Worst Design Fails EVER

  • Published on May 25, 2022
  • ComedyComedy

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  • Ciarán Carlin
    Ciarán Carlin  Year ago +215

    Hello I am going to be a big boy Twitch streamer soon - potentially tonight maybe - please join me in following me twitch.tv/Ciarancarlin 😎🔥

    • Louise Barrowman
      Louise Barrowman Year ago

      So, In 2 MONTHS...you’ve gained 130,000 SUBS!?!😃Nice one, bud!!🤜🤛🤝👏👏👏👌

    • zackleburg
      zackleburg Year ago +2

      Hey dude love your videos and your movie posters

    • Daniel Cook
      Daniel Cook Year ago +2

      I cant find you on twitch app!

  • gregg apologist
    gregg apologist Year ago +484

    The balance between sarcasm and serious notes in this video is immaculate 👌

    • Jacob Jones
      Jacob Jones Year ago +1

      Hi. Im going to be the 1st comment

  • becky allott
    becky allott Year ago +366

    I have only just realised how much you do actually sound like moss from it crowd and it is rather scary

  • Graceisdedlol
    Graceisdedlol Year ago +264

    Ciaràn: it’s fine because it doesn’t affect me
    Also Ciaràn about stairs: ITs So DiScUsTiNg

  • Terios_
    Terios_ Year ago +69

    big respect for mentioning anti-homeless architecture and the lack of accessible buildings - Ciarán is my fav eboy 😍

  • ScottwhoisScottish
    ScottwhoisScottish Year ago +99

    Lots of sexual references in this video. Ciarán is clearly struggling with Lockdown 2.0 it seems

    • ScottwhoisScottish
      ScottwhoisScottish Year ago +1

      @freya♡ perfectly balanced as all things should be

    • freya♡
      freya♡ Year ago +2

      Lmao the likes and the comment go on harmony together

  • Molly Powell
    Molly Powell Year ago +60

    I think about heinz beans not stacking more often than I'd like to admit

    • DigitalHarmony
      DigitalHarmony Year ago +1

      The ones I buy stack, I’m so confused 😅 is it different depending on the country?

    • One True Gracie
      One True Gracie Year ago +3

      It's a deliberate marketing tactic so they take up more shelf space

  • Toby Edds
    Toby Edds Year ago +85

    I think ciaran should be the editor for blue plant or plant earth, imagine that shit

    • nxahsvidz
      nxahsvidz Year ago +11

      lmaoo imagine David Attenborough commentating over it as well 😂😂

  • Daniel Cook
    Daniel Cook Year ago +199

    Pls do Londons most expensive apartments, after doing the cheapest apartments!

    • E Razn
      E Razn Year ago +1

      Your wish has been granted

    • Noah Bullock
      Noah Bullock Year ago +2

      Please do London’s most normal houses

    • mac and cheese
      mac and cheese Year ago +19

      @Ciarán Carlin dublin's most shocking heroin houses

    • nxahsvidz
      nxahsvidz Year ago +4


  • Laura J W
    Laura J W Year ago +10

    I'll miss Ciarán on Will's channel, but hopefully more videos on here when he doesn't have to edit the cute cube 🤞

    • Caitlin Fisher
      Caitlin Fisher Year ago +2

      Cute cube lol i see the reference but...ok then lol

  • Emillio
    Emillio Year ago +75

    You liked the auto tune on this video I see

  • Angus Wall
    Angus Wall Year ago +20

    Ciaran, you are not a crappy design. You are a beautiful man.

  • Stacey
    Stacey Year ago +26

    Holy shit balls, why have I only just noticed the Moss likeness I’ve watched IT crowd dozens of times! Now I can’t unhear it

  • Connor
    Connor Year ago +5

    I stack shelves in a supermarket and I was so glad to see someone as angry at heinz as I am

  • kriteyu
    kriteyu Year ago +4

    Ciarans videos lately have been the only ones who consistently truly make me laugh

  • Hayden Gunther
    Hayden Gunther Year ago

    Finally someone who understands the problem with the brand smeg.
    I feel whole.
    Thankyou Ciarán

  • Lew
    Lew Year ago +14

    You're having far too much fun with that autotune. Cia-pain.

  • Andrew Jack
    Andrew Jack Year ago +43

    "if it came later in the video it would be a 10". This is how I rate porn

  • Angelica Veloz
    Angelica Veloz Year ago +1

    Seriously love this depth of sarcasm and bad puns lol ☺️

  • MemeHD
    MemeHD Year ago +7

    This is the most underrated channel ever

  • Jaclyn Jax
    Jaclyn Jax Year ago +2

    Truly, thank you for commenting on the disabled shit. I am in a wheelchair and I hope you never are in one because you would go insane. Actually, ...that'd be an awesome video, haha.

  • A Gamer's Look
    A Gamer's Look Year ago

    It’s impossible to not laugh at Ciarán’s videos 😂

  • Baby Yoda
    Baby Yoda Year ago +1

    I'm so happy you're making your own videos now these are so funny😂

  • Sam O
    Sam O Year ago +36

    😂😂 those auto tunes, I can see you on a Migos track 👀

  • Ben_Foster
    Ben_Foster Year ago +1

    I like how the rating system was even bad choice 😂

  • Morgan Milne
    Morgan Milne Year ago +1

    You know what’s the funniest thing ever, our cooker Recently broke and my dad found some bargains on the internet and ended up with two and one of them is Smeg and one was bekko or something like that, but he literally said that “smeg ones a posh one, can tell by the name bekko sounds cheap” I literally had to hold back laughing😂 cos all I could think of was smegma🤮😂

  • Lizzie Gregory
    Lizzie Gregory Year ago +29

    His videos are the best. He’s hilarious.
    Moss, yes.

  • tiki riot
    tiki riot Year ago +2

    Heinz tins have annoyed me for so many years honestly 😂

  • Sara
    Sara Year ago

    Accessibility applies to websites and TheXvid videos too. Making things accessible all should be part of all design work not just buildings.

  • Zoe Guilford
    Zoe Guilford Year ago +6

    React to the worlds cheapest homes. That would be hilarious

  • fishesget stitches8
    fishesget stitches8 Year ago +2

    You’re brilliant. Laughed so hard.

  • Not An Alien
    Not An Alien Year ago

    Oh, nice! Another great video from man in charge of good designs, just what I needed to kick start the day

  • ThatWeirdOne
    ThatWeirdOne Year ago

    I have a similar design on my stairs at home and I've never thought it was odd

  • Josh Lappy
    Josh Lappy Year ago +1

    Great stream today Ciaran!

  • Generic Name
    Generic Name Year ago

    I have the same sort of plug for my bathroom sink and found that if it’s getting stuck like that then there’s probably a build up of soap and mold and gunk underneath you just need to scrape off.

  • J A
    J A Year ago +35

    Me reading ciarans jumper and though it said thatcher

  • K H
    K H Year ago

    I haven’t laughed at a video as much as I have at this for a very very long time Hahahahahah

  • Zack Spiky
    Zack Spiky Year ago

    Haven't watched a Ciarán video for a while so idk if it's new or not but I see his ad revenue has gotten good enough for him to afford a decent setup

  • Roavid
    Roavid Year ago +2

    Using the Facebook sound effect when someone reads a message in messenger is evil man haha

  • Peter Eaton
    Peter Eaton Year ago

    Bro honestly your hilarious, never stop making vids

  • Simzen
    Simzen Year ago

    Whoever edits these deserves a raise!

  • Beatrice Cleaton
    Beatrice Cleaton Year ago +6

    That out tro was simply superb

  • Harry B
    Harry B Year ago

    laughing at the design of someone’s face 😂😂😂

  • rainbownarwhalduck

    Ciaran has recently found the auto tune feature and we are here for it

  • kittikoko ⭐ Isle of Wight

    You're telling us you've never had a tin of Heinz Spaghetti Hoops? Dude.

  • Max Rainger
    Max Rainger Year ago +16

    If i hear 'quim', i press like.

  • Los Alexos
    Los Alexos Year ago

    Ciarán - It's fine it doesn't affect me
    Also Ciarán - Those stairs are discoostang
    Also also Ciarán - Architects need to account for disabled people

  • Roezuu
    Roezuu Year ago

    Have you ever looked up the prices of smeg appliances? They have a specific style of fridge that they're popular for, I could never imagine wanting to pay a couple grand for a fridge that says smeg on it in massive letters.

  • Chilli-Ice Olive-Abode

    You're fitting the mold more and more Ciaran. A skateboarder who can barely ollie wearing Thrasher 🤣
    Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

  • CarLarchameleon
    CarLarchameleon Year ago

    The one problem I have with this video is that it is only one video. I need more Ciaran videos.

  • Toby Edds
    Toby Edds Year ago +4

    I don’t think ciaran understood the voting meme😂

    • Susan Maggiora
      Susan Maggiora Year ago +2

      Toby Edds Yeah, I think that one made a lovely arc as it rainbowed right over his head🤣

  • vamphobia
    vamphobia Year ago

    My local homebase sells Smeg appliances, actually took a pic of one, wrote MA next to the lettering and sent it off to my mates. always makes me chuckle like a little kid

  • whuissarah `
    whuissarah ` Year ago +1

    "It's like everything in this world is designed to be an arsehole"

  • barpe
    barpe Year ago

    Great edit! Maybe you should make it your full-time job

  • Hot_Dog _Water
    Hot_Dog _Water Year ago +1

    You’ve got to have had them sliced peaches out of a can, right?

  • mac and cheese
    mac and cheese Year ago +2

    Not eating tinned food isn't that weird it just means you're not poor

  • Dark Mario
    Dark Mario Year ago +2

    Did anyone else wanted Ciaran to sing do you believe in life after love by Cher in his auto tune voice. No just me ok

  • Stalwart Shinobi
    Stalwart Shinobi Year ago

    Ciaran you should do a tinned food review video and find the weirdest tinned stuff

  • Ella Driver
    Ella Driver Year ago +4

    The new outro song is not as funny as the old one, but the content is top funnies

  • Johnny Allistone-Holt

    “I dont even like beans”
    No one liked that

  • welovepies
    welovepies Year ago +2

    Did you just say you have never bought a tinned good? wtf! yes weird.

  • Sean Fitzgerald
    Sean Fitzgerald Year ago +2

    That intro was beautifully chaotic

  • John Barr
    John Barr Year ago

    That’s sooo weird. I legit watched the first episode of the IT crowd yesterday. And thought moss sounded like ciran and then he talked about it in the intro 😧

  • Padraig O'Shea
    Padraig O'Shea Year ago +3

    Oh God Ciarán has been around will too long he's now doing reddit videos

  • Mag Barcoe
    Mag Barcoe Year ago +1

    Brave of you to assume a Tory MP has used an atm 😂

  • Jacob North
    Jacob North Year ago

    Being linked to moss from the IT crowd has fucking killed me 😂😂

  • Abi Wright
    Abi Wright Year ago

    the pure anger and also sexual frustration over the stairs is incredible

  • Shona Braybrook
    Shona Braybrook Year ago +2

    Anyone I see smiling for the rest of my life- point and yell 'FANNY EXPRESS'. No explanations.

  • Georgia Overdrive

    Yeah, thanks. Now I can’t get Richard Ayoade out of my head while watching your videos.

  • Paige Connelly
    Paige Connelly Year ago +1

    I never noticed that Ciaran talks like Moss from The IT Crowd and now I can NEVER UNHEAR IT.

  • Sam January
    Sam January Year ago

    The heinz baked beans are a multi pack thing so you cant stack them and sell them individually I believe

  • Cecily Wallace
    Cecily Wallace Year ago

    Great vid always looking forward to the next.

  • Adam Ede
    Adam Ede Year ago +1

    That bean can really hit home as a shop worker

  • Walker GP
    Walker GP Year ago

    4:30 happens often for space saving

  • Tori- Loo
    Tori- Loo 5 months ago

    I wanted to comment about feeling the absolute shock that that guy did trying to stack his cans... BUT YOU'VE NEVER BOUGHT A CANNED FOOD? WHAT ABOUT SOUP? CHICKPEAS? WHAT

  • Jimbob
    Jimbob Year ago

    I fucking love the auto tune on the mic, got me every time 😂😂

  • DigitalHarmony
    DigitalHarmony Year ago

    I’m 6’1”, believe me, when I tell people it’s never a brag. Being tall isn’t all you think it is.

  • Migula P
    Migula P Year ago

    My friends find it hilarious to call me SMEG. I hate it.
    Also yes 100% at not making buildings accessible. I work in a school where the majority of pupils are in chairs and it’s so important. As a school we actually campaigned to make Leicester City FC ground accessible and won!

  • Smurf_
    Smurf_ Year ago +1

    Cant wait to watch the big boy twitch streams.

  • Richard Bentley
    Richard Bentley Year ago

    I’m blind and his little speech both touched my heart and made me scream FUCK YOU ARCHITECTURE
    Inb4 ‘but how do you type??’

  • ed
    ed Year ago

    i feel honoured to have the same poster as ciaran

  • iz micallef
    iz micallef Year ago +1

    i volunteer for a homeless shelter and there are way more things in place in high streets that restrict people like that from getting basic needs such as food and sleep.

  • Rago Tazz
    Rago Tazz Year ago +1

    Editing is on point.

  • Christian Porto
    Christian Porto Year ago +1

    a square headed man made this exact video in abt 2016. that being said, yours is better lol

  • Sean Shimamoto
    Sean Shimamoto Year ago

    It could’ve been worse...SMEG could’ve sold CHEESE! 😜

  • Mitchell dahl
    Mitchell dahl Year ago

    I always want his videos to longer

  • AimeeMacky
    AimeeMacky Year ago

    Loving the outro today! 😂

  • Riley Selke
    Riley Selke Year ago

    Ciaran is having too much fun with auto tune

  • Faith
    Faith Year ago

    Will would be proud 😌

  • AJ Dexter
    AJ Dexter Year ago

    Love the videos recently 👏🏻👏🏻💪🏻

  • Sam Harris
    Sam Harris Year ago +1

    There was a clip from the IT crowd and always sunny in Philadelphia, you’re a well cultured guy

  • Niamh Bell
    Niamh Bell Year ago

    ciarán always reminds me of richard ayoade and now it's been confirmed

  • davidentwistle1
    davidentwistle1 Year ago

    Love your videos Ciarán, or should I say MOSS IN DISGUISE

  • C Craig
    C Craig Year ago

    Am I myself a crappy design

  • Fynn Krause Football

    Always love your editing and community Ciaran. Hope my channel grows into something like urs one day😎🔥stay epic

  • Doruk Sesli
    Doruk Sesli Year ago +1

    Sick posters in the background
    Although i have one question. Is the one next to any driver old boy?

  • Butterfluf
    Butterfluf Year ago

    Love the massive jar of marmite in the back

  • Nati Nani
    Nati Nani Year ago

    The new outro got me 😂

  • Jimmy Knizzle
    Jimmy Knizzle Year ago

    You’re actually good to watch then you’re not talking about football.

  • alba kadasia
    alba kadasia Year ago

    I wish that jar of marmite was real its so big i love marmite im eating it right now