawii Gamer 2
    Kawii Gamer 2 Day ago +7

    says only wants tiny slice of pizza.
    takes half the pizza

  • A M
    A M Day ago +1

    That kind of place is for people who like something thrilling and exciting, I guess people in Japan go there for the theme and the entertainment, the food being a bonus. But you were brave to go in even though it was making you anxious, next time try going to some other themed restaurants, Japan has a wide variety especially in Tokyo

  • gnyng88
    gnyng88 Day ago

    This is my kind of place!

  • Kayla Zaccheus YT
    Kayla Zaccheus YT 2 days ago +3

    When Raphael eats his fried bread unmannerly,you know he’s not joking

  • Simone Xx
    Simone Xx 2 days ago +11

    y’all don’t skip the ads in his videos, otherwise he won’t earn any money for his funny videos (or at least watch 10 seconds of the ad) 🌱
    Also, this is so creepy😂

  • zjatia pooh
    zjatia pooh 2 days ago +9

    I would not want to eat in fear😂😂😂 y’all crazy love you 🥰♥️❤️

    • It'sMeVee
      It'sMeVee 2 days ago

      The weird thing was that I went to Tokyo and then was sitting there to eat and he was there lol 😂 btw the hotel looked interesting so I went there

  • Gui Bigodin
    Gui Bigodin 2 days ago +3


  • otaku 23
    otaku 23 2 days ago +7

    I love you bro,I really do but you are a scaredy cat😂

  • MadisonUnicorn1223 42
    MadisonUnicorn1223 42 2 days ago +4

    I feel so bad for you 😂 but it’s so scary and funny at the same time

  • Sumiati Sumiati
    Sumiati Sumiati 3 days ago +3

    Aww I feel sorry for u.....

  • Heba Amarneh
    Heba Amarneh 3 days ago +12

    It's more like a horror cave more than a a prison

  • MrBeast Is Pewdiepie Guardian Angel

    The Prison Is Scary

  • Amanda Took
    Amanda Took 3 days ago +4


  • the diamond jake
    the diamond jake 4 days ago +7

    When you only the handsome guy on the lift
    girls: *smiling and laughing *

  • Counsel Counsel
    Counsel Counsel 4 days ago +6

    raphael was terrified

  • rockstargamer 098
    rockstargamer 098 4 days ago +6

    Me rewatching a Raphael vid for tge 100th tine rn.

  • nekoroogami soul kun
    nekoroogami soul kun 4 days ago +8

    That was so cool!! I wanna go so bad

  • Billie Eilish
    Billie Eilish 4 days ago +9

    Who else said Aww the hole video

  • Emília Baráth
    Emília Baráth 4 days ago +9

    I thought that there gonna be food that they give you in prison.😆😆

  • Emília Baráth
    Emília Baráth 4 days ago +10

    It's more like a horror restaurant.

  • pretty_much_anything
    pretty_much_anything 5 days ago +9

    How are you sooooo skinny yet the amount of food you eat could feed an elephant😂😂😂🐘

    K.M SKETCH 5 days ago +9

    ROBLOX scary elevator in real life !

  • uni and corny gacha
    uni and corny gacha 6 days ago +3

    When u are terrified and triggered at the same time!((AHHHHHHHHhHhhHHhHHH)

  • Brad Dohm
    Brad Dohm 6 days ago +3

    Way to act like a child. What are you 12?

    • Angelic Asysnila
      Angelic Asysnila 3 days ago

      The place he is in can make anyone anxious and terrified.... Were you born ignorant? Cuz you are acting like a jerk

    • Jordan McAnally
      Jordan McAnally 3 days ago

      Brad Dohm you clearly have no concept of anxiety...

    • Nicole Rojas
      Nicole Rojas 3 days ago +2

      If you didn't know, he has anxiety and these kind of thinks makes a person act or feel that way. If you don't like it just stop watching the video, jerk.

    • rockstargamer 098
      rockstargamer 098 4 days ago +6

      Way to be A complaining brat what are u 5

  • Anna Anderson
    Anna Anderson 6 days ago +21

    “I just want a really small slice”
    *grabs 5/8 of pizza*
    that’s enough 😂😂

  • Momoring
    Momoring 6 days ago +6

    Ok I'm bringing my skateboard and wacking those people disturbing my meal. I mean it. Be careful.

  • Shania Villasoto
    Shania Villasoto 7 days ago +4

    So scary but so cool!

  • rose case
    rose case 7 days ago +8

    Yeah I've had a smaller slice of pizza 😆

  • Hary Jegan
    Hary Jegan 8 days ago +6

    Where is this in london

  • Litwick Dragønite
    Litwick Dragønite 8 days ago +12

    4:08 Dat is a legit scream, Raphael Approved!

  • uni and corny gacha
    uni and corny gacha 8 days ago +7

    My mom told me today since shes in prison that the prison makes her eat food that aren't for humans like a whole chicken feathers been everything covered in BBQ so she eats ramen instead

  • cookiekitten 123
    cookiekitten 123 10 days ago +15

    "So im just going to get a little piece" grabs half the pizza

  • Icebear
    Icebear 11 days ago +4

    you can do it raphael

  • Jaretzy ibarra
    Jaretzy ibarra 11 days ago +3

    My ocd would be very bad if I were in there because of the way the food looks like it would disgust me but not the scary parts 😂

  • Lucileni Roena
    Lucileni Roena 13 days ago +2


  • Solar Flare
    Solar Flare 14 days ago +9

    That just traumatizes you as a kid

  • Insane Crap
    Insane Crap 15 days ago +22

    Why does this look like school?

    • Ruth M.
      Ruth M. 2 days ago

      @Insane Crap Ok, thanks.

    • Insane Crap
      Insane Crap 2 days ago

      I'm on mobile so I can't
      Just search up Raphael Gomes School Restaurant

    • Ruth M.
      Ruth M. 2 days ago

      @Insane Crap Can you send me a link?

    • Insane Crap
      Insane Crap 2 days ago

      @Ruth M. Oh well he already did

    • Ruth M.
      Ruth M. 2 days ago

      That would be a good video idea🤔. 'GOING TO A SCHOOL THEMED RESTAURANT 😝'

  • XxxgachaHarley 6789
    XxxgachaHarley 6789 15 days ago +11

    Didn’t he say he’s cutting a small piece to eat then he ate half the pizza all together 😂

  • Galaxy anime Girls
    Galaxy anime Girls 16 days ago +4

    I hate scary stuff too I get paranoid a lot

  • Viet Nguyen
    Viet Nguyen 17 days ago +4

    I would cry if i went there. And i will bring my baseball bat there if someone or something is attacking me

  • Kayla Fullpint
    Kayla Fullpint 17 days ago +22

    This is all the people who are starving from watching this

  • normal addict .74
    normal addict .74 18 days ago +9

    yeah it was fun to watch because of you

  • Maria Valente
    Maria Valente 20 days ago +13

    It’s more of a hospital theme

    • uni and corny gacha
      uni and corny gacha 6 days ago


    • Viet Nguyen
      Viet Nguyen 17 days ago

      Na cells, guards,hand cuffs and lock downs is somethings that are prison themed. No actually no a HORRER THEMED RESTAURANT

  • Ysang Caidic Meer
    Ysang Caidic Meer 20 days ago +12

    I'd say it's more of a horror maze resturant

  • Emilia Cupcake
    Emilia Cupcake 22 days ago +5

    It is a hospital theme

  • Eddie On The Isles
    Eddie On The Isles 22 days ago +6

    4:09 victory screetch

  • Erlinda Castillo
    Erlinda Castillo 23 days ago +5

    That police girl is THICC
    (she looks like a waifu from a hentai anime)

  • Asthecalium
    Asthecalium 25 days ago +4

    If I went here I would be like


  • GamingGuy 21
    GamingGuy 21 26 days ago +14

    “I only want a small piece so I’m cutting a tiny one”
    *proceeds to grab half of the pizza*

  • Victoria Manalo
    Victoria Manalo 28 days ago +3

    kinda reminds me of silent hill


    Saiba como ganhar dinheiro compart

  • soundly manners Rhoades

    Raphael:Im going to cut a really small peace *cuts tiny peace* *eats giant part on the other side*

  • a
    a Month ago +4

    I didnt know they selled my school cafeteria food there
    except it tastes like s**t

    DO YOU KNOW SMOL BTS? Month ago +6

    You said what you thought prison food looked like was jello and whipped cream....
    my school does the same thing

  • itsME duh!
    itsME duh! Month ago +15

    Is this prison or haunted house?

  • Nareesha Goolab
    Nareesha Goolab Month ago +33

    Is anyone watching in 2019. Like if you are👍👍👍👍😜

  • Zearoth
    Zearoth Month ago +8

    “I just want a small piece” he says
    Excuse me?! That’s one hell of a piece bruh

  • Joel Ngo
    Joel Ngo Month ago +10

    When Raphel says I’m getting a little one then gets a giant piece

  • Louie Jay Gaming
    Louie Jay Gaming Month ago +13

    The camera man is probably jealous because your the only one eating the foods

    • GamingGuy 21
      GamingGuy 21 26 days ago +2

      The camera WOMAN eats off camera

    • Joel Ngo
      Joel Ngo Month ago

      Louie Jay Gaming I was thinking about that

  • Sandra Gonaus
    Sandra Gonaus Month ago +8

    This is like school for me

    • Viet Nguyen
      Viet Nguyen 17 days ago

      @Sandra Gonaus yeah in your nightmares their is scary stuff like lockdowns

    • Viet Nguyen
      Viet Nguyen 17 days ago

      @DeerCoco Letters yeah i agree

    • DeerCoco Letters
      DeerCoco Letters 25 days ago

      Boi I'd rather be in school than this

  • JasperPlaysRobloxYT
    JasperPlaysRobloxYT Month ago +3

    Im so glad im not in there. XoX

  • Angelia Loria
    Angelia Loria Month ago +4

    im sitting on my bed 3:00am dying cus of your reaction to this place I can't

  • Nancy Jackson
    Nancy Jackson Month ago +2

    Rob zombie

  • Gaming With LGUPO
    Gaming With LGUPO Month ago +3


  • Purple Panda
    Purple Panda Month ago +2

    Ohhhmmygawddd i laugh my heads off after watching his reaction having his first taste of the drinks lol😂😂😂

    So cute😣😳

  • Samera Yusuf
    Samera Yusuf Month ago +1

    And why are the people cackling

  • Samera Yusuf
    Samera Yusuf Month ago

    Why are you like I what a ReAaly small slice but it is huge

  • Samera Yusuf
    Samera Yusuf Month ago

    Ramped is like what did I do with my life

  • Nareesha Goolab
    Nareesha Goolab Month ago +21

    Who is with me in 2019. Like if you are

  • phuong le ngoc gia
    phuong le ngoc gia Month ago +4

    9:41 that's me 😊😃

  • Simon GAMING
    Simon GAMING Month ago +1


  • Princess Gacha
    Princess Gacha Month ago +2

    You call that a picture tiny slice

  • Nareesha Goolab
    Nareesha Goolab Month ago +5

    Do not worry i would of been just as scared as you.😨

  • isabel molina
    isabel molina Month ago +6

    I need to go here 😭

  • dindin 777
    dindin 777 Month ago +7

    how can you still have an appetite....? 😱

  • Roman Martinez
    Roman Martinez Month ago +5

    4:29 I laughed at that moment

  • Shirley Amos
    Shirley Amos Month ago +4

    You look like a grill , pffft

  • Dragon baster
    Dragon baster Month ago +8

    9:41 meee

  • Kay Gaming
    Kay Gaming Month ago +11

    4:10 you sound like a goat

  • [FL] FailingSky
    [FL] FailingSky Month ago +8

    what did you do to go to prison?😂

  • I'm a bot
    I'm a bot Month ago +2


  • I'm a bot
    I'm a bot Month ago +2

    Me Just Me

  • Ronan Lei
    Ronan Lei Month ago +5


  • Dallas Rodriguez
    Dallas Rodriguez Month ago +1

    That me. I would do the same

  • joseph Ratliff
    joseph Ratliff Month ago +2

    I would not go their

  • Mills the Gamer
    Mills the Gamer Month ago +4

    He said that the jello and whipped cream is what he would expect with a prison it made me LOL because my school severs that !!! LOL

  • C h e r r y c o l a uwu

    Whatever this country is this country is up to weird shit

    • Oliviã øwø
      Oliviã øwø 9 days ago

      Japan lol

    • DeerCoco Letters
      DeerCoco Letters 25 days ago

      @Shirley Amos well japan has some weird stuff in it so k..

    • Shirley Amos
      Shirley Amos Month ago

      @XxRainbow NickkixX you know it so it's your country 😂😂

    • Shirley Amos
      Shirley Amos Month ago

      What if it's your country 😂😂

  • Furqaan Sayed
    Furqaan Sayed Month ago +6

    Dat race when he eats something good lol

  • ArtIsMyMiddleName
    ArtIsMyMiddleName Month ago +26

    I feel bad for your camera guy. He's sat there watching you eat.

    • saimah meer
      saimah meer Month ago +2

      He eats after filming him becase rapheal just tries little bit of everything on camera first.. Then they eat together.. And moreover they might be friends as well..

    • Jake Willson
      Jake Willson Month ago +1

      Yeah but his probably getting played for being a camera guy

  • El Solitario
    El Solitario Month ago +4


  • cititationticket
    cititationticket Month ago +13

    hey thats my type of restaurant...

  • sylvia lu
    sylvia lu Month ago +12


    FRUIT GAMING 2 months ago +5

    i want to be you cause bieng stuck with a beautiful Japanese girl



  • Ashley Laipply
    Ashley Laipply 2 months ago +21

    Am I the only one who wants to see his Camera person?

  • Julie Sunga
    Julie Sunga 2 months ago +14

    That's not a prison that's a flipping horror movie in a prison i thought wrong i thought its just prison in normal but no horror movie

  • Just A Anime Weeb
    Just A Anime Weeb 2 months ago +15

    Those police officers are

    • Anna Lps
      Anna Lps 2 months ago

      Just A Anime Weeb 😂 haha 😂